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Balls Up

Balls Up

  • Title: Balls Up
  • Author: Lexxie Couper
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 126
  • Format: Kindle Edition

It s a game changer Rhys McDowell Striker for Manchester United Bad boy on the soccer field Badder boy in the bedroom Rhys lives by the motto never second guess anything His only regret in life is that he fell in love with the wrong man decades ago and no one has ever been able to erase that guy from his heart Until now Curtis Clarkson Ex captain of the AustralIt s a game changer Rhys McDowell Striker for Manchester United Bad boy on the soccer field Badder boy in the bedroom Rhys lives by the motto never second guess anything His only regret in life is that he fell in love with the wrong man decades ago and no one has ever been able to erase that guy from his heart Until now Curtis Clarkson Ex captain of the Australian cricket team A man once feared on the pitch, Clarkson is now a highly respected businessman with a devilish glint in his eye and a willingness to follow wherever life leads him He never expected it to lead him to a man A cocky soccer player, no less And a private shower in Heathrow airport When lust and desire take control of both men, all the rules of the game utterly change Curtis never thought he d fall for a guy And Rhys never thought he d fall again, period But when fame follows your every step, what happens behind closed doors doesn t always stay there And the penalty box may very well leave you not just sweaty but broken Author Note While Balls Up can be read as a stand alone, it should be noted it follows Heart of Fame Book Eight, Blackthorne.

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Totally guilty pleasure. Hot Australian athletes and hot hot sex - who could ask for anything more?Reread on 12/2/17 - Rating changed from 4 stars to 3.5 stars. Hot hot cricket and soccer players - fuck. Hot hot sex - fuck yeah. Wanting just a little bit more from the plot - yup.

Holy Hotness Batman! This alpha male matchup will charge up your ereader with its depiction of two handsome, dominant men fighting (unsucessfully, for our benefit) their instant attraction to each other. Rhys and Curtis are both secure in their masculinity, adored by women (and men alike) for their prowess on the playing field and in the bedroom. Together they sizzle and the love scenes between them are powerful and emotional. But behind the obvious attraction is the realization that when they a [...]

This was a really good hot steamy GFY short story, and at only .99 a must read. Great story to warm you up on a cold Friday night.

This one's a "gay-for-you" plot. Awwwwww! Gay for ME?! You shouldn't have! Actually, yes, you really should have. Thank you card to follow in the mail.Rhys McDowell is The Trifecta of Hotness--an Aussie (instant ten points there), bisexual (so many geometric possibilities! I love maths!), and a manwhore (make no apologies for your sexuality, 'cuz then I get to read about it, over and over and over). He also happens to be a famous soccer player who's going home for some downtime, if by downtime y [...]

Man oh man do I love it when lust hits two people upside the head and when it turns into more it is even better and that perfectly described Balls Up by Lexxie Couper. Two men both high profile sports heroes one who has been in love with someone unattainable for over 10 years and one who fully believes he is heterosexual until they meet, have a very interesting encounter that leaves them both reeling and wanting more. Snappy, scintillating, and oh so sexy this story is two men discovering the tr [...]

This book could have been astronomically good if the story had been more fleshed out instead of using characters as fillers from previous book as mere sexual props.Both men were intriguing enough to warrant a full length novel of their own instead of a rush to a climax that proved to be less than satisfactory despite a wild ride.

Would be nice to think this is the first in a series. Could have extended it to full-length novel will a secondary story involving family members once the MCs arrived in Australia and another run-in that was interrupted before the MCs revealed all.

Love off the FieldTwo strong men with similar backgrounds reconnect. While publicly they force their attraction to each other to remain hidden, when they come together in private, their passion explodes!

This book started well and was enjoyable but the ending felt rushed and unexplained. It left everything with unanswered questions.

This was a perfect 6, Lexxie, and I simply loved everything about this book from start to finish!

I have discovered I don't enjoy stories about professional sports athletes then I do rock singers.  


This story hooked me from the very beginning and never let go. I have loved Rhys since he was 15 yrs old (don't judge me)! He had a dynamic but tortured personality that already showed through in "Loves Rhythm" and he only got more complex with age! It must be hell to be in love with your best mate and never tell him! Curtis caught my attention in "Compliance" when he and his best mate fell in lust with the same woman. For once, this alpha male made a choice to allow his friend to take the lead [...]

Can I just say how much I love Lexxie Couper and her amazing storytelling?! I devoured her new release, Balls Up, all in one sitting and I wished that it would never end. I could not get enough of Rhys McDowell and Curtis Clarkson and the smoldering looks, highly sexual tension that blazed between them. I loved the intensity and spontaneity of their sexual encounter while awaiting their flight and I could not wait to see where their relationship was headed. Curtis has never felt such a strong at [...]

I liked the personalities of the two main characters .They were manly, wild, and funny. However, I felt that the writer kept trying to change Curtis into a girl every time things got sexual. Sometimes it seemed like Curtis was a damsel being ravished by alpha male, Rhys. The only time I wasn't getting this impression was in the last sex scene. The story was overly dramatic as well. The character's reactions and emotions were too extreme, especially for their situations. It made the story unbelie [...]

This was a hot story about a bisexual athlete and a straight one who has fooled around with a couple guys before. The villains are tabloid reporters. Most of the story takes place on a plane from England to Australia, and the remainder takes place at a hotel. There's not much plot here, merely flirting and hooking up. One thing that bothered me was the deliberate Americanization. Only in the US is football called soccer, but that is the term used here by the two Australians. That did not seem au [...]

After seeing this book recommended by a friend, I was anxious to read it. Boy, am I glad I took her recommendation! I loved Curtis and Rhys. Everything about these two was intense--whether they were trying to fight their attraction to each other or giving in to it. My only complaint was that it was too short! The story was complete, but I would have loved to read more.

First time reading this author. A friend recommended this short novella. It's part of a series but can be read as a stand-alone. Loved the sports tie-in. Two super hot guys. I will never look at airport bathrooms the same again! Nice touch of humor and some steamy loving. Glad I took a chance to read this one.

m/m erotic sport romance, the sports are for the men's physique. This was entertaining and better written than the few other erotic romances I've read. If you want this sort of story, the writer knows her craft, hence all the stars.

This was another HOT book from Lexxie.What happens when 2 high profile sportsmen meet and sparks fly? Some really hot sex!They both try to deny it but lust wins out.A great short and sexy read that requires a cold shower after reading it.

5 stars . Awesome.5 star . A must read. A hot steamy , passionate erotic and sexy Romance. Great fast paced storyline. Loveable main characters. Charo

Good but not as good as the other ones!

A fun, short, thoroughly enjoyable read! Perfect for a lazy afternoon!

I <3 Rhys and CurtisThis was a perfect book. The only downside of the book was the length. I could have read about this couple all night long.

Great story, just wish it was longer. I would have liked to see these guys a little more.

There is just no end to how great this series is or how much I love it. All of the characters are amazing and I'm so glad they have all had their stories told!

5 'Oh fuck yes, awesome series and finally another mm book absolutley LOVED it, them. Rhys and Curtis smoking fucking HOT' stars.

Super hot story. Really loved the sexual tension of this one. Ripper story.

4 stars for the great chemistry as this was a novella both characters unrealistically in love when they met rather than lust But it was hot so I really liked it for a shout quick read.

Awesome title for a m/m erotic romance, eh? A v sexy story of two athletes who fall for each other v quickly. Bought from kobo.

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