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  • Title: Byrd
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Byrd is the story of Addie Lockwood, an independent single woman who, in her 30s, bears and surrenders a son in secret, without telling his father, and without imagining how the secret will shape them all Through letters and spare, precisely observed vignettes, the book examines how a 33 year old birth mother comes to make, and live with, the most difficult, intimate, andByrd is the story of Addie Lockwood, an independent single woman who, in her 30s, bears and surrenders a son in secret, without telling his father, and without imagining how the secret will shape them all Through letters and spare, precisely observed vignettes, the book examines how a 33 year old birth mother comes to make, and live with, the most difficult, intimate, and far reaching of choices.

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I didn't know what to think about this book at first. When learning the characters in the beginning, the paragraphs would jump around from person to person. I tend to get frustrated when I can't keep up from the start. But I soon changed this thought once I knew the characters. I enjoyed the fast pace of the book, as that is exactly what I needed on that specific day.I may be a bit biased of the book in the sense that it takes place in North Carolina and she speaks of areas that I have lived in. [...]

A story close to home for me, adopted at six weeks, born in September of 1961, adopted in November. Grew up in a happy home, loved my mother intensely, still do. Located my natural father in 2005, and we have a great relationship. Natural mother did not wish to have any personal contact as she has not disclosed my birth to her husband and children. Nevertheless, my father knew where she was, and later I introduced myself to her at her florist business. It was a weird conversation in which she bl [...]

A great little read.By that I mean, it'll never be one of my all-time favorite books, but I enjoyed reading it and will always remember it fondly, like,, and. Those are all books I almost don't want to reread, because I'm afraid that holding them in my memory may be a superior experience to actually rereading them.

This book easily wins the prize for my favorite book of 2014. The writing is lovely and lyrical and the story is riveting. I was entranced by Addie's story from the first page. The gentle passing of time and the subtle changes of the characters were deftly handled by this talented first-time author. I'll definitely be keeping a close eye on Ms. Church in future.

The narration of Byrd has an easy friend-talking-to-friend tone that I found to be quite inviting. In a mix of narration and letters, it's the story of lives happening between around 1964 and the present, and within these lives, within this time frame, there are several stories that bubble up, stories of people who are flawed, real, sometimes filled with hope, at other times just doing what they have to do or all they know how to do to get by. These are ordinary people who feel like neighbors or [...]

Enjoyed the tight unbloated writing and all the references to familiar Triangle places. The last few chapters really pull it together- this woman who over so much time finds love and seems satisfied.

I liked this book so much that it made me change my schedule for Booktopia Asheville. There is not one single thing that resonated with me, there was just a lot of commonality. The protagonist came of age in the 70's which I did also and like her, I was a fan of Joni Mitchell and Carole King. I could hear those old songs in my head as I read. I remembered the rootlessness and lack of direction of my younger days. I felt the unrequited love. Even the title of the book reminded me of a pet name gi [...]

Addie Lockwood's unexpected pregnancy is just the first surprise in Kim Church's Byrd (Dzanc Books, paperback ARC), a beautifully written first novel about love, choice and chance. Growing up in a small North Carolina town in the 1980s, bookish Addie finds a soulmate in musician Roland Rhodes. They go their separate ways after high school, pursuing their own dreams with mixed results. When they briefly meet again in their early 30s, Addie becomes pregnant. She decides to have the baby -- Byrd -- [...]

“I have hopes but no expectations.”When we first meet Addie Lockwood, she is a girl, living in a small town in North Carolina. It is the mid-60s. This is when she first meets Roland Rhodes, a boy, who will become an integral part of her life, for many years. During a visit to California, she hooks up with Roland again, they have a “thing” and she comes back home pregnant. She does not tell him and decides to give the baby up for adoption. This is a difficult and haunting decision. Since [...]

I thought this book was very well-written, it just didn't really connect with me. The characters were slightly distant from the reader and they never display any strong emotions. Everyone involved goes through some pretty important life events, and we are given insight into their reactions, but there isn't much vitality present.The story is told from many perspectives, and that was interesting. At times, this served to further us from Addie, the main character. Some of her most important confess [...]

What a surprise and delight this book is. I met Kim Church a year ago or so, at VCCA in Virginia. She read a few pages from this book and I liked her a lot. She seemed funny and smart and had a nice southern accent, and so I went ahead, bought her book (THIS book) and put it on my bedside table.Well, it's turn came up yesterday, which was a Saturday. My husband can sleep in a bit, so I picked up Byrd to read the 1st few pages, and read to page 60, hardly moving. This book is un-put-down-able! No [...]

Addie and Roland meet in middle school and their friendship continues into adulthood. Addie thinks Roland is mysterious and creative, but soon after they graduate high school, he heads out West to pursue his musical ambitions. One night Addie calls Roland and he convinces her to visit. They are now thirty-three and the magic happens. Addie ends up pregnant and decisions have to be madePortions of the story are letters to her son. She calls him Byrd. These are honest letters that make an attempt [...]

Nothing is more satisfying than picking up a random book off the library shelf and having it be a winner. I loved the writing in this, it was straight to the point and moved the story quickly, without sacrificing the emotional connection. I can't believe this book isn't more popular, I would highly recommend it.

I didn't expect to like this book nearly as much as I did - subject matter not my thing, blah blah blah. But then, suddenly, I was reading it in one sitting and I found myself in tears. Highly recommend. Looking forward to hearing Kim Church talk about it at Booktopia Asheville next month!

Wow! Loved this book from start to finish.

I think of Kim Church's first novel as a book that carries light, like a painting. It makes the reader’s life more worthwhile.

Set in Carswell North Carolina the dye is cast to Addie Lockwood's life during the 1970s. Byrd is a story about connections. Reading this novel focused my attention on upbringing, relationships, and how early personal connections can set the course of a life.The novel begins with the lines of destiny being drawn. A letter to a character named "Byrd" wistfully outlines the circumstance of Byrd's paternity—the tenuous relationship of parents Addie and Roland. The first chapter describes the chil [...]

Byrd by Kim Church is a very highly recommended novel that explores the feelings of Addie, the birth mother of Byrd, and how her decision to give him up for adoption shapes her life.Church has given us an amazing gift with her novel Bryd. She provides us with keen insight into Addie's thoughts as we follow her through her choices and her life. Addie's story is told through reflection and letter which Addie is writing to Byrd to tell the story of her life and his beginning. Although part of the l [...]

I'm possibly biased in that this book is set in North Carolina (albeit in a part of NC I've never been), and I'm nostalgic. However, I do believe it has other merits. Strong prose, a flawed but relatable main protagonist, excellent pacing. A book I'm glad I requested for at NetGalley. We never meet the eponymous Byrd, but we connect to him through the letters his biological mother writes to him of her life. Addie Lockwood gives up the son she conceives with her childhood flame and now deadbeat R [...]

A sweet little book, partially composed in letters, about a woman who gives up her baby son, Byrd, for adoption but never forgets about him. The writing reminded me of Anne Lamott’s or Barbara Kingsolver’s in places. Even at novella length, though, there is a lot that feels unnecessary, including some of the family backstory. Rather than branching out into California and Nevada, I wished Church had stuck with Addie’s storyline in small-town North Carolina.I especially appreciated Addie’s [...]

"Byrd is a book about unrequited love, but also something deeper than that, because Addie Lockwood’s real unrequited love--if it can be called anything as simple as that--is her love for the son she gave up, a boy she calls Byrd, and the ideas and ideals she gave up with him. This story of a mother giving up her child for adoption is an unusual one because Addie is 32 when she decides to give up Byrd for adoption. Not to say that any story of giving up a child for adoption is typical, but Addi [...]

Every once in a while a new novelist comes along whose voice is so fresh and style so distinctive it takes your breath away. Such is the case with the recently-released gem by Kim Church--Byrd. Church writes about an ordinary young women who struggles with familiar problems and choices while providing a remarkable lens through which to view them. Her language, images, and characters engage the reader immediately. Although her writing is brilliant, it never calls attention to itself--the mark of [...]

I flew through this book, absolutely loved it. And i've been trying to figure out why i just couldn't put it down, because it's written in a very quiet, careful, almost spare narrative voice, not at all the kind of paced story that tends to result in the pageturner experience. Some of it, i'm sure, is that it's set in various North Carolina locations, split with LA and Nevada, and i do currently live in NC and have lived/worked in LA and the general west. But i also just found the characters to [...]

Byrd is the sort of lyrical, quietly compelling book that doesn't announce itself as important or ground-breaking but it doesn't need to because it's something more special. Written in fine, highly polished prose, the book gleams like a little gem. It tells the story of a young woman who becomes pregnant and gives the child up for adoption without informing the father. What could have been a pretty standard melodrama in lesser hands becomes an immensely moving and careful character study, follow [...]

There is something very human about this wonderful first novel. The characters are true and rich in their complexity, beautifully drawn and believable. Addie's letters to Byrd provide a narrative for her life journey and the complicated relationships that challenge her. I found the situations and experiences described here amazingly poignant and moving. Kim Church has written in a style that is almost lyrical and spiritual in its descriptive power. The reader is drawn along, caught up in the flo [...]

There aren't enough superlatives for this book. From the first sentence I was hooked. It's odd to come across a book where every chapter is taut, every sentence means something. (Despite authors' best intentions we reader don't always feel it.) Every sentence, probably every word, was there for a reason, which is pure magic for a reader. I had a hard time tracking down Byrd (seven bookstores in five states and my local library system = strikeouts) but it's worth the search. Buy it, read it, hold [...]

A joy to read from beginning to end. It is hard to believe a book of this quality is author Kim Church's freshman attempt. I didn't think I would like the main character, Addie, but her struggle to make peace with her decision to give up for adoption her only child turns you into her cheerleader. Church creates a story of real people making bad decisions and trying to recover from them. Brillanty written with a tight, prose like language that will connect you with the characters deeply. It's a r [...]

This book is beautifully written. Definitely more character-driven than plot-driven, and the characters are very well-developed; I felt everything each one was feeling. Reading it felt like sitting in a really comfy oversized chair, and I already know I will miss it tomorrow when I don't have it to read. (Would love a sequel, but would be happy with even one more chapter to see what happens next.) I'd recommend this if you are looking for something to settle into for a few days.

I got the opportunity to give this book a little shoutout publicly! From the Raleigh News and Observer and Charlotte Observer Startlingly honest and so well-written it will bleed the ink from your underlining penRead more here: charlotteobserver/ente

This is a lovely story of loss and different kinds of love that is written beautifully. It is one of those books where every sentence holds a gem of a description or a point of view that opens your eyes to something you always knew but didn't know you knew. It's a book you don't want to put down and can read right through, but will regret you didn't take the time to savor it.

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