Elseworlds: Batman Vol. 1

Doug Moench

Elseworlds: Batman Vol. 1

Elseworlds: Batman Vol. 1

  • Title: Elseworlds: Batman Vol. 1
  • Author: Doug Moench
  • ISBN: 9781401260743
  • Page: 260
  • Format: Paperback

For the first time ever, Batman s Elseworlds tales are featured in a new graphic novel collection.In Elseworlds, heroes are taken from their usual settings and put into strange times and places some that have existed, or might have existed and others that can t, couldn t or shouldn t exist The result stories that make characters who are as familiar as yesterday seem asFor the first time ever, Batman s Elseworlds tales are featured in a new graphic novel collection.In Elseworlds, heroes are taken from their usual settings and put into strange times and places some that have existed, or might have existed and others that can t, couldn t or shouldn t exist The result stories that make characters who are as familiar as yesterday seem as fresh as tomorrow.Featuring Batman as a holy priest, Harry Houdini alongside the Dark Knight, Dr Wayne reanimating a Frankenstein like Bat Man, Batman as a Green Lantern, a supernatural Bat Man fighting the evil wizard known as the Dark Joker, a future Robin fighting off an alien invasion, and other tales Collects BATMAN HOLY TERROR, BATMAN THE BLUE, THE GREY, AND THE BAT, ROBIN 3000 1 2, BATMAN DARK JOKER THE WILD, BATMAN HOUDINI THE DEVIL S WORKSHOP, BATMAN CASTLE OF THE BAT, BATMAN IN DARKEST KNIGHT and BATMAN DARK ALLEGIANCES

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*sigh* Elseworlds sucked. Yep I said it. Cool concept that falls flat with shitty stories. Yep, I said that too. The first story-set in a world where Cromwell won is likely the best (and that's not saying much). The rest? Simple and unadulterated dreck. Don't know how to define "dreck"? No worries-read Elseworlds and you'll see.After the first one, the rest were so bad I just flipped through this. Also the crappy Robin 3000 or 4000 is also junk. I'm not going to waste too much time on this crapp [...]

I can see why this has such a low rating. I lost interest in a lot of the stories in this omnibus about half way through, so I just flipped through them until the end.I would say unless you specifically want to read everything Batman-related you can just skip this one.

This was uber bad and extremely tasteless. The only one that was mildly entertaining was the Houdini one. Don't waste your time picking this up.

This are reissues of the classic Batman related Elseworlds, unlike Volume Two, which consist of a coherent Elseworld series written primarily by Doug Moench, there is a lot of diversity of authors and artists in this first volume. Batman: Holy Terror by Alan Brennert and Norm Breyfogle is the story of Batman in a semi-feudal theocracy ran by a corrupt church. Bruce Wayne discovers the church has his parents killed and becomes the Dark Knight to avenge them. The art here is very period, but impre [...]

Ive actually moved this down a star in hindsight. Some of the tales in here were really good and quite clever takes, for example the one written in a era where there was an inquisition but an awful lot did not quite work as well as it should have and the changes in quality, relevance and strengths in the tales made it a tough read.There were a couple of times I could have stopped in particular tales and one managed to feel like a poorly told and rushed introduction rather than a story of its own [...]

LOVE that DC is re-issuing these in collections! A lot of them are well-known but getting difficult to find now. Not every story is genius, but all of them are interesting, and some very good indeed -- usually if there's a problem, it's just that the Elseworlds books weren't a good length. A little too long, so the basic idea gets dragged out a bit, but not long enough to really spin it into a more-complex world, even though a lot of these AUs totally deserved full-fledged graphic novels. But ho [...]

What if Batman?Elseworlds is basically DC's "What if." consists of 8 stories that puts the Batman mythos in different situations/timelines and reimagines what would happen refreshing and varied, but requires some knowledge of Batman's world and history to truly appreciate this unique collection

I actually give this book as a whole only 2.5 stars out of 5, but I rounded up rather than down since there is a lot of nice potential for these tales. my favorites were the frankenstein twist, lantern-bat, and dark allegiances.

I only bought this for the GL tale. ­čĹŹ

Hit and missA hodgepodge of hit and miss stories. Mostly miss, in my opinion. Some were really bad, I'm sorry to say. Not recommended.

interesting read

Some were good, some not very interesting.

A couple stories are good, but many are really bad. Robin 3000? Trash. They sure don't age well.

Collecting all of the Elseworlds stories into a series of graphic novels is a fantastic idea. The stories contained within are hit and miss. I'll give a brief review of each.Batman: Holy Terrorby Alan Brennert and Norm Breyfogle - 4.0 stars Fantastic art from one of the great all-time Batman artists. Bruce Wayne has grown up to become a priest in a society where the Church rules over everyone. When he discovers members of the Church had his parents murdered, he becomes the Dark Knight to avenge [...]

Curate's Egg. Love Chaykin's Red Batman.

As with all compilations, this is a mixed bag; some great art and storytelling, and some not so great. The Green Lantern story being my favourite and in my view the strongest of these Elseworld tales

en primer lugar: qu├ę gusto que se hayan decidido a editar los elseworlds en una sola colecci├│n. a mi modo de ver, son un punto alto en la constante reescritura de los superh├ęroes, un what if necesar├şsimo para darles nuevos aires y jugar con sus caracter├şsticas. una vez dicho esto, tambi├ęn hay que apuntar que los elseworlds --al menos en este volumen-- tienden inevitablemente a la irregularidad. la diferencia entre extensiones, tem├íticas y autores los hace muy diferentes entre s├ş; hay alg [...]

I'm really glad DC has decided to collect these stories. I'm a big Elseworlds fan, simply because each story takes familiar characters and puts them somewhere, or somewhen, else. Good for the casual and for the hardcore reader; most of the stories are just "fun".Some stories are hits: Darkest Knight, Dark Allegiances (poignantly self-aware, pulpy, and current), Castle of the BatOthers are misses: Robin 3000, Holy Terror, The Blue The Grey and The BatOther lines up somewhere in the middle. Collec [...]

Some are excellent, some not soI pretty much have always loved DCs imaginary stories. I'm hoping they'll reprint all of them. In this volume, centering on Batman, some are great, some are ok. A few are problematic like robin 3000, which just ends. The wild is quite imaginative, but really is all in the eye of the beholder.

The Elseworlds premise is fantastic! The executionless so.The only reason this volume gets a 2 star review and not a 1 is because the first story Batman: Holy Terror by Alan Brennert & Norm Breyfogle was a 4/5 story. Everything else was too rough to get through.

I really liked Holy Terror and Robin 3000 and enjoyed the art of Devil's Workshop but the other five stories in here were pretty bad. I mean it took me two and half months to get through a comic that's how disinterested i was.

the art is spectacular but I just couldn't get into the stories.The elseworlds premise is so exciting but I had a hard time connecting with these.

While the volume includes some okay stories, the majority feel like writers had stories to tell, and not great ones, and slapped the name Bruce Wayne into the story!

Sort of an uneven mix. I liked most of the stories, but there were a few that left me pretty flat. I have to admit, I do love these alternate universe types of ideas.

Holy terror 4/5The blue, the grey and the bat 3/5Robin 3000 1/5Dark Joker 3/5The devil's workshop 3/5Castle of the bat 5/5In darkest knight 3/5Dark allegiances 2/5

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