Daring Attraction

Melanie Shawn

Daring Attraction

Daring Attraction

  • Title: Daring Attraction
  • Author: Melanie Shawn
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  • Page: 244
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When it came to star athletes, it didn t get any hotter than Cole Carson The starting quarterback for the Miami Thunder had game both on and off the field But when he met Julianna, he knew that he d have to bring than just the status quo to the stunning, single mom s already hectic life if he had a chance of winning her heart.Life had tackled Julianna Perez with somWhen it came to star athletes, it didn t get any hotter than Cole Carson The starting quarterback for the Miami Thunder had game both on and off the field But when he met Julianna, he knew that he d have to bring than just the status quo to the stunning, single mom s already hectic life if he had a chance of winning her heart.Life had tackled Julianna Perez with some pretty harsh hits, but she d take them and if it meant providing her ten year old with a safe and stable environment Living by her to do lists and focusing on Anthony s needs, the breathtakingly beautiful single mother never acknowledged her own until they were brought to the surface by a sexy football player A commanding captain on the football field, Cole knew how to take the lead in every situation and he wanted to be the solution and for his newfound love But will he be able to navigate through the complexities and realities of being with a single mom, no matter how badly he wants to right her world Will Julianna trust Cole enough to let him into the stable life she created and protected for Anthony and for herself With love on the line, Cole and Julianna will both be forced out of their comfort zones in Daring Attraction.

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3/5 StarsSafety Gang: Safe with exceptions(view spoiler)[Beginning of the book with scene of Hero with OW/morning after their night together. No sex, but author did not made that clear if "there was more sex or not." This happened before hero met the heroine. hero was a manwhore and some small referees were being made to his sexual past: e.g: Hero had specific apartment for his hook-ups. No OW/OM drama and no cheating (hide spoiler)]My beginning of this bookI got this book for free from the auth [...]

More like 3.5 Stars Sweet book about super athlete star who falls in love with single mother of a ten year old. I liked the way he knew what he wanted and went after it. I loved when his mom said that he loved football, and with equal passion if not more he loved h. That was sweet. He gave up all his man-whorish ways for her even though they weren't even together. His mom was single mom too and he keeps on asking her for advice and how it was like to raise a son alone. Although I liked the book, [...]

4.5 stars. I loved this book! A wonderful romance between a big, hunky professional football quarterback and a young mother who got pregnant at 16 and has devoted her life to her son since. They meet at a training session for young boys interested in football where the quarterback is a volunteer. It is pretty much lust (or maybe love) at first sight for both of them but she's determined to be a mother first and does everything she can to resist both him and her own body.Both the main characters [...]

Sizzling hot doesn't begin to describe how sexy this novel is. I need time to cool off. Cole surprised me. So sexy, so romantic, and oh so HOT! How he moved their relationship from friendship to lovers was very smooth. The chemistry between Cole and Juliana is scorching hot. I enjoyed the story, but in all seriousness I could've done without the angst towards the end. Totally ridiculous. I also could've done without the getting married so quickly on the anniversary of when they first met. Twelve [...]

Let’s talk animal magnetism, scorching heat between the sheets, passion off the charts, patience and determination taking the front row, and two amazing people meant to be together, mind, body, and soul!Julianna Perez has come a long way from being a teenage mother to raising her son single handedly with courage, perseverance and believing in herself. With her son Anthony as her driving force for survival, she works three jobs to make ends meet, and she has completely and solely relied on hers [...]

I was fortunate enough to get an advanced copy of this book and again a Melanie Shawn did not disappoint. I swear with each book they put out they keep getting better and better. I started reading this book at 11PM and I couldn't put it down. I had to finish the book, which I did at 3:30th AM. Being sleep deprived was so worth it because this book was so HOT and ROMANTIC. I just love the easy style that Melanie Shawn uses to convey the emotions in the character and the book. Her sense of storyte [...]

Daring Attraction by Melanie Shawn is part of the Dare to Love Series (Kindle Words). In this story we meet single mom Julianna Perez and Miami Thunder quarterback Cole Carson. Cole is best friends with Alex Dare as well as formerly back-up to Alex when he was playing. Cole is also known to be a player with the women. Julianna has survived a more than difficult life. Her mother left her at an aunt’s when Julianna was young. Then at age sixteen, when Julianna was pregnant, her aunt kicked her o [...]

Originally published in booksandspoons.weebly/book-blogAlluring, spellbinding, and blazing romance, a true keeper of a story, that you will want to read again and again, to reach that magic of the tale once more.When Cole and Julianna meet, the attraction is immediate. The connection is strong, and visible even to others around them. Cole has lived his life hard, playing on both in the field and out of it. But when he meets Julianna, everything changes.Julianna feels the pull, the appeal and cha [...]

This book is part of Carly Phillips' Dare series. I am a huge fan of this series and a huge fan of Melanie Shawn, so the marrying of these two was phenomenal for me! I loved that Melanie Shawn dialed up the heat on this one a bit, as it is in fitting with the overall series. So, just be warned, this may be a little more intense than some of the writers' previous stories. This story is about single mom, Julianna, who is used to making her way in the world, as described in the book (so aptly), as [...]

I was honored to receive an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Here you go!!Find a comfy seat, charge your Kindle, clear your schedule, and prepare to be mesmerized as you read this book. I absolutely loved this book. I have never been disappointed in a Melanie Shawn book. Imagine my surprise as I read the first few paragraphs and saw that I was reunited with one of my favorite families from another author, the Dare family. (On a side note the Dare series by Carly Phill [...]

Arc provided by author in exchange for a review.What can I say? I'm officially in love with Melanie's writing style and her extremely delicious hero. The way Cole was with Julianna and Anthony just broke my heart. He was absolutely perfect and I am jealous of our heroine. Julianna has had quite a lot to deal with in her short time on this earth. She wasn't given the best end of the deal. She fell for her son at a young age and was left on her own to raise him and provide a life for him as well a [...]

Definitely 5 stars !! The first word that comes to mind when I think of this book is WOW !! It had to be hands down one of the best books I have ever read. From the first sentence this book drew me in and would not let go. It was romantic, funny, hot and sexy all rolled into one. The characters in this book were incredible. From the main characters Cole and Julianna to Julianna son Anthony, to Cole’s mom Hillary, and Julianna next door neighbour Megan. Each of these characters helped make the [...]

Daring Attraction I was so excited to see that Daring Attraction was part of the Dare family series by Carly Phillips. I like this trend of many authors contributing a theme or style. It is a very interesting concept and in this case it worked very well. Although not a Dare family member himself, Cole is part of the team and during an activity organized as part of the outreach program, by the management team, Cole meets Julianna, a single mom of Anthony a very articulate young man. I was not too [...]

Hot, sexy, emotional, and totally heartwarming.If you love the Dare to Love Series by Carly Philips then you will love this magical story about Cole Carson the quarterback of the Miami Thunder written by Melanie Shawn. If you haven’t read any of Philips Dare to Love books then you need to go one click those right now! If you are a huge fan of Melanie Shawn you will not be disappointed by this book. It has all of their usual ingredients that mix together to make a beautiful heartwarming book. T [...]

Cole Carson starting quarterback of the Miami Thunder football team. came across as a complete womaniser.Julianna Perez is a single mother working three jobs to support her son and give them a good life - the life that she didn't have and independence she cherishes.Julianna came across as strong yet vulnerable and very independent. She doesn't trust easily, understandably so and does not accept help easily. So when Cole Carson enters her life, all confident and suave, emotions flood the both of [...]

I always love Melanie Shawn books, but I have to say, this might rank up there is one of my favorites they have ever written!Single Mom Julianna Perez just thinks she's taking her son Anthony to the Miami Thunder's football camp, but little does she know she's going to meet a man that is going to throw her very well scheduled, list-filled world off kilter.Cole Carson is the quarterback of the Miami Thunder and his playboy ways are widely known. He's already late and he's only going to help out o [...]

I have been given this ARC by the author for an honest review!!Damn!! Cole. is. HOT!!! The quarterback for Miami thunder, is used to having a different woman every night and it works for him. Until he meets Julianna, a single mum that adores her son and works three jobs to give him everything he needs She finds it hard to trust, when at 16 the love of her life walks out on her when he finds out she's pregnant, then stomps on her heart. For that reason, she can't let anyone in to let the past rep [...]

*I received this book free in exchange for an honest review*This was a great story! Single mom, working hard to raise her son right. Football star with the rep of a player. Who would have seen him enjoying being around kids for a football day camp? Especially 1 certain kid her kid! Mmmm this was a super sexy story. "Are those toes?" From the hilarious opening of the book to the end, it's romantic, sexy and a page turner! Julianna who loves 90's music (who doesn't) and Cole who "should come with [...]

Paige's review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsI loved reading this story between Julianna and Cole but then I’m partial to reading how a bad boypurestdelightaward falls in love.Julianna is a single mother who has only relied on herself to raise her son. She has done a great job in this and sacrificed so much for her son. I loved the devotion she showed to her child. She is also willing to set aside her happiness but Cole, Anthony and her friends, won’t let her. I liked her character [...]

Holy WOW!!! Cole Carson is sizzling hot and sexy and sooooo manly, strong and protective SWOON!Julianna is a single mother, she does everything she can to give her 10 year old son everything she can, meaning more than one job and a lot of sacrifices.Her son is admitted into a sports program where she meets Cole Carson, famous rich and sexy - who instantly falls for her but she wants nothing to do with him.Until Anthony goes to camp and she has a few days to herself Cole knows how to conquer her [...]

O.M.G. I'm sitting here with tears rolling down my face, having just finished this totally freakin' awesome book. I've read and loved most of Melanie and Shawna's books, but this TOPS. THEM. ALL. It's sweet, real, charming, clever, and HOLY SHIT sexy. Mercy! And Cole and Julianna - they're absolute perfection in every way. I chose this as my first Dare to Love Kindle Worlds book to read. The other authors are on my auto-buy list, so I'm familiar with their talent. But Melanie and Shawna have set [...]

This is my first read of Melanie Shawn's, and I must say she (they) have found a fan for life. Julianna is a kick butt heroine, who has been a single mom for 10 years. She isn't a "whoa as me" type character. She was dealt a crap hand and she did the best she could. Cole is the hottie football player quarterback, who is tired of his playboy life. The relationship between the two is hot and intense. Loved the secondary characters, including Julianna's son Anthony. I highly recommend this to anyon [...]

Melanie Shawn daring attraction.Loved it! I love all the Dare series! What a great add to carly phillips books. Julianna is a single mom raising a 10 year old boy. She was 16 when she had him. And always put her son's needs before her own. That is until Cole walks into her life. He is ready to settle down and quit his partying ways. Cole is a romantic. But can Julianna handle it or is she just going to just let her freak out.

I absolutely fell in love with Cole in this book. I felel in love with him the first moment he saw Juliana. It was amazing watching him try so hard to win the love of his life even when he may not have been aware himself. I think I fell a little more in love with him as he worked so hard to make sure she was comfortable while also trying to get to the place he wanted them to be. Definately a must read!!!

Cole and Julianna - wow! Her son Anthony was a cute addition to the story. I loved how the Playboy grew up and the single mom faced her fears. The 90's playlist dance party was the perfect touch. This was a nice addition to the Dare to Love world.a copy was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

Sweet and fun readI must admit I was a bit nervous about Cole in the first chapter but I was loving him quickly after that. I loved seeing the real life issues and fears a single mom has when letting someone into her and her child's world. Cole handled it amazing. I loved the relationship he had with his mom. Beautiful story!

I am a huge Melanie Shawn fan and this book did not disappoint!!! Cole and Julianna had great chemistry and I loved how her son factored into their love story and the 90's dance parties were awesome!!!

Julianne and ColeWhat a great read. I could not put this down. I felt the chemistry between these two. I like how Melanie got right to the story and didn't drag it out. I loved her neighbour and friend. She added a little humor to the story

One of my favorites in the Dare To Love world! Nothing I love more than books about sexy football players. And if he happens to be the quarterback!? OHHH YEA! I loved seeing Cole go from being a self centered playboy to a man that became worthy of Julianna's love. Short, easy, and sexy read!

Daring AttractionI would give this a 10 if I could. I totally enjoyed this book. It was great. There's nothing I would change, it's a beautiful story I would recommend to anyone who loves a true romance.

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