Prague Tales

Jan Neruda Michael Henry Heim

Prague Tales

Prague Tales

  • Title: Prague Tales
  • Author: Jan Neruda Michael Henry Heim
  • ISBN: 9789639116238
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Paperback

Collection of Jan Neruda s intimate, wry, bitter sweet stories of life among the inhabitants of Mala Strana, the Little Quarter of nineteenth century Prague These finely tuned and varied vignettes established Neruda as the quintessential Czech nineteenth century realist, the Charles Dickens of a Prague becoming ever aware of itself as a Czech, rather than an AustrianCollection of Jan Neruda s intimate, wry, bitter sweet stories of life among the inhabitants of Mala Strana, the Little Quarter of nineteenth century Prague These finely tuned and varied vignettes established Neruda as the quintessential Czech nineteenth century realist, the Charles Dickens of a Prague becoming ever aware of itself as a Czech, rather than an Austrian city Prague Tales is a classic story whose influence has been acknowledged by generations of Czech writers, including Ivan Klima, who has contributed an introduction to this new translation.

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Full of great short stories, with humorous and perceptive character studies. The English translation is excellent, making late-nineteenth century Prague come to life for this early-twenty-first century British reader!

I heard that Pablo Neruda the Chilean poet, called himself after Jan Neruda the Czech writer. I can understand why. These tales are full of insight and affectionate observation of the people of the Mala Strana in Prague. It was therefore no surprise to see his portrait on a commemorative plaque on the wall of one of the narrow streets leading up to the castle or find his grave in the cemetery at Vysherad.

A collection of stories by the original Neruda (not the Chilean who borrowed his name). Charming and nostalgic for a world that even then was disappearing.

Wonderful book of short stories. Loveliest stories that underscore the reason why I like books of this genre and of authors of his time and place. His writing displays the right pace and keeps apt mood that thrills the reader anytime. Words are like morning dew melting into earth's lap, so silent and soft that you only cherish the glitter in its passing one after another. No more words from me, lest it should distort any better impression on the purity of his work!

Same deal as with Capek's Tale from Two Pockets, good writer with the bias of his place and time (misogyny and Antisemitism.)

There's probably too much stasis, too much pure description in this book to deserve the title "povídky" (narrations, stories), but that doesn't matter: Those images of young and old people inhabiting mid-19th-century Prague and their struggles around the great topics of life - love and death - is wonderful in its very own way of a bleak tragicomedy. I couldn't sum it up better than the postface of this edition does, so if you get this wonderfully illustrated book into your hands and doubt if it [...]

4.5 StarsThe Czechs are a remarkable people in the world of literature. Before the 19th century, there is little, if any, literary accomplishments of note written either by Czechs or in the Czech language (aside from theologians like Jan Amos Komensky). But for some reason, especially in the 20th century, great literature bloomed throughout Bohemia and Moravia like flowers in an Alpine meadow and despite the small size of the country they have left their mark in a way few other cultures have. It [...]

Nerudo, Nerudo co s tebou?Povídky zábavností i rozsahem docela různorodé, ale co od nich chtít - je to realismus. Spíš než zábavné čtení je to zajímavá sonda do života před sto padesáti roky, kdy panovaly zcela odlišné poměry. A jako výpověď působí víc než věrohodně. No, dovolím si ocejchovat každou povídku raději zvlášť.Týden v tichém domě ** -nejdelší z povídek, nepřehledná a nezábavná. Ale na druhou stranu má i pár lepších momentůPan Ryšán [...]

Salut les francais. Vous devez absolument lire cette collection de contes admirablement bien reussi par Neruda au sujet de la vie et des personnages dans le quartier populaire "Malá Strana" de Prague ou Neruda a grandi au milieu du dix-neuvieme siecle. Ces contes sur sont le curriculum des ecoles secondaires qui enseignent en langue Tcheque depuis plus q'un siècle. Vous feriez infailliblement plaisir a vos amis Tcheques, si vous leur disiez vous avez lu ces contes.Je vous conseille donc de com [...]

I admit to being a little disappointed by these stories. They reminded me a little of Zola crossed with Mrs. Gaskell. The short stories were nearly all character sketches. The shortest sketches I think I liked the most. There were a few truly beautiful ones, some nice tragedies and a few just kinda silly. The longer stories seemed to mock the people in them just a little too much (including the narrator). I'm wondering if perhaps things were lost a little in the translation. It was interesting t [...]

Jan Neruda is a good observer of the everyday life and he can make a profit of his gift. This collection of stories takes us to the XIXth Century Prague and show a series of very particular characters an situations. The autor has a very pointillous style, often comic, and most of the stories (the shorter the better) are great, I could not stand the last part which is a novella and takes almost half of the book, because, it was the one that took me most to read, maybe it was its autobiographic to [...]

Li porque vou passar algumas horas em Praga, semana que vem. Mas vale a pena (aliás, não é uma "pena", é um gosto ler um livro como esse, leggero e agradável).São pequenas crônicas da cidade, passadas há um século e meio, todas com algum humor, algumas com alguma melancolia. A última - notas de um advogado - tem um quê de Jerome K. Jerome e de auto-ironia.

"God only knows how many times Matylda has embroidered monograms on shirts and linens, always for a different bridegroom, and how many times she has been taking up the stitches again," remarked Miss Marie while straightening out her cape. "And perhaps she will be forever unstitching!"

bitter-sweet stories that did not really touch me

Zpočátku to bylo nic moc, ale pak jsem se do toho za četla :)


Kulisy se mění, ale lidé jsou pořád stejní.A mistři vypravěči nás o tom stále ujišťují.

COSTUMBRISMO CENTRO EUROPEOSon estos cuentos de la Malá Strana un retrato de costumbres, un cuadro que muy bien podrían haber firmado algunos de los más rancios escritores costumbristas hispanos, incluso con sus olores a puchero y potaje de garbanzos. Quiero decir con ello que, si bien a Jan Neruda hay que reconocerle el inmenso mérito de que todo él aparece en autores posteriores de una talla descomunal como los Kafka, Werfel, Urzidil, Hrabal, Hirsch o Seifert, que todos ellos, en algún m [...]

I read this in preparation for a trip to Prague. Neruda lived in Mala Strana in the mid 1800s and his work was largely a chronicle of day-to-day life, with this set of stories set in Mala Strana itself. That part of Prague bears little resemblance to neighborhood he discusses in the short stories in this book, as it has cleaned up quite a bit and is no longer the poor/lower middle class area that it was in the mid-1800s when he wrote about it. In addition, his work really was observational, rath [...]

Jan Neruda, the author of this collection, is a big thing in the Czech Republic. A street in the Mala Strana (lesser town) area of Prague is named after him because of the kinds of stories that are included in this collection. Jan is a noticer of people - small details in small lives are at the crux of these stories. Some in first person, some in third, they are all about individuals and the minutiae of daily living. Shopkeepers, students, grocers and, especially, landlords and tenants and barke [...]

Endlich fertig Einige der Geschichte waren nicht schlecht und die Einstellung des Autors zu Frauen und Juden war ganz interessant, ich habe nie wirklich über Frauen oder Juden in Europa in den 1800er Jahren gelesen. Ansonsten gab es nicht viel im Buch, was mir gefallen hat. Ich habe den Sinn der Geschichten nicht völlig verstanden, meiner Meinung nach passierte fast gar nichts und ich weiss nicht, warum das Buch veröffentlicht wurde… Aber es scheint, dass viele Menschen diese Buch lieben, a [...]

Ze začátku jsem si musela trochu zvykat na jazyk, protože v uších se nezpracovává tak snadno, jako když je na papíře. Ale po chvíli se to zlepšilo a já si Nerudu mohla vychutnat. A že to bylo chutné sousto! Ani nevím, kterou z povídek mám nejraději. Jsem ale moc ráda, že jsem si poslechla tuhle nahrávku, která obsahuje všechny povídky a která je namluvena opravdu hezky. Jen Audiolibrix je hrůza, aplikace se mi pořád vypínala a já už z toho pak šílela, ke konci. [...]

a classic collection of short vignettes about life in Prague in the 19th century. Most of these sketches are in Mala Strana, the "little quarter" where artists and kings live and work. It's a good book for people wanting to know what Prague was like in the past, in a nostalgic way.

Thrilling and really engaging.

"Dne 16. února roku tisíc osm set čtyřicet a ještě několil otevřel pan Vorel svůj krupařský krám u Zeleného anděla. – ‘Du Poldi, horst,’ pravila paní setníková v patře nad name ku své slečně dceři, která šla právě do trhu a byla již venku na chodbě, ‘krupici kup tady u toho nového, můžem to zkusit.’Mnohý lehkovážný sobě snad pomyslí, že odevření nového krupařského krámu nebylo ani tak zvláštní událostí. Ale takovému bych řekl jen: ‘T [...]

This book took a long time to get through but only because I wanted to read it slowly and savor it. It is a collection of something called feuilletons, defined on the back cover as vivid sketches on the border between journalism and fiction. Neruda (1834-1891) sketched life in Mala Strana, the Little Quarter of Prague in the nineteenth century. They were stories of ordinary people doing ordinary things; the stories picked up and left off quietly just as ordinary life does. According to the inter [...]

It took me awhile to get around to reading this, perhaps because the book looks longer than it actually is (thick pages). However, it proved a good choice to read while traveling, for the obvious reason that one can read a story here and there.The tales have a quiet 19th-century charm, with their minute observation of Prague characters and their states of mind. At the same time, I found some of them surprisingly hard to follow, especially the opening novella, which had numerous characters and di [...]

I bought this book because Prague is my favorite city and I wanted to go back, even if only in my reader's imagination. Neruda has a subtle humor and paints a vivid image of the Mala Strana. The reader is brought inside; so, I walked along the Mostecka, I leaned from the balcony, I stepped inside the shops, I glanced up at Prazsky Hrad, I talked to the people and let them become a part of my life as I morphed into a background character myself. It was almost as if I were reading pages out of an [...]

Hand written dedication inside front cover:NeilJust to say thank you for your hospitality and some wonderful memories at your gig in Prague 2004. I hope that we can go back soon.Ian and NellieTranslated by Michael Henry Heim. Introduction by Ivan Klima.First published in Czech as Povídky malostranské in 1878. The stories in this collection date from 1860's and 1870's and reflect Neruda's enthusiasm for feuilletons, vivid sketches on the border between journalism and fiction.

I couldn't really get into the first short story. I skiped it and read it as the last one. I'm really happy that I made that decision and manage to read the whole book eventually. It was definitely worth it, I have an idea how it was to live Prague in 1850's and Neruda is just perfect! His realistic style which reflects what social staus people belong to in the way they speak is truly impressive. It is also interesting to see people's nationalism and antisemtism and how common it was those days. [...]

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