Frank & Ava: In Love and War


Frank & Ava: In Love and War

Frank & Ava: In Love and War

  • Title: Frank & Ava: In Love and War
  • Author: JohnBrady
  • ISBN: 9781250070913
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Hardcover

The love story of Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner has been told piecemeal, from one side or the other, but has never been fully explored or explained until now.The story begins in Hollywood s golden age when Ava, ever insecure, was emerging as a movie star But she fell in and out of love too easily Mickey Rooney married her as a conquest Artie Shaw treated her like a dThe love story of Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner has been told piecemeal, from one side or the other, but has never been fully explored or explained until now.The story begins in Hollywood s golden age when Ava, ever insecure, was emerging as a movie star But she fell in and out of love too easily Mickey Rooney married her as a conquest Artie Shaw treated her like a dumb brunette Neither marriage lasted a year Then, after being courted by Howard Hughes and others, along came Sinatra, who was battling his own insecurities MGM fired him, his record company dropped him, and no one seemed to want him, except Ava.Their encounter led to an affair that broke all the rules of the prudish era Frank was married with children Their reputations could be ruined if this got out and it did, as Frank left his family and pursued Ava across Europe while she taunted him They married, but then came quarrels, separations, and reconciliations Finally, there was a divorce, but even afterwards their long, hot, messy, glorious, painful romance stretched right to the finish line.Thoroughly researched and reported, Frank Ava is not another storybook version of a Hollywood romance but a compelling drama of love and emotional war that left two iconic celebrities wounded for life.

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Frank and Ava: She said he made love like a woman. He said she was a 'falling-down drunk'. She made him suicidal, he humiliated her That sounds like true love to me. 'Every single day during our relationship, no matter where in the world I was, I'd get a telegram from Frank saying he loved me and missed me.'

Tabloids feed us a daily diet of the fortunes and misfortunes of our entertainment idols, but the plethora of scandals we absorb pale in comparison to the firestorm that Frank Sinatra “The Voice of the 40s” created when he divorced his nice Italian wife Nancy to marry screen siren Ava Gardner. As revealed in Ava and Frank In Love and War, Louis B. Mayer micromanaged the lives of the MGM screen goddesses and heart throbs like Ava Gardner and Clark Gable. 2015 fans who take a trip down memory [...]

I must say I was leaning towards a 3 star review but ended up giving this four just because those last few chapters were so sad. I was tearing up by the end of the book, it just confirmed what I knew though; Frank and Ava were each other's one love.

Frank & Ava: In Love and War by John Brady was the first audiobook I chose with my new Scribd subscription (you can listen to one audiobook a month next to reading three books).I am not a big audiobook person and would never buy them but as I’m totally inhaling everything Ava Gardner right now and this was available I didn’t have to think too long.The narration was done by Allan Grupper and he did a great job, even down to the accents of various people. I was pleasantly captivated.The bo [...]

I finally got through my copy of the book Frank & Ava: In Love and War by John Brady. I love all things Frank Sinatra and try to read up on as much great books that detail his life so I was especially excited to receive and get through this book.The beautiful and chaotic love life of Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner. intriguingd yes the story was that great to get into all the details. I was captivated from the start and enjoyed every minute of this book. Two beautiful peoplefamous celebrities [...]

Basically this is a Hollywood tell all with a central theme of Frank's big love was Ava, Ava's big love was Frank. They couldn't live together but just couldn't stay apart. Ho-hum----the story didn't strike me as a life long passion but rather an obsessive relationship driven primarily by lust and booze. Not my definition of love and not terribly different from the relationships that they managed to have with others both together and apart. A very lengthy gossip column that revealed much more th [...]

Frank and Ava, In Love and War, by John Brady is a story about two people whose love was deep, passionate, obsessive and destructive. It very nearly consumed them both in its fire. Despite divorce, it never really ended, except perhaps with their deaths, although the echoes of it live on in Frank Sinatra's songs , whose lyrics are infused with sadness and marked with scars of lost love.They were two tremendously talented performers who, ultimately, could neither live together, nor apart. Togethe [...]

It was a fascinating look at 2 stars I heard about but didn't know much about. I also got to read about other stars like Bogart and Bacall. It was like getting to have a behind the scenes look at old Hollywood. It was sad that Frank loved Ava so much but they couldn't make it work. I think it was sort of a one sided love. I never got the impression that Ava loved him as much as he loved her.

Frank and Ava; In Love and War was a great read! It's a factual book, and I enjoyed reading about two people from Hollywood's Golden Age. The book was well written and throughly researched. Thanks to , I won this book.

I enjoy reading biographies about celebrities, and this being the 100th anniversary of Frank Sinatra's birth, I thought this would be a good choice. It was. What a story, I am always amazed by these people. This story really told of all the Hollywood excess. The stories of continual sexual infidelity are amazing. it is so easy to picture these people as they appeared as performers. Reading about them, you realize maybe they really weren't very nice people, or that, at least, you would not have c [...]

I received a free copy of "Frank & Ava: In Love and War" in a giveaway. This book is proof that love doesn't always conquer all, or does it? Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner had a very public affair, marriage and divorce. What wasn't so public was the relationship that continued throughout the remainder of their lives. This book is an excellent history of two high profile people. Everyone thought they knew about Frank & Ava, but John Brady discovered the real story.

Like opposing magnetic fields, they just couldn't stay together. Their love was too strong for this earth. A beautiful love story of mutual respect until the end and beyond.

This is not a flattering portrait of either Frank or Eva. Both come off as self-centered, arrogant, temperamental and alcoholic. There are equally negative views of Artie Shaw, Lana Turner, Louis B. Mayer, Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, George C. Scott and the Grace Kelly-Prince Rainier marriage. Brady shows how crude Frank could be, mostly about women, but also about the rock and roll, or others in the music industry. He is also shown as suicidal with two fakes and one perhaps real attempt. Mo [...]

I received this book as an ARC from BookBrowse First Impressions.Frank and Ava recounts the story of the "relationship" of two celebrities who come off as shallow, self-absorbed, impulsive hedonists demanding loyalty from others but unwilling to offer the same. While there are plenty of interesting books written about such people, this is not one of them. Brady's "compelling drama of live and emotional war" might better be displayed as a spreadsheet of sexual conquests than presented as a 246 pa [...]

I read various books about Ava Gardner who always interested me. How could a woman that beautiful and also smart with a huge opportunity turn around and destroy her life?? In a book about her by Peter Evans or some author it is said she said to her nurse or caretaker - I was once very beautiful - now not - too much booze too many dicks. She is not the sex symbol like Marilyn Monroe. Yet she was very sexual and sensuous. She had a good childhood knew love. Her sister was with her for years. Men l [...]

I knew how this story would end before I opened up the book, but I'm addicted to love stories between certain Hollywood couples. This book held my interest all the way through even though I really didn't learn anything new. Just give me a bio about Frank/Ava, Richard/Elizabeth and Desi/Luci and I will read the love/hate story over and over. I guess I'm a sucker for these stories. I'm just glad I don't live it.

Might have given this a bit higher of a number, but when I got to the George C. Scott section in particular the victim blaming was so strong. Literally refers to Ava as a "willing victim" (page 182) and seems willfully ignorant on the topic of abusive relationships. It even blames the fact that she grew up in the poor south and suggest maybe that's what "she expected." Prior to this, it wasn't going to be the best book I've read on the topic, but that really pushed it over for me.

This was interesting in that I got to learn some of the backstory of Hollywood in the 50's & 60's. That said, Frank & Ava's story is so sad. They got together, causing quite a scandal. The divorces, affairs, parties, self-indulgence, and living in excess was fun to read. I'm not sure this book gave us much more about the couple than other books, but it was an interesting era in Hollywood history, and I did enjoy that.

After reading another book about Ava Gardner, I was so fascinated by the Gardner Sinatra story that I had to read this one. I must say it was a great read and very interesting. Much like Ava herself there were contradictions between all the stories that made it even more interesting. The pace was zippy yet contained a lot of details. Would recommend this.

This begins as a guilty pleasure but ends as a look at the effects of fame and age. Ava Gardner was a force of nature, Sinatra was Sinatra, and the two of them were made for each other in the best and worse senses of the phrase. Don't give this as a gift to your maiden aunt: it's far more raunchy than the cover and St. Martin's Press would have you believe. Recommended.

Really good for some biography details. But otherwise, I'm not sure of the point of this account. I'm certainly not sold on Frank and Ava's love story. They sounded like a couple of addicts for the other; not a healthy love at all.

Not very good. I learned a few interesting things but it was waaaaaaaaaay too long and just kept repeating the same information. Easy to tell the dislike for Frank's wife Barbara. I ended up skimming through a lot of it. Would not recommend

Nice read. Excellent read for lazy summer days or a long plane ride. Like reading a long "Vanity Fair" article which happens to be my favorite magazine.

I like Ava Gardner. I love Frank Sinatra's music. I know that they were married. I was excited to read this book. I shouldn't have been.The love story described in this book is a far stretch. There was very little connection between the two stars. It was basically two separate stories/lives that briefly intersected with a marriage and again throughout the years with friendship. I find it funny that it a book that seemed to make up this great love story for Gardner and Sinatra basically said that [...]

This was a tad disappointing (so being generous with 3 stars). I likely should have read this before Kaplan's books, as the writing was nowhere near as detailed and smooth to follow. It's a quick read, but often strays from the main Frank/Ava theme. The book seems less about their relationship and more like two separate stories that intersect. It is likely a good read for the causal fan.

Great read. Some old stories along with some never heard before, culled from various sources to form a joint biography of Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner. Goes into more depth on the relationship than other Sinatra biographies.

Very interesting. I loved it!

Fascinating book that looks deep into the lives of old Hollywood's biggest names.

The love story of Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner is more fully explored in this new biography focusing on their decades long love affair. Brady's book opens as Gardner hits the Hollywood scene in the early 1940s and he marriage at a young age to Mickey Rooney and subsequent marriage to Artie Shaw. Neither marriage lasted more than a year for various reasons. After being courted by many others, including Howard Hughes, Frank Sinatra comes into her life. He has his own problems and insecurities. Th [...]

Love and War: what a perfect subtitle for a book about two of the most insecure, emotionally immature and self-destructive individuals ever to grace the stage and screen of the purported halcyon days of Hollywood! John Brady did nothing to sugar-coat the turbulent lives of Frank Sinatra and Ave Gardner – the unvarnished truths of their individual and collective lives are researched, verified and laid bare for all to read, thereby removing any remaining doubt that the combination of these two w [...]

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