Paws and Effect

Leighann Dobbs

Paws and Effect

Paws and Effect

  • Title: Paws and Effect
  • Author: Leighann Dobbs
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  • Page: 492
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Don t Miss Book 4 In The USA Today Bestselling Mystic Notch Series Three hundred years ago, accused witch Hester Warren buried a magical box in Mystic Notch The secret contents within have the power to bring disaster to the town and when the box is dug up at a groundbreaking ceremony for the new Mystic Notch Historical Museum, Hester s ghost and that of her cat m Don t Miss Book 4 In The USA Today Bestselling Mystic Notch Series Three hundred years ago, accused witch Hester Warren buried a magical box in Mystic Notch The secret contents within have the power to bring disaster to the town and when the box is dug up at a groundbreaking ceremony for the new Mystic Notch Historical Museum, Hester s ghost and that of her cat make an appearance to warn the humans and enlist their help to ensure the box doesn t fall into the wrong hands.Too bad the only one listening is Pandora, the cat.Pandora soon finds herself on a treacherous path, battling humans and cats alike where secrets are revealed and alliances which previously seemed impossible are made But when one cat makes the ultimate sacrifice for the good of Mystic Notch, Pandora realizes things are not what they seem and is forced to make a decision that could put her own life at risk This Mystic Notch adventure is a little shorter than the others and almost entirely from the cat Pandora s point of view It s a standalone mystery, but it will be a lot fun for you if you read at least one of the previous Mystic Notch books first as there are some secrets revealed about the characters and you ll enjoy it if you already know them.

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2 1/2While I love the fact that this book was in Pandora's POV, I was left with too many unanswered questions to totally fall in love with the book. Full review to come.

Kindle Unlimited, Leighann Dobbs writes under Leighann Dobbs, Annie Dobbs and (soon) L.A. Dobbs but her real name not sure if she writes under that one is Lee Dobbins, Hazel Martin Mysteries only one I found for this type with her, she has not made sure that terms used match the British terms as well as in other areas for that period of architecture and assorted styles. The Notch Cozy Mystery Series 5 out as of this writing and the Blackbore Sisters Cozy Mysteries are not on Kindle Unlimited [...]

When "something shiny and silver that lay half-buried in the dirt", Willa and her cat, Pandora, are propelled into a new Mystic Notch mystery. The secret contents of the box have the power to bring disaster to the town. Hester's ghost and that of her cat make an appearance to warn the humans and enlist their help to ensure the box doesn't fall into the wrong hands. Alas, Pandora, who is the main point of view character of this book, is the only one paying attention.If you love cats and cozy myst [...]

LOVED IT!Returning to Mystic Notch for yet another Mystery, this time the book was written entirely from the Cats POV. Though characters are fictional this author has done a brilliant job of bringing them to life!

Pandora is one special cat!This entire story is told by Pandora, the bookstore cat. She has some special talents and tells a good tale. It was fun, and if you are a cat lover you will enjoy reading Paws and Effect.

This is a shorter story mostly involving the cats of Mystic Notch and how they save the day. Enjoyed it like all the rest.

Fun cozy mystery. Witches and cats. series. Looking forward to more.

This is a very good series. You will want to read it and love it like me.

The best Mystic Notch ever!!!!!! Suspense, action and good cat portrayal. Love the the whole series, but by far this will be the one l read over and over again!

EnjoyableReally enjoyed these first three books and looking forward to the 5th. I would recommend to all cat lovers. Enjoy!

Good bookGood book it is a quick read. I love the characters. It is a lot like the cat who books and Squeaky Pie Brown.

Definitely the best book of the series so farSPOILERS.e it's told entirely by the point of view of Pandora. Yes, the cat.And because it brings in some 17th century witch trials history! Who can say no to that?

Enjoyable readThis is a fun read being told mostly from the Mystic Notch cats' perspective. The cats successfully solve the crime and make this book a very pleasurable read.

Pandora, the familiar and beloved fur pet of Willa Chance, a rare and used book seller, has written a novella. It is a good action-filled tale of how the cats in Mystic Notch, NH keep the balance of good and evil in place for their 'humans.'The author says this is book 3.5 in the series. It is a fun and quick read with just enough ghosts, drama, human drama, and mystical cats. I truly enjoy this town and it's inhabitants. And, it was fun to have an adventure written through the cats eyes, and te [...]

Even the cat. - spoiler Even Pandora jumps to conclusions and fails to look at the whole picture. I'm kind of getting tired of theee story lines.

This is Book 4 in the Mystic Notch series and is told in the voice of Pandora, the rather magical cat who lives at the Mystic Notch bookstore with the owner, Willa Chase. Pandora, as well as several other cats that share her powers become aware of a threat to their lives - something found in a box that was dug up near the former home of a witch and her cat. An interesting twist on the cozy mystery genre.

Paws and Effect, a Mystic Notch Cozy Mysteryby Leighann DobbsI'm enjoying this series, that features a little bit of everything: cats that are super-sentient and that can communicate with each other, witches, ghosts, humans who are able to communicate with the cats and with ghosts, as well as some who can do only one and some who can't do either, and, to boot, some nice little mysteries. Always an enjoyable read. In this episode, one of the long ago witches has buried a silver box containing a v [...]

Although the other books in the series have given us a good introduction to Pandora, in Paws and Effect, most of the tale is told through her eyes. As a cat still on her first life, she has a lot to learn but that doesn't keep her from doing her duty as one of the guardians of Mystic Notch. I loved that in this book we discover that someone other than Willa can see and communicates with ghosts! A ghost cat warns Pandora that the contents of a metal box that turned up during groundbreaking ceremo [...]

Cute mystery told from the viewpoint of Pandora the cat. When a silver box is accidentally found during the groundbreaking ceremony of the new historical society, two ghosts appear to Willa's cat, Pandora. The ghost cat tells her it is imperative to retrieve the box and what is inside it before the evil one gets to it. Can she convince the counsel of cats to act on this request or will they ignore her as too impetuous. This is listed as book 3.5 in this series and to really appreciate the charac [...]

This one probably wasn't as good as the rest of the series, since it is mainly from the point of view of the cat, Pandora. Normally, this wouldn't bother me, but I felt like the writing was simple and repetitive, which was probably the point since it was a cat's view. It made for very stilted reading however, and I didn't connect with the story at all. I definitely will be on the lookout for more in this series, but I hope they go back to Willa's point of view instead. 3.5 stars, rounded up due [...]

Cats In DangerThe cats on Mystic Notch are trouble, someone wants destroy all them. At the ground breaking of the new museum a silver box and cat bones are found. Everyone is claiming the box belongs to them. Striker is seeing ghosts but Willa is not. Pandora see a ghost cat that tells her the contents of box are dangerous to the cats. She enlists Hope's help. They set out to keep the box from evil hands. Did they succeed. This book has a number of surprises. An enjoyable fantasy read.It is up t [...]

Shorter storySorry was sort, plot rushed, this was good in the manner that it kept the characters in mind for the next book. Now not only will a sees ghosts, but the sheriff does and yet no explanation as to how this started. Hope next book will explain more before you know it three while town may be able to see spirits. It took away from the entire story line of previous stories.

Purrrrfectly Charming!The author actually calls this book her 3.5 book. It's a little shorter than her normal books. What also makes this story different is that it is told from Willa's cat Pandora's point of view. It is a purrrrrectly charming story of how the cats of Mystic Notch help the ghosts of a long dead witch & her cat save the town from evil. It was a quick & enjoyable read. Plus you find out a secret about Willa's boyfriend Sheriff Stryker!

A cat's point of viewBeing a cat liver, I really enjoyed this book that was written mostly from the cats' viewpoints. The cats are charged with protecting the town and their humans and this time it's from a very old evil.The abilities of the cats and more of the humans come to light in this 4th book of the Mystic Notch series.Gotta love a good Cozy Mystery by Leighann Dobbs!

Love these cats!!I myself would love to be able to talk to animals. I love them. The characters in this book are both 2 legged and 4 legged. I think a great lesson was taught in this book and goes to show you don't have all the answers by yourself and you can always use the help of your friends.

More from PandoraSince this story is written mostly from Pandora's viewpoint, we get a lot more of the mystical history and energies of Mystic Notch. We also learn a couple more secrets that will hopefully play a big part in the further adventures of Willa, Pandora, and all the cats of Mystic Notch.

This book had a unique perspective on things - it was written from the cat's perspective. I enjoyed the story, and the suspense of reality for a while needed to read this tale. Very cool idea and very interesting plot. I love this series, and this one feels like a natural part of the larger series, even though it is more of a 'between the numbers' type of story. I would recommend this one.

This was my favorite in the series with the story heavily told by Pandora's point of view. The only weird part of listening to it was the author kept using a voice at times that sounded more like Siri was reading than she was. This is cleared up in book 5 but it threw me off a couple of times. Definitely nice that this book did not feature a fresh murder since it is a small town.

Interesting story. 300 years ago Hester buried a box just before she was arrested and later burned as a witch. Her box is found during the ground breaking for the new local historical society's museum. But there is something important in the box and the town cats all know it. As do a few of the town 's oldest family. As a quiet battle ensues, only the cats can save the town.

This is a review of the audio book version. Fourth in the series and I've enjoyed the series so far. This one was a bit different as it was told predominantly from Pandora's point of view. While interesting, I did miss it being from Willa's POV. For me, the Gus situation is the same though. I'm looking forward to the next book.

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