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  • Title: Taken
  • Author: Rennie Leigh
  • ISBN: 9781632587091
  • Page: 271
  • Format: ebook

Siren Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal Consensual BDSM Romance, M M, shape shifters, capture, sex in partially shifted form, spanking, flogging, cropping, sex toys, HEA Life is simple The only thing Sebastian Michael needs is a steady paycheck Sebastian values his independence too much to let his secretive brother, Ed, pay his bills He tried selling his p Siren Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal Consensual BDSM Romance, M M, shape shifters, capture, sex in partially shifted form, spanking, flogging, cropping, sex toys, HEA Life is simple The only thing Sebastian Michael needs is a steady paycheck Sebastian values his independence too much to let his secretive brother, Ed, pay his bills He tried selling his paranormal romances with little luck Looking for a steady job, he soon stumbles into a dragon s den pretending to be a BDSM club Gavin Thorvald, the dragon lord and club owner, recognizes Sebastian as his mate and begins to woo the sweet human Gavin worries about how to explain a dragon s reproductive cycle while Sebastian fears his past is catching up with him.At the same time, hunters are attacking and Ed is taking an interest in Sebastian s new life Just when Gavin has everything he wants, Sebastian is taken from him by the hunters Gavin fears the worst as he heals from the hunters attack Once healed, Gavin begins a race against the clock to find his mate and save their egg.

Recent Comments "Taken"

I bought this on a whim. I REALLY liked it. I'm looking forward to more from this series. My heart BROKE for Sebastian.

As “story buttons” go, this novel presses quite a number of my personal ones. A dragon shifter? Check. A mate who is independent, strong, and will stand up for himself? Check. Male pregnancy? How fun. Double check. Additionally, I am always curious to read books by new-to-me writers, and this first publication definitely looked promising based on the blurb. With a world that includes evil hunters, an interesting dragon reproductive cycle, and a few candidates for pairings in further volumes [...]

The generic storyline didn't stop me from liking it and I did enjoyed its premise quite a bit since it involves male pregnancy my all-time favorite theme. And the the dragon's reproductive system reminds me of another mpreg book called 'Acquainted with the Night' due to its almost similar impregnation technique of which by the way is like watching a birthing scene. Yet at the same time it made me wish for a prostate of my own.I am happy that this time around the shifters involved aren't those ov [...]

although this book was BDSM it was not over the top. Love Sebastian and Gavin the trial and tribulations brings them so much closer to each other and to their clutch. I'm really looking forward to future books in this series and this author. Oh, did I mention the great sense of couture, from the clothing to the interior design.

This could be good with a decent editor but is badly in need of a good revision. Aside from the usual punctuation, misspelling and missing words it needs a serious polishing. However, it's what I expect from Bookstrand.The BDSM is very light and a little disappointing but the sex was smoking hot. I thoroughly enjoyed getting the blood pumping during a couple of scenes.I think there should be a trigger warning of some sort. (view spoiler)[ Sebastion miscarries during his inprisonment.(hide spoile [...]

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this. I love dragon shifters! (I want more dragon shifters and less wolf shifters!) I enjoyed the characters and the connection between Sebastian and Gavin. Although there was some jumping around with unresolved plots and things mentioned that are never mentioned again, and I felt like the whole BDSM element wasn't really prominent (definitely light BDSM) I enjoyed the romance in this. And my heart broke for Sebastian and what his brother put him through. St [...]

Lovely story, the only thing that I didn't like as much was the Dragon "alpha" Gavin, he was a little bit too weak and he wasn't that much in control. I think Ingor behaved more like an Alpha than Gavin.Apart from that, it was very nice.

This was so good, I will definitely be looking for a sequel and any book written by this author.

Можно я просто многозначительно покачаю головой и тяжко вздохну? Не верится от слова совсем.

3,5 stars

I DO try to avoid other reviews, especially in depth ones, until I've read and gotten my own opinion so as to not influence my feelings ahead of time. I MAY have 'screwed the pooch' on this one slightly BUT here goes.2.5?I feel like Gavin (especially) and Sebastian are misrepresented. The first ‘impression’ for lack of better word makes Gavin feel like a strong, overpowering dominant male. Very quickly, I get a different sense of him. Yes, he’s a dominant personality and into bdsm elements [...]

TakenAfter reading the other reviews I was excited to read this book even knowing not all reviews written are right most aren't but this book was great earning all it's star's I am so looking forward to a series. A lot of mate stories are filled with to much sappy love this one had just enough the events that unfold awesome with twisted outcomes rarely seen this book is a must read.

Very well done in terms of character emotions. Plot isn't terribly original, but the story details and characters make up for it. I will definetly read #2 when it comes out.Also, the BDSM elements are very light and are not the focus of the story, so readers like me who usually avoid BDSM books can read this one without offense.

Dragon shifterThis is an enjoyable, smoothly paced story. The main characters are likable enough that you will want to see them again in future stories. I hope this is the start of a series!

The egg thing was a total new take on Dragon mythology and m/m genre. So refreshingly different - I enjoyed this whole series.

Looking forward to book two.

Awesome dragon shifter story. There are parts that will make you cry. The struggles that Sebastian and Gavin have has mates. What Sebastian learns about his brother.

I liked it, but I could have done without all the angst. A little is great but the cluster fuck of torture and sad was enough to make me start skipping pages.

Loved it

Taken [Dragon's Egg]Man I Loved it it was really great I hope there more of this book to come I can't wait I will be looking and holding for it

Good start for a new author and new series.

What an amazing start to a new series, loved everything about this story from start to finish and I just can't wait for the next book to be released.


*3,5 Stars

A refresing new shifter story, with Dragons that I love by the way.

Dragons, right!?! Okay, so the story got off to a pretty good start and I really like the premise. All in all, it was an enjoyable read with good flow and the normal instalove that you get from reading shifter books. As for the BDSM part of the story line, I would say it is light since it only consists of: spanking, a crop and other instruments for spanking.With that said, I would also like to point out a few parts in the story where the author either forgets to explain why and how something hap [...]

It was ok but the insta-love combined with sad elements was just too much to be really enjoyable for me.

2.75 stars

I enjoyed this book despite some initial hesitance to read it. I don't usually like books with characters that are "characters", if you know what I mean. Ones that are a bit over the top in some way, a stereotype. Sebastian was really a "character", but he likes to dress up a bit in ways that we wouldn't see normally in society, but he acted very reasonably for the most part, so his fashion sense became less of a stereotype and just another lovable part of him. Gavin also isn't very "charactery" [...]

This has a lot of the same mythology as other MM shifter books -- mates, insta-love and even mpreg are pretty common in the genre. So, why give it four ("really liked it") stars? What sets it apart?First of all, there is some minor BDSM, which always adds a little spice. ;)But, what really made me like this one was that the author was courageous enough to let really bad things happen to our MCs. In this genre, kidnappings and even abuse are pretty common, but (view spoiler)[miscarriage and mourn [...]

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