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  • Title: Nicolas
  • Author: Serena Simpson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 279
  • Format: Kindle Edition

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Nicolas was the healer in his family He stood strong and silent on the edge of the action waiting to help when needed No one saw the hole in his heart that was slowly eating him alive Nicolas yearned to be needed for than his skill Janis was considered an outsider all of her life A simple touch could burn her to the point of severe pain She had learned to liveNicolas was the healer in his family He stood strong and silent on the edge of the action waiting to help when needed No one saw the hole in his heart that was slowly eating him alive Nicolas yearned to be needed for than his skill Janis was considered an outsider all of her life A simple touch could burn her to the point of severe pain She had learned to live in the shadows, to avoid the possibility she was being watched The sense of impending doom was becoming overwhelming What happens when a male not needed for anything but his talent meets a woman who needs much than a skilled physician They may go up in flames if their enemies don t find them first This book contains adult content it is not recommended for readers under the age of 18

Recent Comments "Nicolas"

3,5 STARS This is my first book by this authors and I have to say that I'm not disappointed by their work. Reading Nicolas and Janis's story was quite entertainig and although I didn't read the previous books in this series, I still knew what the plot and their journey was all about. I admit that, probably since it's a series, I did feel the start was a bit rushed but I caught up pretty quickly. She had been given a life expectancy of sixteen years. She was now twenty-seven and defying the odds [...]

ARC received for review4.5 starsYep, did it again and started a series in the middle. This one jumped right in and I was a little lost for a minute with the lack of background on the aliens. Great story with lots of action, romance, sci-fi, sex and family. Boy was this a big family of boys, and I was getting a little lost keeping up with them and their mates. Overall can't wait for the next one and hope to one day go back to the first three.

Hmmm, I was pretty bored with this one.

So freaking Amazing!!!This was one of the best series I have read in a while!! Sexy, hot, totally make your panties wet, aliens, who are on earth and looking for love with their only true mates. Then throw in a twisted bad guy who could be human.or not, hmmmm the adventure and suspense, action and adventure, along with all the smoking hot love scenes. let's just say I was instantly hooked and had to keep reading from the first page of book one, and Ill be buying every SINGLE book by this author [...]

I am a huge fan of this series. I like that the author writes about female characters of all sizes. I like how the women are sassy and sweet and funny as the author bring them out of their shell bit by bit. I like the way she shares the story of the created, which are the aliens, so matter of fact and then as the stories and series continues they show more feeling about things. These are the reasons, when put together, that I really do like this a lot. It's an emotional series where you will fin [...]

I received an eARC, from NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.This is book four in the "Love Me Harder" series. I have not read the previous books so I thought this was a stand alone book. I will say there is a ongoing theme of a enemy trying to do them in that seems to have started in book one story line and is continue through to the other books. After reading this one I did more forward with reading the books that came after this book. I haven't yet read back wards to [...]

3.5starsNicolas is the 4 book of this paranormal series. It is for me a first book from the series and the first book from author. I found book interesting but somehow I had feeling I did miss something or I didn't understand it. It maybe was because I did not read the previous books. Book is well written easy to follow through. We have the POV from both Janis and Nicolas.Both characters are interesting. I had feeling that Nicolas was more pragmatic and little bit cold or maybe precautious towar [...]

-blinks- it is a interesting premise, drags on for quite a bit. But felt like one of those quick and dirty series. Nothing really stand out to me grabbing me. About the word errors, I only really caught 1 strange one that did not make sense but I am not 100% sure if Dante's (whoever he is, as I got lost there) changes. I thought I caught his name as Dale once in the text.This is a free review via netgalley I do not get paid for this review!

Nicolas is a really sweet guy, “Janis, I’m never going to want to let you go. You’re my mate and I want to hold you forever.” I liked this book these men knew how to dote on their women. I really liked this book.

Each progressive book gets betterThe first books are good, but each brother becomes more endearing. Nicholas is so sweet, with that edge that makes him hot. The plot is getting intense as we find out more about the tainted one and his reasons for hunting the created. The romance is hot. Jumping right into the next one.

I absolutely love The Created and their mates. Be sure to read the first three books in the series before diving into this one, you'll be lost on the overarching plot if you don't. Nicolas and Janis are wonderful together. The brother's are getting closer to the bad guy (WHOO HOO!). There are still a few editing issues that need to be resolved, but the story and characters are fantastic. Moving on to the next book in the Love me Harder Series by Serena Simpson.

Nicolas by Serena Simpson is the fourth book in the Love Me Harder series. I did not read the previous books, I was not lost at all. I do though want to go back and read them all because this book was just that great!Janis she is a really tragic heroine when we meet her. Imagine never being able to touch anyone without burning, or physical pain. She can not even hug someone without pain to herself. Going to the store and getting groceries is an event for her. People are just mean to her. That is [...]

Nicolas is the healer in his family so it is not hard to believe that he would save someone who needed his help.cially if it is his mate. Janis has lived her life being afraid of being touched because if someone was to touch her she would suffer.Luckily for her Nicolas steps in and saves the day when she needs him the most. But the real question is can he keep her safe long enough to show her how much he can love her? Read and find out!I received this book as an ARC from Net Galley for my honest [...]

Not what I was expected even better. Two unlikely people find each other. Janis knows that she is different always has been and it has effected her whole life, she just wants to be normal get married have children but that is never going to happen. Nicolas knows that Janis is his mate, he is from another galaxy and he has a beast inside and he doesn't know that she will accept him as he is.Nicolas saves her and she is grateful and scared as she doesn't know who wants her dead. Can Nicolas find o [...]

A paranormal romance with hot alpha males, action, and suspense that keeps you on edge. Nicolas is desperately searching for true love and happiness. Janis is suffering from a medical condition that causes her to avoid any kind of physical contact with other individuals. all she wants is to live a normal life with that special someone.d when Nicolas saves her from a group of attackers. Janis thinks she has died and Nicolas is an angel coming for her because his touch does not burn her skin but s [...]

Nick and Janis, Another great storySo far, I have been batting four out of four. Each of the stories in the series has shown the talents of the author. She has woven together the storyline of the family of alien brothers throughout each individual story of one of the brothers. The characters have depth which makes them feel real.Niko finds his mate in an unusual way,as do all of the brothers. Janis is unique and Nikon must work had to make her feel safe enough to trust him. Like all the stories, [...]

Kindly provided with an ARC via Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewPerfect !!! This was Nicolas and Janis's book. Poor Janis suffering if touched by another.what a crappy life hun !!. Anyway, Nicolas with his healer hands was good for the job !!!.I am a sucker for duel POV and Alien/Human love stories ! So I was sold on the blurb.Yup, nowt more needs sayingWell done Serena and many thanks for this opportunity xxLater peeps xx

I really had fun reading this! It's book four in the series and I read it as a stand alone just fine. Some details were lost on me and obviously in the previous books, but not anything that would take away from this story. It was a great scifi romance, with the action being great and a surprisingly sweet romance between the main characters. I definitely think I'll go back and read the previous books.

Totally addicted to this seriesI've read all off the novels in this series and I'm a total addict. I like the fact that while the H recognizes the h as his mate it's still not insta-love. There is character development and a good if not great plot. I definitely recommend this series.

My Favorite So FarI love this series and can't wait to read the rest of the brothers' books. Nicolas is the doctor so we get a little bit of a medical mystery along with the love story. And we get a few answers to the villain in the series.

This was a good read, although I did not enjoy as much as I did the first two books: Aran and Niko, I laughed a little. There were a few words that I had to replace as I read the story. Otherwise I am so ready to find out the secret that is Dante.

Nicolas was different then anything I have read before. Some parts were a little weird for me, but I can honestly say I haven't read anything else like it. ARC received from publisher for an honest review.

Another great read - even though read it with my kindle unlimited subscription, it is definitly on my to-buy list, along with the rest of the series:)

I give this book 2.5 stars. I think the story line is very good, but for some reason I just could not immerse myself in the book.

enjoyable. a bit stilted but enjoyable tale. I like how the story progresses with each brother finding a mate. and I'm happy toet another clan of aliens in all of Dante' s brothers.

wow hot

ExcellentThese books are great, I recommend to all adults to read, I can not wait to read Hale next too

Oh this is hotting up nicely, although, to be honest, the bad guy seems to be a bit of a wimp right now, maybe that'll change in the next book? Can't wait!

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