Book of Breeething

William S. Burroughs Robert F. Gale

Book of Breeething

Book of Breeething

  • Title: Book of Breeething
  • Author: William S. Burroughs Robert F. Gale
  • ISBN: 9780912652726
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Hardcover

illustrator Robert F Gale

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στην ραφή ανάμεσα παρατηρείςάνθρωπος : το ζώο που συγκρατεί τον χρόνοεκεί που δεν φτάνουν οι λέξεις συμπληρώνουν οι εικόνες και τα νοήματα.και αν τίποτα δεν έχει πραγματικά ουσία τότε απόλαυσε το με μια αααααναπνοη!

Edit: HOLY JESUS. If you want to buy this book (and I'm not sure why) it's going to run you AT LEAST 130$. FUCKING WHY. Seriously. it. One copy costs over 700$. WhatHonestly, I don't know what (if anything) the author was trying to get at with this. To say it is strange and cryptic is an understatement. The pictures were mildly horrifying. The plot was nonexistent. It's uh nonlinear. To say the least. It's really useless to try to explain, you kind of just have to see it for yourself. But don't [...]

Words.a virus that inflects the mind, redesign it, reshape it, and becomes it infesting parasitic entityunds Bizarre? You're Reading Burroughs. what else could you expect?a sombre read? a light read? get instead, Burroughs fascination with the powers of words, the Persian Assassins of yore, and their coded, long forgotten, methodical, if esoteric , methods of brain washing & conducting Missions using simple words that, once heard, triggers a reaction that leads the assassin to commit [...]

The illustrations push this to a new level. Burroughs explores Egyptian hieroglyphics, Hassan i Sabbah, The Curse of King Tut, etc. It all ties together: visionary, magikal (&, yes, my spelling is deliberate). It's as if Burroughs achieved a highly disciplined penetrating vision & locked it in place. Gale's images are just as great IF NOT BETTER. The 2 together are amazing.

This book is so stark that it is a bit difficult to take. However, it is interesting to see one of Burroughs' alternative science ideas being explored.The man believed in the significance of serendipity.

This book is important. A family is only as good as the trouble it causes.

Very rare, mine is autographed by the man himself. Wish they would reprint this one.

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