8House: Arclight #1

Brandon Graham Marian Churchland

8House: Arclight #1

8House: Arclight #1

  • Title: 8House: Arclight #1
  • Author: Brandon Graham Marian Churchland
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 209
  • Format: None

A lady of the blood house has had her mind trapped in a strange alien root body She s hiding on the outskirts of her kingdom until she learns that the alien monster pretending to be her has returned The first issue of a shared fantasy universe Sharp genderqueer knights, blood magic, music, dancing, and a goose.

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I picked this up on a recommendation from my local comic shop retailer and the people who work there. I literally knew nothing about this other than it's kind of fantastical and very odd this is an accurate description but for me the biggest attraction of this was that it's made up of some STUNNING artwork and the design is really beautiful for both the characters and the world.The artist who is working alongside Brandon Graham for the first two issues is Marian Churchland and I've never encount [...]

It'd be great if Marian Churchland's name was listed underneath the title on . Y'know, up there ^ (edit: it's been updated!). It's her art that really tells the story in issue 1 of Arclight; a comic I've been so keeeeen to get my hands on. Brandon's kooky story is ace too. It's all kinda weird and dreamy and abstract but anchored with some rad, engaging characters. Can't wait to see what issue 2 offers. Gimme.

Gorgeous, breathtaking art, a strange story, fascinating, unique characters, and a new written language to use as your own personal cipher. Amazing comic. Would buy it and frame it. Beautiful plants and animals too.

Holds your attention without telling you anything.

I hope every character is a part of the LGBT community.

The art is nice, but the story is nowhere to be found. You just get thrown into it - whatever it is - and hope for the best. The odd fantasy setting got me curious.Sir and Lady Arclight are exploring a barren-looking land. They save a snake-like creature from death by, I suppose, transferring its soul into a goose. They return to a castle where intrigue sets in.

Have you ever read something and finished it and wondered what on earth you just read? That was my experience with this. It was all setting a stage but nothing ever really happened. I liked the bridge, but didn’t understand the blood. The story just fell flat.

The art is gorgeous, but the story is too sketchy to give more than a taste of the world.

This was just a tiny taste, I'm confused but intrigued. The artwork is lovely, I'd read more.

With only 30 pages to go off of it's hard to tell what is going on but I'm interested in finding out.

4.5 stars!

Okay. I'm interested.The art's superb. Don't tell me they changed the illustrator next issue.

I am so excited about the 8House series. The art is so gorgeous, and I love the fantastical outfits and makeup and gender ambiguity of the characters. This series has multiple storylines that all exist separately in the same universe, thematically connected through different explorations of bodies. Its absolutely brilliant and beautiful and fascinating and so, so good.

First of all the art is amazing. The colors make it vivid and lets you know that it's totally a fantasy world. There isn't a whole lot of dialogue, but sometimes less is more and that's what we have here. I am looking forward to issue two because I want to see what has happened to our poor Lady, and what has taken her body and made her in a tree like creature.

Story is a bit confusing. Reads kind of like a play, where we have a narrator, but then there are clear lines noted with who is speaking. The artwork is very well done and beautiful in its muted tones.

So beautiful, really looking forward to this series.

This was so beautiful, and the characters are really compelling.

lovely! brandon graham and marian churchland are a wonderful team and i love them

Loving all this 8House stuff, gimme more.

Bought this on a whim because the art looked promising; inside it's just as beautiful, and carries the narrative in an organic way. I am very invested in finding out about this new world.

I cannot tell you much of what is happening, but goddamn this is beautiful.

I don't know what's going on and where anything is going but I want to know! And the art is BOMB!

the premise of somebody's spirit being stuck in a tree means i bought it. queer lady knight means i'm sold.

Completely enjoyed this - as I expected I would. Really promising start to this series.

I have so many questions, but the world is beautiful and fantastical and I want to know more!

8House gets five stars for the astounding illustrations and intriguing story, but gets 1 star for not crediting Marian Churchland.

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