Hero at Large

Timothy Ellis

Hero at Large

Hero at Large

  • Title: Hero at Large
  • Author: Timothy Ellis
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Kindle Edition

An alternate cover for this ASIN can be found here.Jonathon Hunter has evoked the wrath of 27th century pirates With his twin sexy bodyguards, Jonathon seeks to come to grips with station life in a suddenly hostile universe Celebrity, gratitude, sudden attacks and a mysterious prophecy are than most 18 year old s can handle A reluctant hero, Jonathon is on a journeAn alternate cover for this ASIN can be found here.Jonathon Hunter has evoked the wrath of 27th century pirates With his twin sexy bodyguards, Jonathon seeks to come to grips with station life in a suddenly hostile universe Celebrity, gratitude, sudden attacks and a mysterious prophecy are than most 18 year old s can handle A reluctant hero, Jonathon is on a journey, seemingly out of his time, but always in time The Hunter Legacy series 1 Hero at large 2 Hunted Hero Hunting 3 Send in the Hero 4 Make or Break the Hero 5 Hail the Hero forthcoming

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I read it and enjoyed it for the most part. My issues resided in the Marty Stu of the main character and the lack in the science of this work. The characters are colorful and intriguing, but not with the depth of other books.I am interested by the universe that has been created, but I will not be continuing.

This well written, engrossing and fascinating series begins here with a high adventure, well paced story of a boy becoming a warrior. Read this book and you'll be hooked.

Okay, I know that I am not necessarily the target audience for this book, but I have to say I really enjoyed it. The science is a bit (to say the least) fanciful and the story puts me in mind of the musing of a young man daydreaming about being a hero (always saving the day, always accepted, always getting the medals, and of course, always getting the girl); but who cares. The writing is good, the storyline is interesting, the action is just right, and most importantly, the characters are people [...]

Gadgets, Space combat, and LootA few things I didn't like, but many of the themes I enjoy. It's been a while since I found a decent space opera read. I needed my gadget fix, my space combat medicine, and my dose of wild adventure on the frontier of space. Toss in pirates and salvaging, and a young hero coming of age, and you have hit the sweet spot as far as I am concerned. I could have done without the prophecy, It was an unecessary story breaker for me and the attempt at spirituality was less [...]

It's a decent story. In the past I would give this book 4-5 stars, but recently a learn a new word,"plot armor", and I think the plot armor in this book is rather thick. The beginning is good, you got a MC that seem ordinary but have a hidden strength.Continue forward, the author started to throw all sort of talent to him, and mixed all culture altogether, it's not that bad, but everything become shallow.I also have problem with the idea that the MC have. The idea his having is rather ordinary, [...]

A fun little space romp that's easy to sit back and enjoy. Personally I felt the spirituality and prophecy aspects were really out of place and awkward however it's pretty obvious they're going to play a bigger part with some serious significance to the story in later volumes so it's pretty easy to blow past and enjoy the book for what it is. I'm aware that all sounded quite negative but Timothy Ellis has a smooth writing style with a fun idea and it's easy to just go along with the story so I w [...]

A fast paced space adventure. Enjoyable read. The story revolves around Jon, a young man who steps up to shine during an pirate attack. Jon is unsure of his abilities, but seems to have enough ability and luck to spare. Easily suspended my disbelief and kept me hooked to the story. Several hints of a bigger, more important destiny for Jon.

Great Space Saga with a great heroThere is a wonderful lightness and youthful exuberance that is beautifully captured in this first volume of the Hunter Legacy. The novel is well written and packed with action. It is great to see an Aussie Universe and a story with a hint of a spiritual side. This is a thoroughly enjoyable read! Thank you Mr. Ellis.

Excellent series, I hope there are many more!! Its an interesting series, some would say things are too easy, but i found it very entertaining!!

Good fast read very enjoyable.Needs a little more editing but a great read, fun, exciting and leaves you wanting for more. Ready for prime time as they say.

Pretty goodReminds me of E. E. Smith. Hero prevails against overwhelming odds. Simplistic sexual scenes. Curious entertainment references. Is hero from the past?

Not to BadVery easy and fun to read. Love the story line. Great characters, especially the Hero and his "bodyguards". I just hope book two is not a let down.

Very fun read

Awesomely terribleHere's a brief synopsis:Marty Sue, magic, Marty Sue.The writing isn't terrible. I mean, words are used properly, and everything is paced well.There's the prophecy, and the magic belts, and an 18yr old kid from a backwater planet flys better than experienced pilots, and he redesigns ships and computer interfaces in ways no one else has ever thought of, and then there are the twins. Twin female bodyguards he shares some mystic connection with.Thankfully, the author only uses two [...]

If you detach the analytical part of your brain, the storyline is good, if basic and predictable. The young hero can do no wrong in his technical choices (which no-one has thought of before) of spaceship design, in a universe that has space pirates somehow making a living in the barren environment of space. If you accept that, the greater stumbling block, not confined just to this author, is that the physics just don’t work. The spaceships involved can speed up easily, can slow down and stop b [...]

This is a true Space Opera. Great Hero pursued by Space Pirates. Hero has great pilot skills he did not know he had. Jonathon Hunter is the Hero. And this Story is great. What's better is, it is a series! For a great Old Style Science Fiction Story to read, this is it!!Good Read, Santa Mike

Good startGreat story, like the way it sets up a series. Larger than life characters. Tight action. Good read if you like military sci fi, or space opera.

Just the way I like my adventures. Starts out at a trot, right into a gallop, and sets a nice pace for several laps, and finishes strong.

Hero at LargeLot's of action, well written and fast moving. Jon learns fast about being a space pilot and about being a young man.

Good one. Not.Kindle Unlimited ~ YAY!!!I gave this 5-stars because I liked it a lot even though it is so not my usual genre preference and it's highly unlikely that I'm even close to resembling the demographic target reader. Kudos.Then I changed my rating to 1 star. Heads up on this one. It's a long series (13 books) and written by a gamer. Gamer. Big hint. Hang in there and when you hit the end, the resolution is a reset to an earlier start point and an alternate path that "happened" outside of [...]

really enjoyed this series, even with the religious stuff woven in. all fit in nicely. thank you for some good reading time.

Great book!Excellent book. Really engaging and loved the characters. Can't wait to start the next book in the series as son as I can download it.

I reserve one star for books that I just could not finish. I finished this so it gets two, barely.The plot is paper thin, and quickly becomes unbelievable. The author appears to have little or no understanding of physics. I am not talking exotic theoretical physics, but basic Newtonian physics get thrown out. He talks about some ships being faster than another. In space, that is crap. One may be able to out accelerate another, thrust to mass ratio and all, but once in motion it will stay in moti [...]

Written AnimeHero is better than military forces, better at ship design than ship designers, and the most creative user of a specialized suit. Dreaded enemies are dumb and poor fighters that have terrorized whole regions of space for decades. Also, there is basically a harem for the hero, just like an anime. Finished it and will read the next one (with suspended belief), hence the 3 star rating.

A Fun Racy RompAfter reading Admiral Jane, I wanted to read more from this author in this universe. I therefore went to the preceding series featuring Jon Hunter. I like the story and characters. Jon is highly competent and gets more so as the story proceeds. A bit of romance occurs with his twin bodyguards plus one. He gets injured but mostly comes out ahead against the revenge driven pirates. I look forward to the next book in the saga.

Frakking Awesome ReadTo the Author, thank you very much for writing this Franking Awesome Series and I just finished with the first book!!!!!!! If you offered this story to any of the Big Houses to publish, There Trekking loss!! Now enough said, Sorry I have too start on book two of this series!

Easy read, interesting tie-ins to sci fi

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