Oblivion: 9

Josephine Hart

Oblivion: 9

Oblivion: 9

  • Title: Oblivion: 9
  • Author: Josephine Hart
  • ISBN: 9780670866120
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Hardcover

The author of bestsellers Damage and Sin presents a daring and beautiful novel in which disturbing truths about death and sex, love and remembrance are confronted A man is caught between the living and memories of the dead, as he struggles to come to terms with the death of his wife.

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There are some books that leave you with such an uncomfortable feeling--one you can never forget. This book did that to me. The idea of Oblivion is that we die two deaths--the natural death and the second death when those who loved us slowly forget us.

Oblivion is simple, complex, rich, cold, intriguing, bleak, and hopeful. The relatively short novel not only contains its own plot, but an entire play, a drama critic's article, several letters, and a chunk of a secondary character's diary, making its structure a bit of a challenge. The transition to the play is jarring, and I had difficulty understanding that the play had started and that the thoughts being expressed were words said by the actors and not in the narrator's head. That may have be [...]

Like poetry, putting into words what I have been experiencing. There are actually two deaths. Physical death and when loved ones no longer remember the face, the laughter. When those alive finally let go and go on living. The use of a play within a novel was interesting.

I enjoyed the idea explored in this novel. The story moved along when focused on the characters. The play within the story was long and boring.

This is stupendous. I read it during a period of total ruination in my own life; it captures that kind of experience perfectly.

When I chose this book to read, I expected to end up being a sobbing mess. But towards the middle of the book, I got lost and confused. Thoughts were all mixed up. I couldn't understand who was thinking or saying. Or what was being read. Also, there were references being made from the playwright's works, which i assumed were all fictional but just added to my confusion. Then, random names started popping up, making new characters. It took me a while to understand all of this was actually the pla [...]

So this is ultimately a story revolved around a man who loses his wife and he contemplates serious topics such as life and death, and moving on sexually and emotionally with another woman. It also gives us chapters on the point of view of his ex-in-laws. This book was not as great as I was hoping it would be. The entire book reads in a way, like a poem and not because it rhymes but because every sentence seems to have a double meaning. Don't get me wrong, there are some great quotes in this stor [...]

I picked up this book because I had previously read Damage by Josephine Hart and so I figured, well, this one has to be good too!And it's not so much that Oblivion is bad, but it's just not very good. Haha. Okay but really, the prose and imagery that I had enjoyed so much with Damage felt so forced and pretentious in this book. I felt like literary devices were being shoved down my throat with the turn of every page.I mean, I guess if you like pointless prose that never seems to reach any kind o [...]

Although I enjoyed this, in comparison to Damage, it was disappointing. This read more like an authors first novel than their third.

and i have put it down for the time being - lost where i was in the book and then lost interest for now.

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2.5 stars

It was self conscious, I felt like the author was watching me reading it. The descriptions of her parents were highly realistic and well written, though.

The emotions of the main character in this book was painful to read, but it was a good read. Do not read if you are depressed or going through troubles in your life.

I like her stark and simple writing style. It pulls you into the story and holds you until the end.

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