Feeding the Ghosts

Fred D'Aguiar

Feeding the Ghosts

Feeding the Ghosts

  • Title: Feeding the Ghosts
  • Author: Fred D'Aguiar
  • ISBN: 9780060955939
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Paperback

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Inspired by a true story, this suspenseful and deeply moving novel chronicles an incident of courage and rebellion that took place aboard a disease riddled slave ship returning from Africa It was called Zong, and when disease threatens to infect all aboard, the ship s captain orders his crew to seize the sick men, women, and children and throw them into the sea But one fInspired by a true story, this suspenseful and deeply moving novel chronicles an incident of courage and rebellion that took place aboard a disease riddled slave ship returning from Africa It was called Zong, and when disease threatens to infect all aboard, the ship s captain orders his crew to seize the sick men, women, and children and throw them into the sea But one female slave, Mintah, survives drowning and secretly climbs back onto the ship From her hiding place, she attempts to rouse the remaining captives to rebel against the killings, becoming a dangerous force on the ship a force which is reckoned with in a shocking court case Powerful and poetic, Feeding the Ghosts is an unforgettable testimony to the struggle against oblivion and a reminder about history overlooked and truth distorted.

Recent Comments "Feeding the Ghosts"

Throughout Fred D’Aguiar’s factually-based novel one character is described and portrayed in full detail and complexity: Mintah. D’Aquiar’s novel chronicles the events aboard the slave ship Zong, where—under orders by Captain Cunningham—the crew throws 132 slaves overboard. In theory, Captain Cunningham issues the orders to “save” the rest of the crew and slaves from disease. In reality, the captain decided they will save on rations by reducing their “stock” and that the slav [...]

Translating the atrocity of the Zong into the genre of the novel, D'Aguiar does what fellow writers David Dabydeen and M. Nourbese Philip do not: he breathes vivacity into the dead and narrates the event not as if it were an inaccessible object lost in "The sea is history," as the novel's epigraph from Derek Walcott cites, but rather as if it lingers almost accessibly in the archive of language. While his story should be read as a tale of possibilities and certainly not one of certainties, there [...]

I'm at the library right now. I'm considering whether to give this book away. My brain tells me one thing--that I need to get lighter. That I need to slowly start shedding the bounds of material possessions and become lighter if I'm going to survive as a traveler in the coming years. My heart tells me another thing. It tells me that this book has the ability to heal. In this way, my plight is not so dissimilar than the plight of the captain of the Zong. I would love to leave this book someplace [...]

This genre of telling real historical events through the novel is one of my absolute favourite ways to learn about the past and this book tells the historically true story of the slave ship the Zong and the decision by the captain to toss 132 sick slaves into the sea to drown because they would fetch more money from the insurance pay out for dead slaves than at the auction block. One slave, Mintah survives being thrown into the sea, she wasn't sick but had been captured from a Christian mission [...]

A tragic, beautifully written story.

The story was so well written. It's one of those that when you stop reading, you can't help but continue to think about it and thinking when would you be able to pick it up again. It follows the story of African slaves, who are aboard a boat named 'Zong.' The Captain and his sailors come to the conclusion that due to the diseases that have spread among the African slaves and to their comrades, they must come with a solution to protect their cargo and supplies. Which brings them to the decision o [...]

Tok pusten fra meg.

Devastating. There were times when the imagery was so gruesome that I had to put it down. Nevertheless, I was really moved by the historiographic/fictionalized account it gives of the Zong disaster (in which 134 slaves were drowned, supposedly for being deathly sick and contagious, at sea, while en route from Africa to America). Mintah is such a bad-ass (for most of the novel), and the book emphasizes that heroism and hope really do persist, even when survival is tested to its absolute limits.Ho [...]

Low 3. The emotive and inspirational storyline centred on the horrors of the transatlantic trade held so much promise for this novel to attain greater prominence. The author's lyrical prose does, for the most part, do the material justice, but can overcomplicate. This aspect, together with the unnecessary intervention of a second narrator's philosophical interpretation of the events in the second half of the novel, loses the momentum and intensity which d'Aguiar had earlier achieved. The courage [...]

An equally brutal and lyrical fictionalised depiction of the events which took place on the slave ship, Zong, in 1783 as the Captain took the inhumanely harsh decision to throw over 130 of his "stock" overboard in order to make more profit by claiming for his loss through his investor's insurers.A emotionally challenging read which becomes ever more poetic in its portrayal of the sea, the land, the body and enforced captivity. At times the recounting of events becomes a little repetitive, but ul [...]

D'aguiar's lyrical writing is both breath-taking and heart-breaking, and I really enjoyed the layered story-telling. The flow of the narrative was a little jarring because of the different parts, but overall, I really liked this book.

Hard to forget.

a depiction of the murderous 1781 Zong voyage. the beginning was unbelievable, but the middle section bogged down a bit. Ultimately a harrowing read, but worth it.

More like 2.5.

Amazing fictional account based on a true story - a slave woman who fought back against her captors while at sea.Haunting novel.

I liked it. I really liked it. The star I took from it was because it was a bit too repetitive towards the end for it's own good. Really, it was a hard book to read, but totally worth it.

I don't know; it was ok, but stupid at times. It's a story about a slave ship crossing the Atlantic.

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