The Faerie Guardian


The Faerie Guardian

The Faerie Guardian

  • Title: The Faerie Guardian
  • Author: RachelMorgan
  • ISBN: 9780994667908
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Paperback

Faerie Fire WoWWiki FANDOM powered by Wikia Faerie Fire is a druid ability learned at level for those with the Feral or Guardian specializations It is a debuff that prevents targets from stealthing and turning invisible. Use against rogues to eliminate their ability to stealth Modified by Edit Glyph of Fae Silence Glyph of Faerie Fire Talents Faerie Swarm Household deity A household deity is a deity or spirit that protects the home, looking after the entire household or certain key members It has been a common belief in pagan religions as well as in folklore across many parts of the world. Household deities fit into two types firstly, a specific deity typically a goddess often referred to as a hearth goddess or domestic goddess who is associated with FaerieLand Rescue Home About FaerieLand Rescue Inc FaerieLand Rescue Inc is an all volunteer c nonprofit organization run solely on adoption fees and donations. Otherworld The concept of an otherworld in historical Indo European religion is reconstructed in comparative mythology.Its name is a calque of orbis alius Latin for other Earth world , a term used by Lucan in his description of the Celtic Otherworld. Comparable religious, mythological or metaphysical concepts, such as a realm of supernatural beings and a realm of the dead, are found in cultures The Faerie Queene Book I Anniina Jokinen THE FIRST BOOKE OF THE FAERIE QVEENE Contayning THE LEGENDE OF THE KNIGHT OF THE RED CROSSE, OR OF HOLINESSE LO I the man, whose Muse whilome did maske, As time her taught, in lowly Shepheards weeds, Faeries The Shadowhunters Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia Trivia Faeries often choose objects from the natural world to send their messages in acorns, leaves, flowers Faerie secrets are sometimes encoded and told in ballads by human musicians, an example of which is the tales of Thomas the Rhymer Faeries are known by many other names, with their primary title faeries taken after their homeland, the realm of Faerie. Linda s List of Pagan Festivals Faerie Faith Linda s List of Pagan Festivals Compiled by Linda Kerr PLEASE NOTE This listing is only for Pagan festivals All festivals listed here must be Pagan Wiccan Asatru in nature not herbal workshops, not psychic fairs, not Renaissance Faires, not pirate fests, not camping parties, etc. Books The Guardian Latest books news, comment, reviews and analysis from the Guardian Wolf Symbol Wolf Symbol Learn about the symbolic meaning of the wolf An easy guide to the most common animal symbols meaning and history. Fairies Definitions FAIRY and OTHER SPIRITS DEFINITIONS Definition from Funk Wagnalls Multimedia Encyclopedia a diminutive supernatural creature, generally in human form, dwelling in an imaginary region called fairyland and the stories of its interventions through magic in mortal affairs.The term fairy is also loosely applied to such beings as brownies, gnomes, elves, nixies, goblins, trolls, dwarfs

Enter a hidden worldProtecting humans from dangerous magical creatures is all in a day s work for a faerie training to be a guardian Seventeen year old Violet Fairdale knows this better than anyone she s about to become the best guardian the Guild has seen in years That is, until a cute human boy who can somehow see through her faerie glamor follows her into the Fae rEnter a hidden worldProtecting humans from dangerous magical creatures is all in a day s work for a faerie training to be a guardian Seventeen year old Violet Fairdale knows this better than anyone she s about to become the best guardian the Guild has seen in years That is, until a cute human boy who can somehow see through her faerie glamor follows her into the Fae realm Now she s broken Guild Law, a crime that could lead to her expulsion.The last thing Vi wants to do is spend any time with the boy who got her into this mess, but the Guild requires that she return Nate to his home and make him forget everything he s discovered of the Fae realm Easy, right Not when you factor in evil faeries, long lost family members, and inconvenient feelings of the romantic kind Vi is about to find herself tangled up in a dangerous plot and it ll take all her training to get out alive This novel was originally published in four separate parts Guardian, Labyrinth, Traitor and Masquerade It includes bonus scenes at the end that were not published in the individual parts.

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REALLY enjoyed this book! I read it all within one day during my scottish adventures! Perfect book for the mood of scotland and its beauty! FAST paced also!So what can you expect in this bookSTEAMY ROMANCEMAGICAL ABILITIESEVIL MAGICAL BEASTBACK STABBINGFAEHUMANSHUMANS SEEING FAEDIMENSION TRAVELKIDNAPPINGAND MOREANDMOREAWESOMENESS! I really enjoyed this book and am so excited to carry on with the series in the future! <3

First off I love the purple cover!!! But the book sort of fell flat for me. Sooooo many people love it and I was loving it in the beginning and then just. . . nothing. I don't know what happened. I give it three stars for holding my interest in the beginning and I love Violet's character. She's makes a pretty good faerie in training to be a Guardian. She's pretty bad to the bone for being only seventeen but I guess age doesn't really matter in the fae world. I do have the second book and will re [...]

"The Faerie Guardian" started off on the wrong foot with me. It's not really the fault of the book or the author. I mean, I'm the one with the thing against first person/present tense presentation. But it is first/present, and I couldn't stop myself from groaning inwardly when I started reading it. And this example is pretty typical of the stuff I've read using first/present, so it did nothing to distinguish itself for me. But, you know, I get that that style is popular, right now, so I can hard [...]

Rating: 4.5/5This is the first book in the Creepy Hollow series. It is also the introduction of the main character, Violet, of the first trilogy. Violet is a Fae guardian in training and in her last mission she finds a human boy,Nate, that can actually see her and to top that he somehow manages to come with her to the Fae world where no humans are allowed. After that a crazy adventure begins, saving kids, discovering Nate's past and Violets own history in the Fae world are only part of it. When [...]

First, I want to say that I love, love LOVE, the cover!The story took place in the human realm and in Creepy Hollow. The descriptions of the settings and action scenes were more than I could have hoped for, they were so detailed. The way the author described Creepy Hollow, all of beautiful colors,the tall trees, nature, and paranormal creatures, was very realistic, like Creepy Hollow actually existed. I was super impressed.The main character is Violet [but goes by the name Vi] She's 17-year-old, [...]

This book was seriously so amazing, and I really loved how it was the kind of book that made you want to keep reading one more chapter

I had this book recommended by my book bestie. And I wanted to LOVE it. And it was good. But it was also predictable. I was calling things before they happened throughout the book. To save it though, the book did become unpredictable at the end, but it was like the last 20% and that was the best part. Actually I thought the book ended a bit prematurely. And it had all this bonus material at the end, but what I really wanted was more of the book doing what it did in the last quarter. So there was [...]

I like the world building that Morgan has accomplished in this rather short novel. Faerie works kinda like the Tardis, the large training facility is a tree from the outside but once you enter It's just like a regular building, except for the magic clouds in the lobby that is.Vi is a likeable lead character and Ryn is pretty good as her bad boy nemesis. Nate is less well defined but he really appears off screen for most of the 2nd half of the novel. I'm intrigued to see where the story goes so I [...]

The Faerie Guardian completely met my expectations. I have read other books by Ms. Rachel Morgan, and I loved them. This one also adds to my pile of favorites from her.The story is set in the land of Creepy Hollow, and the author does a wonderful job of world-building. You can easily picture how beautiful the magical woods are. It truly takes me to a new place, and it's magical.The characters are unforgettable. Violet is a kick-butt fairy trainee, a girl who every reader can look up to. She's st [...]

I wasn't sure I was going to get into this one at first, the similarities to the Iron Fey series made it kind of lag for me for awhile. But Vi grew on me, snarky tough-as-nails guardian that she is, and I ended up really liking her in the end. All of her years of training couldn't have prepared Vi for meeting and falling for the human boy Nate who happens to stumble into the faerie paths. He's not supposed to be there, and it's putting a huge kink in her plans to earn the title of the top guardi [...]

From the beautiful cover, that is so faerie-like, to the last page, The Faerie Guardianby Rachel Morgan is a trip into a magical world where Guardian-in-training Violet Fairdale, our wonderfully refreshing heroine rules supreme! What is a Guardian? A Guardian protects humans from the evil of others in the magical realm, unseen by humans, of course. Violet is tough, driven and so alone within the walls she has built, it hurts to read, but she hides it well, uses the losses she has faced in life a [...]

Wow! First of all, this is so not my genre. How ignorant of me, assuming all Faerie books would be sweet and girly. How stupid of me as a writer not to consider the possibilities Rachel I adored this book, devoured it! A very talented author, who works magic with words and scenes. I loved it from page one, action action action romance actionmance and some sad and broken scenes, conflict and magic. Everything to keep you on your toes all the way through. I didnt want it to end. I still dont want [...]

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2.5 starsThe story itself was interesting but it's the writing that put me off. I don't have anything against it being in present first person but for some reason it didn't work that well. It was the story itself that made me read further. Some of the obvious plot holes and stupidity on the mc's part had me rolling my eyes quite a bit but the book still had me surprised towards the end and I'm curious as to what will happen next. One of the bigger problems I had with the book was that I didn't f [...]

I thoroughly enjoyed this book! To be honest, I found the beginning a little slow but Nate's betrayal kicked the story into hyperdrive and that's when I become really engrossed!Rachel has also managed to capture the 17-year-old perspective. The dialogue is very "teenish" which validates the characters, rather than being annoying. A fantastic debut novel Moving on to book 2 now!*reread feb 2017*

Great series! FREE!Kindle amazon/Faerie-GuardianNook barnesandnoble/w/the-f

*3.5 stars*-This was so much more fun than I expected!!! -I think I'm rooting for the wrong ship so there's that -I LOVED VIOLET AS A MAIN CHARACTER, she was so snarky and badass GO GIRL -RYN!-I loved the fairie world (don't I always)-GIVE ME THE SEQUEL NOW!-Main problem: I wanted a lil bit more world building

I bought this book off of the kindle store when it was free. I am a part of the Review Team @ The Paranormal Bookshelf. Category: paranormal, Young Adult (YA), Fae Spoilers: NONEBook #1 in the Creepy Hollow Series As we are reading this as a group on our blog, I really didn't have any expectations when I began this book. I loved the new cover but had the old cover on my Kindle since I got it a while back ago and just hadn't read it yet. The new cover is way better than the old FYI. I also haven' [...]

Real rating: 4.5Such a fun book!I loved the characters,the story,the writing-everything was amazing.The main character,Violet,is very funny and charming.You will love her from the very beginning. The whole world of faeries is extremely well explained and you can immediately imagine it in your head.There are a lot of twists in this book,and one moment that will pretty much make you go:The thing that blew me away was the fighting.I usually don't enjoy reading fighting parts,I pretty much get bored [...]

Really good! I love stories with faeries and this was a great one. Very interesting ideas about how their world works and the world building was spectacular. It wasn't weird or choppy, it was perfect. I enjoyed the whole story and was excited to finish and start the next book. I did think the story between Violet and Nate could have been developed better, it would have been nice to have more details regarding their interactions. It would have made this a 5 star for me. Just because their relatio [...]

4.5 starsI LOVED THIS SO MUCH and I'm going to buy the next book NOWSO MANY FEELS

This book was a huge let down for me. I saw this while browsing on Overdrive for an audiobook to listen to, and I thought it sounded great. I was very wrong.I could barely keep focus on this book. The storyline was dull and boring, the characters were boring, and I just couldn't connect to them.There really was no point to the entire book from what I can see. Everything was just kind of random and all over the place. I also didn't care for any of the characters at all. Violet was annoying, and t [...]

I got this book to read on audiobook. The audiobook was decently done but not wonderful. The main heroine has a very chirpy voice which doesn’t match her character all that well. Additionally a lot of the male voices sounded similar (particularly Nate and Ryn). I really didn’t like the beginning of this book. The story was just too simple and too silly; the beginning is all about Nate following Vi into faerie and getting her into trouble and the chaos that follows when she tries to get him b [...]

Downloaded for free from This book started out alright, but the pace really dragged! I listened to the first half, and it seemed to take forever to get through it, and when I switched to reading it properly it got even worse! Have to say that I did lose interest in this one, and was glad when it was finished.6 out of 10

You can find this review plus character bio from this blog postAnother faerie book. Just what I need because I know I haven't read enough of good faerie books. :PFirstly, can I just quickly comment on the blurb. "That is, until a cute human boy who can somehow see through her faerie glamour follows her into the fae realm.". A cute human boy? Wellon normal days, I would just forget about the book straight away if I came across the words 'a cute human boy'. I don't know soundsallow?Anyway, to be h [...]

This book was addicting. Onto the next one :)

Wow was this book great! I'm already reading about Faeries in Sarah J Maas's series, "A Court of Thorns and Roses." These two series really educate me about faeries and now I believe they exist. Before I read these series, I didn't!

Page one had me on the edge of my seat, completely in love and now that I've reached the end I want to go back and read it for the first time all over again.From the very beginning you're thrown into a magical world that Rachel Morgan has built up beautifully where there's magic and power struggles and characters that will have you rolling on the floor laughing one second and ready to throw your book across the room the next!Violet is a kickass heroine and you pick that up straight away. She's t [...]

Vi is a faerie guardian in training, but her skills are put to the test when a routine assignment goes wrong: a human boy can not only see her, but follows her home. Not such a bad predicament? Ah, that's only the beginning. Enter an evil villain who turns out to be a lot smarter than than initially expected (and/or hoped), mysteries from the past, and a kick-butt heroine, and you'll barely be able to catch your breath. The story quickly drew me in. I'll admit that a few times it was so fast pac [...]

The Faerie Guardian welcomes us to the Creepy Hollow series. We are introduced to the Guardian in training Violet Fairdale. She is at the top of her class until she starts making decisions that break the rules and ultimately threaten her life and the life of those she cares for.I liked the The Faerie Guardian. Morgan writes animated and highly descriptive scenes to make you feel like you are part of the world she is creating. The story started off slow with lots of plot building but increases in [...]

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