Engaging The Enemy: A Will and a Way / Boundary Lines

Nora Roberts

Engaging The Enemy: A Will and a Way / Boundary Lines

Engaging The Enemy: A Will and a Way / Boundary Lines

  • Title: Engaging The Enemy: A Will and a Way / Boundary Lines
  • Author: Nora Roberts
  • ISBN: 9780373218196
  • Page: 394
  • Format: Paperback

Sometimes the last man on earth you d ever want turns out to be the very one your heart secretly yearns for .Two complete novels by 1 New York Times bestselling author NORA ROBERTSA Will and a WayIt wasn t easy living with her infuriating co beneficiary, Michael Donohue even to fulfill her uncle s last wishes but headstrong Pandora McVie found it still harder noSometimes the last man on earth you d ever want turns out to be the very one your heart secretly yearns for .Two complete novels by 1 New York Times bestselling author NORA ROBERTSA Will and a WayIt wasn t easy living with her infuriating co beneficiary, Michael Donohue even to fulfill her uncle s last wishes but headstrong Pandora McVie found it still harder not falling in love with her nemesis.Boundary LinesFeisty Jillian Baron and irresistibly arrogant Aaron Murdock seemed determined to carry their families feud into another generation But the battle waged within their own hearts pitted their mistrust against overwhelming desire.

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I somehow never finished reading the first story in this 2-in-1 (I think it's the only Nora Roberts novel I've never completed) but I recently re-read the second, Boundary Lines, so for the time being here is my review for thatUNDARY LINESThe Barons and the Murdocks have been running their cattle ranches side by side in Montana since the families made their way out West, and they've been feuding ever since. Jillian Baron grew up in Chicago but her heart was with her grandfather's ranch from the [...]

Nora Roberts is comfort reading, plain and simple, she is never going to win any literary awards and there is nothing wrong with that at all. For me Roberts books have always been good for when my reading slides downhill and I am struggling to find something to hold my attention. They become like kickstart novels, they seem to help me get of my slump and propel me onwards and I can offer you no rational reason as to why. This is two stories packaged by Harlequin under the title of Engaging the E [...]

This was the first Nora Roberts book I ever read and began a great love for her novels. How I came to Nora Roberts is one of the reasons why this two story collection holds a special place for me.I was on my first work trip, alone, and the only book I brought with me was a Tom Clancy novel. Unfortunately, the Clancy novel detailed the aftermath of a terrorist attack (airplane into the Capitol - creepy). I was in the Pentagon on 9/11 and this was about a year later so I just couldn't finish the C [...]

Nora é sempre Nora! Dois romances muito bons, daqueles que fazem esquecer os problemas e acreditar outra vez no amorgostei dos casais! As histórias não foram assim nada de especial, mas como são da Nora até deixo passar este detalheLivro perfeito para desanuviar a mente de outras leituras. :)

Two stories in the book first one the best.

The first story I would give 4 stars. it was great reading about her jewelry making business. that was the best part of the book. The second story Boundary Lines I give 5 stars. Set in Montana with a strong heroine known for her guts and determination, this story was much more up my alley. Hope to find it as a separate book. Roberts weaves two tales of strong heroines that didn't know how much they needed ahand until they were swept off their feet by someone equally as strong and admiring them f [...]

Loved both stories about headstrong lovers

When I need to clear my mind or take a break I tend to read silly romance and Nora Roberts does it well.

The second book was much better than the first.

A Will and A Way Pandora McVie was a jewelry designer. Her pieces were one of a kind. Michael Donohue wrote scripts for a successful television series. Pandora and Michael were related distantly through marriage. They didn’t like each other and they usually ended up auguring when they were together. They were both close to Uncle Jolley. They were the only members in the family who really loved him. The rest of the family thought Jolly was strange and they only wanted his money. Most of the fam [...]

Another Silhouette two-in-one novel by Roberts.I have to confess that these books may well not be high literature, but they are a feast for the soul and the heart of an audience.I will not be giving the world news by saying that Nora Roberts has certainly a very unique way with words, just as she seems to have an exceptional understanding with people, both how to describe them, and how to write for them, and therefore she's always aware of how to hold the reader to her plots. In Engaging The Ene [...]

A Will and a Way - 4/5 - The story was very entertaining, but wasn't as angsty as the some of her other early romances. In this one, Michael and Pandora have to spend 6 months together in their uncle's house in order to inherit it and his money and keep it all out of the hands of their greedy family. There's plenty of banter, that love-and-annoyance-are-two-sides-of-the-same-coin interactions and there's a mystery to be solved as well. All of those kept me reading. But the true gem here is how t [...]

A Will and a WayIt wasn't easy living with her infuriating co-beneficiary, Michael Donohue, even to fulfill her uncle's last wishes, but headstrong Pandora McVie found it still harder not falling in love with her nemesis.I liked A Will and a Way but it didn't blow me away. The relationship between Michael and Pandora wasn't very believable at times and I found Pandora too controlling and annoying to really like her. At times I found Pandora and Michael to be funny and interesting and at others b [...]

A Will and a Way: When Uncle Jolley leaves his vast fortune to Pandora and Michael, with the stipulation they live together in his house for six months, they know it's not going to be easy. Not only is the family furious that they don't get a piece of the pie, Pandora and Michael have been sniping at each other since they were kids. But, they didn't realize how much trouble the will would cause until they were stuck with each other. Passion ignites between these two easily, but when their lives [...]

The writing was good. The stories in both were entertaining. If you enjoy any of her later works or books where they could simply speak to one another and resolve interpersonal issues I would not suggest these at all. (view spoiler)[I completely understand now where Twilight got it's idea that you can stalk someone or want to kill them. This would also suggest to shake a silly woman. You must SAVE "strong willed, brave" women from themselves and tell them what to do. I wouldn't have made it thro [...]

A Will and a Way - five starsI really enjoyed this novel, especially the dynamics and characteristics of Pandora and Michael. I couldn't guess who the guilty party was and I loved the use of classic espionage techniques. It was a light and refreshing read. Just what I wanted and expected. Plus no big bust-up/argument! Boundary Lines - three starsI think this is the first Nora Roberts book that I've given less than five stars to! It felt a bit too Mills & Boons for my liking and although the [...]

This book is really 2 unrelated stories in one--"A Will and a Way and "Boundary Lines". Though the setting in the 2nd story is more up my alley-2 cattle ranches with horses and a rodeo, I enjoyed the first story line more. The story lines were both good but the 2nd book had an overly "aggressive" male main character whose actions I really didn't care for. There were opportunities to expand the story line more instead of concentrating on this main character's behavior.

Both books are about adversarial relationships that end in love. Some of the dialogue is both imaginative and funny. A Will and a Way is set in the Catskills of New York. Boundary Lines is set in Montana. I particularly enjoyed the latter, having just gotten back from five days of riding and backpacking in Wyoming complete with cattle encounters, both on foot and hoof. As for the plot lines, they were both so-so.

This was a book with 2 stories in it. The first was: A Will and a Way. This story had a little suspense to it so it was an ok read and I graded the book mostly based on this story. The second was: Boundary Lines. This is a western story about love for the ranch and for another person. I found this story predictable and kind of old fashioned. I would give this book 3.5 stars simply because I have outgrown this type of story telling.

a 2 in 1 book.1st book was really fun. five stars! I liked it because it was a romance with suspense in it. About 2 cousins who's uncle passes away and leaves them the estate. On one condition2nd book, 4 stars is about a girl who becomes the sole owner of a ranch she loves. The ranch next door belongs to a family that has for a long time been feuding with hers.

Two different stories about the underlying current of mutual attraction that two beautiful people who appear to hate each other feel, which surfaces when they are put in the 'uncomfortable' position of having to tolerate each other for a while and which culminates in their proclamation of their love to the world.

This is two books in one. A Will and a Way. Loved reading about pandora & Michael. Love reading about big old homes and Wills that make 2 people live together, lolol.Boundary Lines is the 2nd book. Love the name Jillian. Kind of knew who was involved in the cattle rustling when 1st read person's name, lol. Love Aaron also.

3.5 stars, rounding up because I liked the first story so much. Basic Nora Roberts plot line in both (headstrong man and woman meet, battle, fall in love etc), but I really enjoyed the tug and pull of the first story - between Michael and Pandora. There was a line I want to quote, but I have to locate my copy of the book again so I'll do that later.

I don't usually care very much for short stories, but both 'A Will and a Way' and 'Boundary Lines' were so good, I (almost) forgot they weren't full-length novels as I read them. However, it was too easy to figure out the identity of the cattle rustler in Boundary Lines. I was hoping for a surprise twist on that, and there wasn't one. Too bad

This was the first time I read Nora Roberts'. It was so much fun reading this two stories. I love both the female main characters in these two stories. Each had a very strong characterization. Both the two female characters were portrayed as strong and independence women. The romance was also sweet. These stories were perfect for light and entertaining reading.

This book features two different stories. The first story about a jewelry designer went a lot faster than the second story about a ranch owner, but they both let you fantasize about the places you want to see and things you want to do with your life.

Liked the concept, but I guess I'm getting sick of her writing because all the stories are blending together. The part where they admit they love each other in the moment of anger. The ravishing kiss, the gentle kiss. And the slow build up into the story.

I wasn't so crazy about the female characters. One minute they were feisty, self-sufficient, the next laughing and swooning over a man. Two seconds later, they would be back to demanding self sufficiency and acting tough. It didn't sit well with me. I did, however, enjoy the books.

This is two classic books by Nora Roberts combined in one nover. The first book is a Will and a Way. This is a great book - a mystery and a romance put together. I keep re reading this novel. Boundary Lines was average. Nora has done much better.

DNF. For the first story, I got to the point of 'it's not sexual assault if you like it' and quit there. For the second story, it feels like the thing was reworked into Montana Sky, so I might as well skip the practice book and go for the real thing.

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