All Families Are Psychotic

Douglas Coupland

All Families Are Psychotic

All Families Are Psychotic

  • Title: All Families Are Psychotic
  • Author: Douglas Coupland
  • ISBN: 9780679311836
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Paperback

Psychosis any form of severe mental disorder in which the individual s contact with reality becomes highly distorted.Douglas Coupland, the author whom Tom Wolfe calls one of the freshest, most exciting voices of the novel today, delivers his tenth book in ten years of writing, with All Families Are Psychotic Coupland recently has been compared to Jack Kerouac and F ScPsychosis any form of severe mental disorder in which the individual s contact with reality becomes highly distorted.Douglas Coupland, the author whom Tom Wolfe calls one of the freshest, most exciting voices of the novel today, delivers his tenth book in ten years of writing, with All Families Are Psychotic Coupland recently has been compared to Jack Kerouac and F Scott Fitzgerald, yet he is a man firmly grounded in the current era The novel is a sizzling and sharp witted entertainment that resounds with eternal human yearnings.In the opening pages, 65 year old Janet Drummond checks the clock in her cheap motel room near Cape Canaveral, takes her prescription pills and does a rapid tally of the whereabouts of her three children Wade, the eldest, in and out of jail and still radiating the glint suicidal Bryan, whose girlfriend, the vowel free Shw, is pregnant and Sarah, the family s shining light, an astronaut preparing to be launched into space as the star of a shuttle mission They will all arrive in Orlando today along with Janet s ex husband Ted and his new trophy wife setting the stage for the most disastrous family reunion in the history of fiction Florida may never recover from their version of fun in the sun The last time the family got together, there was gunplay and an ensuing series of HIV infections Now, what should be a celebration turns instead into a series of mishaps and complications that place the family members in constant peril When the reformed Wade attempts to help his dad out of a financial jam and pay off his own bills at the fertility clinic, his plan spins quickly out of control Adultery, hostage taking, a letter purloined from Princess Diana s coffin, heart attacks at Disney World, bankruptcy, addiction and black market negotiations Coupland piles on one deft, comic plot twist after another, leaving you reaching for your seat belt When the crash comes, it is surprisingly sweet Janet contemplates her family, and where it all went wrong People are pretty forgiving when it comes to other people s family The only family that ever horrifies you is your own During the writing, Coupland described the book as being about the horrible things that families do to each other and how it makes them strong He commented Families who are really good to each other, I ve noticed, tend to dissipate, so I wonder how awful a family would have to be to stick together Coupland s first novel, Generation X Tales for an Accelerated Culture, became a cultural phenomenon, affixing a buzzword and a vocabulary to a generation and going on to sell over a million copies The novels that followed were all bestsellers, and his work has continued to show a fascination with the digital, brand conscious, media dense culture of contemporary North American society, leading some to peg him as an up to the minute cultural reference engine Meanwhile, his deeper interests in how human beings function in this spiritual vacuum have become increasingly apparent For example, the character Wade contemplates his father What would the world have to offer Ted Drummond, and the men like him, a man whose usefulness to the culture had vanished somewhere around the time of Windows 95 Golf Gold Twenty four hour stock readouts Janet, on the other hand, nears a kind of peace with life Time erases both the best and the worst of us All Families Are Psychotic shows Coupland being just as concerned for the grown ups as for the kids.

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Well, for that matter, what was the purpose of my first sixty-five years? Maybe the act of wanting to live and being given life is the only thing that matters. Forget the mountain of haikus I can write now. Forget learning to play the cello or slaving away for charity. But then what?Yes, then what, exactly? All Families Are Psychotic is the third (and second best) Coupland novel I’ve read this year (and I would have never picked up the author’s work without so, um, thanks, Otis and Co.). Th [...]

This was a really quirky, yet thought provoking book. This book followed the story of one of the most dysfunctional families I have ever read about. I found myself often laughing at the absurdness of the situations they got themselves into, despite the seriousness of the story.I realize that Wade, one of the main characters, was probably supposed to be an anti-hero and disliked, but I loved him. He was my favourite part of the book. I loved his protectiveness of his sister.It's really hard to re [...]

I can't get past my love-hate relationship with Douglas Coupland. I haven't read a novel of his that I haven't enjoyed yet the idea of starting a new one fills me with some kind of nameless dread. It's as if I think it's going to be a difficult read (which they never are) or dull (I'm not sure Coupland does dull.) I blame the titles, or the idea of the as yet unread by me Girlfriend in a Coma which I bought approximately ten years ago and still haven't read. One of those things is consistently d [...]

At first I thought it was not going to be a wise decision to pick this book up right after I finished Crime and Punishment. I was right. I was annoyed. How could I possibly read witty banter when Lizaveta was killed with an ax? How about reading slap-sticky fight scenes between a father and son when dear Rodya was living the hard-labor life in Siberia? That’s not even to mention how absurdly over-the-top the entire family and all of the peripheral characters were. An eccentric billionaire obse [...]

This was a quick and easy read, but I started to lose interest once I got a little more than half in. It's billed as kind of a humorous tale, and there were some "ha!" moments. But overall, it wasn't funny. it was really pretty horrible (the goings ons). So an interesting and compelling overall story (of the family), but there wasn't much meat to it (too much back and forth dialogue for me) -- I also felt somewhat disconnected from the characters, and the story, although lacking meat, didn't hol [...]

As this book opens, Janet Drummond checks into a seedy motel where she's come to stay because her astronaut daughter Sarah is about to go into space. Sarah may have it together, but her brothers aren't so lucky: Wade is only just pulling himself together after a lifetime of screwing up, and Bryan struggles with depression. Janet's ex-husband Ted and his trophy wife Nickie are there too, as is Bryan's girlfriend Shw (no vowels) who is pregnant. Due to a random twist of fate and gunshots, Wade and [...]

This isn't a funny book. I don't know why they tag this primarily as funny book. Cause for me, it's not. That's why people get disappointed. They expect something this book can't always give.This isn't mostly about family matters as well, however the title of the book suggests.This is about insights on general things. Human things. How we keep on being slaves of our ideas about the world."Janet's mother had, for a human being born without a penis in the year 1902, done quite well for herself, wh [...]

2003 notebook: - getting a bit silly, set piece after set piece, the car crash, the hold up, the trusted father, thalidomide, AIDS

Despite its rather rambling plot, I actually have a soft spot for All Families are Psychotic. It has something to do with the zaniness of the characters being so realistic. And the ending always chokes me up.As the title implies, the book's about family and the tribulations one's family undergoes as the wheel turns and one generation supplants another. Yet it's also about all the motifs surrounding family: growing up, maturity, dealing with mortality, and realizing how screwed up the world actua [...]

A Hallucinogenic Free-Fall Disguised As Real Life:If nothing else, the title is genius. I have no idea what Coupland was hoping to convey in this tumbling, bizarre narrative of family life gone crazy, but it's as if he latched onto the word "psychotic" and never let go. While all families have their quirks, likely none are as nuts as this one he's conjured up. And the idea of that was ultimately funnier than the execution. First the good stuff: amazing phrase turns; smart, clever, funny dialogue [...]

Argh. This book was maddening. Coming off the heels ofGeneration X andMicroserfs, I suppose my expectations were pretty high but this really felt like the literary equivalent of bottoming out.With All Families Are Pyschotic,Douglas Coupland thrusts us into this absurdly over-the-top comically dismal present tense-ish Florida that just doesn’t ever seem to come together. It’s unreliably realistic that’s as much a future-proofed snapshot Now as it is an immediately dated fantasy of yesterday [...]

Meet Wade. Wade seems to have a way of wrecking everything around him. For instance, "accidentally" sleeping with his father's new wife and giving her AIDS. And then "accidentally" giving his mother AIDS as well, when his father shoots him for the whole sleeping with his wife thing, and the bullet passes through Wade's AIDS-infested body and and rests neatly in his mother. Wade isn't exactly doing so hot lately. But then, neither are the rest of his family. His white picket fence mother has a se [...]

This is a good book. I'm going to say something weird, it's really similar to the history of love by nichole krauss, but better. I know right? I probably never would have thought of it if I wasn't reading/listening to them at the same time. But this book is also a bit like jackass goes to the prom. Or richie rich takes a slum day. The quotes on the back say things like: "douglas coupland all growed up" this book is not all growed up, in fact it's a fairly juvenile book. But lets actually be stra [...]

"It was three in the morning and I was walking along the Seine, just beside Notre Dame cathedral with Donny MacDonald, and he was singing songs from Carousel to me — I felt as though my heart would burst! And then there was this chill wind — so cool that I developed goose bumps even though the evening was hot and sultry. I had this premonition that my youth and carefree times were about to end — and it filled me with sadness and resignation — I mean, I'd only just begun to feel like a ne [...]

I love this book not because of the great writing (which it has), or the humour (which it has in spades), or because of the well drawn characters (as vivid as any I've met). No, I love this book because for one brief and shining number of pages, it made my family appear normal. Which it most certainly isn't. Because it's true. All Families Are Psychotic!

This was a great book, looking at life and our desire to leave our mark while presenting us with the most insane people and situations.But seriously, I can only recommend it.

I picked up this book because the title made me chuckle. I am definitely someone who believes that all families are, in fact, psychotic in their own way. It was a quick but fantastic read - quick, I believe, because it was such fun to read. However unlikely the story line may be - it does evolve to include some incredibly odd turns of events - the book started and remained witty and personal and deeply human. The book centers around a family who all come together to Florida to celebrate an achie [...]

"All Families Are Psychotic" is a farce that explores dysfunctionality in modern families. The story (such that it is, given its farcical quality) is beyond believable; some of its characters include a thalidomide-baby (deprived of one arm) who grows up and becomes an astronaut, a sibling who unknowingly has sex with his step-mother after he meets her in a bar for the first time (and who is shot by his father after said dalliance), four (FOUR!) members of this same family who are HIV+ because of [...]

Try as I did, I just couldn't get into this book. I've been a fan of Douglas Coupland since Generation X came out, so in some strange way, I feel bad not finishing this book. His other books have been pretty solid, though. "All Families", however, was a big disappointment for me. It has been awhile since I've read his work. Am I getting to old to enjoy sardonic, at times slapstick and dark humor? yeah,I don't think so. It's not me, it's him.It felt as though I was reading a book rather than bein [...]

Great little read. I finished in a weekend, because there was a humorous, unforeseeable detail around every corner. While some dialogue seemed forced or hokey every now and then, and some of the flashbacks were overwrought, the main story moved at a brisk pace and was highly original. The ending was a slight disappointment, but an overall great work of modern fiction. It has reclaimed the surname Drummond from "Diff'rent Strokes," at least for me.

The title is the basic thesis; it's expanded to suggest that one only notices this about one's own family; everybody else's family seems sane and normal. THIS REVIEW HAS BEEN CURTAILED IN PROTEST AT ' CENSORSHIP POLICYSee the complete review here:arbieroooklikes/post/93

The most disastrous family reunion in the history of fiction.The Drummond family, reunited for the first time in years, has gathered near Cape Canaveral to watch the launch into space of their beloved daughter and sister, Sarah. Against the Technicolor unreality of Florida's finest tourist attractions, the Drummonds stumble into every illicit activity under the tropical sun-kidnapping, blackmail, gunplay, and black market negotiations, to name a few. But even as the Drummonds' lives spin out of [...]

I hated this book!

This is such a weird story, I'm not sure what to say about it. It's a story about AIDS, and about the 60s and 2000s, NASA, and infidelity. It's about family, and the ways this particular family is twisted and weird, dysfunctional, and how they learn to get along and learn about each other as well. There are some really outlandish things that happen, and outlandish people we encounter, but I've definitely had my share of that, I don't know how unusual it really is.

I bought this one a couple of years ago. And it got lost in the flow of my book buying addiction. I wish I had read it sooner! It was so funny and entertaining. I found myself laughing out loud in public places, and people staring. (Excuse me lady, would you rather see me cry, or just angrily stare at people like you do?)The Drummond are one crazy and very colorful family. There's Janet, mother of Wade, Sarah, the only one who seemed to lead a successful and normal life, and Bryan. Janet and Ted [...]

Absolute zany mayhem! I wondered to start with if it was for me then revelation after revelation. Jaw drop after jaw drop. Crazy family member after you get the idea.I thought MY family was nuts. They just don't measure up to the Drummonds. While their daughter Sarah (a thalidomide baby) prepares for her first space mission, her family all gather in Florida, ostensibly to watch her take-off, but other plots take them in strange and hilarious new directions. To reveal much about the plot would re [...]

when i start reading a book i dont like, or finish one for that matter, i generally turn to a douglas coupland novel to remind me why i like reading so much. and this one did not disappoint.his novels, the more i read, become more formulaic, which could be a huge turnoff becasue it is like reading the same novel over and over again with just different character names. but the thing is, i absolutely love his formula. it is there, it exists, but it is so off-the-wall unpredictable that i am amazed [...]

I might be biased because this book carries elements I'm a huge fan of: dysfunctional weird families, dark comedy, and thought-provoking introspections. Having the characters (even the minor ones) be intriguing and well-written is a plus. This is one of the few books out there that would translate SO WELL being made into a film. I would be excited to see it. I mean, what a ride. The story escalates in a fantastical manner, with crazy character development and it's funny how unexpectedly events e [...]

This book was recommended to me by a fellow blogger after I wrote an entry in my blog about my absolutely ridiculous and unbelievable family, and a situation that involved moving my dead uncles body and hiding weed. Seriously. (Before your mind get's too twisted, he did die of natural causes.)This was recommended a few years ago, and sadly I only recently picked up this book. Having now read it, I can clearly see why he recommended it in response to what I had written - the incident in question [...]

Rich in oddball characters and a lot of heart, All Families Are Psychotic is a cracked-out look at the state of the American Family as viewed through the lens of the Drummond family who are gathering together in Florida to watch family hero Sarah blast into space (note: Sarah is a thalidomide baby). To give you a glimpse of the dysfunctional heights this family aspires to, son Wade slept with his stepmom Nickie who was then shot by his father Ted striking his mother, Janet. Now Janet and Wade ha [...]

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