The Great Cheese Robbery

Tim Warnes

The Great Cheese Robbery

The Great Cheese Robbery

  • Title: The Great Cheese Robbery
  • Author: Tim Warnes
  • ISBN: 9781589251748
  • Page: 300
  • Format: Hardcover

When a mouse posing as a cheese inspector tries to steal the elephants cheese, Daddy is too terrified to stop him Can little Patrick Elephant save the cheese and his father With fresh and quirky illustrations and mischievous mice this hilarious tale about dealing with phobias bravely will captivate young readers And parents won t mind reading it again and again either

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Adorable art, fun with thieving mice and frightened-of-mice elephants, and some nice twists on stereotypes. Plus plenty of cheese.Library copy

Even Elephant Dads are afraid of something and when mice come to steal their food, furniture and possessions, Dad is not much help. The twist at the end is great and the mice population taking off with the Elephant family possessions is funny. Everyone is afraid of something.

Patrick the little elephant is convinced that his big daddy elephant isn't afraid of anything. But then a shifty mouse from the "Cheese Inspection Council" proves otherwise. Because his big daddy elephant is petrified of mice, they take gross advantage of the situation and start to steal everything in the house. Luckily, Patrick's big mommy elephant suffers no such fears and sets thing aright.Illustrations are fun!

pretty witty!

Patrick Elephant, just a little boy elephant, has just finished telling us how he wants to be big and strong and unafraid when the doorbell rings. Cornelius is a clever little mouse who has donned a disguise as a Cheese Inspector to slip his way into the Elephant household. This teeny, tiny mouse at the door sends Daddy Elephant flying up on the couch in seconds, and screaming like a little baby! Cornelius head straight to their fridge to “check the cheese” and after a few delicious bites, r [...]

While this book read well with my 6 year old, I did not like it. I did not like watching the father sit passively by while his home was being burglarized by creatures much smaller, and apparently weaker than he. Why would I want my kid internalizing that parents cannot protect, even in the face of smallish danger? The dad is shown cowering, even while his own son is being stolen from. Then, the mom comes in and saves the day. What?! I'm all for female strength and empowerment, but this book send [...]

Little elephant's father is the strongest Elephant around. He's not afraid of anything! Little elephant tries repeatedly to scare his father. His attempts do little to scare his father. Little elephant is surprised when a unexpected visitor scares his father. This is a wonderful book about perceptions of fear and strength. This book could be use to start a conversation about what makes children feel safe and how to combat fear.

"Patrick Elephant is scared of lots of things, like the dark and the fluff under the sofa. His daddy isn't scared of anything - except mice! So when a mouse posing as a cheese inspector tries to steal the elephants' cheese, Daddy is too terrified to stop him! Can little Patrick Elephant save the cheese - and his father?"--.

Fun read-aloud to remind readers that everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Also great for teaching kids lots of various types of cheese. Maybe host a tasting and have kids graph their favorite?

Three cheers for mommies and daddies!!Very cute book!

This is a funny story about how even people who don't seem like they're afraid of anything can be afraid of something. It has some new vocabulary and a silly ending.

Isoja kauniita kuvia eikä tarinassakaan mitään vikaa.

What a fun read-aloud!

Hilarious, unexpected plot twists, parents in a different role to the one I expected.


Cute book about a mouse who represents himself as a cheese inspector to gain access to a family's fridge for a snack

Cute story, it was a comical read that is quite entertaining for younger children. It did touch on fears and teach us that everyone, no matter how big, has fears of some sort.

Love that everyone has their own areas of bravery and who saves the day at the end!

The book's title should be called: Hundreds of annoying little mice breaking and entering a house. Because cheese was the objective, but quickly it became something different. Decent illustrations.

This is adorable. Great pick for storytime for slightly older children.

Great read aloud, the kids loved it!

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