Ant Farm

James M. Jackson

Ant Farm

Ant Farm

  • Title: Ant Farm
  • Author: James M. Jackson
  • ISBN: 9781943166008
  • Page: 331
  • Format: Paperback

Financial crimes consultant Seamus McCree combats the evil behind the botulism murders of 38 retirees at their picnic outside Chillicothe, OH He also worms his way into the Cincinnati murder investigation of a church friend s fianc and finds police speculate the hit may have been the mistake of a dyslexic killer.Seamus uncovers disturbing information of financial chicaneFinancial crimes consultant Seamus McCree combats the evil behind the botulism murders of 38 retirees at their picnic outside Chillicothe, OH He also worms his way into the Cincinnati murder investigation of a church friend s fianc and finds police speculate the hit may have been the mistake of a dyslexic killer.Seamus uncovers disturbing information of financial chicanery and in the process makes himself and his son targets of those who have already killed to keep their secrets.

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Ant Farm (Seamus McCree #1) by James M. Jackson is a wonderfully written who-done-it that has excellent characters and great suspense. Loved the plot and the twists and the humorous moments. I haven't read any of his books before but I plan to after this. Well done, enjoyed this book tremendously. This was a kindle scout book so win-win.

Did you or your kids ever have an ant farm? Remember the thin thing with glass on both sides holding in dirt and ants. You could watch the ants dig new tunnels, carry food back and forth and go about their daily lives. Jim Jackson says financial crime is as transparent as an ant farm—all you have to do is watch the ants scurry. Or you can smash the glass and follow one ant. You’ll have to read his new novel, Ant Farm, to figure out which option Seamus McCree chooses in this his third outing. [...]

Ant Farm is a tightly woven thriller that introduces us to James Jackson's Seamus McCree. As a prequel it accomplishes more than just the introduction of a character but brings us into the financial world and its many deceptions through a murder mystery. The procedures in both McCree's unit and the police interactions I found extremely believable and well-researched. Jackson's style of writing reminds me of Michael Connelly's, with a very smooth narrative tone with a dry humor to it. I did feel [...]

Jim Jackson​ nails a first line? "I flicked on the porch light and discovered grief standing in front of my door." I loved ANT FARM, the prequel to his other two Seamus McCree mysteries. The twists of plot just kept on giving, and his characters felt like real people, especially Seamus and his hacker son, Paddy. The writing was deep, the crimes intriguing. Read the book. You won't be able to put it down!

If you haven't read James M. Jackson's previous novels (Bad Policy and Cabin Fever) in the Seamus McCree mystery series, this prequel is a fine place to start. Fast paced, with fully drawn characters, Jackson draws us in with the skill of an accomplished storyteller. If you have read his previous books, never fear! Ant Farm will fill in those "before" blanks nicely, while holding up as a standalone mystery. But reader beware: Seamus IS addictive!

This is the second book I've read (and reviewed) in the Seamus McCree series. I nominated Ant Farm in the Kindle Scout program and made a good choice because the book was selected for publication. Seamus is an interesting character, solving financial crimes in a different way than most investigators: he uses his brain. I had to use mine to keep up with the shifty shenanigans and multiple plots, but it was worth it in the end. Great secondary characters too, which in my opinion is necessary for a [...]

This is a Kindle Scout book, and, as one who voted for it, I got a free copy before publication. And, I'm sooo glad. This is a thriller, but, I'd say, also a more traditional mystery, as it is a puzzle as well. The puzzle part is the plot, as nuanced and devious as any reader could hope for. The thriller part is the impending danger involved for the hero, his son, and assorted other characters (not to mention the victims). The characters are a mix of likable and some you really hope see their co [...]

Jim Jackson's latest Seamus McCree mystery is like that old girlfriend who shows up at the reunion ever hotter than you remember. You can feel Seamus' fatigue at the beginning of the book, his reluctance to get pulled into anything over which he doesn't have control. But, like all good detectives, just a taste of intrigue is enough to keep him coming back for more. Filled with interesting characters and great relationships between them, Ant Farm is a lively read. Say hi to that old flame.

Good read by an author new to me. I'll definitely be following up with the rest of this series. Likable, well-developed characters, a really twisty plot, and non-stop action. I read this book in one go, stopping only for meals. Definitely worth your time.

It pains me to give Ant Farm 3 stars because it is good book. I give it 3 stars because I don't like the ending. It feels rushed and forced. A little too unrealistic for my liking. But, I quite enjoy the book. Cannot wait to read another Seamus McCree story.


Awesome Book!This was such an awesome book! Great mystery,plot,and characters. It kept me guessing and was so good,it was hard to put down. Highly recommend this to all mystery lovers!

Pretty good mystery - little technical and a little long

When one thinks about dangerous careers, accountants and actuaries don't jump to mind. But when Seamus McCree wonders about 38 deaths from botulism at a retirees' picnic and a fellow church choir member asks him to look into her fiance's death, financial crimes consultant McCree turns to the numbers.Like Deep Throat's advice to Bernstein and Woodward, "Follow the money." Seamus' hunt through the profit and loss columns stirs up enough financial malfeasance to make him the target of a professiona [...]

Having already read "Bad Policy" and "Cabin Fever" by Jim Jackson, I was thoroughly impressed by his third book--but the prequel--in his series about Seamus McCree. I enjoyed both of his earlier novels, but "Ant Farm" shows his growth in strong writing, narrative voice, plot organization, and characterization. It is quite a roller coaster of a ride in the financial world, with greed and murder along for company on the trip.In "Ant Farm," he has truly fleshed out Seamus McCree with all his streng [...]

First, I have to say I love the title. If you've ever had an ant farm or watched a bunch of ants scurrying around their hill, you'll get it. And Seamus McCree is the perfect person to sort out all the activity. He's a complex character, a sleuth who uses his mind to solve the puzzle and isn't too proud to ask for help when he needs it. He respects the rules, but isn't a slave to them. The plot is interesting, full of surprising turns that keep you guessing, but which make sense once they happen. [...]

Forensic accounting and actuarial shenanigans are dry, foreign territory for me, so I approached this novel with some trepidation. There was no need; I was swept up immediately by James Jackson's writing and connected easily with the protagonist, Seamus McCree, the hero of Jackson's ongoing mystery series, in what turned out to be a well-paced, multi-faceted murder mystery. I enjoyed the first person point of view, which gives the reader access to McCree's interior world, and a strong narrative [...]

Ant Farm: A Prequel (Seamus McCree Mysteries) by James M. Jackson Ant Farm:  A Prequel (Seamus McCree Mysteries) by James M. Jackson is an unusual book. Even though it is a prequel, it can stand alone.  I gave it four stars.  It kept my interest because of the protagonist Seamus McCree.  Some of the insurance terminology was difficult to follow. "I flicked on the porch light & discovered grief standing in front of my door."  That first sentence hooked my attention. Seamus is gifted at [...]

Seamus McCree, former stock analyst and currently a financial crimes analyst for a private investigations group, is called on to investigate the death of 38 people who died eating potato salad at a Memorial Day picnic. When it is discovered that botulism was introduced into the food on purpose, McCree is looking for a financial motive for the crime. The event was a picnic for union retirees of the Chillicothe Machine Company. He’s helped by his nineteen year old son Paddy.This book is a thrill [...]

Lots of action.I really liked the twist and turns in this story. It really kept me in suspense and I didn't want to stop reading.

What I loved most about Ant Farm are the vivid characters. I actually felt like I was in the room, car, etc with Seamus McCree. An awesome sequel that is suspenseful till the end.

Ant Farm: A PrequelThis could have been a good story if it hadn't been so long with with unnecessary dialogue. It is readable but tends to get tiresome.

PrequelA very nice introduction to a new author for me. I look forward to reading further Seamus McCree mysteries. I recommend this book.

Started slow but the action finally picked up. Some of the near misses seemed far-fetched in how lucky Seamus got, but by the end, I was rooting for him to figure things out.

An excellent prequel. No wonder it was picked as one of the first kindle scout publications (available in print too)

4 stars! Seamus McCree!

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