The Glory Field

Walter Dean Myers

The Glory Field

The Glory Field

  • Title: The Glory Field
  • Author: Walter Dean Myers
  • ISBN: 9780590458986
  • Page: 292
  • Format: Paperback

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An exciting, eye catching repackage of acclaimed author Walter Dean Myers bestselling paperbacks, to coincide with the publication of SUNRISE OVER FALLUJA in hardcover Those shackles didn t rob us of being black, son, they robbed us of being human This is the story of one family A family whose history saw its first ancestor captured, shackled, and brought to this couAn exciting, eye catching repackage of acclaimed author Walter Dean Myers bestselling paperbacks, to coincide with the publication of SUNRISE OVER FALLUJA in hardcover Those shackles didn t rob us of being black, son, they robbed us of being human This is the story of one family A family whose history saw its first ancestor captured, shackled, and brought to this country from Africa A family who can still see remnants of the shackles that held some of its members captive even today It is a story of pride, determination, struggle, and love And of the piece of the land that holds them together throughout it all.

Recent Comments "The Glory Field"

This is what some others call a never again book. It isn't the worst, but it definitely isn't good. As soon as you start getting wrapped up, and think your okay with reading this they change to another decade. Here's the chapters:July 1753, page threeMarch 1864 page sevenApril 1900 page forty-one May 1930 page seventy-sevenJanuary 1964 page one hundred fifteen August 1994 page one hundred fifty-nine Two hundred, the end. That itself is completely disturbing. I have to read this for language arts [...]

In a brief 375 pages, Walter Dean Myers, in his novel "The Glory Field", covers roughly 250 years in the history of a black family, spanning multiple generations. Starting with the abduction of an 11-year-old boy named Muhammad Bilal off the coast of West Africa in 1753, the novel follows key events in the lives of the progeny of Muhammad, from slavery to the Civil War to Reconstruction to the Civil Rights Movement to present day (or 1994, which is when the book was published).A symbolic family [...]

I had a difficult time deciding whether or not I wanted to rate this as historical fiction. Since the majority of the book takes place before my students were born, I decided that they would consider it historical fiction and so should I.I read The Glory Field as part of my classes' author study of Walter Dean Myers. I don't know what in particular drew me to this particular book out of all the choices available. I think I just liked the title.I had a difficult time following the timeline and fa [...]

I am a big fan of Walter Dean Myers because I think that he writes in a style that is real and easy for teens to relate to. However, this book is different from some of his others. It is the story of an African-American family told in the first person by each of its narrators from their time as slaves in the later 1700's to the mid-nineties. Some people equate it to Roots. The novel shows the struggle and strength of the family over the generations. It ties into many of the key historical events [...]

This book is HORRIBLE. Horrible with a capitol "H"! It is a very long book that goes on and on and on about the same thing. There is no action what-so-ever, and is quite boring. I feel bad for any other student who had to read this book. On top of it all, every 80 pages, the setting, main character, and time period changed, just to confuse you. I would not recommend this book to anyone. But, if I HAD to recommend "The Glory Field" to anyone, I would to the older aged people, because they may app [...]

Me and Mr. Walter Dean Myers—ugh we have such a tortured reading relationshipI love his books, have a library fairly well stocked with his literary cannon as he writes for my audience of beautiful young black and brown children and their issues—however I struggle with his writing styleIts not easy or fluid to meHe is challenging, kinda disjointed in his sequencing and asks a lot of you to finish his storiesHe is not for every reader and I find myself putting his books down to refocus a lot b [...]

This was a very long book, but ultimately a good book. I found that, as the subject matter lightened and became more contemporary to present day, the writing became lighter and more humorous. I didn't exactly expect Myers to make jokes about slave ships, but I laughed more frequently in the later decades. I enjoyed the connections between decades as characters reappeared and themes persisted. After so very many pages, I was satisfied, but I wonder if this family saga needed to be quite so long.

Great book for young adults. I enjoyed the portrayal of people fighting for freedom, dignity, and their identities throughout history. This would be a great way to teach my students about experiences that are foreign to most of them. I think literature is so helpful in teaching empathy and history, and this book is great for that.

I really struggled getting into this book. If it hadn't been assigned for my field experience I probably would never had finished it. The story starts back in 1743 with the first descendant of the Lewis family, Muhammed, being captured and brought to American to be a slave. The book is made up of five shorter chronological stories that are about the descendants of Muhammed. The history of the family and a piece of land in South Carolina called "The Glory Field," tie the stories together. It is i [...]

I read this book for English class and ended up really enjoying it! The book is the story of the Lewis family, and their struggles through slavery and racism. I like how it takes you from the first generation when slavery was just starting up in the 1700's, through the late 1800's, 1930's, the civil rights movement in the 60's, and eventually to the modern day. Each section follows a further generation of the family, organized by dates (April 1880, July 1963, etc.) but usually you will see chara [...]

Interesting life of a family of former slaves and what takes place w/each generation.Brings to light again why the Election of Mr. Obama was so important in this years election.I am a WASP, however w/50%Irish/Scot background and other half being German, these groups were slandered against but not at the level of African-Americans. Mr. Myers brings forth this message of hope for each generation from the Civil War to present in the Lewis family.

Abt the lives of african americans from the past to the present.How african american people went through alot of things to overcome their freedom. It starts from the edge of slavery (when a girl escapes with her two freinds despite the danger ahead.) all the way up to the present. The book is filled with lots of emotions and at the begining when lem died, I felt so sad and so on to the end. anyone cud read this book bcuz it is awsum for any age grup, if u can read.

this book seems to have not keep my attention through out the reading

Probably actually 3.5. Very interesting story. More to say later.

This book is L-A-M-E (no offence Walter)

I really enjoyed this book. I thought it did a great job of tying together the story of the generations of a black family over the course of American history. Myers does a good job of reflecting the thinking of the protagonists in different periods and how they connected to the family's roots. It was a fast read and used some unique literary devices to tie together the family members throughout the book. The ending was excellent.

This book changed my life when i first read it when i was a teen. Till this day this book is my top five greatest books of all time.

I think that this book has an amazing plot. I transfers from century to century, making paths of all the generations of the Lewis family. This book really shows you what change looks like. It is really amamzing how Walter Dean Myers shows how people were less priveledged than us today. I really learned a lot from this book.

My students will soon be reading this book and I had to stay on top of things to read it before they did.I thought this was an interesting story, especially in its narration. All told, the story covers something like 250 years of Lewis family history. It begins with their first ancestor as he was brought over from Africa on a slave ship and continues through their family tree from there.I thought the narration was really cool, once I got used to it. We get to see a snippet of what life was like [...]

Published by in January of 1994.The Glory Field is the story of an African-American family and their tie to a piece of land on Curry Island in South Carolina.Reminiscent of the James Michener sagas that follow the same format, The Glory Field is not nearly as detailed or as rich as a Michener selection. However, Michener's primary audience was adults and Myers' intended audience is young adults, most of whom would not have the patience or the courage to pick up a 1,000+ page book.Myers has brok [...]

I liked the idea of this book, but I found the reality to be slow, dull, and unconnected. The image of the glory field reappeared from time to time, but not compellingly enough, not like the trees of Mildred D. Taylor's "Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry." The author's idea to follow a family from slavery in the 1700s through today was excellent, but I found nearly every time period bogged down in long dialogue instead of character development or plot - just people talking and talking and talking, es [...]

The book "The Glory Field" by Walter Dean Meyers is a gripping novel that completely portrays the story of a black family from the old times of slavery to the here and now of modern times. During the book, you are taken into five different lives, each differing in the generation they are living in and the crisis' they are facing. the similarity that is shared between the teenagers is that each grows in their maturity level through the struggle of the crisis they face. This amazing book perfectly [...]

The book "The Glory Field" was interesting book to me because the story was based on something that really happened in that time. It kept my attention the whole read by letting me feel what slaves felt back then and how strong they were. Telling the story of families that went through slavery without ever knowing what to expect. Sharing the many experincings that hey force to deal with everyday of their slavehood. I gave "Glory Field" four stars becasue I like the detail given throuhout the stor [...]

Because the book was almost like a set of short stories, it was hard to connect to the characters and stay intrigued with the focus completely shifting every 30-40 pages or so. The dialogue was also quite boring at times. However, I thought that it was fantastic to see the threads of family, unity, pride, freedom, and overcoming affliction/racism/suffering through the multigenerational story. By the time I reached the end I felt it was definitely worth the read, but in the midst of it, it was al [...]

The Glory Field is about this family telling all their different parts in the story focusing on their land and where they worked. The Lewis family were slaves that were brought from Seirra Leone to South Carolina. After the Civil War, they were given some land very close to a plantation where they were owned by a white dude. The stories were told by Eli, Malcolm, Lizzy, Tommy, and Muhammad. To sum it up, the novel told the tale of a strong family living on the land that their slave ancestors had [...]

The Glory Field follows the Lewis family for generations, from Muhammad Bilal, a slave brought from Africa, to Malcolm Lewis, a young man who is looking for his identity as a black man in America. Muhammad's shackles are passed down from generation to generation; the shackles, along with a small plot of land called the Glory Field, symbolize the stuggles and triumphs of the family. I described this to my students as Roots for young adults. The Glory Field is a beautifully written, moving story a [...]

This excellent novel traces a black family from the first ancestor brought to America from Africa to a young descendant searching for who he is and where he belongs in 1994’s world and finding part of his answer in his family. These two characters form the ends of the novel, a series of intersecting stories of the rest of the family surviving as slaves at the time of the Civil War, struggling against the KKK at the turn of the century, reacting against tradition in the 1930’s, participating [...]

A very inspirational book that shows, in great detail, the events in history that have changed the lives of African Americans. Starting out in the 1700's, the Lewis Family's ancestor, Muhammad, bound in chains, is shipped out to America, wondering if he will ever be free. The book finally ends in 1994 with Malcolm Lewis, a fifteen year old discovering what it means to be an African American man. Along the way, he learns of his ancestry and the importance of the Glory Field, a field that his fami [...]

I would give this book 3 and 1/2 stars if I was able to. I thought the idea of tracing a family through time was a really great one. However, I was left wanting to know more as each generation passed. There were characters, such as Lem, that I wanted to know more about. Also, the reader was left wondering why Tommy decided to marry Jennie and not Mandy. I think that more time spent with each generation would have made a greater impact on the reader than cutting it off short. However, I would sti [...]

i think this book has great meaning. it shows us how difficult life was for slaves, and make us think how our life would have been for us if their was still slavery. at some points of the book i felt quite disconnected and bored since the main idea of the book was quite easy to figure out just by reading the first ten pages of the book. this book shows us the different generations of slaves in a family. it shows how some were able to escape slavery while others were capture, how people at that t [...]

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