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  • Title: Drifter
  • Author: Janine Infante Bosco
  • Page: 202
  • Format: ebook

Stryker I m a drifter A man born to ride through this world alone There used to be a time when I thought I was the rescuing type I enlisted in the Marines and made it my duty I was going to save lives I was going to be a true American hero But God had another plan Or maybe Satan did For everything I touch finds mortality I m no hero I m nothing I m a veteran bi Stryker I m a drifter A man born to ride through this world alone There used to be a time when I thought I was the rescuing type I enlisted in the Marines and made it my duty I was going to save lives I was going to be a true American hero But God had another plan Or maybe Satan did For everything I touch finds mortality I m no hero I m nothing I m a veteran biker, a former nomad who survived war only to live in hell Now I ride with the Satan s Knights of Brooklyn and I m drifting into a different kind of chaos The kind that revolves around a pretty girl with intoxicating green eyes A girl who has the power to turn me inside out A girl who doesn t need anyone to rescue her because she s her own savior Until she s not But a man plagued by war and the devil inside him can never be her hero Gina Spinelli Strong Independent Fierce They are the three things I strived to be But sometimes being successful can be lonely Sometimes a girl just wants to be a girl and have someone take care of her Maybe even love her Sometimes the strong become vulnerable Or worse, the victor becomes the victim Sometimes we lose control or in my case it s stripped from you Defeated Broken Haunted They are the three things I have become In my darkest hour I admit defeat In my darkest hour I need one person I need him Stryker NOTE Contains explicit sexual situations, violence, sensitive subjects, offensive language, and mature topics Recommended for age 18 years and up.

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I think I fell in love with this book when I read the note from the author at the start. Not only did it feel personal, it was humorous, insightful, and gave ample warning of what was to come. I know that I was definitely in love with this story, and especially in love with the man who goes by the name of Stryker, by the end of the Prologue.This story was intense and it wasn't just about the suspenseful plot surrounding the MC Club and the mafia, although that part was intricate, detailed, hella [...]

5,000 Stars!!!!!1. I love this book with everything in me.2. I love this author with everything in me.3. I love the people. (These people are REAL. They exist. Leave me alone!)4. I love the sex. (The dirty talk! Unf!)5. I love the FEELS. (The ugly cry is waiting for you. But not in the whole book. I don’t like when the entire book is depressing.)You know when someone tells you they didn’t enjoy one of your favorite books EVER?! Yeah, this is one of those books. I mean, everyone is entitled t [...]

Five FactsOne, I couldn’t wait to read this book.I don’t really have the urge to stick with a series of books. Even when they are standalones, somewhere along the line I lose interest in characters and move on to something new and exciting. The exception that proves the rule? Janine Infante Bosco. She is without doubt my favorite author in the MC Romance genre and one of only a handful people who could make me stick with entire series. The end of the last series nearly killed me but it seems [...]

3.5 Stars

ARC provided by the author in exchange for my honest review. Thank you, Janine!Hero(s) rating: 5 starsHeroine rating: 5 starsSexual tension rating: 4 starsSex scenes rating: 4 starsSex scenes frequency: 4 starsPlot rating: 4.5 starsDialogue rating: 5 starsStorytelling rating: 5 starsStory ending rating: 5 starsOther woman/men drama: (view spoiler)[No (hide spoiler)]Cheating: (view spoiler)[No (hide spoiler)]Cliffhanger: (view spoiler)[No (hide spoiler)]HEA: (view spoiler)[Yes (hide spoiler)]**** [...]

Before the book starts there's a 'Dear Reader' chapter. Make sure to read that. It's important so you know whether or not the book will be for you. Also, there's a drinking game posted in there:Take one shot if Stryker makes you hot. Take two shots whenever Gina makes you cry. Take three shots whenever you laugh. When you have about seventy percent left of the book put the bottle down.I highly advise not really participating in this drinking game because you'll die from alcohol poisoning. I had [...]

5 Facts.One; Drifter is my first Janine Infante Bosco book ever, and I’m kind of angry at myself because I have really been missing out. She is a brilliantly gifted story-teller, and I was told I was in for a treat and oh boy, was I ever! She creates characters that have real life feelings and problems, and I can relate to the way they react.Two; Drifter is a book that is filled with amazing characters. Stryker (our hero) is a complex ex-marine with a past in Afghanistan. He left Afghanistan, [...]

100 + Stars, if it could be!!!!!! SLIGHT SPOILERS AHEAD read with cautionWow, I am so emotionally drained on every single level possibly. Talk about a cyclone of emotions.I can't even begin to describe but I will try. NOW this book is not all hearts and flowers and it gets pretty DARK at one point in the story and I mean I went in blind and did NOT see what came about in the latter half of the book, it gutted me completely so much so I had to put my Kindle down and just cry, I was THAT upset!Str [...]

5 Stars!!"When you feel like there is nothing beautiful in this world, look around you. Find your beautiful."Sometimes when I read stories from amazing authors, it's so hard for me to write reviews because I want to give their stories justice. At times, I feel that no matter what I say or how many times I say it was good, no one will understand how good it truly is until they read it themselves. I highly recommend that you one click Drifter. I actually recommend that you one click any and all st [...]

5 pretty girl stars and 5 beautiful facts. 1. Stryker is a dirty mouthed biker you will instantly love. 2. Drifter is the complete MC package. A package complete with dog tags and Cargo pants, a package named Stryker. 3. Beauty survives the ugly. 4. A hero never sees themselves as the hero.5. You will love the 5 facts Stryker and Gina share throughout their journey. Styker ex marine living in torment with PTSD. A Nomad biker who becomes part of the Satan's Knights. Gina, a stockbroker, sassy and [...]

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review for Stephanie's Book Reports.**Carla's Five Star Review**Drifter is the first book in the Nomad series, and after reading it, I just have one question-where in the heck can I find the Ten Star review button? Five stars are just not enough!Okay friends, this books comes with a warning page, and you definitely need to read it! This story is raw and real, and, it is evident that this author had to dig deep and push beyond her comfort [...]

5 Addictive Stars (5 stars is just not enough)Janine Infante Bosco has yet again given us a thought provoking, addictive and riveting, devastating and provocative story. Drifter will totally absorb you from the very first page. It totally absorbed me. Completely loved this story. Remember to always find the beautiful in the ugly.Five Facts ReviewJanine Infante Bosco is a brilliant writer. Her writing style is impressive, raw and seamless. This story will give you chills.Drifter is powerful, expl [...]

"Keep the beauty alive in the ugly."Drifter is book one in the Nomad series by Author Janine Infante Bosco. It is an MC novel and the first book in the Nomad Series. "He's the guy who enticed the bad girl buried beneath the class, the guy that makes that girl want to come out and play." Stryker has seen and experienced more in his young life than one hundred men combined. Gina is a spitfire. Her surety and spunk aren't present without reason. She is a strong contender in business and can hold he [...]

“You’re not like the others,” she says thoughfully as I stand to my full height, grabbing my gun off the nightstand and shoving it into the waistband of my jeans.I fixed her with my cold eyes.“Nah, sweetheart, I’m not” I agree, rolling my neck as I bite the inside of my cheek and crack my knuckles. “They’ve still got a little left in their black souls,” I ground out, fisting a hand and bringing it between my pecs.Hollow.Just like the ground after an IED splits it open e swallow [...]

From the very first page Ms. Bosco has woven a powerful and emotionally intense tale that fully immerses readers in a cocoon of painful pasts and hard-fought HEAs. As a series starter it stands strongly on its own but doesn't ignore the world it's spun-off from as war is waging once again for Satan's Knights, only this time the villain is a more dangerous and complex threat to the Club as well as their Spinelli family allies. As the war rages hotter more family gets caught in the crossfire in a [...]

Title: DrifterAuthor: Janine Infante BoscoGenre: Contemporary Romance, SuspenseSeries or Standalone: Standalone Series (Nomad #1)Rating: ★★★★★ReviewIt was a year ago to the day that I picked up my first book by this author. It was the second book in the Tempted series, and there was just something about the way the blurb was written that I knew I had to read it. So read it I did. And when I was done, I eagerly awaited the next, which turned into more of the same until the series that b [...]

5 Find Your Beautiful StarsFIVE FACTS:1) Stryker is hot AF and I absolutely fell in love with his dirty talking self. 2) Gina is feisty and learns she has strength she never knew she had.3) This book made me seriously ugly cry.4) This book makes me strive to find my beautiful in an ugly world.5) Stryker is mine, so back the eff off!This book…I don’t even really know where to begin. The books that affect me the most always seem to be the hardest ones to write reviews for. I finished this book [...]

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is too often overlooked. In "Striker" the author brings home some of the facts that the sufferers have to endure on a day to day basis. Striker is ex army and has been left to cope with his traumatic encounters without any help. He is a biker, patched in the Satan's Knights MC. His family! Gina is Stokebroker. She is self sufficient and determined but has to work extra hard to prove herself in a man's world. Striker and Gina meet over a game of pool and the fun and [...]

Drifter by Janine Infante Bosco, promised to be a hot, dirty and dark read and it delivered. A famous line from that Tom Cruise movie, "You had me at hello" is fitting to justify my 5 star rating, however you need to swich out "Hello" with "Former Marine/ Biker and Sassy Heroine". Stryker and Gina are both strong characters who are so well developed they are as realistic as you and I.Drifter isn't for the faint of heart. There are some confronting scenes and issues dealt with in this book. I fou [...]

In this book, we meet Stryker. We learn a bit about his past as a Marine. We see why he was discharged and sent home. We see what his early childhood was like and what drove him to the Marines. We also see what his life is like now. What he has done, who he has done it for and why are the things we find out. When Wolf picks Stryker up in his cage, where has Stryker been? When they go out to dinner that night, they have a back room reserved. Why? Stryker at one point, sneaks out of the back room, [...]

Drifter (Nomad Series #1) by Janine Infante Bosco5 star reviewReviewed on behalf of 2 girls who love books blog. I LOVED this story! I am a big fan of mc stories so I knew as soon as I read the synopsis of Drifter by Janine Infante Bosco that I was going to love it and I wasn’t disappointed! It was a page turner that kept me guessing all the way through! There are some very emotional scenes in this book and I found myself laughing one minute and crying the next. I totally took Stryker and Gina [...]

**WARNING**5 things you will need while reading this book:1)Tissue2)Tissue3)Tissue4)Tissue5)Tissue& only 1 thing you will NOT need:A bookmark!I devoured this book in one read! I seriously could not put it down!I really hope my review does this book justice.My heart was ripped out of my chest, shattered into tiny little pieces, sprayed down with lighter fluid, but was never set on fire. The events these 2 main character's faced are without a doubt real. I love Janine's writing style of tellin [...]

Drifter (The Nomad Series, book 1) by Janine Infante BoscoThis book is not for the faint at heart. A warning must be given for fellow readers who have triggers, to note that there is an adverse scene in this book. This book was Hot, dirty and a dark read. Stryker, the former marine turned nomad biker boy was everything and so much more. Gina was a strong sassy girl who played with the big boys. This story had so much going on and I have to commend the author for how well she wrapped everything u [...]

Five Amazing Stars! Stryker is a nomad biker, ex-marine, and haunted by demons. Gina is a heroin who gives as good as she takes. Stryker and Gina meet over a game of pool and have instant chemistry. What will become of two people that are total opposites. Please note that this book does deal with sensitive subjects so read with caution. The author had me laughing one moment and crying the next, I felt every emotion that was going through the characters. The story is well-written and I was hooked [...]

4.5 solid stars; almost a 5 starI really liked these characters and the story. This author has a style of writing that always grabs me and pulls me right into the story. This book is a spin off of her Tempted series. This one is a stand alone however most of the characters were introduced in that first series. It's a mix of a MC and the mafia. There are a lot of triggers in this book i.e. PTSD and the heroine's rape and emotional turmoil surrounding that. At first Gina tries to save Stryker with [...]

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This is the first book in the new Nomad Series by Janine Infante Bosco. I have read several books by Ms Bosco and have always enjoyed them and Ms Bosco did not fail to bring it with this new book. This new series seems to be a branch off of the Tempted Series which I truly loved. I was so excited when the MC was the main group in this series. These bad boys work hard, play hard, and most of all love hard. The chemistry between Stryker and Gina is off the charts. They needed each other even tho t [...]

What a great story. Honestly at first I was having trouble getting into it, I kept thinking I just didn't know if I would be able to stick with it. Then it happened. the clouds parted, the sun started shining and oh wow I started falling in love with it. Stryker and Gina are wonderful characters, and their stories will break your heart. One minute I'm laughing and then I'm crying. This book touches on so many hard tough subjects that will have your heart breaking for these people. This is truly [...]

Another amazing book by Janine Infante Bosco.Drifter is book one in the Nomad series and she started the series off with a Bang. Stryker and Gina's story flowed together so well that there wasn't even a dull moment. It was funny, emotionel, powerful, addictive and sexy. I highly recommend this book.

I need more stars 5 is so not enough for ANY of Janine's books. I love this book Bad boy meets his match. Stryker and Gina are my favorite couple. from the moment they meet they have chemistry and Gina gives him a run for his money . five facts are the best part of the book next to the steamy sex they haveI'm waiting on pins and needles for the next book.

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