The Night Gardener

Jonathan Auxier

The Night Gardener

The Night Gardener

  • Title: The Night Gardener
  • Author: Jonathan Auxier
  • ISBN: 9786027251014
  • Page: 495
  • Format: Paperback

Kengerian seketika menjalari tubuh Molly saat menatap pohon itu Pohon itu besar, sangat besar, hingga seolah bisa menelan Molly dan Kip, adiknya, bulat bulat Namun, Molly tak punya pilihan lain Molly harus bekerja di Wastu Windsor atau berakhir di panti asuhan.Apa yang sebenarnya terjadi di Wastu Windsor Mengapa keluarga itu berkulit sepucat dan sedingin mayat Lalu, dKengerian seketika menjalari tubuh Molly saat menatap pohon itu Pohon itu besar, sangat besar, hingga seolah bisa menelan Molly dan Kip, adiknya, bulat bulat Namun, Molly tak punya pilihan lain Molly harus bekerja di Wastu Windsor atau berakhir di panti asuhan.Apa yang sebenarnya terjadi di Wastu Windsor Mengapa keluarga itu berkulit sepucat dan sedingin mayat Lalu, dari mana asal jejak jejak berlumpur yang harus Molly bersihkan tiap hari Apa hubungannya dengan legenda pohon ajaib yang bisa mengabulkan semua permintaan, bahkan yang tak pernah terucap

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For whatever reason, 2014 is a dark year in children’s middle grade fiction. I speak from experience. Fantasy in particular has been steeped in a kind of thoughtful darkness, from The Glass Sentence and The Thickety to The Riverman and Twelve Minutes to Midnight with varying levels of success. And though none would contest the fact that they are creepy, only Jonathan Auxier’s The Night Gardener has had the chutzpah to actually write, “A Scary Story” on its title pages as a kind of though [...]

This is the tale of a spooky treewhich is connected to a house, and tended by a supernatural guardianThe book jacket describes this as a "spine-chilling fable in the tradition of Washington Irving and Edgar Allan Poe", and I can see hints of both in the story. The problem is that the gothic tone of both iconic storytellers is hard to keep aloft for a full novel and it wears thin here. The Night Gardener would work much better as a short story as it definitely has the bones to be comparable to Th [...]

'Help me grow tall, and you shall receiveAll that you wish inside of me.'This story at first appears to be ripped from the pages of the Brothers Grimm. There are a pair of orphans, one a plucky young heroine, the other, a little lame boy. After making a deal with a beggar woman (witch in disguise?), they enter a deep, dark (enchanted?) forest. What awaits them there is deliciously forbidding, frightening and wondrousMolly and her younger brother venture to the sinister Windsor house to gain empl [...]

The Night Gardener is a middle-grade fiction novel written by Jonathan Auxier. Apparently, this is a follow-up to Mr. Auxier's debut novel (Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes), but I read this as a standalone and enjoyed it as such. The Night Gardener was a buddy read between my son and myself, and the periods of dark and creepy mystery/suspense made it a fun experience for the most part. Although the ending was a bit of a let down after all of the build up, we enjoyed this novel overall. My so [...]

12/25/17 $2.99 for Kindle.Loved it. Appropriate for Middle Grade readers who enjoy a bit of scare. Might be too scary for younger kids, so parents be aware. Perfectly creepy. Might start off a bit slow for some, but it builds and is very well told.

Reminds me of John Bellairs, but better! Creepy and atmospheric. Jonathan Auxier is a brilliant author with a talent for language that compels me to read and reread sentences and paragraphs. This is the perfect book for students who love scary books that aren't TOO scary.

Creepy as all get out. An accomplished gothic ghost story with new elements that feels very traditional. And, special bonus, it actually incorporates some of the real-life horror of the Irish Famine and Victorian poverty. Not everyone cares for this, but the author note at the end points out some of the sources that went into the mix, which offers great suggestions for further reading.Library copy.

Review to come tomorrow. I enjoyed reading this, but I'm not entirely sure what to make of it as a whole.

I read this book a few years ago right after it was published, and from what I remember, I quite enjoyed it, but for whatever reason never ended up picking up my own copy. When I stumbled upon it on the other day I decided to give it a reread to see if was was worth buying, and oh man was it. 4 1/2 starsPlotThis the story of two children, Irish immigrants during what I believe is the Potato Famine who, desperate, decide to become servants for a family who live in rural a English manor. When the [...]

This book is amazing!It starts with a spooky creepy manor house, witch a spooky sickly family that takes on two Irish orphans and delves into this absolute fairy tale of a horror storyAdventure, magic, creepy & spooky stuff, this book is the absolute perfect autumnal read and this book is one of my absolute favourites of 2015.If you like The Ocean at the End of the Lane, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, anything by the Brothers Grimm or Edgar Allan Poe I feel you would love this [...]

The Night Gardener is a Silver Birch 2015 nominee, and my youngest one was supposed to be reading it. I couldn’t resist the gorgeous cover and illustrations, so I picked it up first :)As a middle grade book, it is outstanding. It does require a strong reader though, one that is ready to move past stories whose characters are either heroes or villains, and start to understand and appreciate motivations and increased complexity. Hester, for example, brought tears to my eyes, although I’m not s [...]

This book is fantastic! It's a charming, and spooky, tale of two orphaned Irish children in the late 1800's who stumble into work for a once wealthy family that is in a mysterious downward spiral. Their health, their relationships and their money all seem to be slipping away from them. And the cause could be in the house itself. It's a mystery that unfolds as the two orphans first witness it, and then get caught up in it.The story explores themes of greed, honesty, loyalty and family. It's incre [...]

Two Irish orphans find work as servants to the Windsor family, who have moved to an old creepy house in the sourwoods. Trying to make the best of the situation, Molly cleans the house and Kip minds the stables and gardens. However, there is a sickness pervading the household and a gnarly tree abutting the house. Despite Molly's cheerfulness and wisdom through storytelling, everyone in the house suffers from bad dreams caused by an evil spirit and the tree's magic secret, which make leaving near [...]

Wow. This one is a perfectly recreated Victorian Gothic -- full of oddly pleasing terror -- but for, you know, kids. It's got everything: the amazing setting, the slow-build reveals, the minor characters named things like Hester Kettle and Dr. Crouch . Plus it's got beautiful prose with phrases I'd like to steal. At least here in Canada, the Night Gardener comes covered in stickers -- there are four on mine -- and for good reason. It has the potential to be a new classic of Middle Grade creep.

I rated his book a 4 out of 5 because I thought it was a very well written book, very interesting and suspenseful, and will keep you wanting more. It is a book I enjoyed reading over the summer. If you like mystery/fantasy books I recommend The Night Gardener. It is a book you won’t regret reading and it won’t bore you if you are not a big fan of reading. It gives you a great picture of what is going on and the characters are all great and play a great role throughout the story. The author t [...]

Deliciously creepy! Reminds me of the books that I used to read in 4th-5th grade with one eye closed (to keep from being too scared). In the author's note he cites Something Wicked This Way Comes and The Secret Garden as influences, and, well, that pretty much sums it up!

"I think I figured it out." She sniffed, looking up at the stars. "Hester asked me what the difference between a story and a lie was. At the time, I told her that a story helps folks. 'Helps 'em do what?' she asked. Well, I think I know the answer. A story helps folks face the world, even when it frightens 'em. And a lie does the opposite. It helps you hide."In and of itself, the book's Contents page is not exceptional. Good, definitely, but not necessarily reason enough to love a book. Yet I th [...]

I really loved the first 90% of this book, and then felt a little let down by the ending. It's not that the ending was bad, but I had built up certain expectations during my reading that weren't met. I don't think it's quite a spoiler to say that I wanted to know so much more about the Night Gardener himself. As I've said in many a review, a shallowly developed villain character always gets my goat. If an author takes the time to flesh out the villain, to give him a compelling back story, it tak [...]

This book is phenomenal. It's deep enough for adults and creepy enough for kids. I honestly, didn't find anything wrong with it. The Newbery Committee members will all be reading it more than once, I hope.

Somehow this book felt cozy while still being super creepy. It's great storytelling, with beautiful art at each chapter's start and a nice cover too. It doesn't shy away from the pain and lies that even kids experience in life.

Rating: 3.5/5The Night Gardener was a spellbinding tale of siblings, greed, mystery, and story-telling, with a big dose of creepiness.The creepy atmosphere was the best part. It made me feel all weirded out and slightly frightened. The writing was spectacular because it really captured the mood. It's as if you were right beside the characters, living the same things as them. The night gardener was mysterious and scary. I was genuinely afraid for the children. The strange illustrations corresp [...]

This book, in my opinion, was very neatly written. This book kept me on the edge of my seat, and I couldn't easily put it down. There's a sense of horror, that leaves a chill down your spine. After reading this book, I felt as if I personally knew the two main characters, Molly and Kip. I loved the mystery and hints of gore placed inside each page, and for anyone who loves a good mystery, I recommend this book. The language is very vivid, the plot is very well written, and this book dragged me i [...]

18 MAR 2016 - stayed up well past my bedtime reading this one. Spent my lunch hour reading and kept reading through the afternoon. (Good thing the boss was out of the office!). This book is compulsively readable with just enough creepy atmosphere to cause one to turn around to ensure The Night Gardener is not behind you. Great Read!

I am not a person who will pick up a fantasy but I read this because of a challenge and for a buddy read. An amazing book that kept me on the edge of my seat, very creepy with some good learning points in the story. A fast and very enjoyable book.

I love the cover design very much >_<The translation is also swell, I only find a few typos.The story itself is kinda dark and sad. There is a child abandonment issue, just like in Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes and this is what scares me the most. Not the monster.

Adventurous then creepy then sad and finally some hope. Loved this book!

Hester menanyakan padaku apa beda cerita dan dusta. Waktu itu, kukatakan cerita membantu orang. 'Membantu untuk apa?' tanyanya. Yah, tampaknya aku tahu jawabannya. Cerita membantu orang menghadapi dunia, meskipun mereka takut. Sedangkan dusta berbuat sebaliknya. Dusta membuatmu bersembunyi.Molly dan Kip adalah kakak beradik yatim piatu asal Irlandia. Mereka pergi ke Inggris untuk menghindari kelaparan hebat yang melanda Irlandia. Molly sampai terpaksa memalsukan umurnya agar bisa mendapatkan pek [...]

Wow!! Jonathan Auxier gives readers a thrilling adventure filled with just the right of amount of "spooky" to keep you readingduring daylight hours. Strong character development both in the main characters and the ancillary characters makes the reader want to know what happens to each one. The sense of time and place is so well crafted that the reader is quickly drawn into the heart of the story. And then there's the "heart" of the storye idea of when is a story just a story as opposed [...]

This is an outstanding MG read. Auxier's use of language and dialogue to propel the story is admirable and the narrative arc is strong and tight. I could not put this book down.Molly and Kip, siblings, leave behind a dying land (Ireland during the potato famine) to seek work in England. After an arduous journey, they stumble to a falling-down estate to serve a family of four. The siblings quickly learn something is quite off about the place and the people and set to figure it out. Dotted with fa [...]

The best part for me in the book was how beautifully the relationship between the siblings is portrayed , the protective Molly and the too grown up for his age, Kip . Amidst all the spooky stuff happening in the book ,it holds a subtle message bout the difference between the need and greed we humans fail to understand often . The lesson is beautiful and the story is interesting . Worth a read !

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