Left of the Bang

Claire Lowdon

Left of the Bang

Left of the Bang

  • Title: Left of the Bang
  • Author: Claire Lowdon
  • ISBN: 9780008102173
  • Page: 462
  • Format: Hardcover

Daringly, radically honest and very, very funny, this is the best novel yet about the lost generation of young Londoners today Left of the bang a military term for the build up to an explosion.For failing concert pianist Tamsin Jarvis, the pressure is mounting She thought she was happy with her adoring schoolteacher boyfriend Callum, but when Chris comes into their liDaringly, radically honest and very, very funny, this is the best novel yet about the lost generation of young Londoners today Left of the bang a military term for the build up to an explosion.For failing concert pianist Tamsin Jarvis, the pressure is mounting She thought she was happy with her adoring schoolteacher boyfriend Callum, but when Chris comes into their lives, that starts to change In a few months Chris will be gone, leaving for his first tour of Afghanistan Nothing seems to be working out the way Tamsin wants it to in fact, she s not even sure what it is she wants.Claire Lowdon is a thrilling, highly accomplished new voice in fiction, and with LEFT OF THE BANG she has written a VANITY FAIR for her times With sharp, satirical humour,unparalleled social observation and great empathy, LEFT OF THE BANG is an unflinching insider s view of the foibles, hopes and difficulties of a generation of young Londoners today who are often having much less fun that it seems.

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It seems strange to say this but as the book progressed I found myself increasingly admiring how apt the title was. The book is a build up, you're in for a journey.The book covers roughly a year in the lives of our protagonists and the supporting characters as we follow the highs and lows of their changing relationships. It is a realistic story of the subtle aspects of life that can often seem pretty insignificant but piece together to form the final image like a jigsaw.It's very honest too. Iro [...]

I have just found another great new author. Author Claire Lowdon is an Assistant Editor of Arete. Left Of The Bang is a military term for the build-up to an explosion. This novel Left Of The Bang is very sharp with an insider's view of young Londoners who are often having much less fun than it seems. The starting point of this wonderful story is when twelve- year- old Tasmin Jarvis goes back stage to her father's dressing room when as she opens the door she sees her father kissing another woman. [...]

I won this book in a good reads giveaway and loved it! A down to earth, believable tale about the interactions between a group of young Londoners. Definitely worth a read.

I received a copy of this novel through Giveaways.3.5 stars!Enjoyed this one a lot. First off, it was addictive stuff. I read the first half in one sitting, and I only stopped because I had to run to work. Said first half of the book was probably my favourite. It was wry, relatable and full of observational humour. In a way, its style reminded me of David Nicholls' One Day - which is high praise from me. It's one of my absolute favourites. Both books focus on the changing personal, professional [...]

A debut novel. You would never think it. There is a section about 100 pages in where a couple are watching a horror movie and one character comments that he likes them because you know what's coming. This book is a little but like this. Rather deftly, through some superb characterisation, you pick up enough snippets to get you guessing as to where the book is going. It's superbly done.It starts with a 12 year old Tasmin, witnessing her father kissing another woman. She doesn't tell her mother, f [...]

The title suits this book to a tee - Left of the Bang, it defiantly had an explosive ending.I must say I struggled with this book, I liked Tasmin and maybe Chris, felt for Leah but the rest I had no interest in and Callum infuriated me. I struggled to read his story and I do not want to know (even fictionally) what goes on inside a paedophiles head. He discussed me, he angered me. As soon as I started reading the Sophie parts of the book I could tell where the story was heading and I wasn't enth [...]

I thought this was an excellent debut and I'm really keen to read more from this writer. Intelligent writing that pulls no punches. The characters are honestly and compassionately portrayed. Some reviews have said that no one is likeable - that's not true. Those readers are expecting chick lit characters who operate like Facebook avatars careful to show only their fun and lovable side. This is about real people. However there are flaws, there is far too much explanation and at times this reads l [...]

The book is nice. I read it while living in London, so that added some fun for me, recognising the places and streets etc.However, at some points I found it to be quite predictable. The constant changing between the different perspectives of all the characters I liked at first, but after a while it became tiresome, especially because everyone is having all these important realisations all the time. I feel that the book, or rather the time spend on every character, is too short for this to work r [...]

A bracingly honest look at the lives of a group of contemporary Londoners, and the quandaries thrown up by the mores of our day. Lowdon is particularly strong at examining motive and the excuses and allowances we provide for ourselves when things don't go according to plan. The tight writing and plotting make this a compelling as well as humorous read. I could have done with a little more nuancing of characterisation but this is satire, really, which doesn't lend itself readily to that. Overall [...]

Story that centres on superficial, self obsessed 30 somethings who live in London. The characters are all hiding things and pretending to be, by varying degrees, successful, brave, liberal, honest and in Callum's case, downright stupid.All of the characters appear bored and fed up with their lives and their lack of self awareness and need for improvement is lost.An enjoyable book but one in which I didn't sympathise with the characters' woes and didn't leave me with any desire to follow them up [...]

A novel about a group of young Londoners and their relationships, careers and frustrations. Well written and with nicely drawn characters, the story rattles along, although some of the plot twists are pretty predictable and the emotional complexities are telegraphed more than necessary. One of the characters has an unusual sexual issue (I'll say no more to avoid spoilers) which is sensitively handled, giving its seriousness due weight without demonising the character. An easy, absorbing summer r [...]

Unfortunately I really found the writing style one that I couldn't get along with, therefore I found it extremely hard to be invested in the book. Some of the content didn't bode well with me, which is obviously going to reflect in my rating and review.It really doesn't sit well with me to write such a negative review and have struggled in writing it.I'm sure there are plenty of other people who will enjoy this book and I do wish the author success, I suppose we are all different and therefore p [...]

I struggled with this book. It was written well enough however I found that I was unable to engage with any of the characters. The plot was pointless and some of the subject matter disturbing. Personally, I do not want to read about Callum, a paedophile's, inner thinking and rationalisation. I wanted the book to end, and was expecting it to end with a"Bang", however when I reached the end I found it confusing and disjointed. Sorry but Left of The Bang disappointedly just was not for me.-Received [...]

Great read. Held me interested right the way through. Claire's descriptive and observational writing is excellent and I found myself squirming at some of the graphic detail! Certainly not a book for the prudish. A talented new author I will certainly be watching and looking forward to her next book.

Well written, with some amusing misconstruing of each other's actions by the characters, and generally avoiding cliché. It would have got four stars but I found the behaviour of one of the characters so disturbing that there were times when I found it hard to read. Worth pushing through, though.

A good read but not a book which lingers in the mind after the last page is turned.After only a week a I have forgotten the ending.

Enjoyed the book, review to follow

THE book was a fun read. The main characters were easy accessible. You could sympathise with them and learn to love of hate them. The end did surprise me a bit. But that is just fun.

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