Love in the Light

Laura Kaye

Love in the Light

Love in the Light

  • Title: Love in the Light
  • Author: Laura Kaye
  • ISBN: 9781522863915
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Paperback

Two hearts in the darkness Makenna James and Caden Grayson have been inseparable since the day they were trapped in a pitch black elevator and found acceptance and love in the arms of a stranger Makenna hopes that night put them on the path to forever which can t happen until she introduces her tattooed, pierced, and scarred boyfriend to her father and three over protectTwo hearts in the darkness Makenna James and Caden Grayson have been inseparable since the day they were trapped in a pitch black elevator and found acceptance and love in the arms of a stranger Makenna hopes that night put them on the path to forever which can t happen until she introduces her tattooed, pierced, and scarred boyfriend to her father and three over protective brothers Must fight for love in the light Haunted by a childhood tragedy and the loss of his family, Caden never thought he d find the love he shares with Makenna But the deeper he falls, the he fears the devastation sure to come if he ever lost her, too When meeting her family doesn t go smoothly, Caden questions whether Makenna deserves someone better, stronger, and just normal Maybe they re too different and he s far too damaged after all

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*****FOUR YOU AND ME TIL THE END STARS*****ARC Provided by Author in Exchange for an Honest ReviewShe was the light to Caden's darkness and had been since they'd been trapped in that elevator. If anyone could take some of the weight off his shoulders, if anyone could make it easier for him to breathe, it would be her.I read Hearts in Darkness over two years ago and hell if I didn't think it was one of the hottest short stories I had ever read. I thought that the story had ended perfectly but t [...]

4-4.5 stars!I read Hearts in Darkness back in 2012 and it was one of the most memorable novellas I’ve ever read. I was intrigued by the concept and I wanted more of these characters. It’s been a while since it was released, but better late than never! Love in the Light gave me that ‘more’ I wanted from the novella. I loved getting more of Caden and Mackenna!It’s been a few months since that fateful day that Caden and Mackeena got stuck in that elevator together. A day that changed both [...]

1.5 - 2 StarsThis was a disappointing sequel in my opinion, and I am having a hard time rating it. I am also having a hard time putting my thoughts into words this morning, because, you know, But I'm sure I shall overcome.So stand by to stand by. NowThe reason I am having a hard time rating this is that - despite wanting to DNF this bad boy several times up until about the 50% mark - I really felt a kinship with Caden. Because CLINICAL DEPRESSION. It's real, it sucks, and I've struggled with it [...]

4 Stars!!I still remember how much I enjoyed “Hearts in Darkness” the first installment in the series. How unique and intriguing I found the premise and how much I fell for Caden and Makenna, the two main characters. Needless to say when I heard it will be a continuation of these characters’ story I was beyond excited. It’s been two months since Caden and Makenna got stuck in the elevator together. That encounter changed their lives for the better. They are still together and their relat [...]

It’s hard to see the light when history has put blinkers on you.Do you sometimes get bubbles of emotions that boil up inside when reading a book? I do. I’m one of those crazy chicks that read a book and cry in the emotional bits. Doesn't matter if I’m happy or I’m sad, my eyes leak. In Love in the Light, the bubbles were popping all over the place. Some of them were the happy bubbles that leave you with a goofy grin on your face. Then there’s the sexy bubbles, where you squirm at the f [...]

4 StarsTwo hearts in the darkness… Must fight for love in the light… Hearts in Darkness is one of my favorite favorite novellas even to this day. I read it years ago when it just came out and yet it's still a book I recommend to any reader that's looking for a quick read that not only packs on the steam, but has an amazing story to tie it all together. In just 112 pages, Laura Kaye managed to get a loyal fan out of me. I've been hoping that she would write more for this couple, so to say I w [...]

** 3-3,5 “a tad bit disappointed” STARS **“Then it’s you and me, ‘til the end. In the darkness and in the light.”I skimmed through at least 30% of it. Yes, I did. It wasn't bad, don't get me wrong. The author's touch on clinical depression was point-on, and quite impressive even, but for some reason I just couldn't get into the story, or the romance.OVERALL: Book#1 is, and will always be, one of my all-time favourite romance books EVER. If you still haven't gotten into it, I strongly [...]

4 "One Life/One Chance/No Regrets" Stars!Ok so I think many of us GR reviewers agreee that Hearts in Darkness was (and is) one of our favourites short stories. We all wanted more when it finished and I was over the top excited when Laura Kaye announced she was writing a sequel!! And I really really enjoyed it ;)Love in the Light is the second (and final) installment in the Hearts in Darkness series and it continues the story of Caden Grayson (a 'freaking gorgeous' tattooed and pierced man who is [...]

4 STARSThe second part of this duet was a lot heavier than I anticipated but also good. It begins two months after that fateful night where Caden and Mackenna were trapped in a dark elevator for over four hours with each other.Their together and trying to navigate a relationship with the reality of life and the daily pressures around them. This story took a look at the harsh reality of PTSD and clinical depression. With Caden's tragic past and his survivor's guilt, it was only natural for these [...]

There's going to be a sequel to Hearts in Darkness??

4.5 - When things are at their very worst and everything seems to be falling apart Stars!IT IS LIVE!!Links -: amzn/1Nh4NFt UK: goo/C1ThAXiBooks: goo/2GATIwKobo: goo/ZSMTgmBarnes and Noble: bit/1ZhgW0I Paperback: amzn/1SKUHAy Hearts in Darkness was one of the first Indie books I ever read. I stumbled across it on one day as a recommendation after buying another book, and my love affair with Laura Kaye’s writing and characters has been true and unbending ever since that fateful evening, when I [...]

Ok, I try not to do it often, butHave you seen this people??? I loved, loved, loved Hearts in Darkness and now we will have a sequel! BEST NEWS EVER

OMG!! SEQUEL to "HEARTS IN DARKNESS"!!!!!"Makenna James and Caden Grayson have been inseparable since the day they were trapped in a pitch-black elevator and found acceptance and love in the arms of a stranger. Makenna hopes that night put them on the path to forever—which can’t happen until she introduces her tattooed, pierced, and scarred boyfriend to her father and three over-protective brothers. Haunted by a childhood tragedy and the loss of his family, Caden never thought he’d find th [...]

★★★★ 4 Stars ★★★★ I read Hearts in Darkness back in August 2012, a short little novel about a man and a woman who get stuck in a lift together and do naughty things in the dark. It was a fabulous little read and ended with both characters deciding to meet up and get to know each other a little bit more. Almost 4 years later and we finally get the sequel that we have been waiting for, and I for one was thrilled to hear this news.Caden Grayson and Makenna James are navigating their [...]

4.5 stars"Then it's you and me, 'till the end. In the darkness and in the light."Aww, so sweet. I love Caden so much, I just wanted to hug him. And you know, this book really gave me the feels, which is impressive for a novella. I thought his depression was well written, and pretty realistic. I think most fans of the first book will love this, I really do. So, Laura Kaye is writing an MC series called Ride Hard, huh? hmmm. My br friends would probably faint if I actually read a biker book!

* 3.5 stars*“Aw, Red. I still love that elevator, too.”Hearts in darkness is easily one of my favourites. It’s a story of two strangers trapped in a pitch dark elevator for hours, during the course of time they form a strong connection and the story ended on a note of them being together. With the underlying theme of ‘love finds its way through the dark’, HID was rather a thoughtful and seemingly beautiful love story. And now in this sequel we see their struggle to keep the relationshi [...]

One Life, One Chance, No RegretsA few years ago I read Laura Kaye’s Hearts in Darkness and fell in love with Caden Grayson and Makenna James, two incredible people whose poignant (but too short) story stole my heart. I truly didn’t think anything could make their happy for now more beautiful, more heartwarming, more…perfect. I was wrong.Love in the Light is the sequel to Hearts in Darkness, and both are stories that rocked my world. Both are despairing yet hopeful, tragic yet joyous, deepl [...]

I was a little anxious going into this one. Some reviews indicated this book might not live up to the hype. Understandable, since I personally have waited 3 years to get this story & I know many people waited much longer than that. But my fears were dashed. I really adored this sweet story. Getting to know Caden and McKenna better solidified my original feeling of love for this couple. I'm completely satisfied with this book. In fact I'd venture as far as to say I actually enjoyed this one [...]

Shortly after joining back in 2012, I came across a novella called 'Hearts in Darkness'. I honestly don't remember if someone suggested I read it or if I saw the hot cover and bought but it doesn't matter I fell head over heels in love with Makenna and Caden. I think I reread it 3 or 4 times since. My most recent reread was just a couple of weeks ago in preparation for 'Love in the Light' release and I am happy to report that my feelings for this couple haven't changed one bit! Sure, we've all [...]

4 starsI'd say this was more a 3.5 star book for me but Im generous like that so I decided to round up. Anyways there was some storylines I could have done without but nothing that bugged me too much.What mattered to me the most was how connected I felt to these characters. Caden almost made me tear up a time or two. I know, shocking right?! Anyways this was a good follow up to book 1 and I'm happy we got to read about them being a couple.

Changed Rating from 5 to 3.5 StarsThis book has been a long time coming. As book one was exceptional to most of us I think are expectations are extremely high. This is the continuation of Makenna and Cayden’s love. It is set two months later after they meet in the elevator. Makenna and Cayden are going strong and as a couple I loved them together. Makenna is so very understanding. I would have liked her to at least flip a bit. But then again towards Cayden that would have been the wrong thing [...]

3.25 starsund up? round down? round up? round down? F*@k it - round downMy review will be unpopular to those who loved everything about the book. I have tried to tag anything I consider a spoiler, but my review overall is probably more suited to those who have read the book.Let me preface with stating I really loved the first book Hearts in Darkness. So naturally wanted to love this book. Unfortunately things happen in this book that just don't allow me to love it. I am thrilled Ms. Kaye listene [...]

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 STARS⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Loved it! Really a great follow up to the novella I've reread many times.So glad the author gave this to her readers.No stupid drama, just a really good romance story, great characters and intense chemistry. That ending and the epilogue was so sweet it brought tears to my eyes. And I'm not usually such a sap! lolMore reviews and book talk at : You can find me here as well ☞

They'd met after spending a night trapped in a pitch-black elevator together, and their bond had been fast and deep-- built on conversation that had revealed how much they had in common and a physical attraction that transcended appearances. If there'd ever been a silver lining around an otherwise bad situation, it had been having the freedom the darkness allowed to get to know him. And for him to get to know herAT IS WHY I LOVED 'HEARTS IN DARKNESS' and that elevator!'LOVE IN THE LIGHT' takes p [...]

Love in the Light is book 2 of Laura Kaye's Hearts in Darkness series. This is the conclusion to Caden's and Makenna's story. The story is sweet, beautifully written and sexy/steamy. The second book begins two months after Caden and Makenna meet in the darkness of a stuck elevator. Caden and Makenna have taken their relationship to the next level and are almost living together. Both are deeply in love with each other, (they don't admit it yet). It's Thanksgiving and Makenna brings Caden home to [...]

Blog review: sweptawaybyromance/2014 "I Will Fight For You" Stars!!I originally read Hearts in Darkness in 2012 and it instantly became one of my very favorite books. So much so I bought the audiobook so I can revisit Makenna and Caden whenever the mood struck. I've listened to it countless times and I've recommended it over and over to all my friends. Love in the Light is the sequel to Hearts in Darkness. Makenna is the light to Caden’s dark, their happily ever after doesn’t come easy but w [...]

Bem, sem duvida que gostei mais deste livro do que do anterior, Corações na escuridão. Muito sinceramente acho que um livro era suficiente para contar a história, mas pronto, assim a autora vez render o peixe. No fundo é um romancezito que acaba como é normal no romances, querem adivinhar como?

***4.5 Stars***" it’s you and me, ‘til the end. In the darkness and in the light."What a fantastic sequel to Hearts in Darkness! I don't remember much from the first book (I read it about six years ago), but that didn't matter one bit because in less than a chapter everything came rushing back to me. This emotional follow up tugged at my heart from beginning to end. I wasn't expecting all these feels! Caden's battle with anxiety and depression felt like a living breathing thing throughout th [...]

Two months after their meeting in ‘that elevator’ Makenna and Caden are living in loved up bliss. That is, until a visit to Makennas family over thanksgiving causes Caden’s tensions to flare and when his first meeting of her family doesn’t go smoothly he doubts that he could ever be good enough for Makenna. What starts as doubt soon turns into a downward spiral into depression that gets more and more difficult to get out of. Impossibly, Caden was even more loveable in this book. His desp [...]

The storyline for this sequel has no high point. The dialogues bore me to tears. The drama is as predictable as it gets. Contrived plots draw me to the IDC territory throughout the book.

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