Purr, Kitten!

Kristel Juurik

Purr, Kitten!

Purr, Kitten!

  • Title: Purr, Kitten!
  • Author: Kristel Juurik
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 447
  • Format: ebook

I finally met his eyes The grey eyes instantly gave me a feeling of ecstasy and I knew I could imagine my unrealistic future with him, how our children run around us and he is chasing them I could imagine my hands touching his body as he did the same, and I knew what I d feel when I did My mate was a monster and he would never let me go now You re going to be their LuI finally met his eyes The grey eyes instantly gave me a feeling of ecstasy and I knew I could imagine my unrealistic future with him, how our children run around us and he is chasing them I could imagine my hands touching his body as he did the same, and I knew what I d feel when I did My mate was a monster and he would never let me go now You re going to be their Luna You re going to be my Luna You will surrender and submit to me I will make sure of it, he declared, right next to my ear You re going to please me and carry my pups, if I have to force you to And you will stay by my side, ruling besides me You ll make us stronger than we already are And most importantly, you will never, ever leave His grip around my waist and throat tightened and I let out an uneven breath.

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I've been with this book since the beginning. I am happy to have watched this book grow as well as the author. From beginning to end it was amazing, I've read this book more than once and that is something that I rarely do with a wattpad book. I've read this book in a day and I'd do it again, in fact I've spent days where u find myself rereading it and staying up all night because I want to finish it, even if I know what's going to happen. But I don't care because I would read this book over and [...]

I never thought I'd ever get so intrigued by a book in the werewolf category, but it seems 'Purr,Kitten!' did. The use of words and the characters in this story makes it all well worth reading. Whenever I'd go want to read something but not sure what, I'd go back and re-read this book and be so engrossed into it I'd stay up all night. The author did an amazing job on the book and to hear its getting a complete book off of the internet makes me happy to see hard work going to use.

The title is what caught my eye the most. 'Purr, Kitten' it was an amazing, creative and beautifully written story. I couldn't get enough. I finished reading the whole story in one day from 5pm-midnight, I was instantly hooked on this story, Kathryn and Liam relationship isn't perfect but that's what makes it feel so real. I especially love 'Moon's Reflection' :) I can't wait til the book comes out!

This book was absolutely amazing. Fell in love with all the characters but personally Kathryn was y fav, because of her independence and girl can you please update the squeal and I hope it gets published too.

I absolutely adore this book. It is definitely one of my favourites that I enjoy reading over and over and over again. Usually you don't find books like that but Purr, Kitten is definitely one of them! Can't wait to have this in my hands and read it all over again! :D

I don't remember when I first started reading this on wattpad, but I must say this. This is actually one of my favorite all time werewolf books. Gotta say that I really love this story, it's so captivating. You'll know it when you start reading it.

I can't remember when I first started to read this book but I do remember the quality and I loved this book so much. I read this book online at Wattpad and I am so happy that this is being published, because it is so amazing and now others will know that!!!!!!!

I remember reading your book on Wattpad and I immediately knew this book was going to be published one day because it was just that good. I'm so happy for you and I know that a lot of people will read this book, including the ones who already read it on Wattpad

It was absolutely amazing!! I loved it from the first to the last word. I couldn't put it down. I read it non-stop and was done with all the chapters in one day. I cried at the epilogue, I seriously did! It was all in all a good read!! Great job.

Can't wait for the release! I need to see those new scenes of yours dearie!

Absolutely amazing! Kristel writes so perfectly and imaginatively that you can see everything in the book like its a movie!

This book was amazing! I don't really have anything to say, except it's amazing and YOU SHOULD READ IT! I can't wait to read the sequel!

Loved this so much!!! I hope there's a sequel!!!!

Loved this book And absolutely adore the sequel so far xxx

I absolutely loved the idea of this book. I came across this book on Kindle Unlimited and it just had an instant WOW factor once I saw the plot. This could have easily been a Five star book. I could have easily been blown away. First of all, kudos to the author for coming up with this plot. The idea was amazing, the twists were amazing. There were moments of pure joy, a few tears, and moments when I wanted to jump into the book and choke a character or two. However, there is no way that this boo [...]

3 starsLet me start by saying if this book ended at about 40% i would have given it 4 stars and if it was written better, correct english then id think about 5 stars. In all truth, the wording really confused me and the book itself was just too dam long. It could have been split into 3 books. It had an excellent storyline, amazing characters and one hell of a sexy dominant alpha just too long and translation to english sucked or was written poorly. The hero was seriously sexy, broody, dominating [...]

Okay book It was just okay. It took me a long time to get into the story. Jon and Tom are my favorite characters. They aren't even really the main ones. I never felt satisfied as to why things were the way that they were in the pack. Also the grammar and typos in the story were hard to get past. I did finish the story, but several times I almost quit. There are good points and I think that there was the potential for so much more. That is why I gave it three stars.

I really enjoyed this story once I got past the introductory chapters but I could not give this a four star because of how atrocious the editing was. There was at least one sentence on each page that either needed deciphering because of major grammar ignorance, or was just so out of place as to be completely ignored. I cannot believe how many five stars it received because of this problem.

MehIt could have been great but got to predictable after 60% and after that I skimmed the rest. Also didn't like the fact she had to 'change him' to be happy with him, that's not healthy.

It was okThe editing is absolutely horrible, but the story was ok. I had to keep trying to put the sentences together to make sense. It took away from the storyline. Sorry.

Really goodI usually dont like books that are not told from a single characters POV however this book is really good. I loved the dominant alpha male who gets everything he wants and everyone does everything he says succumb to his soul mate and her becoming everything to him. I loved Kathryn's sassy character and personality. She didn't take it from anyone and I just loved her one liners. Although inside she was fearful it just came out of her mouth as she wasn't taking crap from Liam or any one [...]

I was hooked the entire time, couldn't put it down once I started.

3.5 Stars

Terrible grammerThis was an ok book. The story line had potential, but the lack of spell check & excessive grammatical errors totally killed it.

I was transfixed from the first page and I fell in love with each and everyone of the characters.

really looking forward to reading this book. i just have this feeling like i am going to f**ing LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it


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