Also An Octopus

Maggie Tokuda-Hall Benji Davies

Also An Octopus

Also An Octopus

  • Title: Also An Octopus
  • Author: Maggie Tokuda-Hall Benji Davies
  • ISBN: 9780763670849
  • Page: 376
  • Format: Hardcover

Even the most totally awesome story starts with a little bit of nothing What happens next is up to you A delightfully meta picture book that will set imaginations soaring.It begins with an octopus who plays the ukulele Since this is a story, the octopus has to want something maybe to travel to faraway galaxies in a totally awesome purple spaceship Then the octopus setsEven the most totally awesome story starts with a little bit of nothing What happens next is up to you A delightfully meta picture book that will set imaginations soaring.It begins with an octopus who plays the ukulele Since this is a story, the octopus has to want something maybe to travel to faraway galaxies in a totally awesome purple spaceship Then the octopus sets out to build a spaceship out of soda cans, glue, umbrellas, glitter, and waffles OK, maybe the octopus needs some help, like from an adorable bunny friend, and maybe that bunny turns out to be a rocket scientist Probably not But could something even amazing come to pass Debut author Maggie Tokuda Hall, with the help of illustrator Benji Davies, sets up an endearingly funny story, then hands the baton to readers, who will be than primed to take it away.

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This "little bit of nothing" phrase about how/what a story starts with is fantastic. And so is the book.

At first glance upon picking up Also An Octopus one thinks, "Oh! Another adorable kiddie picture book." But then upon delving into this first-time author's debut (redundant, huh!) book, there is a bit more meat to the story than cutsie octopuses and kiddies and fantastic folks in unreal places.Now we don't want to overthink a kid's book because that might just take away from the fun of reading. But what is the harm in discovering that the "rest of the story" is the beginning of the story or the [...]

Another 'meta' book. Or, better, a book to inspire the reader to come up with his own stories. Just start with "a little bit of nothing." I can understand the high ratings, but, today at least, this didn't wow me. Too long before the reader is actually invited in, maybe. Or maybe I just can't suspend disbelief for an octopus sitting on a street corner without at least a helmet of water. You'll probably like the book better.

This book has everything Aiden loves: rocket ships, a ukulele playing octopus, and waffles. Need I say more?

Interesting way to introduce how to create a story. Loved the illustrations and that the author encourages imagining options and future adventures.

I picked up this book for my great-niece to build up her library, but I was not expecting a great story about how anyone can write a story and that no idea is too silly. In fact, this book would actually help an aspiring young author by showing the steps they need to go through to actually write the story.I do love how the book starts: "Every story starts the same waywith nothing." It s true, every story that any author has written started with nothing to very little other than a dream to write [...]

The idea that all stories begin with "A little bit of nothing" is a wonderful, unintimidating way to introduce story writing to students. As it is, I will be reading this book to my 8th graders to kick off NaNoWriMo.

Age: Preschool+WritingSuch a darling, inspirational book for any young writer that just doesn't know how to start. Perfectly introduces the components of a story including characters, plot, and resolution. Silly without being demeaning. Perfect to be used as a writing prompt in the classroom.

A charming book that would be great to introduce the idea of stories and plot and imagination. It all starts with a little bit of nothing, and adding in some crazy ideas leads to unexpected results.

Guess what just got added to our "Exceptional Picture Books of 2016" guy!See for yourself!

Also An Octopus, explores the process behind building a story. Readers will bounce along with delight as a friendly octopus gets built right into a story. Add in a ukulele, a sandwich, a friend and a purple spaceship; you get the beginnings of a story. But what happens when the spaceship doesn’t work? You add an in a bunny. But what happens when it all becomes a mess? You begin again, and let your imagination soar. A charming story teaching children and students the importance of how starting [...]

What are the things every story needs? A character, of course! Who will the character be though? And what will the character want? In this adorable debut, Tokuda-Hall introduces us to her imagination, where we meet an ukulele playing Octopus, who will bring out giggles from the stubbornest of readers (children and adults alike). This book adds an extra level by discussing the parts of a story, including characters, plot, and of course, a resolution--but that all stories start with a little bit o [...]

The illustrations were cool in this book. The story was ok. I think that children would like it more that I did though. It has it's humorous moments. There is talk of a rocket ship so it could be used as part of a space storytime.

"But that ukulele-playing octopus with intergalactic dreams can't just GET a shining purple spaceship, from say, the drugstore."

Every story starts the same way with nothing.And that is how the book starts. And that is, next to our ukelele playing octopus, a running theme through the book. Making a story, making your own ending. I didn't expect it, that is what I can say, I thought this book would be solely about octopuses, but instead I got much much more. I didn't only get an octopus, I didn't only get rockets (though I definitely approve of rockets), but I also got a fun book about how to make your own story. I had qui [...]

Fun instruction on the writing process with lots of entertaining silliness. I especially enjoyed the bright funny illustrations.

A silly story of nothing but with great illustrations.

A picture book about the magic of creating stories, exploration, friendship and having fun. A delight!

I spotted this at the library and picked it up solely because the illustrator shares a name with my little one :-) plus, judging by the cover, it looked like a winner! An octopus eatin a waffle, with a rabbit, crab, rocket plans, and a ukelele among other things - just begged the question what was going to happen here? I loved the unique take on the plot - showing children that every story begins with just random ideas, and can lead anywhere! This one was quite goofy, with perfectly colorful and [...]

What does it take to build a story? Do you need a magic formula, or can anyone do it? In Also an Octopus, Maggie Tokuda-Hall encourages young storytellers, showing them that every story begins with "just a little bit of nothing."With whimsy and delight, Tokuda-Hall shows young readers the writing process, introducing introducing story elements key to successful conflict and resolution. Her energetic language and playful premise are matched by Davies' bright digital artwork.Read my full review at [...]

Every story starts with nothing. Then you add something to it like an octopus. A humorous picture book about the fundamentals of storytelling, Also An Octopus shows that all you need is a character and a motivation to tell a fun story. It leaves the ending up to the imagination.This would be great for storytime for older kids (elementary age) as part of a story-writing unit or activity. Ham up the humorous details - they'll dig it. The crazy ups and downs of this unusual story are sure to get st [...]

A ukulele playing Octopus starts with nothing and shows the reader how to create a story from nothing. This debut story teaches us that a story starts with nothing and then you build upon it until you have a story. Bright colorful illustrations (digitally created) along with innovative text will inspire the reader to become a writer. The animals are adorable and expressive. The large format will makes this a great starter for a writing class. Recommended for grades 3 through 6.

Quirky colorful drawings follow an octopus and bunny (our protagonists) as they teach us a story's essential ingredients. Cool way to show children that stories come from our heads: from "a bit of nothing" we find a character and a problem, and the rest is history.

Yes, yes, yes! A book for kids that informs them how to write a story as they read one!

“When one story ends, it’s just making room for another story to begin.”

What do you get with an octopus, a bunny, a purple rocketship and a ukulele? A very inventive and fun story!

Quirky and fun and silly. I would definitely use this when I next teach a creative writing class to a younger group of kids. It's a fun way of looking at the creative process.

A little bit about how to create a story and a lot silly.

Great book for children (and adults) to get those creative ideas moving.

A fun and simple book about the story-making process. I'd like to use this in one of my kid writers programs. Also: a potential gift for my picture book writing friends.

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