Alphabet Mystery

Audrey Wood Bruce Wood

Alphabet Mystery

Alphabet Mystery

  • Title: Alphabet Mystery
  • Author: Audrey Wood Bruce Wood
  • ISBN: 9780439443371
  • Page: 439
  • Format: Hardcover

Engaging alphabet books are perennial bestsellers with unlimited demand As in their previous collaboration, the Woods bring lower case letters to life in a fun adventure Little x has left, upset he s hardly used, and the other letters set out to find him They find x playing the castle xylophone for the mysterious Master, capital M, who threatens to turn them into alphabEngaging alphabet books are perennial bestsellers with unlimited demand As in their previous collaboration, the Woods bring lower case letters to life in a fun adventure Little x has left, upset he s hardly used, and the other letters set out to find him They find x playing the castle xylophone for the mysterious Master, capital M, who threatens to turn them into alphabet soup Some quick thinking by Little x saves the day, and soon they are all on their way home just in time to make Mom s birthday surprise a cake with Little x all over He s the only one who stands for kisses

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I really liked "Alphabet Mystery" because of the simplistic nature of the story as well as the illustrations. The main character, Charley, has an alphabet that comes alive, except they're unsure where the letter 'x' went. All the other letters set out to find their friend, x. They soon discover that x didn't feel loved, needed, or valued because he was rarely used in making words. In the end, all the letters are able to make x feel special and valued.I really liked this book because the letters [...]

Text: 2 starsIllustrations: 3 starsInteresting illustrations created digitally using 3-D modeling software. But not the strongest alphabet book, mainly because the letters are shown out of order on all the pages except when they fly on the pencil (and the endpapers). Also, the story is a bit too didactic. "We should show our mothers how much we care, no matter how big we grow."

"Alphabet Mystery" by Audrey Wood, is the mystery of where the letter "x" has gone. His alphabet family is worried and sets out to find where he went in time to celebrate Charlie's mothers birthday. The letters meet other letters during their journey like capital "I" and "M". Eventually they find "x" in a castle and he explains that he feel useless because he is not used as much as the other letters. The letters finally convince him he belongs with them at home and together they are able to make [...]

Everyone loves a good mystery! Share Audrey and Bruce Wood's, " Alphabet Mystery" with your preschoolers or Kindergarteners. They will love watching Charley's alphabet come alive and it will leave them wondering what happened to the little letter x. The letters set out to find their friend discovering x felt as no one needed him since he is rarely used when making words. The letters find a way to make x feel special in the end.The pictures in the story are so realistic. The letters really come a [...]

Have you ever felt like you didn’t have a purpose? Well, that’s how Little X felt before he went missing. Where has he gone? Why is he missing? Will the little letters find him before Giant M wakes up and orders all of the little letters to be made into alphabet soup? You must read to find out! This is a mystery worth solving. During the investigation, you learn about letters, friendship and the importance of feeling like you belong.

This is a cute mystery picture book for children about little letters. In this book, the little x goes missing because he is never used. The rest of the lowercase letters have to solve the mystery of where x went. Then, they have to figure our their way back home. This book is very colorful and sweet while teaching young students about lowercase letters. This is not a typical alphabet book but it uses context to teach students the letters.

Alphabet mystery is a story about the adventure that the alphabet went on. One of the letters disappeared and they needed to find where it went. They got on the flying pencil as the move to solve the mystery. This is a very good book to teach about the alphabet. The pictures portray the letters very clearly and you would be able to use this story for K-2 as it is very simple and fun!

Another of Wood's alphabet stories. The large picture of the letters picking out gifts for their friend's mother is so detailed and interesting, and the kids enjoyed looking for each letter. 3/5 stars.

When I was a kid, I loved this book, and I'd tell the story over and over to my family. They thought it was really funny. I kinda wanna read this again

First of all, TLDR. Second of all, horrible CG images that made it impossible to go on. X is missing, but I am not sure that I care why.

I chose this book to add to my collection, it was the abc book I picked to read in class and I think it would help tell kids a story, teach them their abc's and see the letters out of order. Plus the pictures are very memorable.

Wood, Audrey and Bruce. Alphabet Mystery (2003). This adventurous alphabet book brings readers through an exciting journey. The main characters are lowercase letters who are on a mission to find one of their friends who has gone missing. Will the letters be back on time to give Charley’s mother the best birthday present? The little readers following along will meet lowercase and uppercase alphabet letters as well as match pictures with letter sounds. The author does an exquisite job with addin [...]

Solving a mystery could be fun especially when young readers could learn their lower case letters without having to study them. Little x has left the house because upset he is hardly used and the other letters from Charley'a Alphabet are set out to find him. They find Little x playing the castle xylophone for the mysterious Master, capital M, who threatens to turn them into alphabet soup! Little x thinks quick by saving the day, and soon they are all on their way home just in time to make Mom's [...]

Awards: NoneGrade Level: Prekindergarten-1stSummary:Every night little boy Charlie tucks his lower case letters in bed. One night the letters notice "x" is missing, and they go looking for him. The lower case letters find him playing a xylophone for the upper case letters in a castle. Little "x" ran away because he felt Charlie never used him. The uppercase M brings all the letters back home. Then little "x" is used four times as a substitute for the word "kiss" in a happy birthday message to Ch [...]

I Now that my son can read and has access to library books through his school, I am being introduced all sorts of new to me authors and titles. One of these new to me books is Alphabet Mystery by Audrey Wood and illustrated by Bruce Wood.Alphabet Mystery is the second of three books involving the letters of "Charlie's Alphabet." When they aren't needed by Charlie when he's at school, they live in a world of other alphabet letters (upper and lower case). In this book, the letter x has gone missin [...]

ALPHABET1. No award2. Preschool - Kindergarten3. Little "x" decides to run away from his little alphabet friends. He felt unloved and unused by Charlie until his little alphabet friends find him and cheer him up. They tell him that he will be very useful for Charlie's mom's birthday and he gets excited. Little' "x" turns around and follows his friend to soon find out how very special his letter symbolizes that no one has.4. I like how this book has a meaningful story line to the alphabet letters [...]

I feel like kids would enjoy reading this book, but I do not like how it doesn't take you through the entire alphabet throughout the story. It does start out showing the whole alphabet (minus X). After that it is random which letters get discussed. Then the main focus is X. One thing I do like about this book is that it does show that although X is a letter not commonly used, there are ways to use it. Such as the word xylophone. By placing letters with objects they relate to, it does give studen [...]

The 25 alphabets try to find out the missing little "X" when they are calling out their names.They jump on a pencil, take off in the night sky,and find little "X" working at Master's castle. Little "x" thinks he is useless, so he leaves. After little "i" tellls him the secret, he goes back with them.Working with his friends,"x" is used 4 times on the birthday cake which Charley prepares for his mother because it is the only number can present kiss! It is more than an alphabet book because it sho [...]

Alphabet Mystery is a cute book about the letters of the alphabet, but it does not present the letters in order, so the child reading it should probably already know their ABCs. I enjoyed that the other letters all went out to go find their missing "x" friend, and that teaches kids about friendship. The story was not terribly interesting or developed, so I did not like it as much as some of the other books I've read.

I absolutely loved reading this book. The pictures alone grabbed my attention and liked it so much I even read it to my colleague at work! I found it to be a very cute story and such a good meaning behind it. I have no doubt kids would like the book just as much. There was a certain something about the pictures that I loved, maybe it was the somewhat 3-D affect they had that made them look so real, not to mention they were ful of color.

This is really a cute book that highlights the letter X. I love how this book challenges young children to listen carefully (to the missing letter of the alphabet), gives opportunities to visually interact (searching for the second pencil, the gift/letter connection), and teaches (x represents kisses). It had strange, imaginative ideas that caught my children's attention. I personally did not like the illustrations, but I believe it's just the aesthetic appeal for me.

Alphabet progression, focus on the "x" and "M" sounds, words with beggining alphabet letters, big and small letter patterns.Students will enjoy using their detective skills to find where the letters x and M have gone to. Students will learn all that is stated above and will learn the importance of each person (though it is not readily seen). This is geared toward a younger audience that will learn more than older students. It is a good remedial tool.

The alphabet mystery takes children on a BIG investigation to find out simply how the letter "X: vanished and where he could be! While during this fun investigation children will stay engaged and are still learning their alphabet in a fun little way. At the end when the letter 'X" is finally discoverd by the rest of the alphabet children could feel a sigh of relief as if they really were on a big investigation and a long hard day of work is completed.

Oh no! Letter x has disappeared and the other letters of the alphabet need to find him before tomorrow! Where could he be? Let’s jump on board our magic flying pencil and find out. I especially liked the two page fold where big letter M lets each letter pick something out of his treasure room. I could see kids spending a lot of time there - sort of like I Spy books. Downside – x is for xylophone and kisses. So many other options for x.

I loved this book! This book would be great for a kindergarten class because it is all about the alphabet and has a cute plot. I think it would keep the kids engaged because it is about solving a mystery with friends. It is also great to read to a class because it has a good lesson about everyone being included and everyone has a place in the world. It shows that every individual is needed. The pictures are also very cute. I would want to read this as a teacher to my students.

This book was a great way to introduce the alphabet to students. It was a cute story line to keep the reader involved. If a student was reading on his/her own I think that it would be more of a 2nd grade level because they are pretty long pages and some were kind of bigger words. However I think this would be a great book for pre-k through 1st to read to the class.

Cute alphabet story. The letters of the alphabet must find the very important letter x. Every letter of the alphabet is important.X can be used to show kisses.Played a fun game where the kids had to find the letter x hidden behind the other letters of the alphabet on the pocket chart by naming letters.

It was a good story but it wasn't that great of a book to help teach a child the alphabet. It was all about the letter x and how it doesn't really get used but they finally found a use for the letter x. There are plenty of other ways a teacher could teach the alphabet to students but this would be a good book for kids that have just learned the alphabet.

I thought the book was cute. It would be good for young kids. It doesn't so much teach them the alphabet but it is a cute story. I think that young kids would enjoy it because it is kind of a mystery and they would be able to kind of guess what will happen next. And what little kid doesn't like to solve a mystery?

I loved this book! Adorable pictures and the story was great. I had a really good time reading it to my 2 year old. It really seemed like the letters were alive, like they were really flying across the page. Really fun read!

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