The Other Son

Alexander Söderberg

The Other Son

The Other Son

  • Title: The Other Son
  • Author: Alexander Söderberg
  • ISBN: 9780770436087
  • Page: 234
  • Format: Hardcover

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The exciting follow up to The Andalucian Friend, a breakneck thriller that follows Sophie Brinkmann as she faces the consequences of joining Hector Guzman s crime empireFrom the moment Hector Guzman entered a coma, Sophie Brinkmann has regretted joining his crime family Hector s right hand, Aron Geisler, is doing all he can to keep the sinking ship afloat and keep SophieThe exciting follow up to The Andalucian Friend, a breakneck thriller that follows Sophie Brinkmann as she faces the consequences of joining Hector Guzman s crime empireFrom the moment Hector Guzman entered a coma, Sophie Brinkmann has regretted joining his crime family Hector s right hand, Aron Geisler, is doing all he can to keep the sinking ship afloat and keep Sophie in their steely grip But when Hector s brother is murdered in Biarritz, Sophie gains the upper hand, and intends to use it Sophie becomes a player in a game where the rules are constantly changing, where loyalty and friendship are rendered meaningless In order to survive, she must look inward and find her inner darkness If not, she will be swallowed whole by the forces closing in on her vengeful mobsters, cunning detectives, charismatic arms dealers, and possibly her own son.

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The Other Son was an interesting suspenseful read. To begin with, read the first book. I read this book being totally confused and having no idea what was going on in the past. It is definitely not a book you can read without reading the rest of the series.Now for the dirt:This book is very exciting, if you know what is going on with the story. The chapters filter through the different characters and their different dramatic situations. Eventually all the stories connect and everything that happ [...]

I just couldn't get into this book. It was slow and the characters were boring. Took forever to understand the characters and their purpose. Maybe if I had read the first book I would be more invested in the book and characters. For a first time reader, I just didn't like it.

O.K i really wanted to like this. I won it in a giveaway, and was so excited. Had enjoyed the first one of the trilogy, The Andulisian Friend, thought the problems with it were because it was a first novel. (I think it was a first novel) At any rate, it had good suspense and was somewhat of a page turner.This was really disappointing. Every single one of the main characters, and there are many, either get shot, drowned, knifed, beat up severely, or anything else you can think of that is life thr [...]

Die KrankenschwesterSophie Brinkmann kümmert sich um die Geschäfte von Hector Guzman, der nach einem Anschlag im Koma liegt. Ungewiss ist, ob er je wieder aufwachen wird. Doch Sophie tut ihr Bestes, um die Geschäfte am Laufen zu halten. Die Verhältnisse ändern sich als Hectors Bruder ermordet wird. Die Familie ist in Aufruhr, wer steckt hinter dem Attentat? Die Polizei kommt mit ihren Ermittlungen zunächst nur mühsam voran. Mehrere Fälle scheinen ineinander verwickelt zu sein. Und irgend [...]

A thrilling, fast paced story that you won't be able to put down.When several international criminal gangs vie for each others' territory and businesses things are bound to get messy. Innocent and not so innocent people get caught up in the action. Sophie Brinkman is no exception. She's been the nurse of Hector Guzman and later ended up in a relationship with him, until he's almost killed. By then its too late for her to escape the organization and she's forced to take on a bigger role in the [...]

The Other Son, by Alexander Söderberg, picks up a few months after the series debut, The Andalucian Friend, ends. Sophie Brinkmann, a Swedish nurse, seems to have adjusted to her life as the face of a criminal organization headed by her boyfriend, Hector Guzman. She travels the globe, reassuring partners and suppliers and buyers, while Hector languishes in a coma. Hector’s absence is beginning to be felt, however. We rejoin Sophie in a meeting in Istanbul. The man she’s meeting with is givi [...]

Wow, is it Sweden's climate that produces authors with such a dark view? Henning Mankell and Stieg Larsson now have another competitor when it comes to writing about characters that literally seem to jump off the page. We have Spanish criminals, Russian mobsters and police who are either good, corrupt or a shade of gray somewhere in between. Nurse Sophie Brinkmann is caught like one of Robert Ludlums' "every man or every woman" in a web of intrigue and double-cross. Differentiating allies from e [...]

I received an Advance Reader's Edition of "The Other Son" through Firstreads. I had trouble sorting out who worked for whom and who were the good guys and who were the bad. I probably should have read his first book in this series before reading this. I was always wondering who was good and who was crooked.I wondered if Sweden really had a lot of "dirty" cops. It seemed that some originally good person could turn evil for no reason. I did like Sophie, a nurse once connected to Hector and his no [...]

I received this book free from LibraryThing I enjoyed reading this book. It is book 2 in a trilogy. The plot elements from book 1 were explained well enough that I could read it without being confused. There are some plot lines left unresolved at the end of the book, presumably for book3. The plot in this thriller concerns the rivalry between two criminal gangs in Europe, 1 in Sweden, and 1 in Germany with a third gang in Colombia, alternately cooperating with either of the two, for its own ends [...]

I received this book in a giveaway and I'm so glad I did!! This is a book that you want to read completely uninterrupted so you can find out exactly what's going to happen - you definitely don't want to put it down!! I was glad I had read the first book of the series first - which was a little better than the second - but you certainly don't have to as enough background is provided to keep you in the loop. I can't wait to read the third book - I have to find out what happens!!

A Read-It-Forward Giveaway – Thank You! After reading this book, I found that this is part two of a trilogy. Therefore, it is not a book that can be read on its own. There are too many characters and it’s difficult to understand who is who without reading the prior book. I had difficulty keeping up with the action and lost interest several times.

International organized crime, drug smuggling, weapons running, corrupt cops, and a single-mother just wanting her life back to normal create a hard-to-put-down thriller. But, this is part two of a trilogy and not a book to be read as a stand alone, unless you are into confusion.

Review to come!!!

Ehrlich gesagt war mir das Ganze etwas zu hektisch. Der Plot spielt an vielen verschiedenen Orten und es gibt eine Menge Personen, deren jeweilige Beziehungen zueinander erst im Laufe des Buches einigermaßen klar werden. Grundsätzlich ist diese Geschichte im internationalen Drogengeschäft gut aufgebaut und bietet einige spannende Aktionen, aber insgesamt ist sie mir etwas zu weit hergeholt. Manche der Aktionen oder Situationen sind doch eher unrealistisch, und bei manchen Szenen fragte ich mi [...]

3.5/4Александер Сьодерберг хич не си губи времето и още с първите страници захласва читателите. Подходът му да започне с кулминацията, след което лека-полека да разплете сюжета, е несъмнено добро начало на поредната доза шеметни случки, които авторът ни е подготвил в продълж [...]

DisjointedThe book started with one of those flashback scenes. I really am not a fan of those. Took a while for things to fall into place. It was enjoyable but no where near as good as the first book.


4«Este é o segundo livro da trilogia de Alexander Söderberg (Brinkmann Trilogy #2). Depois das peripécias do primeiro livro (O amigo andaluz) estava muito curioso com a evolução que o autor ia dar a esta trilogia.A história fala de uma enfermeira, Sophie Brinkmann, que após tratar de um paciente (Hector - cabecilha de uma organização criminosa) se viu mergulhada no submundo do crime. Este é um mundo perigoso onde ninguém pode confiar em ninguém… O livro anterior termina com Hector [...]

I got this book free as a review copy.I didn't know it was part of a trilogy until I started reading it. It's highly recommended that you read the first book before starting this one. I didn't and some of it was a bit difficult to follow but in the end, enough of the first book was explained that I was able to understand this one.Basically, it's a book on gang warfare where gangs and trying to kill off each other and taking their business. The book has quite a big international stage with locale [...]

There are less memorable bits of writing in this book than the first, fewer grace notes, almost as if the author felt like because it's the second book in a trilogy he doesn't need to push his prose past beige exposition.Instead, leaning heavily on incident -- fetch quests, medical miracles, poorly thought through assumptions, stupid misunderstandings, sudden violence, communication lapses, and suspension-of-disbelief stretching coincidences -- Alexander Söderberg spins his novel's wheels in pl [...]

Sophie Brinkmann has taken on a role in a crime family that she never wanted. After the head of the family was murdered and his son--her connection to the family--is left in a coma, people look to her more than she expected. And not only does she not feel entirely cut out for this type of work, but she still has some moral issues with the operation. Rival families are closing in, however, and they've made it clear they will take what they want if they have to. And when they start to make good on [...]

The 2nd installment of the Brinkmann series is similar to the first in that a number of the characters continue, the pace of the plot is breakneck, the writing competent and in rhythm with the plot, and the story is on the edge of the believability continuum. Those are all good. On the downside, there's not quite as much character development in this one, so you almost need to have read the first book in the series to understand the action. The number of characters with significant roles is quit [...]

The Other SonI received this book from First Reads.It is the second book in a trilogy, but can be read as a stand alone.I found the large number of characters a little confusing, and was inclined to confuse Sophie with Sonya, and then later Sanna appears. I could have done with a cast list at the front of the book.Also, there is a lot of country hopping, but I guess that is consistent with a storyline involving international gangs.I like a protagonist with whom I can identify,and I'm not sure w [...]

I received this book from a giveaway.This is the 2nd book in a three part series. The overall plot/action was straightforward, but for me, it was a bit challenging to fully understand the characters and their motivation. I think if I had read the first book first, then I would have enjoyed this second book more. That said, I did like this one well enough that I am glad to know my local library has the first book. So I will read that one and look forward to the third book to conclude the story.T [...]

This is a thrilling, fast paced story that you won't be able to put down. It has a million twist and turns that will have you hanging on for dear life! The author is a master at story telling, and creating thrilling drama. Because this is a review book, but the plot elements from book 1 were explained well enough that I could read it without being confused. Which was great. This is an international organized crime, drug smuggling, weapons running, corrupt cops, and a single-mother just wanting h [...]

This crime thriller is certainly fast paced and keeps you on the edge of your seat, but it is also quite convoluted, with lots of characters whose loyalties are in flux. This makes for a novel that is kind of like entering the house of mirrors at a carnival, there is a lot to look at, but many of the images are distorted and it is difficult to see a clear path forward. THE OTHER SON is set primarily in Sweden and Germany and it was a nice change of pace for me to read a story with two battling E [...]

Won this book through . It follows Sophie Brinkmann, whose a nurse that changed her life around to become the new face of a criminal enterprise run by her boyfriend, Hector Guzman. I love how she is the "boss" and travels the world, making sure business partners, dealers and customers are happy with their service while her boyfriend, Hector, is in a coma. The book gets really good when she meets up with a man who seems a little off and she feels it too. The meeting turns out to be an attempt to [...]

This is an enjoyable thriller with a large cast of characters and lots of twists and turns. A long time coming with this second book it was lucky for this reader that the author saw fit to throw in a lot of backfill here and there to help remind me of the first novel. With a lot of books read between the two this one could have gotten a bit convoluted. I really am hoping the author will bring out the third in a shorter time period so as to avoid too much confusion. The story from the first book [...]

This is the second book in a supposed triology but I can't find any information on the final book. This book can be read as a stand alone as the author does an excellent job of filling in any gaps that might be missing if you hadn't read the first book. However, as always, I urge you to read that one first. This book is a big game of chess between different criminal families with Sophie in the center. At least this time she is an active participant in the events she is involved in. This story is [...]

The story line(s) crosse many different lives and situations. Good read for someone who likes involved intrigue and movement among many countries. The author tends to write using sentence fragments; perhaps this increases the momentum. The European style of writing lends to the provocative and heart-stopping. It is the second in a trilogy and it might have served me better if I had read the first one. There were a huge number of characters - some of which were similar; this made it somewhat tric [...]

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