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Author s note below Ever since bad boy Zack Hunter left her ten years ago, breaking her heart, Sky MacKenna hasn t been able to find a man who sets her on fire the way he did Then he comes striding back into her life bigger, badder, and sexier than before Zack Hunter never thought his job as an Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent would lead him back to his small Author s note below Ever since bad boy Zack Hunter left her ten years ago, breaking her heart, Sky MacKenna hasn t been able to find a man who sets her on fire the way he did Then he comes striding back into her life bigger, badder, and sexier than before Zack Hunter never thought his job as an Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent would lead him back to his small hometown, and he never thought he d set eyes on Sky again Leaving her behind had been the stupidest thing he d ever done, but this time he isn t going to let her go And as soon as Zack lays eyes on Sky, he makes it clear that he intends to make her his all over again When Sky becomes entangled in the case he s investigating, Zack can t help but take the threat personally As the danger mounts, their passion burns even hotter Please note Zack was published in print only with St Martin s Griffin Zack was originally published in eBook and print with Ellora s Cave under the title Wildfire Character names were changed at St Martin s request, and the Armed Dangerous versions were expanded considerably from the original Wild series.

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This was a very nice, solid romance--easy to read, easy to like the characters--with a few erotic love scenes, some romantic tension, and a little mystery thrown in.Skylar and Zack were lovers 10 years ago. He was her first, when she was a 19 yr. old freshman in college and he was a 23 year old sheriff's deputy. They spent an incredibly happy six months together, until it all ended one day after Zack was arrested. Although charges were never filed against Zack, he was afraid he had become just l [...]

Reviewed for THC Reviews"3.5 stars" Much like Zack's up-and-down relationship with Sky, I also had a roller coaster relationship with this book. There were some elements that I enjoyed reading and thought had earned at least four stars, but there were others that I thought were weak and probably didn't warrant any more than three stars. Hence, why I went with the in between rating. Being an Arizonan, I enjoyed reading a story set in my home state. I happen to be an urbanite, but I thought Ms. Mc [...]

After about 200+ pages of book, all I can remember are garters and stockingsRead for the URR 2018 New Years Challenge, 10. Cowboy/Western Romance. Ohhhhh I should I have chosen better!Series: Yes, can you say no desire?Sexy times: Uh yea. Boooorrrrring, all except the first time. Got old quick.Plan on reading more by the author:Nah, she's not for me. I'm betting she'll ring some other folks bells, just not mine.Synopsis The chickens have come home to roost, Bobby Boucher, which is just my fancy [...]

One of the hottest non-erotica romances I've read in a while. Cheyenne McCray turns up the heat with her latest mainstream novel "Zack: Armed and Dangerous". This is strictly romance and reads like a longer Harlequin Blaze imprint. The story is a sexy contemporary western with sex, romance, and action.Skylar has never gotten over Zack. The sexy cowboy stole her breath and her heart and then walked away without looking back. After ten years, you would think she could stop thinking about himbut no [...]

Kindle freebie 3/31/16

Ok readSlow start but okay read. Will continue with this series for now. Fingers crossed that it gets better as it goes on.

Rating: 3.5 / 5A quick, easy read that I enjoyed but didn't particularly LOVE. And not for any exact reason was just one of those book that I liked a fair amount, but didn't love. Sexy romance, a slight suspense plot, some good characters made the book easy to read. I didn't have any major problems with the story and I'll likely definitely pick up the next book in the seriesd normally I have a lot more to say in a review, but I'm drawing a complete blank. Sometimes that happens when I go to revi [...]

Ten years ago Zack Hunter walked out of Sky McKenna's life. Now he is working as an ICE agent investigating a string of cattle thefts. Sky never got over Zack but she refuses to trust him again with her heart. Zack is pretty determined. He realizes he made a big mistake and will do anything for Sky to give him another chance. While trying to convince Sky of his love Zack also has to try to find the cattle rustlers. This was a sexy, suspenseful story. Zack was a little overbearing at times but I [...]

Several things rubbed me up the wrong way- the large dose of sob story from both characters- the poisoning of a dog- the hero wandering around thinking about beating up anyone who looks at the heroine- the hero actually beating up someone who looks at the heroine, as if that macho shit is impressive- the heroine calling herself a bitch for not throwing herself at the hero's feet before she hears Sob Story Part Two- the sheer amount of sex overshadowing any plot- rape threats- the very limited vo [...]

I gave up on this story when I reached Chapter 5. I was thoroughly frustrated and confused. The author spent far too much time in the first 4 chapters on describing Zack's background and very little time focusing on action of the character's "present day" situation, and she totally lost me. The dialogue between characters was lame and uninspired, and I didn't find any reason why I would want to see a continued relationship between Zack and Skylar. They both decided to torture themselves by remai [...]

Eh. There wasn't really anything to write home about in this book. The story was mostly predictable ((view spoiler)[constant assholes who hit women being the problem, undercover agent that everyone suspects at one time, blah blah blah (hide spoiler)]); there were several ways it could have gone in my mind, but it still wasn't anything ultimately surprising. The characters were just characters. And honestly? Too much sex, mostly boring. I think I've been reading too much romance, it takes a lot f [...]

This was really close to earning 4 stars except for the heroine's TSTL moment at the 80% mark. I recently quit a book less than 1/2 way through because the heroine was a moron and I was just thinking how this book was doing a great job with not making the heroine an idiot when the 80% point came along and I almost banged my head on the table. I know you need to have a big standoff in the end, but could you come up with away to get to that point without having the female lose all her common sense [...]

I was a little worried when I picked up this book, for professional reasons. When a book crosses my line of work, I tend to read it more critically and sometimes end up (unintentionally) picking it apart. Luckily, Cheyenne McCray did a fairly good job explaining the federal law enforcement role in this story, and nothing stuck out to me as glaringly wrong or out of place. So kudos to Cheyenne for doing her research!Skylar McKenna owns a ranch near the U.S./Mexican border in small town Arizona. H [...]

Zack Hunter was known as a 'bad boy', but Skylar loved him with everything she had. But he walked away from her 10 years ago.As an ICE agent, he has returned to his hometown to reclaim Sky as his own and to round up some cattle rustlers who are shipping prime beef into Mexico . along with the possibility of drugs.An informant has stated that someone close to the investigation is involved d it's someone Sky knows. Zack is doing what he can to find the people responsible and to get Sky to trust h [...]

This was a sweet romance with cowboys in it. There was a bit of suspense with the cattle rustling and drug running. Zack was pretty tasty and I liked him. He tried to do the best he could even though he made mistakes in his past. Sky was okay. She's kind of weak willed when it comes to Zack. I guess when they say your first love is hard to forget, they are talking about her. The tempo of the story moved at a good trot. The scenes flowed nicely into each other. The only thing odd for me was that [...]

Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my chin. Holy hell this story is hot I am thinking I need a cold shower to cool off. I have to say the story was interesting and engaging as well as incendiary. This is the start of a series and we were introduced to a couple of the men featured in further books and I for one will be reading them all.

I really enjoyed Zack. It was such a good book. To learn more about what I thought go to my blog:romancingthereaders.cI was given a ARC for a honest review

Free 09-23-15 (Romantic Suspense)amazon/Zack-Armed-Dangrnesandnoble/w/zack-

Book 1 of series. Its the story of Skylar MacKenna and Zack Hunter. 10 years ago Zack and Sky met at the annual rodeo. They fall in love and it looks like they'll marry. One night Zack walks in on his stepfather beating the shit out of his mother. After growing up with a father who also beat all of them, he looses it and beats his stepfather almost to death. He isn't charged with a crime but he feels like he's grown up just like his dad. So he leaves town and Sky. She is heartbroken and it takes [...]

Is Zack readyZack falls hard for Skylar McKenna but He has to leave and he decides to lie to her and tell her hr not ready for a commitment and he not good enough for her. So Skylar does the best she cans and works the Ranch and try to move on. Her Calfs start missing and Zack after years of being gone come back as a Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Zack is ready to settle down and he wants Sky , but will Sky want him after what he did.

A quick and easy to read romance with a bucket load of suspense thrown in for good measure. Had me turning the pages faster than most thrillers.The characters of Zack and Sky were likeable, with Zack having a slight bad boy edge to his federal agent goodness.

Good start to the seriesMcCray has written a mystery that will keep you guessing. The characters are genuine and the plot is interesting with lots of steam.I recommend this book to fans of the steamy romantic suspense genre.

A mildly entertaining steamy read.

An freebie, which I really enjoyed. Would definitely read more by this author.

Originally posted at Herding Cats & Burning SoupI grabbed this one up the other day when I was at the used bookstore. Something about the muted background and the bold title really caught my eye. I'm glad I picked it up too! Zack was an enjoyable read and even though some aspects of the book didn't quite work for me it was still a great escape with a steamy couple and excellent suspense that caught my interest.Sky and Zack were great characters. When things get tough you'd want these two on [...]

Ever since bad boy Zack Hunter left her ten years ago, breaking her heart, Sky MacKenna hasn't been able to find a man who sets her on fire the way he did. Then he comes striding back into her life bigger, badder, and sexier than before. Zack Hunter never thought his job as an Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent would lead him back to his small hometown, and he never thought he'd set eyes on Sky again. Leaving her behind had been the stupidest thing he had ever done, but this time he isn't [...]

This is the first in the Armed and Dangerous Series. And I can't wait to read the rest. Loved this book and the characters. Heroine is Sky(lar) McKenna and hero is Zack Hunter. Short storyline is that Zack left Sky (he's the only one who calls her is nickname) 10 years ago, but has never stopped loving her. He returns to start a relationship again with her. Sky also has never gotten over him and is very resistant to enter into one with him scared that he'll break her heart again. Sky also has th [...]

Zack and Sky are an interesting couple. Here are two people who have a history together. A history that was painful for Sky and difficult for Zack. Zack hurt Sky in a way a woman never forgets. Now Zack is coming back to his home town years later determined to win her back.This is a story full of emotion, conflict of the heart, and a love that survived time.I find it hard to write a review for some of Cheyenne's stories. It isn't because the story is bad. It is in fact because the stories and ch [...]

Sky MacKenna was in love with Zack Hunter when he walked away and broke her heart ten years ago. Now he's back, working on a case as an Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent, and Sky has to handle him being around her again.Zack knew accepting this job would mean probably seeing Sky again, but he didn't know seeing her again would bring all his feeling for her front and center. He never meant to hurt her when they were younger but he knew at that point in their lives there was no way they co [...]

3.5 stars

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