My Struggle: Book Five

Karl Ove Knausgård Don Bartlett

My Struggle: Book Five

My Struggle: Book Five

  • Title: My Struggle: Book Five
  • Author: Karl Ove Knausgård Don Bartlett
  • ISBN: 9780914671398
  • Page: 238
  • Format: Hardcover

The fifth book of Knausgaard s powerful My Struggle series is written with tremendous force and sincerity As a nineteen year old, Karl Ove moves to Bergen and invests all of himself in his writing But his efforts get the opposite effect he wants it so much that he gets writer s block At the same time, he sees his friends, one by one, publish their debuts He suspectsThe fifth book of Knausgaard s powerful My Struggle series is written with tremendous force and sincerity As a nineteen year old, Karl Ove moves to Bergen and invests all of himself in his writing But his efforts get the opposite effect he wants it so much that he gets writer s block At the same time, he sees his friends, one by one, publish their debuts He suspects that he will never get anything published Book Five is also a book about strong new friendships and a shattering love affair Then one day Karl Ove reaches two crucial points in his life his father dies, and shortly thereafter, he completes his first novel.

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Posted at Heradas Review“What was consciousness other than the surface of the soul’s ocean?”Book five details Karl Ove’s life from around age nineteen to thirty-three, but in a lot of ways it feels like the closing chapter of My Struggle. Of course there is still one more book coming in the pipeline; whose english translation I hear has been delayed again, this time until “Fall 2018” due to it being twelve-hundred pages and requiring an additional translator in order to handle the ex [...]

You’ve heard about Karl Ove Knausgaard’s six-volume My Struggle series. If you've been avoiding the annual hype since 2012 but now for some weird reason think you're maybe KOK curious, these reviews of Books One, Two, Three, and Four will get you up to speed. OK. Now that you're all caught up: Book Five begins soon after Book Four ends, with a nineteen-year-old Karl Ove triumphantly copulating in a tent. He’s returning from travels, preparing to attend a writing academy in Bergen. He’s b [...]

[from Min kamp 4]Looking at the other reviews here of volume 5, I see a good deal about the plot and some interesting notes on connections with Knausgård's real life. What's striking, given that the book is being sold as a novel, is how little people say about its qualities as a piece of literature. I am grateful to Björn, who pointed me to this interesting article by Jan Kjærstad. Kjærstad is uniquely well qualified to comment; he is one of the two or three greatest living Norwegian authors [...]

"My Struggle: Book 5" is my first introduction to Karl Ove Knausgaard In the beginning of this book, we follow along while Karl Ove is traveling.From Bergen, Norwayhe hitch hiked to Florence - to Athens-( met some Norwegian girls and one very particular girl that he thinks he is madly in love with)with hopes to meet her again when he gets back to Norway.Before he makes it back to Bergene big University town where he has been accepted at the Writing Academy---with the last of his money he buys a [...]

Karl Ove Knausgaard - a painfully open bookI had never heard of Knausgaard, a Norwegian author, best known for his 6-volume autobiography My Struggle. When it was recommended to me I was a little curious as to whether listening (I experienced this via audio format) to 21.5 hours about this guy was going to be worthwhile.After I was assured that it doesn't matter which book you read first, I set my need for reading 'in order' aside and started with this one, number 5. We begin when Karl Ove is 19 [...]

"e silence of the living is quite different from the silence of the dead"- Karl Ove Knausgaard, My Struggle: Book 5 Book 5: Some Rain Must FallFirst, just a quick observation. I'm a little perplexed by the photo on the cover of the Archipelago English edition. Isn't that Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty? Wait. I've been there. How does a giant earthwork, counterclockwise coil shooting into the Great Salt Lake fit into this novel? Beautiful, certainly, but odd. Ok, back to the novel. Back to Knausg [...]

Oh Knausgård, this is, in my opinion the best part in your "My Struggle" series. A very strong five stars to this one.How I loved it.I want to, as always, write that it doesn't matter in which order you read the books in this series. They are made to be read independently from each other, the books are not in chronological order but by different parts of Karl Ove's life, and different overarching themes.I read them out of order, started with part one and read until part four, then six and jumpe [...]

[continued from here]At 12%. Karl Ove Knausgård. Here we go again! I started the fifth book right on schedule this time, but had to pay almost the same price for the Kindle version as for the hardcover. With my luck the paperback will come out any day now, and the price for the Kindle will drop too. Aargh! Or better Ååååååååå! (to paraphrase from Manny’s review) The letter Å, by the way, is pronounced similar to aw in the English “law” and caused some trouble one time: Members o [...]

"What's genuine in the book is that I try to understand who I am." In a recent interview, Karl Ove Knausgård said he wrote Book 5 of his My Struggle series in just eight weeks, which is particularly impressive considering the depth of his 626-page autobiographical novel. Knausgård has a rare talent for finding the sublime in the mundane, and when measured by qualities like honesty, authenticity, and transparency, Book 5 is Knausgård at his unfiltered best. Highly recommended, especially for a [...]

“The world is the natural setting of, and field for, all my thoughts and all my explicit perceptions. Truth does not inhabit only the inner man, or more accurately, there is no inner man, man is in the world, and only in the world does he know himself. ”― Maurice Merleau-Ponty(This quote will have to serve as a review for now. I'll probably write more later. If you want a thorough write-up of the book, go read Lee's fantastic review.)

A complex man spoken in such simple, open sentences, paragraphs. Yet unable to commit himself to anything or anyone in life, therefore unable to form a life. There was no self inside, only a vicious facsimile of his father and his emotional tortures; a man he could and would never be able to win with. Much of his time was spent humiliating himself internally and externally, and fearing it. Getting drunk allowed all he repressed out.The ongoing ache and repetitive groan wore thin. The writing wit [...]

Mantiene decisamente le aspettative. [78/100]Pensieri sparsi:1. Mannaggia, già finito. E adesso che faccio?!2. Nell'ultimo periodo ero impantanato su una media di 20 pagine a settimana. Poi è arrivato Knausgård e non c'ho più capito niente.4. Normale seguito del quarto volume, verso la fine si incontra col primo (vedi alcune pagine quasi fotocopia) ed è il prequel abbastanza indispensabile del secondo. Per me è senza dubbio uno tra i capitoli migliori. E accadono, inaspettatamente, un sacc [...]

De vorige vier delen van Knausgards autobiografische cyclus "Mijn Strijd" heb ik werkelijk verslonden, vooral deel 3 "Zoon" omdat dit zo fraai de intensiteit oproept van de kindertijd en de herinnering daaraan. En ook dit 5e en voorlaatste deel beviel mij prima, al vond ik dan m.n. "Zoon" net nog wat sterker. Dit deel draait om de veertien jaar dat Karl Ove in Bergen doorbracht, een periode waarvan hij zich naar eigen zeggen verbazend weinig herinnert. Toch vult hij ruim 600 bladzijden, met wat [...]

Eu não saberia dizer com certeza se Karl Ove é descritivo em excesso, se os detalhes cotidianos em "Minha Luta" são supervalorizados, ou se as inseguranças do escritor em formação desafiam os limites da paciência de quem encara “A descoberta da escrita”. Agora, se a questão for a honestidade de Knausgård com a própria trajetória, disso eu saio 100% convencido: o cara é implacável consigo mesmo. Mais um volume de autoquestionamento brutal.

Kavgam serisinin 5. cildi de şaşırtmadı, yine mükemmeldi. Bu ciltte 19-33 yaş arası Bergen'de geçirdiği yılları, özellikle de yazar olma mücadelesini anlatıyor Knausgaard. Yine benzersiz bir açık kalplilikle, kendini hem özel hayatında, hem de yazarlık serüveninde acımasızca eleştirerek. Yazarlığın, yaratıcılığın çok acı verici bir süreç olduğunu, büyük emek getirdiğini, öncelikle çok okumak gerektirdiğini de bir kez daha anlıyorsunuz. 19 yaşında kabu [...]

Airport literature for high-brows, and sometimes that's what you want. I enjoyed this one more than the first four, which is not to say it's better, but on the other hand, it's airport literature, so perhaps that is precisely to say it's better, but better for me. Four stars for how much I enjoyed it then, and two for quality. Basically, I'd much rather read about young KOK's days at university, hanging out with Jon Fosse and talking about Tor Ulven than another 80000000 pages about how his fath [...]

ah, karl ove. i wanted to like you. you come from a long, amazing tradition of scandinavian authors, the ones i stayed up all night to read in college - sigrid undset, knut hamsun, kjartan flogstad, william heinesen, tarje vesaas, strindberg, halldor laxness, selma lagerlof but i then i remembered you are a product of our times, of our 21st century incessant social media belly-gazing, of our reality shows, of our mass existential crisis turned public.i liked your first book. there was pain there [...]

You either love or hate the My Struggle books. Reading hundreds of pages about a man drinking coffee, smoking, taking long walks and occasionally sitting down to write (largely to his grave disappointment) might seem like the most tedious thing you could possibly do, but it is everything but. Once you get sucked into the world of Karl Ove, it becomes impossible to leave. Let us not forget that this is still fiction and he should not be taken at face value, and when you read it like that it all f [...]

The best so far: this one made me laugh, cry, cringe, want to stop reading then a paragraph later declare I must read all volumes again, celebrate with the author when his first novel is published, mourn with him at the end of relationships and at deaths, hurt with him at those betrayals in life we all experience. And, Karl Ove, I'm proud of you: in this volume, unlike volume 4, you own up to self-pleasure! Yes, it's convenient and sorta like eating and sleeping! Perfectly natural. Anyway, I've [...]

Far from my favorite so far - too scattered/episodic with a profusion of characters in name only. But while these qualities diminished my reading pleasure, I can see how they perfectly mirror the frame of mind of Karl Ove's everyman as he negotiates his third decade, which made it interesting to ponder how such an outwardly shallow borderline fuck-up all the while harbored the human depths later revealed in his novels. And my pleasures did increase toward the end as he matured and settled into m [...]

Probably my favorite since the first in the His Struggle series. I attribute it to the fact that so much narrative is spent on Karl Ove's literary apprenticeship--specifically his literary readings, attempts to become a writer, and friendships with like-minded sorts. That's always interesting to me because I like to read about reading and I like to read about writing, so if you're going to navel gaze as only KOK can do (read: in style), this is the way you want to do it.By this point, though, a [...]

I find myself developing a kind of doting-mother response to this series. I'm reading along and my mind is saying: "Oh, Karl Ove, please curtail your drinking. Remember what happened last time?" And he doesn't. I mean, he doesn't remember what happened last time because that's how much he drinks from time to time. And the aftermath rarely bodes well for him (regrets over sexual relations, fits of violence/anger, etc.). This volume really delves into his becoming a writer--the self-doubt, the suc [...]

The fifth of the six book series, which I've followed over the last number of years, and probably my favourite of the lot. Once again Knausgaard goes into his life in minute detail, this time as he begins a writing course in Bergen as a 19 year old, and the book brings us past his debut novel to the death of his father, the event that featured so prominently in the first of the series.Warts n all once again, the self doubt and anxiety faced by Knausgaard is always prominent. I think this one sto [...]

Damn it feels good to be a bastard

Ännu om KnausgårdDetta är boken Knausgårds, alltså Karl Oves, destruktiva Bergen-år, som Bokbabbel kallade dem. Som 19-åring, efter året i Nord-Norge, flyttar Karl Ove till Bergen. Där ska livet börja, han ska gå på Skrivekunstakademien, bli författare. Men lätt blir det inte. Han känner just ingen förutom Yngve, brodern han älskar men känner sig underlägsen, och Skrivekunstakademiet blir mest kritik. Så det blir 10 år av att inte kunna skriva. Istället blir det lite jobb h [...]

Lo sé, es solo literatura del yo (pero me gusta)Es tan fácil de leer, tan llevadero, que asusta. Las 700 páginas se te pasan volando. Te bajás de a 100 por día casi sin darte cuenta. Su escritura fluye como la vida misma.Si ya leíste los cuatro anteriores y te gustaron, este no te va a defraudar. Tiene para mí el mejor final de todos los de la saga. Es tremendo.Acompaña las estaciones de la vida. Este "Tiene que llover" habla de la última expansión de ciclo rutinario en el que se ha co [...]

(zoals verschenen op tirade)Al dagen wil ik schrijven over Karl Ove Knausgård. Over ‘Schrijver’, zijn laatst vertaalde boek. De andere delen uit de serie las ik met interesse, maar ik vond ze niet perse goed, te wijdlopig, onrustig. ‘Schrijver’ maakte grote indruk. Maar alles wat ik de afgelopen dagen op papier zette over het boek, was niet goed genoeg. Ik wiste versie na versie, en besloot het er maar bij te laten zitten. Maar mijn drang om over het boek te schrijven verdween niet, zat [...]

Più leggo Knausgård e più mi chiedo quanto effettivamente sia vero e autobiografico e quanto sia frutto della creazione narrativa. Anche nell'apertura di questo quinto volume, Knausgård torna a ripeterci che i quattordici anni passati a Bergen (1988 - 2002) non sono altro che una serie di flash confusi nella sua mente e quello che resta è soltanto un insieme di ricordi di incidenti e sentimenti; eppure sforna un altro mattone di più di 600 pagine, dove molte delle nottate di bagordi sono d [...]

I dont know why I keep reading these books

My Struggle: Book Five is the best My Struggle since My Struggle: Book Two!

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