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  • Title: Imagine
  • Author: Jenna Greene Jenna Butrenchuk
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Kindle Edition

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A fierce wind and a blast of green light during a strange storm causes everything to change for Katharine Bowers and Becky Thatcher The girls wake up in Oren, an entirely different realm than their earthly city They meet Enalie, a fading magical presence who sets an incredible destiny before them then simply disappears Left alone to fend off creatures that hunt them inA fierce wind and a blast of green light during a strange storm causes everything to change for Katharine Bowers and Becky Thatcher The girls wake up in Oren, an entirely different realm than their earthly city They meet Enalie, a fading magical presence who sets an incredible destiny before them then simply disappears Left alone to fend off creatures that hunt them in the night, they must relay a magical heritage that doesn t make sense, and if possible save a world that they know nothing about.

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My BlogActual Rating 2.5Have you ever read a book that you thought sounded really cool but by the end of it, it was just a huge disappointment? That's what happened to me with this one here. It sounded so good when i first read the synopsis but it wasn’t anything like i imagined. The story was interesting but written poorly, the characters were diverse but barely developed on. And the cover? I mean it looks cool but it doesn’t fit with the book at all. I honestly didn’t get much from this [...]

DNF at 20%I feel like I might come back to this but, its kinda ehh and is slow, boring and childish

I received a free copy via Netgalley in exchange for a honest review.This is a very easy read.The world is fairly well developed with reasonable characters.A weak ending spoilt the story.

Title: ImagineAuthor: Jenna GreeneRating: 4.5/5 StarsI was sent a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!This is a spoiler free review :) SummaryOne day, Kat Bowers and Becky Thatcher are taken from the home they have known their whole life and thrown into a new place full of strange creatures and large castles. There they meet Enalie, who claims the existence of magic and sends Kat and Becky on a quest to defeat the evil that is overtaking the realm, called Nandor. She t [...]

Originally published on my blog: Nonstop Reader.Imagine is the first book in the Imagine series, a crossworlds/epic quest fantasy by YA author Jenna Greene and Champagne Book Group.The premise is wonderful and I did like seeing a very young protagonist having a positive influence in a story and I thought her motivations were the most believable and reasonable of the characters. The world building was interesting and the idea of a tide-shift age in magic in the world was original. HoweverI strugg [...]

Full review coming.*EDITED*I received this copy in exchange for an honest review from Champagne Book Group. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you Champagne Book Group!I was very tempted to DNF this book. Despite what seemed like an interesting concept, I just could not get into it. The writing came across as rushed and amateurish, and I could not place what the age group this was written for. Was it for younger kids or was it young adults? I still cannot say.Kat as a character did not [...]

I honestly can’t recall the last time that I have enjoyed a book this completely on so many levels. Out of 345 pages of reading, the strongest criticism I could find is that there were about five portions of writing, around the size of a paragraph or two each, that weren’t as polished as the rest or where the writers voice and style that I had grown accustomed to seemed to be randomly absent. As a reader, I stumbled in those few places and was forced to go back and reread these sections befo [...]

*thank you to Netgalley and Champagne Book Group for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*DNFI just couldnt get into this. Im not sure exactly what i didnt enjoy about it but it just wasnt for me. I couldn't connect with it and was a bit bored.

The perfect escape read for a lazy weekend. I don't read a lot of young adult fiction as a rule but the characters of this book, particularly the female ones, have much more depth than is expected in the genre. With an open ending and more questions asked than answered, this novel just leaves you wanting more.

The novel starts with ten year old Becky, who, trying to read and draw past her bedtime, is snatched and taken from our world to the realm of Oren - but this fantasy world is far from a saccharine paradise fit for the average ten year old heroine thrust into a magical realm. Oren is torn apart by war and corruption, where magic exists and to say that the species are hostile to one another is an understatement. She soon meets up with teenager Kat Bowers, who we meet literally as she's being rippe [...]

Mary Sue was reading in her bedroom. Brilliantly. She was brilliant. Mary read literary masterpieces like Eragon, and the dictionary.The bedroom window slammed shut. Weird, right?But then it was blowing like it was still open. Even weirder, right? And blowing like a salami, thick and turgid over her bed. Mary shivered. The papers tried to flutter, but they failed, flittering instead about the floor.All the commotion caused Mary to sit up and take notice. The noticing wrecked her bed, and a pictu [...]

I really enjoyed this read and am looking forward to the sequel. Love that there are some strong female characters but they're very relateable and have some endearing flaws. The parallel storylines at times helps keep things moving at a good pace and adds suspense as you bounce between the adventures. She portrays some serious situations without being overly gory or making them seem superhuman - they get hurta lot but they persevere. There's some nice resolution at the end of the book but leaves [...]

This book is 100% amazing.

This is what I would call an epic adventure through different worlds. Starting from page 1 you are thrown in, quite confused, into a new world. In this new world pretty much anything you believe or can dream up can show up. Step in a teenager who doesn't believe in magic and a little girl who believes with her whole heart and you have a book. I enjoyed the world building and the fact that this was not like any book I had read before. The fantasy and characters were unique but there were a lot of [...]

I won this book during a Champagne Books internet party which was unexpected and nice so I felt obligated to read and review it. That feeling, however, only lasted until I opened this book and started to read. I was very pleasantly rewarded and had a hard time putting it down.Becky and Kat are caught up in a magical whirlwind and transported to a different world. There they meet Enalie, a magical woman from the old order of magic that is fading away to make room for the new incarnation of magic [...]

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