Taken by Tentacles

Jessie Snow

Taken by Tentacles

Taken by Tentacles

  • Title: Taken by Tentacles
  • Author: Jessie Snow
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Kindle Edition

A love triangle unlike any other Captain Liam Conrad never expected to find a giant octopus in a rainstorm But when he s thrown overboard and dragged into the sea, tentacles take him in unforgettable ways To complicate matters, he s falling for the handsome marine biologist aboard his boat And the octopus doesn t like that.Not one little bit.Taken by Tentacles is VolumeA love triangle unlike any other Captain Liam Conrad never expected to find a giant octopus in a rainstorm But when he s thrown overboard and dragged into the sea, tentacles take him in unforgettable ways To complicate matters, he s falling for the handsome marine biologist aboard his boat And the octopus doesn t like that.Not one little bit.Taken by Tentacles is Volume One of the Taken by Tentacles trilogy.Length 12,000 words approximately 48 pages.Please note This written gay erotica short story contains explicit adult male male content It is intended for adults 18 only.

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Posted at Outlaw Reviews Lusty"While the tentacle traced patterns over his abs, exploring, massaging his muscles, another gripped his free ankle. It happened so quickly that he had no chance to fight it. With every limb bound, he could only focus on the distraction of the tentacle at his navel."Funny"He fought to dust the cobwebs from his memories, and then wished he hadn't. Ignorance was bliss. It didn't involve memories of a giant octopus using him as a sex toy."WrongFor a limited time only, y [...]

Sometimes you read books because you want to be enlightened, or because you want to feel emotionally.But sometimes, you just read books because they are filthy-good, and they do make you feel, but in a different way. Or maybe it actually did have deep inner meanings but I was too lust addled to notice.

what? like you've never read rapey tentacle erotica?DON'T JUDGE ME.

Fun, and smutty story, but I'm glad I got it for free because it's the first part of a serial, and it's cuts out right as things start to get really interesting. Serial prices seem a bit inflated to me. So I want to read it, but $2.99 for a 32 page ebook seems a bit much to me.We'll see how long it takes me to break.

My first tentacle experience. Not terrible, a bit odd but still kinda hot. I liked the Dr. and would have liked to seen him with Liam more. Maybe in the next book. The book ended at the 70% mark and the rest was a preview for part 2. Oh, there is (view spoiler)[mpreg happening (hide spoiler)] for those of you with a taste for that delicacy.

Tentacles plus there's an interesting little twist here.It's not exactly a cliffhanger, but it is more like it ends in the middle of the story so you need to get the next in the series for the continuing saga. (Not likely, in my case.) But it was fun anyway.

Monster porn!!First thing first, I just popped my cherry tentacles book. LOL. And yes I must admit I liked it.The story itself is silly. Well it's erotica. It's supposed to be fun, right? I really liked the writing style. So I'll just keep stalking you Ms. Snow^^(view spoiler)[PS : The monster's semen could heal any abrasions in an accelerated rate. Damn, I wish it does exist. I would bottle it up just for me. For medical purposesSorry, I'm weird like that. (hide spoiler)]Warning : Dub/con, Non/ [...]

3.5 starsTent prawn FTW. And free. To hook you into the next one. Just like Liam got, um, hooked. By an amorous, possessive cephalopod. #funtimeintentporn

3 StarsTentacles and Mpreg. Yeah.It shouldn't have been as hot as it was, especially the part where he's basically sedated and milked by the doc. Seriously. As if the tentacle!sex wasn't enough. So messed up I can't even properly express itke a train wreck that you want to look away from but at the same time don't want to miss.The sneak peek into book 2 has even more what-the-fuckery. Which of course means I want it now.

$3.50 FOR 43 PAGES?!Hell, add some dubcon to this review. I mean, I want it, but not like this. Never like this.

I didn't know whether to laugh or cum so I did both in spades.Can't wait to read part 2.Alpx

I hope I didn't actually pay for this short story.

Okay, I admit it: I was curious to read a "tentacle sex" book. They seem to have become popular recently, and I decided to give in to temptation. Was it worth it? I'm still not sure. The plot is simple, and definitely twisted. Liam is a captain who takes Dr. Carson, a marine biologist, out to sea so the scientist can do research. Liam has an encounter with a giant octopus and the scene with the tentacles going everywhere is definitely hot. The fact that Liam converses with it telepathically made [...]

This was an Freebie for Kindle and I just had to read it I mean, come on look at that title. To make a short story even shorter, Liam gets raped and knocked-up by a giant octopus. But the whole time I'm reading this underwater interspecies rape scene, I'm thinking "HOW THE FUCK IS HE BREATHING?!"It's not the giant octopus raping and impregnating a human that bothers me, it's the biological heresy of the octopus shoving a tentacle down Liam's throat to provide him oxygen. No. That's too far outs [...]

Ended up being one of the decent tentacle stories and mpreg, possessive, a little more to come in 'book'2 Knocked off deck, taken by octopus who provides air under water via tentacle in mouth (that's a new one for me) and a massive orgasm on both sides of the equation

This was not one of my favorite reads, by far but it also wasn't one of my least favorites. So, that said, a 3 star review seems a foregone conclusion.The subject matter is subversive enough that my interest in the story never waned. There were some fun reveals and surprises, but I don't feel like I read an actual storyjust the framework of one. However, there is a book 2, so an maybe the best is yet to come. Perhaps there will come a time where I'll be compelled to pursue the ending but I reall [...]

I love tentacle porn and this is a good one. I felt it was well written. The thing I like most is that unlike other books, this one doesn't deal with shifters. It's an actual octopus. I thought that was cool and in my mind, makes it stand out from the others. This one was free online, but I liked it so much, and it ends on a cliffhanger, so I immediately bought the second and read it.

So, the sex scenes were fun, but there was a lot of inconsistencies in character and unreasonable reactions and the like. The MC was pissed, then passive. I had no idea why certainly things (the semen sample) happened So, it was an okay story, but could have been better.

“Taken by Tentacles,” by Jesse Snow, yeah well, I’m still trying to figure out why I read this kind of stuff. In a way it likens me to the LCD (less common denominator - and wasn’t that pretentious as hell). The thing is I like HEA and fidelity elements rarely found in books with titles containing the words “tentacles,” and “taken,” in close proximity. “Release the Kraken,” yeah that sounds about right—love—not so much. And as much as I’m a sucker for the big love story [...]

Another chopped up storyI rarely rate a book with anything but 4 or 5 stars, but when I stumble across 'books' like this one, I want to warn others. The content didn't bother me (I'm a fan if Clive Barker, there are few lines in fiction I won't cross). And this work was actually well written and edited. My only complaint is that it's not a complete book. I am familiar with short forms, this isn't that. It's a piece of a book meant to entice readers to buy more. This author is good enough that I' [...]

Erotica featuring a tentacled being is bound to be kinky.This specific work is even kinkier than expected and adds another element that I cannot spoil for you but that I feel is redundant.The psychological twists are too stretched to be believable but writing is really not bad.Unfortunately the author has taken the usual annoying decision of cutting a short story into three very short parts, offering the first as a freebie and the others at too high a price. It feels like a total rip-off and, al [...]

Not sure what I expected, but this story was a little too rape-happy for my tastes, and more seriously written than I expected. I would have prefered more action and less plot. Also a physical description of the main character would have been convenient, like who is Liam, is he 20 or 50, what's his race, what's he look like? All the description I got was that he was muscled and doesn't like shirts. Not very helpful.

Imaginative and decadent. I wonder which hoary (and depraved) dimension the octopus came from, or will it ever be revealed? Even as a shortie, this was a tight read with attention-grabbing characters and events. (view spoiler)[The doc is so twisted, taking advantage of poor Liam. I found myself unashamedly looking forward to the next clinical "collection" session. (hide spoiler)] I can't wait to see where this story goes.

Taken by Tentacles 1 is for people whoenjoy a little guy-on-giant octopus actiond a little guy on guy actionn't mind m-pregke their tentacles frisky.Male pregnancy is always wildly entertaining to me. Even more so when it's a giant octopus doing the impregnating, it seems. So YAY!-Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal

Ok. Being my first tentacle book first Jessie Snow The writing was goodI do not think it was supposed to be funny though.hed out loud. I have read zombies to scifi to Star Trek to horror to shifters be it bears cats or werewolfs but this was the first and only time about octopusy not sure of the plural spelling

June 17: Oops, I read it again. Thought the story sounded familiar.Serial fictionREG.Dub con (at best).3 reasons (if you need any) why I won't be buying the next book. (Not that I bought this one. Kindle freebie.)

I’m continuing this year with tentacle porn, non-con this time. I didn’t read enough of the blurb before I started the story to get that I was reading a rape story but I figured it out quite quickly…under water *shudder*. There’s a reason I don’t like boats.

Man and tentacle monsterSea Capitan taking a biologists out to find giant octopus, but he never thought that he would be taken by a octopus, impregnated and then taken by the scientist to help his pregnancy along.

I really enjoyed this book it was well written I really loved reading this book it was well written. I can't wait to read the next book in this series. I loved the twists and turns in this book. I will recommend this book to everybody I know and to all my friends too.

Eroticism comes off the page in this too short teaser. Much more, please.

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