The Great Monkey Rescue: Saving the Golden Lion Tamarins

Sandra Markle

The Great Monkey Rescue: Saving the Golden Lion Tamarins

The Great Monkey Rescue: Saving the Golden Lion Tamarins

  • Title: The Great Monkey Rescue: Saving the Golden Lion Tamarins
  • Author: Sandra Markle
  • ISBN: 9781467780308
  • Page: 245
  • Format: Hardcover

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REVIEW: THE GREAT MONKEY RESCUE (Saving the Golden Lion Tamarins) by Sandra MarkleIt's no secret that many endangered species have gone the way of the dodo and the passenger pigeon. Yet for many species, hope remains. Such is the case of the Brazilian monkey species Golden Lion Tamarins. Living only in Brazil's Atlantic Forest, their habitat has shrunk since 1600, leaving only 10% existing. Since they live in family units, not tribes, they need habitat. Prior zoo practices separated father from [...]

Excellent! Readers will learn about the efforts to populate the forests, the failures, and the ultimate success. Very important for readers to see that not every attempt worked.

Wonderful mentor text for nonfiction reading and writing.

Beautiful images - lots of information. Almost too much however I love the last four pages as examples for NF. Did you know? Timeline, Glossary, Index, and Find out More

Markle's books always have such captivating photographs to lure the reader in, and who could resist the sweet faces on the golden lion tamarins that are the subject of this title? As she explains in her author's note, she heard about a reforestation project designed to help the tamarins survive in their native habitat and the more she learned, the farther back in time she went to trace the path of all the projects that had led to this happy ending. (There is a great timeline at the end of the bo [...]

The Great Monkey Rescue: Saving the Golden Lion Tamarins is a nonfiction book for children by Sandra Markle. did you know that Golden Lion Tamarins are in serious trouble? For decades dedicated volunteers and scientists have worked to save this creature from extinction. Number dwindled due to the destruction of Brazil's Atlantic Forest and zoos implemented breeding programs. However, it was not until more research into how the tamarins live in the wild was done that zoo programs could succeed. H [...]

Wednesdays have become a significant day of the week. On this day nonfiction is showcased. It began in 2012 when an educator decided she needed to fill a gap in her reading life. Alyson Beecher started the Nonfiction Picture Book Challenge on her blog Kid Lit Frenzy. Today (01/06/2016) she talks about the new challenge, the YMA Pajama Party and includes her Mock Siebert predictions. This will be my third year participating. For my first several posts I still have some 2015 books I want to discus [...]

The Great Monkey RescueCurricular Ties: Science Explanation: The Great Monkey Rescue: Saving the Golden Lion Tamarins is a great informational text about the effort to save the golden lion tamarins from becoming extinct. This would be a useful text for students to look at for a unit on endangered animals and environmental change. One of the main causes of the decline in this type of monkey is mass deforestation. Students would be able to learn about both changes to the environment, while also di [...]

Summary: The Great Monkey Rescue gives an in-depth account of golden lion tamarins living in Brazil's Atlantic Forest, and tells the story of how scientists and volunteers are working together to prevent these monkeys from going extinct. Tamarins leap, cuddle and eat, while scientists and volunteers work, in the vivid photographs throughout.Review: I love how this book reveals the nature of science as trial and error process, rather than just presenting the final outcome. It is a great book for [...]

What a great book with a happy outcome for one of the many endangered animals in the world. The Golden Tamarin was becoming endangered due to shrinking habitat. A group of scientists studied them in the wild, then the zoo to see why they were not breeding. The zoos began to change the way they were housing and raising the Golden Tamarins and they began to reproduce. They eventually released some into the wild but they could not survive. Once they mated with wild Tamarins that had been released i [...]

With amazing photographs, Sandra Markle tells the decades-old and satisfactory story of saving these beautiful Tamarins. Scientists all over the world, in the wild and in zoos, worked to solve the problems of decreasing numbers and loss of habitat. They found ways to ensure that tamarins would finally thrive and reproduce in zoos, and then created new ways for them to move from territory to territory by forming living 'tree bridges' so the tamarins could (and would) move safely from forest to fo [...]

With the destruction of 90% of Brazil's Atlantic Forest came the near extinction of one that region's unique and most appealing denizens: The Golden Lion tamarin. Sandra Markle lays out the ways the habits and habitat of the tamarin are inextricably linked, as well as the history of attemps--successful and unsuccessful--to save them. Since tamarins would origianlly not breed in captivity, efforts at controlled reintroduction to the wild and reforestation are underway. Markle's clear, factual wri [...]

Appealing true story of saving the Golden Lion Tamarins, a monkey species that was very endangered. The rescue required research, applying scientific knowledge (tamarins live in small family groups, not large groups like other monkeys -- and this is why they didn't reproduce in captivity . . . until scientists learned and changed their accommodations.) Also required setting aside habitat, as the tamarins range was disappearing rapidly and thinking of innovative ways to help -- building a tree br [...]

Man, I can't get over how cute these golden lion tamarins are. I made one my profile picture, that's how much I now love them. I have LOVED all the books in this science mystery series by Sandra Markle and this one is no exception. Markle clearly explains what is happening to the golden lion tamarin (they are endangered due to destruction of their habitat), why they're important to the environment, and what creative solutions people have come up with to try to help them. This is a high-appeal no [...]

The book "The Great Monkey Rescue" by Sandra Markle is about Golden Lion Tamarins were once common in Brazilian forests. But after deforestation made them go down in numbers. In this book it talks about how scientists and citizens help rescue them.I liked this book because it was about animals and I really like them. I also liked this book because it was very interesting.I would recommend this book to anyone that likes animals because this is what the book is mainly about. I would also recommend [...]

Reviewed at unleashingreaders/?p=9874It is always sad to learn about an endangered animal I didn’t know about before, this story was inspiring because it showed how a team working together could, and hopefully will continue, reverse the loss of a species. This book is so hopeful in that if we all work together to help save species that are struggling to survive. I really want to read more of Markle’s work now because she really is quite brilliant about turning information into narrative nonf [...]

A fantastic book for budding naturalists to learn information about golden lion tamarins while learning about the efforts that have been made over the past few decades to increase their population. Great photographs (this book could have just been pictures of young tamarins and I still would have given it 4 stars) and captions add information beyond what is included in the main text, and the back matter has ideas for further reading and a glossary of vocabulary.

I love books like this and authors who stumble upon a fact or an interest, research it, and turn it into an accessible nonfiction book for young readers. Sandra Markle does it well. Great photographs, solid information, good layout. This was a fascinating look at the plight of the Golden Lion Tamarins. What I also liked is that the book doesn't come off preachy - it is advocating for a cause but not over zealous.

Interesting to read the step-by-step process that saved the golden lion tamarins from extinction. The dedication of the scientists and volunteers is remarkable--tending seedlings and saplings so that a forest bridge could grow up, allowing the population to grow. How exciting that must have been for those involved to see their efforts succeed! I liked that National Zoo's role was included, as we have seen the tamarin exhibit there over the years.

This gorgeous picture book tells about scientists trying to reintroduce the golden lion tamarins back into the wild. It also gives great background information about why the golden lion tamarins are moving toward extinction as well as their habits. The pictures are lovely and engaging. This one is going to be a hit at school!

An informative picture book about the conservation efforts to save the golden lion tamarins native to Brazil’s Atlantic Forest. With beautiful photographs, Markle chronicles the plight of the tamarins with a focus on its shrinking habitats and its effect on breeding. Accessible and well-researched nonfiction that will be especially useful with any science units on monkeys.

A success story of human intervention pulling a species back from the brink of extinction. From an estimated 200 wild golden lion tamarins in the 1960's to more than 3200 today . Beautiful photographs.

Adorable close up photos appeal to the animal-lovers. The text focuses on the habitat, mating and efforts at increasing the number in the wild with details about diet, predators, and size woven in. Maps and backmatter provide plenty more resources.

Excellent nonfiction book about the fascinating (and super cute) Golden Lion Tamarins and the heroic efforts scientists and animal enthusiasts have gone to in order to help save them. The photography is amazing! I am so impressed with the quality of every book Sandra Markle has written!

Great layout and color scheme - love how the captions are in orange print to complement and match the tamarin monkeys. Like how the narrative of line female weaves into and drives the information. Good back matter as well.

This reminds me of the "Scientist in the Field" books that are a great match for my student researchers. I like that this presents loads of facts about the monkeys, great photographs, and it also adds the "what's happening to them now in the world" part.

What a great nonfiction title to read aloud, beautiful photographs

Inspiring story!

Who knew that these adorable little monkeys were so endangered and who knew that there was so much LOGICAL and environmentally friendly conservation happening.

Excellent design and layout, tons of information (but not so much that readers are overwhelmed), amazing photographs, comprehensive bibliography AND a happy ending!

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