Song of the Wolf

Rosanne Bittner

Song of the Wolf

Song of the Wolf

  • Title: Song of the Wolf
  • Author: Rosanne Bittner
  • ISBN: 9780553290141
  • Page: 393
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

A poignant and accurate portrait of Native American life in the 1800 s told almost entirely from the Native American point of view A Cheyenne woman s extraordinary healing powers and unique sensitivity lead her on an unforgettable odyssey into a primeval world of wilderness and mystery THE WINDS OF CHANGE SWEPT ACROSS THE VAST WESTERN PLAINS, HER NAME WAS A CRY OF HOPEA poignant and accurate portrait of Native American life in the 1800 s told almost entirely from the Native American point of view A Cheyenne woman s extraordinary healing powers and unique sensitivity lead her on an unforgettable odyssey into a primeval world of wilderness and mystery THE WINDS OF CHANGE SWEPT ACROSS THE VAST WESTERN PLAINS, HER NAME WAS A CRY OF HOPE, FREEDOM AND DESIREThey called her Medicine Wolf, and she was born at a time when buffalo herds stretched farther than the sharpest eye could see a time when a people called the Cheyenne were a proud and free nation In the sixth summer of her life the events that shaped the destiny of this proud, beautiful, and exotic woman began a brutal kidnapping, a miraculous vision, and a daring rescue by a great white wolf and a fiercely courageous boy Her unforgettable odyssey would take her into a primeval world of wildness and mystery where an ancient way of life was ending and another younger, vital, but violent one was struggling to be born.Across the windswept plains, the white men were coming to seize the land and break a piople s spirits and their hearts But fate would bring Medicine Wolf a love so deep and unyielding that nothing on earth could stop ita passion she would traverse the land to find and follow the haunting, heartbreaking path of the wolf to keep.

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If you love books about native americans and their heritage, this book is an absolute must read. The drama, the passion, the love!! I must have read this at least 20 times now and it NEVER fails to bring me to tears.

I have read this book about 10 or 12 times. I always come back to it, after the YA, horror, adventures, romance, thrillers, Song of the Wolf remains one of my all time favorite books. It's just perfect, that's it, a perfect story. Great bits of history as well. That love story tho. Every single time I read this, I know what's coming, but the emotions are so raw, so vivid, I get all snot faced with crying, or laughing out like a crazy person. Sigh. I came across this book by chance about 14 years [...]

I read this over and over as a tweenager and a teenager in the late '80s. One of my all time favorite books! A must-read for anyone interested in an accurate portrayal of the Cheyenne Native American heritage in the 1800s. My best friend growing up was Native American and whenever other kids would ask her questions about the history of her tribes, (she belonged to two through her parents), and others, she would refer them to this book, especially if they wanted to know about the history of the C [...]

horrible! a éviter de toute urgence!

A historical fiction that describes the plight of Indian culture through America's expanding quest for land and dominance. It was tragic how our government mishandled everything for power and greed. It was hard to read of the multiple treaty betrayals as well as the Indian raids in retribution. The ending made perfect sense. It offered an avenue of hope that our ability to change and personal inner strength with spirituality can get us through difficulties. The book was an excellent portrayal of [...]

This is an amazing story of the American west and what happened to the Cheyenne. It is a cross between a history lesson and an incredible romance. One of my all time favorite books.

leslecturesdeveralice1846. La petite Eau vive a 6 ans, elle est choyée par la vie, entourée d'une famille aimante et se berce de douces rêveries. Lorsqu'elle se retrouve séparée de sa mère, et qu'elle survit, seule, pendant de longs mois, une expérience inoubliable, de même qu'une rencontre écrite dans ses rêves, marqueront son destin à jamais. Rebaptisée Louve bienfaisante, la jeune cheyenne, au fil des années, participera d'une manière particulière à la destinée de son peuple, [...]

Je m’attendais donc à lire une romance « tranquille » avec en fond historique la lutte des indiens d’Amérique pour garder leur territoire, leur croyance… Mais c’est plutôt un roman historique avec en fond une romance. On est donc assez loin de la classique romance A&P qui se finit en conte de fée « ils vécurent heureux et eurent beaucoup d’enfants ». D’ailleurs, il ne faut pas vous attendre à une fin heureuse. Vous êtes prévenu!!!La biographie de l’auteure précise [...]

Le chant de la louve est une romance différente. Le contenu valorise une culture qu'on ne croise pas souvent dans ce type de roman, le cheminement se fait sur plusieurs années, de l'enfance à l'âge adulte de l'héroïne et la fin est spéciale, des éléments qui peuvent vous titiller. La romance en tant que telle ne m'a pas fait chavirer, l'homme dont est amoureuse Louve Bienfaisante a eu du mal à me convaincre. Reste que Louve Bienfaisante est une sacrée héroïne et que ce livre offre u [...]

My first book with Native American background. Historical fiction makes history bearable. This story highlights the point that we humans won't stop until we all become one homogenous group of people stripped of everything that makes us diverse. A sad but beautiful story.

Adult historical fiction/romance.Follow Medicine Wolf and her proud Cheyenne tribe through love, lust, loss and the broken promises of failed treaties. Features Little Big Horn and Custer's last stand.

A good story from the viewpoint of the Indians, who were lied to many times in the 1800's American history. Their way of life was so drastically changed that it is easy to see how they felt robbed. It covers 1840's to 1870's.

if you havent read it yett it!!!!

I thought this book was really good! My mom told me that I should read this book and I did. It's also one of mom's favorite books. The writing is great!

love it

L'un des rares A&P que j'ai détesté à 1 000 % !!!


First book of Rosanne's that I read. Holds a special place in my heart. Have read it several times and I am sure I will read again. Medicine Wolf will capture your attention and your heart.

What a good and interesting story. Really gives you the perspective of what the indians went through when the white men were taking over their land.

Pleurer sur A&P est assez rare en ce qui me concerne, surtout après plusieurs relectures Mais là, je suis encore profondément touchée par cette tragique histoire d'amour.

Beautifully written and one of my most favorite books ever!!

One of my all time favorites. Read it about a dozen or more times.

I remember reading this book many years ago. It was my mom's copy and she read it a few times already. I read it so many times it fell apart on us. I love this book so much.

A beautiful story of faith, courage, love, and destiny. Rosanne Bittner knows how to wrote the greatest Western Indian books. 5 stars!!!

gros coup de coeur pour ce roman qui nous plonge dans l'univers incroyable des Cheyennes. J'ai adoré suivre la vie mouvementée d'Eau Vive et de sa tribu :)

I absolutely loved the characters in this book and the story.

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