The World as I Remember It: Through the Eyes of a Ragamuffin

Rich Mullins Ben Pearson

The World as I Remember It: Through the Eyes of a Ragamuffin

The World as I Remember It: Through the Eyes of a Ragamuffin

  • Title: The World as I Remember It: Through the Eyes of a Ragamuffin
  • Author: Rich Mullins Ben Pearson
  • ISBN: 9781590523681
  • Page: 180
  • Format: Hardcover

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Rich Mullins was than a musician He was a poet and thinker who left behind a timeless legacy As a columnist for Release magazine for nearly six years, Rich shared his musings on faith and life, conveying the wonder and awesomeness of his God with the same depth and simplicity that characterized his music The World As I Remember It is a collection of these personalRich Mullins was than a musician He was a poet and thinker who left behind a timeless legacy As a columnist for Release magazine for nearly six years, Rich shared his musings on faith and life, conveying the wonder and awesomeness of his God with the same depth and simplicity that characterized his music The World As I Remember It is a collection of these personal writings, complemented by striking photography and some of Rich s most memorable quotations This one of a kind collection will be cherished not only by his fans, but by anyone who appreciates fresh, deep spiritual nourishment.Rich Mullins was than a musician He was a poet and thinker who left a legacy of deep gratitude, humility, and delight before the dace of an awesome God Here you ll find a treasury of Rich s engaging, intimate reflections on faith and life Revealing the spiritual meaning behind the simplest events, Rich muses about subjects ranging from fear to contentment, childlikeness to emptiness, from war to music This is a feast for anyone who appreciates fresh, deep spiritual nourishment As you savor the arresting ideas of one of modern Christianity s most ardent pilgrims, you ll find your adoration focused on your Creator, Redeemer, and Inpirer.Story Behind the BookFor nearly six years, Rich shared his thoughts about faith and life through his columns in Release magazine When his first column was published in the spring of 1991, the editors introduced him this way Rich not only has a lot to say he also has a unique way of saying it And although Mr Mullins could easily fit into that intellectual bohemian type category we re sure he could hold his own in a discussion with any theologian or philosopher of old , most often, his message is a straightforward call back to the principles of faith He s a poet, a scholar, a gentleman, and yes, just a little bit off center But that s why we like him, and are pleased to welcome Rich to Release with this regular column We trust you ll love him and what he has to say as much as we do Rich had a way with words, and a collection of his writings seems an appropriate tribute to a man who has been referred to as the greatest songwriter of our time.

Recent Comments "The World as I Remember It: Through the Eyes of a Ragamuffin"

"The World as I Remember It" is basically a collection of essays, written by songwriter Rich Mullins, reflecting on life and faith. Anyone who has found Mullins' songwriting style captivating or moving will likely enjoy the essays in this collection. As his songs indicate, Rich Mullins is able to take a theological concept (however complex), relate it to real life, and share that process in an engaging manner. The essays are written in a very approachable manner -- reading them is like sitting d [...]

A treasury of Rich's engaging, intimate reflections on faith and life. You'll find yourself continually focused on the Creator, Redeemer and Inspirer of Life we serve an Awesome God!

A collection of writings from Rich Mullins, an extraordinary poet and story teller. He was my favorite song writer before he passed away. This book is a real treasure.

Beautiful words. Heartfelt. Truth. very touching. I found myself wanting to read a chapter to every one I met.

‘A book to remember the writer/poet, Rich Mullins, with exceptional photography”A collection of articles for RELEASE Magazine written by Rich Mullins and including some beautiful photos by Ben Pearson make The World as I Remember It: Through the Eyes of a Ragamuffin a book to keep in your personal library on the shelf reserved for those ‘special’ books.Though the articles are all online at kidbrothers, having them in one book collection is good for those times you want to read the about [...]

Excellent. Rich wrote a column for Release magazine for many years; this book is largely a compilation of those articles. He was brief and poignant, understood people and scripture very well. I thought learning more about him might make me like him less, but it only grew my admiration. P. 49: So, let us press on with no faith in our own understanding and nothing but faith in the truth that is too great to be diminished by our feeble minds and too great not to transform us. Salvation comes from G [...]

This book shows a little about Rich and what he did with life along with a collection of his articles/thoughts/reflections. Rich died a sudden and tragic death in an auto accident, he thought his work as a Christian music (most “famous” for the song, Our God Is An Awesome God) was not yet finished, but instead the Lord called him home. I enjoyed the deep thoughts on theology, although not really on theology, but really just on the relationship of man and God. Simple, yet profound.

Before reading this, I knew very little about Rich Mullins other than that he wrote "Awesome God" and that he died in a car accident in 1997. This book is proof that he will live on, not only via his songs, but via his other writings as well, some of which are compiled here.

Many, many nuggets of truth in this little book. "Faith is not a denial of facts -- it is a broadening of focus. It does not deny the hardness of guitar strings, it plucks them into a sweetness of sound." Thankful for this written word of stories behind the songs of the artist.

I miss Rich Mullins.

I wasn't quite sure what to expect from this book, but I knew Rich Mullins wrote it, so I wanted to read it.It turns out that this book is a collection of articles that Rich wrote for Release Magazine, between 1991 and 1996. Because of that, there is little continuity, as Rich seemed to be writing whatever was on his mind. It begins with a welcome by Rich's manager, Jim Dunning. This is followed by "A brief glimpse into the life and music of Rich Mullins." I'm not sure who wrote that bit. One th [...]

Wow. I know that word is so over-used, but I have no other words. I subscribed to Release Magazine back in the day and often devoured Rich's writings like they were my daily food and nourishment. We all have spiritual mentors, and the songbook of our life. Rich was and is that for me. I just discovered this book; I can barely put it down. I am like another reviewer, I just wanna share it with everyone I meet. I am not finished with it yet gets in the way. (dang work). But, I don't wanna finish i [...]

This little book mainly consists of thoughts, "essays", from a column in a magazine that Rich Mullins wrote for. There are also memoirs from a few who knew him well. I would not call myself a poet, but people say that Rich Mullins was a poet and a prophet as well as a singer/songwriter. As such sometimes I found his writing difficult for my uncultured non-poetical mind to get around. But there were times when his way of seeing things, his insights were refreshingly different and thought-provokin [...]

Rich Mullins is primarily known for his many best-selling Contemporary Christian CDs. The lyrics of the songs he wrote are among the best-written of Contemporary Christian artists. So it should be no surprise that his writing is first-rate. Mullins understands the basics of Christian faith so well that his love of God comes out in everything he writes. Each of the pieces in this collection are like mini-sermons diluted to their core truths. I recommend this to believers and non-believers alike w [...]

I have read a lot of good authors, and honestly I hadn't imagined Mullins to write in this way with the same passion for God and logic in his thoughts as I've seen them in C.S. Lewis.Deep. Profound. Full of God. Hilarious honest with a touch of sarcasm. Those kind of books, where you often think to yourself: "Really? This is exactly what I've allways felt, but I never thought that anyone out there felt the same/was troubled with the same, yet here I find it, written down in a magnificent way!"Ch [...]

This collection of essays by Rich Mullins challenged me to think, made me imagine, helped me broaden a couple horizons, and generally just was an enrichment all around. I don't know that I could pick a favorite piece from the book, but it certainly was worth a read as a whole. I tried to savor it over many weeks, taking each essay one at a time and letting it soak.

This was an interesting little book with a collection of articles write by Rich Mullins throughout the years before he died. It was a interesting look into his thoughts on life and the Christian faith. These writings definitely show that his lyrical and artistic skill is still dearly missed.

This is a collection of essays that Rich wrote. In characteristic fashion they are thoughtful, personal reflections on God and the life we live before Him. I enjoyed reading this, but I would limit the recommendation to fans of RIch.

My husband and I would read an article every night before going to bed. We both enjoyed Rich's use of language and his insight into life, faith, and what it means to have a personal walk with Christ. At times affirming, and at times challenging, it has been a helpful book for both of us.

Simple articles by Rich Mullins that draw us into a greater awe of a great-big-yet-approachable-and-knowable God. Rich was one of my three favorite biblical song writers (among Dutin Kensrue and Derek Webb) and the written words here do not disappoint.

Such an incredible little book. Simple yet profound, Rich Mullins's insight is second to none. I spent more time writing notes and marking sentences/passages I loved than actually reading the book. Food for the soul, I tell ya. Good stuff!

Rich Mullins was an amazing songwriter but also a gifted essayist. He made faith compelling and honest in a way too few writers do.

Great little collection of essays, a collaboration of Rich's columns from when he wrote for "Release" magazine.

Thin volume that can be read in a day or two, but these simple, beautiful pages of wisdom demand slower, repeated readings.

Great devotional! It's definitely one that needs to be read in bits rather than in one sitting. Therefore, I recommend owning it, rather than checking it out at the library like I did. Great insight!

a collection of short articles Rich Mullins wrote for Release Magazine. Very thought provoking. An easy read at my convenience.

Wonderful to read the writings of my favorite songwriter. His unique look at faith and grace that was always evident in his lyrics comes through in this collection as well.

I really appreciated this collection of articles. It was short and easy to read, but provided a wealth of insight to life and spiritual perspectives. I highly recommend it.

An excellently written and thought-provoking book.

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