The One-in-a-Million Boy

Monica Wood

The One-in-a-Million Boy

The One-in-a-Million Boy

  • Title: The One-in-a-Million Boy
  • Author: Monica Wood
  • ISBN: 9780544617070
  • Page: 386
  • Format: Hardcover

The incandescent story of a 104 year old woman and the sweet, strange young boy assigned to help her around the house a friendship that touches each member of the boy s unmoored family.The story of your life never starts at the beginning Don t they teach you anything at school For years, guitarist Quinn Porter has been on the road, chasing gig after gig, largely absentThe incandescent story of a 104 year old woman and the sweet, strange young boy assigned to help her around the house a friendship that touches each member of the boy s unmoored family.The story of your life never starts at the beginning Don t they teach you anything at school For years, guitarist Quinn Porter has been on the road, chasing gig after gig, largely absent to his twice ex wife Belle and their odd, Guinness records obsessed son When the boy dies suddenly, Quinn seeks forgiveness for his paternal shortcomings by completing the requirements for his son s unfinished Boy Scout badge.For seven Saturdays, Quinn does yard work for Ona Vitkus, the wily 104 year old Lithuanian immigrant the boy had visited weekly Quinn soon discovers that the boy had talked Ona into gunning for the world record for Oldest Licensed Driver and that s the least of her secrets Despite himself, Quinn picks up where the boy left off, forging a friendship with Ona that allows him to know the son he never understood, a boy who was always listening, always learning.The One in a Million Boy is a richly layered novel of hearts broken seemingly beyond repair and then bound by a stunning act of human devotion.

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4.5 enthusiastic starsI'm stunned this book isn't receiving more buzz, as it is one of the better books I've read this year."The One in a Million Boy" is about a socially-awkward 11 year old boy who is obsessed with The Guinness Book of World Records (known to readers only as "the boy") and a 104 year old woman named Ona Vitkus whom the boy interviews for a school project. Of course, to say that the book is only about Ona, the boy, and the school project, would be like saying that The Unlikely P [...]

We never know his name but we come to know almost immediately the fate of the eleven year old boy who has a thing for world records and for counting and making lists and collecting things by 10. Is he just quirky or anxious or obsessive compulsive or lonely? Maybe a little of all of these but what we know for sure - he's smart and perceptive and has a special capacity for understanding as he connects with the lonely 104 year old Ona Vitkus , who he helps each week as he works toward his Boy Scou [...]

This is the season of the Jewish High Holy DaysA time to reflect - a time for moral self-assessment-seeking forgiveness from others we have harmed- making amends as appropriate. This story fits with the season!!! In Monica Wood's book"The One-In-a-Million-Boy" After the loss of his son, a father carries on the boy's commitment to a 104 year old woman, named Ona.The father was resistant at first.but because of the boys devotion and obligation to Ona, the father soon reaps the value himself -by ob [...]

My thoughts are awash after reading this story that I cannot stop thinking about. Books I’ve loved tend to do that. “Loved” kind of says it all, but because the boy in the book, who grabbed my heart, was a boy who liked to count and list things by groups of ten, I thought I’d form my own list of ten thoughts and feelings that tries to explain why this story so affected me:1.) I cannot ignore the World records that were such a part of this 11-year old boy’s personality. I found myself l [...]

4.5 stars I just loved this book! So heartwarming, funny, sad, you will feel it all. Ona Vitkus a 104 yr old Lithuanian immigrant and the most unlikely friends she made just make this an awesome read.

This was a very sweet book, which I thank and the publisher for my hard copy. I have never seen such a specific layout in a book before, and this made a lovely story into a quirky reading experience.I love to read about the underdog, and here we meet a lovable 11 year old boy who forms an unlikely friendship with Ona – who happens to be 104 years of age! I also love to watch a character, seemingly flawed, grow from something not to be proud of into something to be absolutely so. Quinn was thi [...]

A diligent, hard-working 11 year old boy who loves making lists and counts everything bonds with a 104 year old woman over animal crackers and milk. The boy is committed to earning a Scout badge for volunteering to do her yard work and, despite ‘firing’ previous young lads, Ona Vitkus sees something in this boy that is rare and special.When the boy can no longer keep his commitment, his father, Quinn, steps in to complete the seven remaining scheduled Saturdays. Quinn considers himself a fai [...]

As this story begins, Ona Vitkus is a hundred and four years, one hundred and thirty-three days old. Born in Lithuania, raised in Maine where she’s lived since she arrived at the age of 4 years old. Her parents fled with her to the US in fear of the coming Russian invasion. Her parents spoke little English, where Ona can speak only English, a word or two of Lithuanian floating through her memory now and then. The boy’s father, Quinn, appears two weeks after the boy had last visited Ona, doin [...]

What a beautiful book. And that ending - the might have been if what happened had not happened. The sadness that (view spoiler)[ Quinn would never know how much the boy loved him and wanted his approval (hide spoiler)]. And that wonderful epilogue abut Ona. What a woman!!!Okay so I am a bit lost for words. Read it. You will not be sorry.

It's sad, it's amusing, it's uplifting, and the writing is beautiful. This is the most unlikely of relationships - 104 year old Ona Vitkus and an 11 year old boy, but it's a joy to see it unfold, and watch how the story develops because of this relationship. Their friendship impacts on all those who know them, and just be sure to keep the tissues handy!*Thank you to for this first reads giveaway*

I crept out of bed at 3:30 a.m. this morning to finish this book and I must have read the last sentence ten times with my heart in my throat. Back in bed next to the open window, I heard the slow beginning and then the full morning chorus of birds as the darkness receded through the woods. It gave me goosebumps. I realize that may sound cryptic but when you read the book – and you must read this book - you’ll know just what I’m talking about. This story could not possibly have ended more p [...]

Wow ! The One In A Million Boy is outstanding !! You never know his name, but you won't forget him. This book was recommended to me and I was told to not read any reviews, "just read it". I'm surprised there isn't more talk about it. It's a beautiful novel that is engaging, sad, but not without hope, funny, poignant. The author draws so many emotions from you. The story of an 11 year old and a woman who is 104. The boy seen through Ona's eyes is such a sweet character. The story of a Father who [...]

A fantastic and heartwarming story about an unlikely friendship between an 104-year-old Lithuanian immigrant and a 11-year-old Boy Scout. The bond they share is uniquely special, and will definitely touch your heart. I took the advice of several friends, and did not read the blurb for this book. It really was best not knowing too much of this story beforehand and letting it just unfold as it goes. You are in good hands as Monica Wood delivers a well written story that will make you think about [...]

3.75★“But certain others, they move in and make themselves at home and start flapping their arms in the story you make of your life. They have a wingspan.”A life-affirming story of how a boy spread his wings producing turbulence in the lives within his airspace. Just about any reader would enjoy it, particularly anyone who has or works with a special needs, or should I say specially gifted child. Or perhaps you could use some inspiration in your winter years and be reminded that it’s nev [...]

“If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you.”----Joan PowersMonica Wood, an award-winning best-selling author, pens a heart-rending tale of friendship in her new book, The One-in-a-Million Boy that narrates the story of a boy, and a 104-year old immigrant lady and the boy's father, who form a strong bond of friendship over loss and grief and their passion for Guinness World Records.Synopsis: Miss Ona Vitkus has - aside from t [...]

Onvan : The One-in-a-Million Boy - Nevisande : Monica Wood - ISBN : 1472228359 - ISBN13 : 9781472228352 - Dar 416 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 2016

I'd rate this 4.5 stars.Well, I know I'm a sap, but this one had me in pieces. Or maybe there was just something in my eye.Ona Vitkus is 104 years old, a Lithuanian immigrant whose prickly exterior belies a warm heart, a mischievous spirit, and a lifetime of regrets. When the local Boy Scout troop assigns an awkward yet earnest scout to help her with household tasks to earn a merit badge, she's ready to scare him away as she has the others, if he doesn't disappoint her first.Yet there's somethin [...]

Book club read #6, May 2017.Outstanding characterizations sparkle and shine in this heartwarming book about second chances. An eleven year old Boy Scout has met a sudden end, but lives on through his journals and tape recordings of 104 year old Ona Vitkus. His duty to help her around the house and to try to get Ona into the Guinness book of records was to end soon too, but is taken up by his guilt - laden father Quinn. Quinn and Ona end up helping each other more than anyone could have predicted [...]

4.5 stars rounded up. An 11 yr old boy scout comes to help a 104 yr old woman. Over a 10 week period of Saturday mornings a wonderful friendship grows between them. The boy records Ona talking about her life on a dicta phone. He turns off the tape to ask questions and by reading her side of the conversation you can fill in his voice. The book is interspersed with guiness book of records facts relevant to the story, these records were an interest of the boy, and his hope to imortalise Ona. Lovely [...]

This was a lovely story of love lost, found, and regained. It was a story of how no matter what age you are, one can always find what is needed to make your life worthwhile and whole again. "“At times, we are the bridge that allows another to re-enter the world after a loss. Don't mistake it for more or its beauty may be lost.”― Danielle Pierre

--4.5 to 4.75--I thoroughly enjoyed this book – from the spunky 104-year-old Ona Vitkus and the young boy, so clearly different from his peers – to the physical structure of the book, which included scenes, as well as taped interviews of the woman as she responded to the boy’s questions, plus various lists of world record facts. The parents of the boy (whose name we never learn – making him that much more ethereal), Quinn and Belle, are also well-drawn, flawed characters.Ona and the boy [...]

I agreed to read this book when I received an email off the publisher with a brief description of this novel. The write up and the subsequent reviews painted a fabulous picture of a novel not to be missed, so I eagerly looked forward to reading this book.It would be unfair to say the book was not worth the read but I did feel a little let down after reading about it previously. What I got was a well written novel that touched the heart strings as expected but didn't deliver the exceptional novel [...]

"The boy", an eleven year old Boy Scout, is helping 104 year old Ona Vitkus fill her bird feeders and do some yard work. He's intelligent and direct, but a little different (suggesting Aspergers, but not identified). He loves to divide tasks into ten parts, and is fascinated by the Guiness Book of World Records. Ona is charmed by the boy and shows him magic tricks. He gives her a goal in life by suggesting that she go after the world record of the oldest licensed driver to achieve immortality. H [...]

This is a lovely, gentle novel about the relationship between a 104 year old woman, an 11 year old boy and his often absent musician father. Ona Vitkus, born in Lithuania in 1900 lives a lonely life in her empty house in Portland, Maine. Every Saturday the local Scoutmaster drops off a boy scout to help out with odd jobs. Mostly Ona finds the boys quiet and shy, until one day a very different boy turns up who is also a bit of a misfit in this modern world. He is fascinated with her age and gradu [...]

A very special boy whose life was cut short at the age of 11 made a substantial impact on people he left behind, including the boy’s largely absent father, Quinn, and a 104-year-old woman named Miss Ona Vitkus. The “one-in-a-million” boy was tasked with doing chores for Ona as a Boy Scout project. After his death, Quinn pledges to continue helping Miss Vitkus, a promise he makes to try and compensate for his failings as a father. The two form an unlikely friendship and their journey toward [...]

3.5 - "Start counting." Stars.I will be honest and say that after reading the prequel novella to this book A Woman in a Million, I wasn’t 100% certain that I was going to get on with the authors writing style. But The One-in-a-Million Boy was a really unusual and intriguing read.Miss Ona Vitkus has lead a long and varied life, the book is basically the retelling of it through different mediums. You are given her early years and mid life adventures through the tape recordings of the Boy. And wh [...]

Just a fabulous book from start to finish!!! Just fabulous!!!

Miss Ona Vitkus is one hundred and four years old. She is not the oldest living person in the world but she has a feasible shot at snapping up the Guiness World Record title if she can stick around for another two decades. A fact discovered with great enthusiasm by the keen eleven year old boy that marched up to her door in a scout uniform one rainy, thawing March day. Ona Vitkus hasn't had much luck with the scouts that appear throughout the year at the behest of scoutmaster Ted Ledbetter but t [...]

I received this book from Giveaways. This has in no way impacted my opinion of the book. Thank you to the author, Monica Wood, and the publisher, Headline Review, for the opportunity.This was one of the most beautiful and heart-warming tales I have ever read. The entire story, and the characters therein, are haunted by the memory of a deceased child and their actions are due, in-part, to how his loss has affected them and how they attempt to cope with their grief. This unnamed child can be said [...]

“He had not loved his son enough. This knowledge lived like a malignancy on his heart. He wanted to believe that the boy, in a future now lost and impossible, would have forgiven him, would have taken their blundering history and found its logic and shaped it into items on a list. And that this – eating cake with Miss Ona Vitkus – would be one of those items”The One-In-A-Million Boy is the fourth novel by American author, Monica Wood. When Quinn Porter turns up at the home of Miss Ona Vi [...]

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