The Seeker

S.G. MacLean

The Seeker

The Seeker

  • Title: The Seeker
  • Author: S.G. MacLean
  • ISBN: 9781782061656
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Hardcover

London, 1657, the Protectorate of Oliver Cromwell No one knows where Damian Seeker originated from, who his family is, or even his real name Mothers frighten their children by telling them tales of The Seeker All that is known of him for certain is that he is utterly loyal to Cromwell, and that nothing can be long hidden from him In the new, fashionable coffee houses oLondon, 1657, the Protectorate of Oliver Cromwell No one knows where Damian Seeker originated from, who his family is, or even his real name Mothers frighten their children by telling them tales of The Seeker All that is known of him for certain is that he is utterly loyal to Cromwell, and that nothing can be long hidden from him In the new, fashionable coffee houses of London, a murder takes place All London is ringing with the news that John Winter is dead, the lawyer Elias Ellingworth, found holding a knife over the bleeding body of the dying man, held in the Tower Despite the damning evidence, Seeker is not convinced of Ellingworth s guilt He will stop at nothing to bring the right man to justice

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This is an atmospheric historical thriller that brilliantly captures the repercussions of the English Civil War in the 1650s. It is set in Oliver Cromwell's reign where Coffee Houses are one of the major places where news is acquired and political discussions take place. MacLean is a gifted storyteller who has the ability to construct a portal through which we can enter Cromwell's London and the royalist hotbed that is Oxford. The historical period is meticulously researched and the descriptions [...]

"But today, his long black cloak flowing behind him as he spurred his horse towards the city, there could be no doubt that there was business of great import somewhere, and those few who saw Seeker pass gave silent thanks that whatever it was was no concern of theirs."I loved this book. The second I finished it I was tempted to start right back at the beginning again but instead I settled for going online and pre-ordering the second book from The Book Depository. Set in November 1654, it is an e [...]

*Thank you to Netgalley and Quercus books for my free copy in exchange for a fair and honest review*If you fancy immersing yourself in 1650's England, then this historical crime fiction can certainly do that. It's a living, breathing portrait of life during that troubled period in history.Set during the reign of Cromwell, it brings to the fore, the man responsible for Cromwell's safety - Damian Seeker, known simply as 'The Seeker'. He might live very much in the shadows but nothing escapes his a [...]

Wonderful historical mystery set in the 17th century during the Protectorate of Oliver Cromwell. On reflection I've increased the rating to 5 stars as the book still has me thinking about it after I had finished reading. Damien Seeker is on the hunt for who murdered John Winter and as the twists and turns of the story unfold, the truth comes to the surface. Often with surprising results. I found the story engrossing and enjoyed that the book never felt to me like it was written with a 21st centu [...]

Thoroughly enjoyed this crime drama set in the period of the Commonwealth following the triumph of the Parliamentary faction in the English Civil War. It captures well the paranoia that must have been endemic especially in the big cities like Bath and the capital, London, with anyone who voiced the slightest criticism of the regime hauled off to a nasty fate.The main plotline follows the attempt of Damian Seeker, high up in the Commonwealth's security/spy services to discover who murdered a key [...]

I don't write many reviews, but I wanted to write one for this book because I thought it was great and doesn't have a lot of them on . Maybe because it's only published by a UK publisher, and isn't even available on (US version anyway)? I loved this book and didn't want to put it down, which doesn't happen that often for me, and not usually with historical mysteries either. The historical detail is fantastic, but it's never dry, just interspersed with the narrative, and you really get an idea o [...]

The English Civil War is over, Royalists defeated, King Charles executed, England under the rule of Oliver Cromwell, a People’s Commonwealth reminiscent of Stalin’s Russia. But Cromwell’s rule is new and fearful of royal restoration. The much feared and mysterious Damian Seeker is an instrument of the regime, employed to seek out plots, dissidence and revolution and to crush them.What a fascinating novel this is! It could so easily have fallen into any number of traps, but the author deftl [...]

enjoyed this new series based during the commonwealth and the mysterious mr seeker who works for Cromwell and works in the shadows. the plot centres around the murder of one of cromwell's soldiers in Whitehall and royalist plots as the action takes place in London and oxford and as the book goes on we learn more about seeker the man. think that fans of cj sansom would enjoy this as well.

Seeker is an agent for Oliver Cromwell who is tasked with finding the murderer of an army officer. This was a fantastic thriller set during the Commonwealth, a period in England's history that is reminiscent of Stalin's Russia with the spies and lack of free speech, etc.

They seek him hereOliver Cromwell has set himself up as de facto monarch of England, living in Charles Stuart's palace surrounded by luxury. Surrounded also by plots and plotters, he has a spy network to look after his safety and that of the Commonwealth. Amongst them is Seeker, aka The Seeker. When a man apparently loyal to Cromwell is killed, it falls to Seeker aka The Seeker to find out whodunit and why. I'm going to be perfectly honest here and say that I didn't have a clue what was going on [...]

Despite loving historical fiction, Oliver Cromwell's England and the two King Charles' either side of it has never been an era of interest to me; I've tried many but finished few.With the added bonus of a good juicy murder mystery, this book might have been the one to break the cycle but it also went the way of a DNF. It's well written and researched, and with a different time would probably have worked for me, but I just can't muster up any enthusiasm for either cause. Time to accept once and f [...]

A good book, I think, for people who like historical crime fiction. The time and place of Cromwell's England is well depicted and the plot is gripping. This is not the Merry Old England you would find in an Ellis Peters book, but a fairly gritty and violent depiction of the past, though mixed with depictions of human kindness and some romance. The author chooses to depict most characters as sympathetic to a least some extent while making them all men and women of their brutal and unenlightened t [...]

London,1654,Oliver Cromwell is at the height of his power and has declared himself Lord Protector. London is a teaming warren of spies, merchants,priests,exlies,solders and assassins.One of the web`s most fearsome spiders is Damian Seeker,agent of the Lord Protector. The murder of John Winter,hero of Cromwell`s all powerful army,is dead and the lawyer,Elias Ellingworth,found standing over the bleeding body,cluting a knife. This is not just a cracking Historical novel but also a great "who done i [...]

A thoroughly gripping spy thriller that takes place in the turbulent time of Oliver Cromwell. Filled with intrigue, deception and a touch of romance. I eagerly await the second book in this new series.

Thoroughly enjoyed this. Some very clever elements to it as the ground constantly shifts beneath our expectations. Loved Damian Seeker.

Absolutely hooked by this. The setting, the character, the mystery. Loved Damian Seeker - apparently the villain, but actually a complex and fascinating hero. Wish there were more than 2 in the series!

"And I wept for a monster who had not known he was one until his master rendered him so."Welcome welcome.  I'm back with a book review!  Have you been waiting long enough?I have to admit that it was a cover-buy & also discount-buy.  BUY TWO AND GET ONE HALF-PRICE.  Waterstones do know how to make a good promotion.  In fact, historical fiction isn't really my to-go genre.  Or let's just say that I avoid it as possible as I can.Wellyway, here's me giving you my true opinion on this book. [...]

I love learning history by reading intelligently written historical mysteriesd this was one; and another by S.G. MacLean! Oliver Cromwell's London was a confusing, dangerous place, clearly. I've never had a clear picture of this historical time, but now have some understanding of how and why it came to be, and what it was like to live in it, and why so many of my ancestors came to the American Colonies during this period! The Barbados slave trade is also fascinating to learn about, as that ties [...]

This is a great book, intelligently written and well researched historical fiction. The storyline immediately captures the reader. I would rate it alongside CJ Sansom. Looking forward to the next in this series.

This one was a bit of an impulse buy for me, a what the hell, why not book. I don't normally go for murder mysteries but I love historical fiction, and I've never read a book set during the Protectorate, so it was an interesting change of pace for me. Luckily I really enjoyed this book. CharactersOne of my favourite character archetypes is the mystery man, the character we know very little about, and learn even less. Damian Seeker is one such character. He's an enigma. The only solid facts we kn [...]

This book is brilliant. It is on a level with some of the best historical thrillers that have come out in recent years, without copying their style and format. Although there have been many Tudor-based political thrillers in the last decade or so (notably by C.J. Sansom and S.J. Parris, though several others too), I've been disappointed by the lack of similar books set in the time of the English civil wars, revolution and Commonwealth. Thankfully, a few have now appeared, and this is by far the [...]

Elizabethan London seems to be popular to recreate in fiction, but the Cromwellian era not so much. However, if you are familiar with the Elizabethan era, you will recognize the London of that period in this novel. The atmosphere is tense and danger is lurking in every corner - you simply cannot trust anyone; every single street corner has got ears. And most of these whisper their secrets to The Seeker. I know it might seem more than far-fetched, but the description of Damian Seeker had me think [...]

One of the very best historical thrillers I have read. Definitely up there with CS Sansom's Shardlake.Set in 1650s Protectorate Britain, Damian Seeker is one of Cromwell's top agents in the fight against a royalist insurgency. He is feared and ruthless and utterly loyal to Cromwell; but there is clearly more to him than meets the eye. A gathering of customers in a London coffee shop sets the scene for a well told mystery thriller surrounding the death of a Lieutenant in the New Model Army. The o [...]

This is a book that I found myself constrained to follow through to the end, almost against my will. It may seem something of a back-handed compliment to say this but I assure you it is meant as an accolade. The eponymous hero is a fascinating character who has the ability to get under a reader's skin; you know there is more to him than meets the eye and this is, in itself, enough to keep you reading. The plot is convincing and not too predictable and the atmosphere of this dangerous period in h [...]

Set in the Post English Civil war protectorate, Damien Seeker is an agent of Cromwell's, sniffing out Royalist plots to return the monarchy when a High ranking soldier gets murdered. A lawyer and anti-cromwell pamphleteer is the main suspect, but Seeker is convinced of his innocence. Well plotted, full of twists and turns, Ms MacLean captures Cromwell's England as it was rather than a romantic image of perfect republicanism. brilliant start to the series.

I've given this four stars rather than five because I didn't know quite what to make of it in the beginning but as I persevered it got really good. There are many complex threads and for a long time you have no idea how they are going to come together. Seeker is a formidable character and in some ways an unlikely hero but you come to respect him and gain some understanding of the forces that have formed him.

The first Shona MacLean I read, and it was like coming home! Now if there's a production company out there looking for a series of books to make a into a 'costume drama' this is where they should start!And dare I suggest Richard Armitage for Damien Seeker?

I am SP Flynn 's widow MM Flynn It is in my name now.The book was really very good and well written. But the ending rather spoiled it. My expectations were high . I looked towards a more hanger ending So the second book will have a really explosive start.

This book should have been a 4.5 , really enjoyed his style of writing .

DNF for me, after page after page of adjectives in sentences that really didn't need that many I gave up. Enough said a failure for me.

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