Three Magic Balloons

Julianna Margulies Paul Margulies Grant Shaffer

Three Magic Balloons

Three Magic Balloons

  • Title: Three Magic Balloons
  • Author: Julianna Margulies Paul Margulies Grant Shaffer
  • ISBN: 9781101935231
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Hardcover

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Julianna Margulies presents this story her father wrote for her and her sisters when they were children Saturdays at the Children s Zoo with their father always end the same way for Ariel, Miranda, and Jane he offers them money for a treat, but they instead choose to buy food for the animals On this particular Saturday, a mysterious balloon man gives them a small rewaJulianna Margulies presents this story her father wrote for her and her sisters when they were children Saturdays at the Children s Zoo with their father always end the same way for Ariel, Miranda, and Jane he offers them money for a treat, but they instead choose to buy food for the animals On this particular Saturday, a mysterious balloon man gives them a small reward for their kindness one balloon each, to be tied to their bedposts that night Soon they find that the balloons bring them magic than they could ever have imagined For readers who love the magic and wonder in Uni the Unicorn by Amy Krouse Rosenthal.

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This review was originally written for The Baby Bookworm. Visit us for new picture books reviews daily!Hello, friends! Our book today is Three Magic Balloons, written by Paul Margulies and Julianna Margulies, and illustrated by Grant Shaffer. This sweet bedtime story is a retelling of a tale told by Paul Margulies to his daughter, Julianna, and her sisters when they were children.Once a week, no matter the season, Ariel, Miranda and Jane’s father takes them to the zoo and gives them a bit of m [...]

Three girls unselfishly feed the animals every time they go to the zoo, a balloon man gives them three balloons as a reward, the balloons usher them up into a heaven-type place where angels protect them and show them a garden of animals nourished by "kind thoughts of children." Should I go on?I know that this book will definitely appeal to older individuals who want to give kids something moralizing, but I cannot in good faith recommend this book.

Making a 40 page book feel like it's dragging is an accomplishment and this book has done it. If I, an adult reader, am bored, imagine how the kids will feel. Not recommended.

a very cute read i loved it

this book has a lot of words. it is an interesting story though. i liked the very last page the best. i laughed.

The cover art is the only redeeming feature for me. I thought it would be a whimsical story, but all the elements just added up and failed to take it home overall. 2/5 stars

Old fashioned, meandering, wordy, personal to the author, but not much to relate it to a modern audience. Good use of illustration to balance text. Vague magical touches and fuzzy moral.

The story was fine, but nothing memorable, and a lot of the pages were too text heavy to hold my child's interest.

Originally posted on Creative Madness Mama. A story about sisters for sisters Three Magic Balloons is a picture book story reminiscent of vintage classics that I enjoy to read again and again to my children, be it bedtime, nap-time, or any story-time. This is the type of picture book that I am glad to reach for again and again. In January, I had the privilege of glimpsing a digital advanced reader copy of this book and I can without a doubt tell you that I would love to add a physical book to ou [...]

Instead of spending money on food or souvenirs, three sisters generously buy food for the zoo animals on their weekly outings. Their kindness does not go unnoticed as a balloon vendor gives them balloons, which he claims have magical powers. Once the girls return home with their father and the balloons are tied to their beds, they rise into the sky where they meet a host of animals and angels before returning home before the morning. Evidence of their nightly adventure can be found in the three [...]

Review originally posted on Children's AtheneumThis book is a hot mess. The story, if we can call it that is illogical and all over the place. It made more sense when I read that this was a story that Julianna Marguiles' dad told his children growing up. Now, no offense to dad's everywhere as some are probably brilliant storytellers, but not all bedtime stories should be made into books no matter how fondly you remember them. My dad used to tell us a story about rings and a jewel and I later fig [...]

Three sisters are rewarded for their kindness to the animals at the zoo with special balloons that take them on a magical journey.I liked that the girls were rewarded for their unselfish spending of money every time they visited the zoo. I thought the illustrations were fantastic. The fantasy world the balloons take the girls to seems to be a whimsical version of heaven or something with frilly angels. I have personal theological issues with frilly angels (such as every time they appear in the B [...]

This is a story about three young sisters who decide to feed the animals at the zoo whenever they have a little pocket money on their trips with their dad. One day the balloon seller at the zoo gives each one of them a balloon and tells them to tie it to the end of their beds and watch what happens. When night comes and the girls finally start to drift to sleep the magic and their adventure begins. This is an interesting story but it felt a little heavy of a read.

Loved, loved, loved the illustrations! Unfortunately I thought the story was wordy, jumbled, and could've been cleaned up with editing. I understand that the story was trying to express a complex philosophical perspective to children and that the story was found after the author's death, but as it is, I don't think it was successful. I think the writing could've been cleaned up but how it is, I think kids will lose interest before finishing the book.

Another heartwarming story of 3 Sisters who are kind, unselfish & like animals. Their unselfishness doesn't go un noticed and they get rewarded via balloons which in turn sets off their imaginations. Love that this was a story told to The author Julianna Margulies & her Sisters by their Dad. Also beautifully illustrated.

Too long for storytime but a preschool level one on one about three sisters who generously sue their money to feed animals and are rewarded with three magic balloons that take them on a nighttime adventure into the clouds.

Overly treacly and preachy - if you always spend your money on animals and not yourself, you'll get to go to magical angel-land and meet animals who are "nourished by the kindness of children" so they don't need your pocket money.

A lovely children's book with beautiful illustrations by actress Julianna Marglies and her sisters. It's a story their father used to tell them as children. A sweet tale about kindness to animals, good hearts and the magic all around us. A charming story for children of all ages.

Kind of annoys me that the book is being marketed using Julianna's name instead of her father's who wrote the story and is actually a published author. Stupid celebrity catering in kidlit. Drives me nuts. The story is otherwise enjoyable, with the illustrations reinforcing its classic feel.

Wonderful book. It gave me the feels.

This was a delightful book, and beautifully illustrated.

Have you ever wanted to know what a lion starring in a shampoo commercial looked like? Look no further.

Though a little saccharine, I enjoyed Margulies's story of three sisters and their discovery of the rewards of kindness and the joy of giving.

felt like capitalizing on one sister's fame is all that got this published. too heavy handed with the moral and not very well written.

A lovely clam story with illustrations that have a great sense of movement and color.

Sweet story with some very traditional fairy tale elements, but contemporary feeling. Whimsical illustrations add to the charm.

Great for someone who likes angels.



Acute imaginative story about 3 girls and there giving hearts and the adventures the balloons send them on.

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