The Loves of Judith

Meir Shalev Barbara Harshav

The Loves of Judith

The Loves of Judith

  • Title: The Loves of Judith
  • Author: Meir Shalev Barbara Harshav
  • ISBN: 9780880016353
  • Page: 153
  • Format: Hardcover

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When the mysterious Judith arrives in a small agricultural village in Palestine in the 1930s, she attracts attention of three men Moshe, a widowed farmer Globerman, a wealthy cattle dealer and Jacob, who loses his wife the most beautiful woman in the village because of his obsession with Judith, who insists on living in a cowshed rather than settling down with any ofWhen the mysterious Judith arrives in a small agricultural village in Palestine in the 1930s, she attracts attention of three men Moshe, a widowed farmer Globerman, a wealthy cattle dealer and Jacob, who loses his wife the most beautiful woman in the village because of his obsession with Judith, who insists on living in a cowshed rather than settling down with any of her admirers When she gives birth to Zayde, all three suitors consider him their son, and Zayde, who tragically loses Judith, imbibes their triple wisdom and their distinct versions of his origins As Zayde pieces together the beguiling story of the singular woman who was his mother, Meir Shalev weaves a magical novel of the joys and secrets of village life, of an unconventional family, and the unexpected fruits of love.

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A wonderfully written story , a masterpiece of contemporary Israeli literature , rich in imagery and deeply human.It is the story of the boy Zayde and his enigmatic mother , Judith , as well as Judith's three lovers, all of which take the role of Zayde's fathers. We are kept guessing who Zayde's real father is.There story takes us from the 1930's to the 1980's in IsraelHighly reccomended for a rich and whimsical read.

“C’è chi sostiene che lo scopo di ogni storia sia quello di mettere ordine nella realtà e c’è chi dice invece che ogni storia nasce solo e soltanto per rispondere a delle domande”.Tutto il romanzo ruota intorno a Yehudit, una donna abbandonata dal marito in seguito al suo tradimento e privata di sua figlia. In seguito a ciò Yehudit tenta di ricostruirsi una vita; tre uomini rimarranno affascinati dalla sua semplicità e dal suo carattere e si innamoreranno di lei, contemporaneamente, [...]

Over een jongen die zijn moeder verloor toen hij 10 was. Over zijn leven, over haar leven, over zijn mogelijke vaders, zijn mogelijke families, zijn leven, zijn naam. Over Israël, over de liefde, over schoonheid en over de onvoorspelbaarheid van het leven.Prachtig. amboanthos/boek/vier-m

Meir Shalev, le storie le sa raccontare bene, ma proprio bene bene.E io di fronte al questo romanzo, mi sono lasciata completamente trasportare, assorbire, incantare.Seguendolo ti porta in luoghi lontani, luoghi in cui mito e realtà si confondono e tutto può apparire possibile, ma non solo possibile addirittura credibile.In questi luoghi dell’immaginazione, in cui le descrizioni della natura, il mondo animale la fanno da padrone e da nume ispiratore per i comportamenti umani, può esistere u [...]

I have discovered this book when browsing and I was intrigued by the comparison to Marquez and Murakami (both authors I appreciate greatly) in the reviews. The title of the book, and the synopsis - this is a story of a boy who has three fathers - instantly caught my interest. This is a first time ever I have read a book by an Israeli author and I have liked it a lot - so much that I am going to look up and read his other books too. I don't want to give no spoilers, but this is a very human story [...]

Dat Meir Shalev een begenadigd verhalenverteller is, bewijst hij keer op keer, dus ook met dit boek. 'Volgens sommigen heeft elk verhaal als doel orde aan te brengen in de werkelijkheid. Niet alleen een ordening van tijden, maar ook van graden van belang', schrijft Shalev aan het begin van hoofdstuk 10 (Eerste maaltijd). Wie kan hem ongelijk geven? Zeker als hij in hoofdstuk 6 (Derde maaltijd) zelf beweert dat 'ook leugenaars best weten dat de waarheid en verzinsel niet elkaars tegenpolen zijn. [...]

I don't know if you will love this book, but everything about Shalev's voice, his the world he describes and his ideas of love and magic wove a poetic world that was a pleasure to inhabit. I dragged out this reading because I didn't want to leave.

This is a charming and rather mysterious story of Zayde, his mother Judith and the three men who loved her, one of whom could possibly be Zayde’s father, though Jacob tells us that if a woman wants a child, sometimes she can make herself pregnant without a man. The four meals made by Jacob, staggered over the course of Zayde’s life, begin with the first invitation when Zayde is 12. Jacob cooks a lavish meal, usually finished off with Zabaglione, while he consumes a fairly modest one of salad [...]

Wat een verteller, die Shalev. We zijn hier allemaal boekenliefhebbers, niet? Herinner je je nog die eerste boeken die je las als kind, puber, jongvolwassene? Die exemplaren die je de liefde voor het lezen bijbrachten, die je versteld deden staan van de schoonheid van letters, woorden, zinnen, verhalen. Die je fantasie op hol brachten. Die je al dan niet bewust deden besluiten: ja, ik hou van lezen, lezen wordt een levenslange passie en boeken mijn allerhoogste bezit… Awel, zo’n gevoel van o [...]

Kupila som si tuto knizku len preto, aby som mala nieco "intelektualskejsie" na citanie pri vsetkych detektivkach a historickych romanoch. Ale bol to skvely vyber. Chvilu som ju nechala doma odpocivat a az neskor som sa pustila do styroch hostin, na ktore pozyva Jakob Seinfeld chlapca Zajdeho. Jeden z troch otcov svojho syna. Traja otcovia, jeden syn? Vselico sa stava a nic nie je nemozne. Aspon nie v tomto spolocenskom romane od Meira Shaleva. Musim priznat, ze mi trvalo dlhsie, kym som sa zaci [...]

I was in love with Jacob's voice -- so plain, yet so poetic, and I also loved the descriptions of animals and country life lived close to the ground. The recursive structure wherein Zayde returns to Jacob's house four times to learn more about his dead mother is clever and keeps the story moving where it might otherwise drift; don't expect a conventional plot, however; this feels more like a fairytale -- an old fashioned one that grew in odd directions before it got written down and which the et [...]

I loved the way this story was told, almost in circles slowly getting to the crucial point. It is the story of the love of three men for one woman, the mother of their son. The story covers 30 odd years, from the twenties to the fifties and takes place in a village in the Yizrael valley. The woman is Judith and the men are: Moshe Rabinovitz, a strong silent widowed farmer in whose stable she lives, the cattle dealer Gluberman, and Yakov Scheinfeld, expert in cooking, sewing, charming and dance. [...]

"A menš tracht un Gott lacht -človek mieni a Boh mení"Hlavny hrdina Zajde je synom dedincanky - sluzky Judity. Judita je jednoducha zena, ktora si rada vypije. Ma vsak svoje tajomstva, o ktore sa s nikym nepodeli, dokonca ani s tym kto je Zajdeho otec a preto ma Zajde po cely zivot 3 otcov! Kazdy z jeho otcov je skalopevne presvedceny, ze Zajde je jeho syn a tak sa k nemu cely zivot spravaju. Jeden zo Zajdeho otcov ho pozyva na veceru a pri kazdej veceri sa Zajde dozveda dolezite informacie z [...]

I had to work hard to push myself through this book. Khaya was annoyed by the lack of a plot--a sentiment I agree with--and I was also bothered by the lack of characters. Yes, there are characters, but they aren't real people. They are archetypes. The book is a fable. If you are happy with fables, you'll probably enjoy it, since Shalev's writing is beautiful (if more than a bit repetitive). But i like a real story, with real characters and a plot. So this wasn't for me. 2.5 stars that I am round [...]

Ik maakte in het begin de fout om het boek te snel te lezen omdat ik het verhaal 'zocht', en kon niet goed begrijpen waarom het zo'n goed boek moest zijn. Gelukkig herpakte ik me, en begon ik echt te genieten van de zalig mooi geschreven zinnen (petje af voor de vertaler!), en een ontwapenend verhaal dat je in een traagheid moet lezen om er ten volle van te genieten. Voor mij absoluut een boek dat ik eens wil herlezen!

I read this book in a most masterful Spanish translation by Ana Maria Bejarano Escanilla, with whom I have since corresponded. Spanish title is _Por amor a Judit_. Set in rural Israel, in the years before its inhabitants had forgotten the art of coexistence, the book weaves incidents in a spiralling way, punctuated with elements of magical realism and Jewish folklore. Characters are clearly drawn and language is extremely rich - I wonder how the English translator dealt with it

En al weer zo'n mooi, beetje magisch boek van Shalev gelezen. Ik haal er vast niet alles uit wat er in zit. Veel bijbelse verwijzingen ontgaan me denk ik. Maar het is weer een betoverend verhaal, met daarin verhalen en daarin weer verhalen

Beautiful, musical, mystical without ever losing contact with the tragic comedy of our particular animal predicaments.

Four Meals by Meir Shalev כימים אחדים מאת מאיר שלוHebrew review follows סקירה בעברית בהמשך I consider myself fortunate that I can read Meir Shalev in Hebrew. I truly hope the charm is not lost in translation, but keep that in mind when you read my review.For me Meir Shalev is one of those authors you can always trust to deliver. This book is no different, an excellent example of his writing.The first thing I always enjoy In Shalev's works is the language (whic [...]

lessons in love, lessons in life"You can hide everything in a box a box and in a cage and in a closet and in a room. Even love you can close up like that, real good. But memory has all the keys, and regretsey even pass through walls. They're like the magician Houdini, they know how to get out and like ghosts they know how to get in, when and where they want."Aphorisms and sayings, a book full of lessons sprinkled full of natural beauty in the land of Israel and the passing of the seasons. Paper [...]

This was quite a journey. My mother recommended this book to me, promising that Shalev doesn't write about shtetl (don't care for that genre). I was dismayed to find that he basically does here, seeing as most of the characters are first gen immigrants. The first 20 pages took me ages. I just couldn't bring myself to care about the story or the characters (people who keep telling little boys explicit stories about where to touch women just aren'try likable me /shudders/). But then I read on and [...]

I don't know any other modern Hebrew author with such an effortless command of the language. It is a continuously enjoyable read: every other sentence could have been taken straight out of a poem.Shalev is also an excellent narrator of fables (which, by the way, also makes his children's books superb). This book has its share of short fables, mostly Diaspora-Jewry-style stories recounted by Yaakov (like the one about the guy who builds a huge hourglass and believes he will die when the sand runs [...]

„Исав“ на Меир Шалев ми хареса много повече като „цялостност“. Но тази книга си струваше заради езика - като гъстия сок на смокиня (като споменах смокиня – не мога да не се сетя за Никос Казандзакис, има нещо от неговата „сочност“ в книгата); заради различното виждане за л [...]

“Все эти подарки ничего не стоят, Зейде, — сказал он. — Деньги все равно потратятся, одежда сносится, игрушки сломаются. Зато хорошая еда останется в памяти. Оттуда она уже не пропадет, не то что другие подарки. Наше тело еда покидает быстро, зато из памяти она выходит очень [...]

קראתי את הספר הנפלא הזה בשנת 2008, כלומר לפני כ- 10 שנים. הקריאה בו זכורה לי כחוויה מענגת במיוחד ואני בדעה, כמי שקרא את רוב ספריו של שלו, שזוהי היצירה הכי טובה שיצאה מפרי עטו ואחד הספרים הגדולים שקראתי.

Prachtig boek. Een Verhaal met een grote V. Doet me verlangen naar nog meer boeken uit het Midden Oosten. Europese boeken kunnen meestal niet tippen aan hoe de magie met het alledaagse gemengd wordt. Mooi mooi mooi.

Bijzonder boek, maar niet direct mijn stijlms moeten worstelen om door te lezen en toch vaak nieuwsgierig naar de volgende bladzijde

Note to Israeli authors (or at least the ones my Hebrew book club leader keeps choosing): A premise, no matter how strange or far-reaching, does not equal a plot. And while I’d love to be one of those lofty, intellectual, postmodern readers who truly believe that novels don’t need plots, I’m just not. I appreciate great writing. I appreciate characterization. I can even appreciate occasional mini-digressions into charming anecdotes that don’t necessarily move the story along. But at the [...]

'Op de wereld is er niks armzaligers dan de reconstructiepoging. De verbeelding is erboven te verkiezen, en liever dan de verbeelding is het verzinsel, en beter dan die drie is de herinnering.''De vier maaltijden' is een poëtisch en fantasierijk epos over Zejde en zijn familie. Hij groeit in de nabijheid van zijn moeder Judith, een fascinerende vrouw met 101 geheimen, en drie potentiële vaders. Jakob is ervan overtuigd dat hij Zejdes enige echte vader is, en werkt zich uit de naad om met Judit [...]

once you start reading this novel you can't put it down.i am fond of Modern Israeli literature and this is what you would expect from a well renowned novelist like Meir Shalev.No spoilers,but this novel will show you what love is,how one woman is perceived and pursued by three men with different stories and tragedies sometimes is is one of my favourite novels of all times.i'd read it all over again for the sake of remembering how much I enjoyed every line,every chapter,and every image portrayed [...]

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