Extreme Medical Services

Jamie Davis

Extreme Medical Services

Extreme Medical Services

  • Title: Extreme Medical Services
  • Author: Jamie Davis
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  • Page: 380
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Alternate cover for this ASIN can be found hereRead the book described by one reader as Like Grimm With Paramedics Follow the exploits of new paramedic Dean Flynn as he gets assigned to a backwater station no one has ever heard of, Station U He soon learns that his unusual patients are far from normal They are the creatures of myth and legend His tough, experienced pAlternate cover for this ASIN can be found hereRead the book described by one reader as Like Grimm With Paramedics Follow the exploits of new paramedic Dean Flynn as he gets assigned to a backwater station no one has ever heard of, Station U He soon learns that his unusual patients are far from normal They are the creatures of myth and legend His tough, experienced paramedic trainer Brynne is determined to teach him everything she knows With vampires, werewolves, witches and fairies as patients, will he survive Will they

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Extreme Medical Services: Medical Care on the Fringes of Humanity is an example of a story with a great premise marred by not being ready for prime time. There were such great and unique ideas here that would have flourished under the guided hand of good editing. The world was so great, an emergency ambulance service that caters to supernaturals such as vampires and water fairies, as well as the way their medical needs were addressed, that it would have merited 4 stars had it been more polished. [...]

This is one of the most unusual books of its kind. In fact, I don't think there is another like it. If you're in EMS, you'll especially enjoy it. Imagine being a top of your class paramedic knowing you have the pick of station assignments when you find yourself at Station U. Before you can figure out what that means, your partner is wrestling with a hypoglycemic werewolf. Did you know there are werewolves, vampires, sirens, fairies and zombies (one of whom is an excellent chef if he can keep fro [...]

I love this series - and not just because I love the author :) I was fully prepared to'like it no matter what' - what a surprise to be sucked in by the first chapter. The characters are unique and funny, the story is fun and the premise is unlike any I have ever seen. I also loved the prequel, 'The Vampire and the Paramedic' and can't wait for the next one.

Really enjoyed the storyline. Characters were all good. Sometimes the medical description was almost getting in the way, but I will read the rest of the series. Really good.

Extreme Medical ServicesThis was a good story, a good premise, but it was heavy on policy and procedure so that dragged the story down, for me.

Nothing I love more than someone who knows about their source materials save someone who writes about them. There are some exceptions to this rule; like when the writer keeps using technical jargon over and again to imply that they (not the character) know what they are talking about. After a time, it can get annoying as all get out when you have to read about the "ml per dose at this weight" or the gauge of the needle that is needed. Always a good thing that the writer knows of it and can speak [...]

The premise is unique and fascinating, but the book desperately needs an editor. There are lots of minor errors and repetitive phrasing. The pacing and structure also leaves something to be desired, especially the way it just sort of ends without any resolution. All that being said I still gave it three stars because the idea of paramedics serving the supernatural community is just so clever. I just want the execution to be better.

It opens with a bang and lilts melodically from the start—a new paramedic, on his first assignment at a station he didn't even know existed until he was assigned to it—to the unexpected ending. It's a great read for EMS, Fire, and Law Enforcement professionals, as well as fans of medical or horror/paranormal fiction. I can't wait for the next one!

Interesting readI am going to read the second in the series to see if it gets better. So much of the story was on procedure,a d not really on the characters, I hope the next book builds true story.

It took me a while to finish this book. It's not because this story is bad in any way, but more because I'm so busy with my own personal life. I feel glad I managed a chance to finally finish it.We meet Dean who recently graduated from Paramedic school in a wealthy small city called Elk City. Dean believes that because he graduated top in the class that he will be able to go to the downtown post to treat gunshot victims. Little did he know that his school assigned him against his will to a secre [...]

After reading the history of Jamie Davis' transition from Paramedic, Nurse and medical non fiction writer to Fantasy Fiction author, I knew I needed to jump in to this series and I'm so glad I did. Imagine an EMS procedural, mixed with Whedonesque vampire lore, and healthy dose of Urban Fantasy, and that basically sums up Extreme Medical ServicesThe novel, written in the third person, a refreshing change from most UF, focuses on Dean, an esteemed Paramedic school graduate getting his first big p [...]

The story itself was very good. My problem was with the dialog sections. The conversations were so stilted they were hard to read. How many people over the course of a conversation use the other persons name repeatedly. It just wasn't realistic and disrupted the flow of the story. In addition, I didn't like the abrupt end to the book. I know there is a sequel but this just ended mid scene. Not really a cliff hanger, more like, I've got my word count, let's end it here. I like the premise, the ch [...]

3.5 to 4: I enjoyed the story line, and am interested in seeing what happens next. For the layman, I think there is too much medical terminology, but perhaps that is Jamie's intent; write more for this professional group, but keep the majority of readers interested as well. So, maybe less medical jargon so it is easier to read.

This book is amazing. I can't wait to delve into the rest of the series. How refreshing to read a medical fiction (especially one about EMS) that is actually medically accurate! I feel as if I could have been on any number of these calls. Minus the paranormal aspects, of course. 😋 I will definitely be recommending this series to all my fellow bookworm friends.

Fascinating read for an experienced RN who geeks out on urban fantasy. If you've been around the business you will probably find it a treat to be able to read a paramedical fiction that doesn't make you twitchy from all of the mistakes and dumb attitudes. Loved it!

Great read! I liked this book, well plotted, neatly written. Author definitely knows his subject, lots of neat small details of EMT life.I liked this book, neatly written. Author knows his subject,lots of neat small details of EMT life.Great read,time well spent!

The most exciting bit for me was the epilogueI found the whole book rather boring

Very good book. I enjoyed this book from beginning to end. I love the suspense aspect and there are definitely twists and turns that I did not see coming. Ready for the next one.

This starts 4 years after the prequel, The Vampire and the Paramedic. Brynne is the head paramedic of Station U. Unusuals are shape shifters, vampires, werewolves, and anything else from your nightmares. Dean is the newest member, just graduating from the academy. He has never even heard of the outpost he is sent to. It is left to Brynne to teach him about unusuals living among regular humans. They live, work, pay taxes, and have families like any human and deserve the same medical care, instead [...]

If You Know Medical Terminology, You've Got It Made!Jamie Davis is a real life Medic, so he knows what he's talking about when he writes these medical scenes, which makes it more interesting, if you are into that sort of thing. In this book, we are getting the idea that James is maybe not the good guy we thought he was in the prequel, someone who wanted only the best for his people, and a good working relationship with Medical Services, and we now know there is an active force against the servic [...]

After reading "The Vampire and the Paramedic" I was concerned about what I perceived as a lack of depth and action in the storyline. I am happy to report that the first book, "Extreme Medical Services,".has removed the doubts I once had. This install is chocked full of mystery, intrigue and action.Dean has worked hard and graduated top of his class at paramedics school. That is why he is so confused when he is assigned to a special unit designed to treat the emergency needs of the others (parano [...]

The focus of this book was definitely more on the medical than the paranormal and will probably appeal more to fans of things like Emergency! than to fans of paranormal fiction, as the scenes of the paramedics working in the field are extremely detailed. The balance did seem to be shifting more towards the paranormal by the end of the book, so the balance may be better in future volumes.The narrative part of the story was fairly clunky and awkward towards the beginning, but it steadily and notic [...]

If you're a fan of EMS fiction (or you fondly remember the old TV show 'Emergency!') and you also like current paranormal fiction, you'll really enjoy this book. I admit, I started this with some trepidation, expecting research fails and anachronisms on the medical side. I was soon delighted to find that the author got it all right, and in great detail. When I read the 'About the Author,' I saw why-- he's not just an author, he's a multi-credentialed provider himself.And the story's good too. ;- [...]

Really a 3.5 stars. Curious series of books about a world where all sorts of supernatural beings exist, vampires, werewolves, nymphs, etc. This world has become visible to some levels of government and a arrangement having been made. The book centers on the local paramedical and emergency teams which are providing services to the paranormals and our lead character is a newly minted paramedic who gets assigned to this secret part of the emergency services. Part of its charm is the great realistic [...]

This book started out with 5 stars (in my head). It is a really good premise. After about 2 chapters, it dropped down to 3 stars. Good premise, lousy execution. And the characters haven't started to flesh out. By the end of the book, it was down to zero stars (but I have to put something). The characters never did become anything more than one dimensional. The plot got rather thin in places, but would redeem itself, then backslide in other words, it was very choppy. Finally, the book didn't end. [...]

Dean graduates from EMS school and gets sent to station U191. He's never even heard of this station but he shows up for work, as ordered. His partner and teacher is Brynn. Their first call is is a diabetic patient who really needs some medication. Oh, and the stress of the situation is turning the patient into a werewolf. Dean is naturally freaked out, as anyone would be. And now we're off! Vampires, sirens, black SUV's following Dean around. Everything is suddenly very strange and making dean q [...]

The beginning of a series. This book is the setup for the "real" story.Dean Flynn, a newly trained paramedic, gets assigned to an EMS station that deals with paranormal beings. This book introduces you to the premise of this world. The author has a background in Nursing and uses it well to describe how to handle emergency situations that paramedics encounter. However, I would have liked more character development and less technical jargon. That may come as the series progress.

I read Extreme Medical Services as part of the Extreme Medical Services Box Set (featuring books 1-3 of the series). A good story, although I'm disappointed at the PoV from the rookie's perspective, rather than Brynn, the experienced EMT from the prequel. There's a lot of technical jargon, which may appeal to members of the medical community, but I was able to enjoy the story and easily follow the action. The story ended abruptly, in the middle of the plot, and immediately resumed with book 2.

PoorI seriously hate it when you buy a book and it is just a sample without warning. It is devious and inexcusable. The idea is fresh and good, but simplistically executed. I would not have read it if I knew there was no resolution. If you buy this, know that it is at best only the beginning of a story.

I really enjoyed this very unique urban fantasy book. Never have I read an UF book about paramedics in the supernatural world, and this book doesn't disappoint. It's very technical, which I thought helped lead credibility to the MC, and the supernatural creatures whom the MC treats all have very interesting and entertaining health conditions/situations which require them to call EMS.

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