X-Men: Years of Future Past

Marguerite Bennett Mike Norton

X-Men: Years of Future Past

X-Men: Years of Future Past

  • Title: X-Men: Years of Future Past
  • Author: Marguerite Bennett Mike Norton
  • ISBN: 9780785198949
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Paperback

In the dystopian nations of BATTLEWORLD, the mutants of New York City must fight to survive the rule of the Sentinels At their center is Kate Pryde, a heroine tried and tested by war, and mother of the last mutant ever to be born before the purges of the Mutant Control Act With revolution in the wind, the X Men are not a broken team with nothing left to lose, but a despeIn the dystopian nations of BATTLEWORLD, the mutants of New York City must fight to survive the rule of the Sentinels At their center is Kate Pryde, a heroine tried and tested by war, and mother of the last mutant ever to be born before the purges of the Mutant Control Act With revolution in the wind, the X Men are not a broken team with nothing left to lose, but a desperate family with at risk than ever before COLLECTING YEARS OF FUTURE PAST

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Baron Kelly has sterilized mutants to ensure their genes aren't passed on. Chrissie Pryde, the daughter of Kitty Pryde and Colossus, was the last mutant ever born. She's been raised to be the Savior of mutant kind and the moment has arrived.Years of Future Past is an odd combination of humor and philosophizing. The volume throws out dated jokesand later goes into how jokes can turn into tragedy in enough time.There is a story here worth telling, but five issues isn't enough time to truly develop [...]

As much as I normally like Mike Norton's work, this Secret Wars based re-imagining of the X-Men classic Days of Future Past (and, no, newbies, I don't mean the film) just comes across as a watered-down version of the original.It's not actually bad, it just doesn't really bring anything new to the table. The thing I liked the most about it is the ambiguous ending, which is something you don't get much in comicbooks.Oh, and the Art Adams covers were nice.

So this is a retelling of one of the most well known comic book stories, and to call it a tribute to a better book is not entirely unfair. It does follow a lot of the story beats of the original, but it at least puts a new spin on them. It just isn't the most original or interesting of spins. The one really good thing this book does offer is its main characters, Chrissie and Cameron. Chrissie is the relatively sheltered daughter of Kitty Pryde and Colossus, and Cameron was raised on the streets [...]

This is terrible. So see through, paper thin. Gee, who could the kids be? Gee who could be the one who "betrays" them? Gee Logan is the outsider? Yawn. This is supposed to be worth reading? I almost put it down about 10 times.

I know a lot of people didn't like this because it mentioned little of Battleworld. But this was great in the fact that it revisited a world that now we can see what happened after the original story ended.For more on this book - youtu/dl_CYctpWRs

I haven't reviewed many comics because I have hated very few of them as much as I hate this one. I've been assured the writer's other works are very different, but the main problem can be summed up very quickly: the writer knows less about the characters and story here than does.The main character is "Chrissie" Pryde. This sets of red flags. Chrissie is short for Christina, a ratherodd choice of name for the daughter of Kitty Pryde, one of the most visible Jewish characters in all of comic book [...]

I really wanted to like this comic. I grew up loving the x-men. I always want to love every x-men comic made, but you can't. I was hoping for a good "what if" story as pretty much almost all the secret wars side books are. I knew the book wouldn't matter in the long run, so making something awesome. This was not awesome. It was okay at best. The story is about two love crossed mutants. One is Logan's kid; the other is Kitty and Colossuses kid. They have twist and turns as they are trying to save [...]

Future Past does a good job of updating the original story with new characters, while also incorporating Senator Kelly and the Brotherhood into the single ("future") time frame of the story. It's as good as you'd expect for figuring out how to fit the no-longer time-traveling story into Battleworld.However, what it's missing is the heart of the story. The original "Future Past" was shocking, and although this new one includes some shocking character moments in it, the setting itself feels pretty [...]

Ha! What a great ending! Didn't see that coming at all! Mike Norton is awesome. He should have a regular gig at Marvel. He's one of the best artists in the business. Loved all the Arthur Adams covers. Really great little story here. Loved this one.

The art is excellent, and the premise pretty solid, but it was not what I would call a fun read. Expositional excesses mixed with unexplained mysteries, and maybe too much emphasis on overwrought emotion, made my experience of this book feel like much promise, with not much delivery….

Very nice mini series building on the alternate future presented in the early issues of Uncanny X-men. Very recommended

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The Days of Future Past has always been one of my favorite X-Men plot-lines, but I had managed to miss this particular comic. It came across my library desk and I snapped it up, and I am so glad I did! This was a story focused around Kitty Pryde and her daughter Christina. They and other mutants including Wolverine and his son Cameron, were working together to try and save President Kelly and stop Mutant persecution. There were so many secrets, layers and interwoven story-lines that made this su [...]

Serviceable but kinda meh. I feel it did capture the atmosphere of the original but the ending left a lot to be desired.

The setting, dialogue and characterization for this one feel pretty generic. Not much life in the alt-world characters and plotting.

This was promising and then somewhat disappointing. The story was good but left on a cliffhanger and the main focus was a bit muddled. Still enjoyable but I wanted something more.

A classic X-Men alternate universe with some great characters fighting for the right to exist in a horrifying dystopia. This book features a phenomenal splash page with Colossus telling his daughter Chrissy Pride how internment and extinction begins. "It always begins as a joke," he tells her, explaining how people are turned into the other. At their best, the X-Men have always been an allegory for other marginalized groups, and this is the X-Men at their best. Featuring twins separated at birth [...]

Pure X-men goodness. It is sad that we had to wait to we got a grand Marvel event like Secret Wars to get really good X-men stories. I have read the Inferno X-men Secret Wars tie-in and I really enjoyed that tale as well. This tale was no exception. In this Warzone: X-men Years of Future Past tale we find a world where the mutant population has been hunted and killed almost to extinction. We experience this dystopian world through the eyes of a young mutant, Chrissie, who happens to be the daugh [...]

Collects Years of Future Past issues #1-5This "What If" story is set during the events of "Secret Wars," however it doesn't tie into "Secret Wars" in such a way that makes it required reading for that series. I see this as "What if the 'Days of Future Past' Reality Continued?" In this story, at least 15 years have passed since the last time we saw this reality. There are mild references to the 2015 "Secret Wars" event, but (with some small tweaks) this story could exist outside of Battleworld.SP [...]

X-men living in a future dystopia controlled by Sentinels, what's not to like!? I guess the ending, which is depressing, ambiguous, and contrived (Will they survive this terrible world? Where their sacrifices in vain? Is living worthwhile anymore!?), which is pretty boilerplate for these kind of stories. I felt like there were lots of missed opportunities. Magneto gets put in an internment camp (again!) and says nothing about it. Magneto ends up betraying everyone and is the villain (again!) but [...]

This was kind of another interesting alternate timeline X-Men story.Yea i know there are so many. It wasn't great but was better then alot of the newer X-Men installments Marvels been putting out in the last year or two. I actually appreciated the the twist.My few gripes were artistically the costumes (particularly Camerons) and some other characters could have been better or more imaginative . Very disappointing character design in this book. As for story I feel like we needed to get to know Ca [...]

full review this weekendThis was a very muddled story. Open-ending that made everything before seem futile.

The original days of future past is one of the best x men story's ever told bleak depressing. However man was I blowing away by this. The writing is pitch perfect the art is amazing. An like the the first days of future past youl read of a future out of are night mares from camps to mass slaughter. To politicians feeding on people's fears. This was one the few mini series marvel did during secret wars that was as good an had a beginning middle and end something that most of the other secret wars [...]

Somewhat ungainly hybrid of sequel to/riff on dystopian X-Men classic 'Days of Future Past', and tie-in to the 2015 Secret Wars. It works better as the former than the latter, capturing that authentic Claremont note of mutanthood as adolescence metaphor and overwrought moral debates interspersed by superpowered punching. If only its message about the adaptability of human hate hadn't been proved quite so accurate by events since its comparatively recent publication.

Another fun entry in the Warzones collection. Years of Future Past has some weird stuff going on, a surprising rising action, and epic batttle shots. This entry utilized Secret Wars a lot more than Age of Apocalypse: Warzones, and in a really good way too.

I'm not a big fan of Kitty Pryde I have to honestly say. She's a good character but I've never been a fan. In this segment of the Battleworld, we are seeing a variant of the Days of Future Past storyline but with Kitty Pryde's daughter Chrissie as the heroine. My whole take on the story was sorta an enthusiastic "meh." It was good yes. The Days of Future Past story arc is one of the most iconic X-Men storylines so seeing elements of it were good but it was veryght.

This whole thing didn't quite sit well with me. It felt like the rules of the society kept changing throughout. Why were some mutants free? Why were some in favor of the government? How does the universe keep relating to Dr. Doom? Also, the twists seemed more confusing than reasonable or surprising.

It could have been a lot worse. But I wish Marvel would stop retelling the same stories but in alternate worlds. Sure there are bits of this that were good or interesting. And yes a chance again for someone to tell a Kitty Pryde story and fail. But the kids were a good addition. I don't see looking back on Warzones fondly. 2.5 of 5.

Basically a What If? take on Days of Future Past. What if Kitty didn't go back to the past and the timeline continued. It's a decent story but tries to cram in too many "shocking" moments. Nothing's really shocking if I'm not given time to become comfortable with the characters. "Someone I was just introduced to betrayed the X-Men? Shocking!"

Maybe after I read the 'future past' original story I will like this better. It was more serious and had a lot of social commentary than some of the other tie-ins, and I actually liked that. But for the most part it was pretty predictable and uninteresting. I couldn't get emotionally invested in the characters.

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