Bigfoot Does Not Like Birthday Parties

Eric Ode Jaime Temairik

Bigfoot Does Not Like Birthday Parties

Bigfoot Does Not Like Birthday Parties

  • Title: Bigfoot Does Not Like Birthday Parties
  • Author: Eric Ode Jaime Temairik
  • ISBN: 9781632170040
  • Page: 420
  • Format: Hardcover

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Poet Eric Ode has created a hilarious read aloud about the town of Mossy Pockets and the birthday party the residents throw for reluctant Bigfoot Internal rhyme gives the growing lists of people, instruments, pies, and animals a delightful momentum The party excitement builds until it all comes to a pie smashing disaster.

Recent Comments "Bigfoot Does Not Like Birthday Parties"

The illustrations are a lot of fun and I think the story had potential. However, as it is, the story is sort of all over the place. It starts with a simple rhyming scheme then it's suddenly a cumulative tale and then I don't know what before it gets back to the rhyming scheme. It's too bad, too, because the characters are diverse and the illustrations really are lovely. This one wasn't for me.

This book does an excellent job with diversity, as is a good example of how it can be done without tokenism or making it a big deal.

A fun readaloud. The kids had a good time finding bigfoot in each spread, and the pacing was fun and kept up until the final mess. The illustrations were not my favorite style, but were bright and bold and fit the story.

The illustrations in this book are fun and colorful. They give the reader a lot to look at. The story uses a lot of onomatopoeias that add an exciting element to the book. I would recommend reading this book with K-2 grade age.

I thought had great potential. I liked the idea and I even liked some parts of the book, but overall, I found it a little long and boring. Some add'l editing may have served this story well. And a different illustrator--I did not like those at all.

Great book for rhyming and a lot of fun.

Granted, my talented friend Jaime drew the pictures in this book. but I would have found it delightful even if she hadn't!

very funny book!

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