Secondary Break

Megan Linden

Secondary Break

Secondary Break

  • Title: Secondary Break
  • Author: Megan Linden
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 325
  • Format: ebook

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Dear Author,I m not from around here Where I come from no one welcomes you to the neighborhood, no one knocks on your door and brings you cookies, no one fixes your truck out of the goodness of his heart, no one even looks you in the eye for fuck s sake.But I ll admit, I like it here.I like the fresh air and the quiet and I really like my neighbor the one in the tight jeDear Author,I m not from around here Where I come from no one welcomes you to the neighborhood, no one knocks on your door and brings you cookies, no one fixes your truck out of the goodness of his heart, no one even looks you in the eye for fuck s sake.But I ll admit, I like it here.I like the fresh air and the quiet and I really like my neighbor the one in the tight jeans with the great ass under my truck.Sure, he s too damned friendly, too damned helpful and too damned honest to be real.But fuck it, I like him, actually I than like him and that s the problem Photo Description The photo shows a man lying on his stomach under a car, possibly a truck We can only see him from his waist down, but he s shirtless and he has dirty jeans and boots on There s a screwdriver on the ground next to him The man is outside, in the background there are trees and the sun is shining.This story was written as a part of the M M Romance Group s Love is an Open Road event Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story This story may contain sexually explicit content and is intended for adult readers It may contain content that is disagreeable or distressing to some readers The M M Romance Group strongly recommends that each reader review the General Information section before each story for story tags as well as for content warnings.

Recent Comments "Secondary Break"

3.5 stars--Sexy, sweet and short!Ex- NYPD detective Zack moves to small town Texas after getting hurt on the job. He's used to being in the closet and expects to be even deeper in Texas. But as luck would have it, his hot ass neighbor, Evan is gay too. Sparks fly and they end up working at Evan's mother's high school- Evan as a computer teacher, Zack as a basketball coach.Evan is out and proud. Zack is slowly getting there. He still likes to be close lipped about his sexuality to most folks. He [...]

~3.5~SWEET and COMPLETE! This is a short story with a nice plot arc: two guys meet, eye fuck each other, go at it hot and heavy, and live happily ever after. Fine, so it's not THAT simple, but pretty damn close. And sometimes I just want to eat some frosting without eating dinner first, mmmk? As a former cop who was shot in the line of duty, Zack is used to keeping his sexuality hidden, that is until he meets open, easy-going Evan who blows Zack's mind with his sexy well, everything. There were [...]

Small town, second chance, and sweet romance.Cute short story that is breezy-easy, with hot men in blue jeans, friendly folks and just a dab of internal angst. Thanks to the author for taking part in the MM Group's 2015 DRitC event, Love is an Open Road

Cuteness Squee!I am partial to stories that take place in the great state of Texas, so I may be a teensy bit biased. No, for reals, this story is KA-UTE!Zack is a former NYPD homocide detective who's come to Pomerane for an "extended vacation". Why he chose to relocate to a small Texas town I have no idea. I assume drastic change was needed? At any rate, he meets hot neighbor, Evan, almost immediately and then the rest of the town.The welcome brigade wagon of casseroles and pies and any associat [...]

Zack, a former homicide detective, just moved to Pomerane to rest and figure things out. However, his plans to be left alone don't work out. It turns out that his neighbours are very friendly and one of them is hot and is flirting with him.“Nothing scandalous, I promise, sir,” he said instead, light and teasing. Flirting, he knew how to do.Zack snorted again. “As long as it’s nothing I would have to take my handcuffs out for.”A wave of heat ran through Evan, one that had nothing to do [...]

You want simple sexy easy?? Then this is the one for you!Newcomer Zach just wants to mind his own business, but his good looking neighbor is making it very hard to maintain aloof politeness. Resident Eric can't stop thinking of the handsome guy next door. Although mortified, sometimes it pays to have a meddling mother. An uncomplicated fic that was a very nice 15 minutes of joy.

What everyone else said. This is adorable and super sweet. Adding the feel good ending was awesome. Very well done.

3.5 starsWell, the idea of a small-town romance with meddlesome family and busybody neighbors is like a catnip for me. I love small-town romance. However, I somehow associate this better with M/F contemporary rather than MM. Maybe it is the stereotype in my head about how small-town doesn't really friendly towards LBGTQ? I know it might be a wrong perception, but I can't help to also think on how small-town setting in MM usually has the homophobic and bigotry stance in it. ANYWAY, what I'm tryin [...]

This was a cute little story.

3.5 starsThis is a sweet short story about a former cop who moves to a friendly town in Texas. He meets his hot neighbor and the two have hot monkey sex and fall in love.

AwwwwwThis was short and pretty much just adorable. I loved both mc's and thought the story hit the spot perfectly.

Sweet, though I was left wondering about the details of exactly what happened to Zack, his on again off again limp, and how he ended up in a small town in Texas.

Overall a good read. I’m rounding up from 2.5 since the prompt was incorporated and in a way that made sense to the story. I liked that we got both MC’s POV and that we learned a little about each of them. There were some things that were in the story that didn’t feel fully explained like Eric’s sisters concern about whether his happiness steamed from online vs. real life. Seemed there was a story there but it wasn’t expanded on so I would have preferred it was left out. I liked the si [...]

4 STARSThis was a very short and sweet story. Not much to say really. It's worth the read. I thought Evan and Zack complemented each other. I wished this book suddenly becomes a long story because I would want to read it.

*3.5 stars*

Cute, feel-good story, no drama, just flowing along nicely. I missed a bit of relationship-build-up.

This was sweet, sexy and feel good (in a small town sort of way) with very little angst. I enjoyed this but wanted just a little bit more of a build up between Zack and Evan before their first kiss.

This was a nice surprise! A sweet story of healing and sort of coming out in the midst of close-knit community. Both main characters were likeable and the level of angst was very minimum. There were that insta-attraction turned love and quite a number of bones-jumping though, but heck! It's good. :)

3.5 stars

Zack used to be a Detective who retired due to an injury he got on the job. He moved to a small town in Texas, away from the only home he had ever known, New York. He prefers not to broadcast that he is gay, but it isn’t a secret either. He just likes to be private and part of that is fear of how others will react. He just wants to spend time by himself and renovating the house he is living in, but of course, that doesn’t last.Evan is Zack’s super hot neighbor who comes over to visit Zack [...]

Offered for FREE from the M/M Romance Group's Love Is An Open Road event. Thank you too all the amazing authors who participated!I love the artistic pics this year! SO much hotter to me than a floating torso with a 6-pack, this has some personality to it!3.5 stars Great little light story with just a hint of angst. The addition of the girls basketball team with some stand-out character was a nice addition to make the story feel well rounded, as opposed to only being about Evan and Zach.

This story barely does lip service to the prompt. All the points are there, but instead of focusing on Zack's lifetime of mistrust and how/why Evan manages to break through all that, it pretty much jumps straight to the sex with little focus on anything else. Since I skipped the uninspired sex scenes, the story went by pretty quick but I also didn't remember the story at all just a half-day later. I did like the non-bigoted Texans and the volleyball team.

Sweet and happy story about a former NYPD detective who relocates to a small town to renovate the family house of his sister in law. Everyone is up in his business and he isn't used to that. He isn't too unwilling though, when it comes to his hot neighbor. :P

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3.5 stars

First of all, Thank you to Megan Linden for writing this story for the Love is an Open Road event.(view spoiler)[I want to like Zack. I want to like Evan. I want to like this story, but there's not enough story in which to get to know the characters. This felt more like a convenient set up of two gay guys in an otherwise limited setting (small town America somewhere in Texas).Zack is a former detective with the NYPD who lost his job due an injury to his leg. There's no discussion about the injur [...]

I'm not too sure how I feel about this one. I will say I really loved the epilogue and the "miserable lesbian".I think it was pretty fucked up that Evan's family thought it was okay to talk and share about Zack being gay. If someone tells you that it is private and they aren't comfortable being out you have no right to open your mouth to another person about it, not even your sister (yeah I'm talking about you Evan). So I found it incredibly fucked up that Evan had the nerve to get mad with Zack [...]

Zack is new to the neiborhood, moving into his sister-in-laws childhood home with plans to renovate and take time to just alone he didn't count on the town of awesome neighbors who are too friendly and don't seem to care that he wants to be alone AND he meets his hot new neighbor EvanWhen Evan comes with his mom to ask Zack if he'd consider coaching the girls basketball team where she and Evan work at, he has a hard time telling her no, he has an even harder time fighting is feelings for Evan.He [...]

Pros: - good chemistry between the MC's- was surprised about Evan's assertiveness after being introduced rather as a shy nerd- the secondary plot with basketball team was nice and well doneContras:- Zack's stay in the Texas village sounded all the way temporary to me. I would have liked to learn a tad more about his injury, why he left NYC or felt the need to do, why Texas and what were his initial plans for the future.- i felt Zack's angst about being outed wasn't resolved properly. I didn't be [...]

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