Spider-Island: Warzones

Christos Gage Paco Díaz

Spider-Island: Warzones

Spider-Island: Warzones

  • Title: Spider-Island: Warzones
  • Author: Christos Gage Paco Díaz
  • ISBN: 9780785198857
  • Page: 277
  • Format: Paperback

Collects Spider Island 2015 1 5.In the Battleworld zone known as Spider Island, Peter Parker has lost and the Spider Queen has turned Manhattan into an island of arachnid madness With Spider Man defeated and captive, does Flash Thompson A.K.A Venom stand a chance Venom and his squad of monstrous heroes wage all out war on the Queen, but to reclaim a Manhattan cCollects Spider Island 2015 1 5.In the Battleworld zone known as Spider Island, Peter Parker has lost and the Spider Queen has turned Manhattan into an island of arachnid madness With Spider Man defeated and captive, does Flash Thompson A.K.A Venom stand a chance Venom and his squad of monstrous heroes wage all out war on the Queen, but to reclaim a Manhattan completely overrun by her spider army, Venom will need a little help from his friend Which friend We ll give you a hint thwip Venom and his allies take the fight straight to the Queen, but one among them will have to make the ultimate sacrifice Plus Mayday Parker and her amazing Spider Family are back as we visit the MC2 patch of Battleworld

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I punk’d myself.I saw this on the library shelf and thought it was more from the Spider-Man: Spider-Island event, where Manhattanites become spider-pawns of the Spider-Queen, so with that firmly in mind, I checked it out, hoping for some more arachno-entertainment.Upon reading, some of the “facts” didn’t quite strike me right. Some of the characters were off.I didn’t remember Captain Marvel having six eyes or a Spider-Hulk or was it a Hulk-Spider. It smashed a lot…so whatever. The br [...]

Here's a storyline I definitely remember and enjoyed the first time around, and I heard this is pretty good so I was reasonably pumped. Then I realized it was a Christos Gage joint. Who I really gotta stop hating, because he turns in perfectly fine stories (sometimes it's even hard to tell where Slott ends and Gage begins - well, no not really but I'm *trying* to be less cranky).Anyway, does it really matter if we get a Spider-Hulk Smash?Well, but then we get a predictably-poorly-thought-out mom [...]

This is so wretched that I kinda hate myself for giving this so many chances, ugh!I wanted to like this outlandish premise, but the execution (heh heh heh) is just too awful.

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Nice showcase of Flash Thompson/Agent Venom. It is a fine story overall with some interesting twist to the heroes we know.My complaint is how the book is packaged. I wish that instead of printing the volume alternating between Spider Island and the Mayday Parker backup that they had just put the two stories in sequential order without interruption.

A perfectly decent what if? Story which imagines a world where the 2012 event Spider-Island ended in the death of Peter Parker. Some cool twists and turns and a unique universe make this a fun ride though it is nothing to write home about :)

What a staggeringly bad book. Christos Gage has done amazing work in the past so I don't know what transpired here but the dialogue was pulled straight from the 60's, the plot was imbecilic, and the art was not up to par. Overall, a huge waste of time.

Flash is a hero.

no wonder Marvel sales were down this year.

Part of the Secret Wars / Battleworld / Warzones! event this book is a sort of WHAT IF story. On this Earth the Spider-Island Virus mutated to effect supers, as a result Spidy and Co. lost the final battle with Sharon Kane, A.K.A. Spider Queen.*Main Story: Spider-Island - 2.5 Stars ★★Having enjoyed Spider-Island, some of these Secret Wars one-offs and much of Christos Gage's work I decided to pick this book up. And while Gage seemed to write Agent Venom as if he was Batman in Grant Morrison' [...]

Collects Spider-Island (2015) issues #1-5This "What If" story is set during the events of "Secret Wars," however it doesn't tie into "Secret Wars" in such a way that makes it required reading for that series. With that being said, this was a very fun story to read.I am prone to like this collection because it is a "What If" story (parallel universe stories that I love!) showing an alternate way that the Spider-Man (my favorite superhero!) event "Spider-Island" (an event I really enjoyed!) could [...]

Spider-Island is the Battleworld realm of the Spider Queen where she’s turned all its denizens into spiders – except for the resistance, led by Agent Venom/Flash Thompson. Venom discovers the heroes’ minds can be severed from the Queen’s if their bodies are transformed and sets about turning everyone he can into different monsters. Meet vampiric Captain Marvel, Lizard Hulk, and the glorious return of Cap Wolf! Elsewhere, Mayday Parker battles brainwashed Avengers to fill up space!Yup, it [...]

LOL. Monster Squad Avengers Style!!! This tie-in to the Secret Wars Marvel event plays out oddly enough as an addition to the Spider-Island event. Christos Gage has an advantage here being that he is piggy backing off a recent Spider-man event from a few years ago. Basically what we get is a what if the Spider Island event continued and Peter Parker lost. The spider queen has continued to infect the human population including the superhuman community and it is up to Pete's childhood frenemy Flas [...]

This was certainly interesting. We revisit Spider Island in essentially a long what-if story that is, I guess, also an official part of the Marvel Universe. It was a fine what-if story, although not exceptional. The "Oh, Flash, you're my hero" was laid on pretty thick. It felt kind of like that issue where we're in Flash's fantasyrvela/wiki/Amazing_Spider-Man: The Next Chapter, Vol. 2The MC2 add-on story is largely spot on from what I've read so far. But it's missing a critical point. The Spider [...]

A decent alternate-universe Spider-Man miniseries. Flash Thompson, in his run in the Venom symbiote suit, is one of a handful of humans surviving on Spider Island, a version of Spidey's Manhattan where a creepy-crawly transmitted disease has turned most of the inhabitants into humanoid spiders. Flash is part of the resistance fighting the queen in charge, and he (view spoiler)[hits on the idea of using various artifacts that fundamentally transform people--Stargod's amulet, the Lizard's serum--t [...]

I know there are a lot of people that didn't like the idea of Marvel doing a clean reboot that borrowed parts from all the different universes, but if there is one good thing about it, it's balls to the wall craziness like Spider Island. It had the basic premise of Marvel Zombies (the heroes and villains of the Marvel U are turned into mindless creatures - in this case spider creatures linked up to a queen via hive mind) but so are regular humans. They aren't running around eating each other, bu [...]

More of a "What If Spider-Man Lost During the Spider-Island Event?" story than a Secret Wars crossover. The only tie in to Secret Wars is on the last page. A Thor shows up after the story is over to see what's going on. This story was OK. It was kind of hokey how the Spider Queen loses her influence over people. The backup story was just a further tale from the world that Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz created back in the 90's with Spider-Girl where all the Marvel characters had children. It was just [...]

I'm going to split this (short) review into two parts, like the book itself:1. The main Spider-Island story was a lot of fun. I certainly enjoyed it more than the original Spider-Island story that inspired it. Some of the characters were a little off, personality-wise, though and some of the plot points didn't make any sense at all, particularly in the final chapter.2. It was nice to have a Spider-GirlWoman story as a back-up feature. I always enjoyed the old MC2 comics, so it was nice to see so [...]

Way better than expected. Sure it's a fairly stupid set of Marvel Events. And they are huge swarms of characters in big beat-ups. But it's written well and with good enough art. May Parker gets some of the most focused writing and it's not bad. Good use of old and new characters. But in the end it's your typical Marvel madness - characters get transformed and some die - but will it affect continuity? What continuity. Even the small Battle World story wasn't bad. 3.5 of 5.

The book gets a bit ridiculous at many points throughout?But you know what? I had a hell of a fun time with this one. From the service paid to Agent Venom (a spin on an existing character which I love), to him assembling a monster version of The Avengers, it's far from a thought provoking story, but one of the more fun times I've had with a Secret Wars tie in.Plus, Iron Goblin is aces.

This graphic novel has superheroes battling people infected with a virus that turns them into 'spider mutants'.The illustrations were good but the plot / characters were too bizarre for me.Real rating 2.5

Always fun to see another glimpse of MC2, the little universe that could. I even understand sharing the trade with Spider-Island- but distracting to jump back & forth! Why not have the complete Flash tale then the Mayday story afterward if there's no actual crossover?

like with planet hulk warzones, just over the top/ridiculous, I loved itentertaining

This a modern book, but the writing is pure early '90's.

I never read the original Spider Island, but this was great fun. One of the better Secret Wars minis.


Within a world in which Peter Parker lost the Battle of Manhattan that will decide the fate of its citizens, we had a more exciting version of The Island of Doctor Moreau

One of the weaker Warzones books.

A ton of folks didn't care for the Spider-Island event. I loved it. I was looking forward to this one but unfortunately I just couldn't get into it. Not one bit.

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