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Poppy Pickle

Poppy Pickle

  • Title: Poppy Pickle
  • Author: Emma Yarlett
  • ISBN: 9781783701759
  • Page: 421
  • Format: Hardcover

Poppy has the most extraordinary imagination When she is sent upstairs to tidy her room, she just can t help imagining and suddenly her imagination literally comes alive Soon her room is jam packed with all kinds of weird and wonderful creatures There s a problem, though the mammoth puts his foot through the floor and the hungry crocodile thinks Poppy would make aPoppy has the most extraordinary imagination When she is sent upstairs to tidy her room, she just can t help imagining and suddenly her imagination literally comes alive Soon her room is jam packed with all kinds of weird and wonderful creatures There s a problem, though the mammoth puts his foot through the floor and the hungry crocodile thinks Poppy would make a tasty snack Poppy needs to get rid of all these creatures FAST but how

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Sometimes a children's book comes across my hands and strikes my fancy so much that I decide to review it. I love love love books that showcase the wild imaginations of children. There is just something so pure about that innocence and freedom. Poppy is sent to clean her room and instead her imagination takes control and the most crazy part of all, her imaginations come to life. But as things do, it soon gets out of control and Poppy needs to figure a way out to make order happen. This book is n [...]

A wooly mammoth with a monocle? A chimp playing a cello? All sorts of outrageous things exist in Poppy Pickle's imaginationwhich often gets her into trouble. One day, after an incident with a flying cat and her father's head, Poppy is sent upstairs to clean her room, but instead of tidying up she starts imagining all kinds of incredible animals and things and what's even more incredible is they start to appear in her bedroom! Of course, her room is soon overrun with creatures and Poppy has to fi [...]

love this book!makes a great read-aloud

Really cute book with wonderful illustrations! Great book to teach kids about using their imagination.

"Does she not want to eat that hot dog? Because he has a face?"

I'm a sucker for great illustration.

A little girl named Poppy has a big imagination! At first, that's all it is, but then it starts to bring her imaginings to life! Her parents are dubious at first, but it's hard to stay doubting when confronted with a (view spoiler)[Wooly Mammoth (hide spoiler)]!Poppy's super active imagination is fun, but it also shows a ting of the dark side to a vivid imagination (which actually can be a good thing to help parents/siblings/kids understand, especially if they or someone they know has problems w [...]

Poppy Pickle has a big imagination which is under appreciated by her family. When ordered to go clean her room, her imagination takes over and her imagined creatures become real. The creatures become more and more destructive until Poppy can think of a way to get rid of them. A clever story with vibrant mixed media illustrations make this a fun book for those who like a little out of control mayhem in their stories. It is humorous enough for a reading at a library storytime or in classroom setti [...]

Poppy Pickle is a young girl full of imagination, color and fun. Some of the things she imagines inner brain are:a giant talking hotdog, a mariachi bear, a candy tree and a castle made of cake. One day, while cleaning her room something weird happened. Her imagination came alive! All of the crazy things she had dreamed of were suddenly in her room. One problem is that she is supposed to be cleaning her room. Will she get her room clean in time? What else will her imagination create? This is such [...]

Poppy Pickle was always bound to get in trouble. One day after she had been sent to clean her room her imagination took flight. What she imagined became real and before you knew it her room was crowded and full of imagined objects and creatures. Poppy's parents were on their way upstairs to her room and she had to get rid of everything she imagined What will Poppy do?I very much enjoyed this book. I thought it had a super fun concept and the pictures made it very fun and interesting. I would use [...]

This is the story of Poppy whose imagination comes to life. One day when she is supposed to be cleaning her room her imagination explodes with all sorts of creatures that come alive and fill her room including a woolly mammoth and a crocodile. They create quite a mess and Poppy gets in trouble for being too creative. But this all changes when her parents are finally able to see what she is talking about. This book is a fun creative read on imagination and I loved the illustrations! I would use t [...]

This is an amazing story about how your imagination can get the best of you but with quick thinking you can pull yourself out of the jam. The illustrations are incredible. Perfect for an imagination storytime.

Poppy's in a pickle of her own making.

What a wonderful book to bring imagination alive because literally Poppy Pickle's imagination comes alive! It is so fun and creative. (And its a little funny to say Poppy Pickle 10x fast)

love the illustrations and the story!

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Loved this fun book! Lots of little side comments for the adults, too.

This book is endearing as a one-on-one read or a read-a-loud to a group. There is humor for both kids and adults. Plus, it's a book you can read multiple times without tiring.

Poppy has an imagination that gets her into trouble.


Great for little girls with a big imagination!

There are times when your imagination can run too wild.Imagination

Poppy is full of imagination and sometimes it gets her in a pickle. She has to clean her room but gets busy imagining and now everything she imagines comes alive! Her imagination is full of crazy and fun things. Now her room is filled with weird and wonderful creatures and is now an even bigger mess. She tries unimagining them and it doesn't work. But will her parents believe her excuse? I really liked this book and I thought it was so fun!! The pages are filled with color and with each page I w [...]

I read Emma Yarlett's Nibbles: The Book Monster, and just adored it (hoping there will be more Nibbles someday), and decided to go on a hunt for other books by this author/illustrator. Thus I tumbled upon this one. This was such a delightful, imaginative, sweet, colourful, fun, wonderful, cute, hilarious book, it brought a big smile on my face, and I also laughed quite a few times. The book is all about Poppy. Poppy who often tends to get into a pickle because of her imagination, like throwing a [...]

POPPY PICKLEWritten and Illustrated by Emma Yarlett2015; 32 PagesTemplar PublishingGenre: children's, picture book, imagination4 1/2 Poppy Pickle has a great imagination - an imagination that gets her in trouble with her parents. When Poppy is sent to her room to clean her big imagination takes over. Only thing that would get her out of this pickle is to make her parents see her imagination. LOVE the pictures and story in this book. It is so fun and smart. A great book for any child with a BIG i [...]

Humorous book--most of the humor being in all the speech bubbles. Too many and a little too squiggly to try to read those in preschool or school-age storytime. Could do lap-read with a preschool child, but they will miss the humor. Will probably follow the story just fine, though. (Which is worth considering for ST if speech bubbles are omitted--best part, but can work.) School-age read-alone is probably best for this one as they can enjoy the humor in the text as well as the illustrations.A who [...]

Loved poppy pickle. Poppy is a little girl with an big imagination that gets her into trouble. The illustrations are amazing and the story is wonderfully imaginative. The end papers include a a hilarious disclaimer letting the reader know that no "talking hotdog" was harmed in the production of this book. Great story for precocious little ones who have a lot of energy and inventive brains.

I feel like her biggest inspiration is Oliver Jeffers or maybe they both are for each other, either way they both rock as far as story tellers and illustrators. The pictures are gems, little trinkets of art goodies I love to gobble up, smile and show my kids.

Audience: Preschool / Grade school Illustrations: Awesome!Plot / Review: Thing Poppy should be doing: Cleaning her room. Thing she is actually doing: conjuring anything she can imagine into life. This is a funny little that kids will definitely enjoy. Read Aloud: Yes

Penny pickle has a huge imagination which often gets her into trouble. Today she is sent to her room and all her imaginations come to life. What will she do? And will anyone bieleve her? Preschool and up for humor and small text bubbles.

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