El defecto

Magdalena Tulli Francisco Javier Villaverde González

El defecto

El defecto

  • Title: El defecto
  • Author: Magdalena Tulli Francisco Javier Villaverde González
  • ISBN: 9788415539964
  • Page: 448
  • Format: Paperback

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Una nica l nea de tranv a recorre el adormecido barrio suburbano de una ciudad sin nombre Un d a, inesperadamente, un grupo de desafortunados refugiados salen del tranv a y acampan en la plaza Los residentes ver n con malos ojos a unos forasteros que acabar n convirti ndose en un incordio para los ciudadanos de la plaza El defecto es la obra m s intensa y personal de TUna nica l nea de tranv a recorre el adormecido barrio suburbano de una ciudad sin nombre Un d a, inesperadamente, un grupo de desafortunados refugiados salen del tranv a y acampan en la plaza Los residentes ver n con malos ojos a unos forasteros que acabar n convirti ndose en un incordio para los ciudadanos de la plaza El defecto es la obra m s intensa y personal de Tulli hasta la fecha, manteniendo los juegos mentales y las palabras que tanto los cr ticos como su n mero creciente de lectores tanto admiran.

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No podemos dejar de recomendar encarecidamente esta obra, inteligente como pocas, capaz de hacer reír, escandalizar e indignar, pero cuyo fin absoluto parece ser que el lector se ponga a pensar. Y vaya si lo consigue. Reseña completa: libros-prohibidos/magd

There's a town. It's filled with people--students, chemists, bakers, etc. One day a streetcar stops and unloads a group of refugees. From where? It doesn't matter. Who? Maybe. Tulli sweeps from generality to specificity making a funnel-like spiral from which, you reader, can't escape. This couldn't be more timely and necessary a read. What was that quote by LeninOne death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic.

A very post-modern novel with its Pirandello-esque "characters in search of a story" type ideas handled with great sophistication and wit. I just love this kind of thing! Another example of the current richness of Eastern European fiction writing and kudos once again to Archipelago Books for bringing it to us!

Aims to be self-consciously innovative and artsy, ends up being awkward and boring as hell.

Diverse correspondences come to mind: Kafka, Di Chirico, Jim Carrey in The Truman Show, the African-American book of folk tales The People Could Fly. FLAW is a tale about tales, an allegory, a stage set; yet imbued with enough historical and psychological resonance that its painted props and faceless characters who engage in no dialog provoke both intellectual and emotional involvement in the “story.” The setting (also, the set) is an urban square with one streetcar line; there is no elsewhe [...]

Flaw is a beautifully written, intelligent and thought provoking book. I enjoyed it immensely. Less than 200 pages in length, but, I could read only a few pages at a time because the prose is dense (not sure if this is due to it being a Polish translation)and weighty with ideas. Speaking of ideaswhat exactly is Flaw about? Is it a story about Poland during the second world war and the construction of concentration camps close to Polish villages? What do we have? Refugees arriving by street car w [...]

Magdalena composes writing like poetic news-broadcasts, where narrating cameras capture persistently from intricate and revealing perspectives. At times she even casts herself inside the characters, interrogating their individual intents with precision, which exposes more questions than reliefs.“FLAW” takes place in action, in a town square that is in constant revolve of its meaning. In a setting of tailors and pharmacists, maids, newsboys and bakers, a street car arrives one day carrying an [...]

The first ten pages of this novel are the best ten pages I've read since I finished Erasmus' 'Praise of Folly.' Tulli creates an amazing double allegory kind of thing, in which the sewing of clothes by a tailor ends up standing for, in increasing order of interest, a) making clothes; b) writing fiction; c) living in the world ("The needle hurtles unrestrainedly towards its only goal--the final calculation of materials and labor"). And then for no apparent reason it turns into Jose Saramago, with [...]

Flawby: Magdalena TulliI won this book for a /First reads giveawayThis is a Polish story that has been translated to English. I found this story to be timeless in it's meaning. A train full of refugees show up unexpected to a town. They are kept in the square. The story seems to be about ones "view" of someone when they are a foreigner. How these foreigners are taken advantage of by one of the towns people. He puts on a "uniform" that is left behind and begins to give commands that simply satisf [...]

I won this book on and really wish I had not I hate to tate this book or for that matter try to review itBottom line this book was terrible it was like trying to read a dictionary and make it sound like a novel in your review.This book had great reviews on so I wonder if I read a different book I can only say it had no flow and was in my opinon poorly written (the ony thing I can give a plus for was the author used some beautiful descriptive words).

I won this book on and to be honest calling this book read is a great stretch. I've picked it up and attempted to read it several times with no luck. Perhaps it is in the wrong genre for me.

I won this on GR Giveaways and I was totally disappointed. It wasn't what I expected at all. I didn't like the style of writing. It was way too wordy. I don't like to give negative reviews but I had to with this one.

If I were to make a list of books that combine poetry and painting AND still have an absorbing plot that would be the best one. I'd give it 7 stars, if I could.

Very difficult to understand because of the writer's style but it shows a very realistic view of the world nowadays. I liked it.

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