A History of the Second World War

B.H. Liddell Hart

A History of the Second World War

A History of the Second World War

  • Title: A History of the Second World War
  • Author: B.H. Liddell Hart
  • ISBN: 9781447266921
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Paperback

History of the Second World War, B.H Liddell Hart s last work as well as his magnum opus, embodies the fruits of 20 years of research a lifetime of thinking on war It abounds with controversial judgments, including provocative assertions about the true causes behind France s defeat in 1940, Hitler s failed invasion of Russia Japan s stunning victory at PearlHistory of the Second World War, B.H Liddell Hart s last work as well as his magnum opus, embodies the fruits of 20 years of research a lifetime of thinking on war It abounds with controversial judgments, including provocative assertions about the true causes behind France s defeat in 1940, Hitler s failed invasion of Russia Japan s stunning victory at Pearl Harbor the effectiveness of the Allies strategic bombing of Germany the questionable necessity of detonating atom bombs over Hiroshima Nagasaki much This monumental history is both a crowning achievement a final summation by one of the greatest military thinkers of the 20th century.

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In 1969, Sir Captain B.H. Liddell Hart -- a World War I veteran and poison-gas survivor -- inked the finishing touches on this towering overview of World War II after working on it for 20 years, and thereafter, ironically, died immediately in the comfort of his own home. The book is a grand legacy of a lifetime of brilliant and innovative military thinking, and up to its time was probably the best and most authoritative general overview of the war yet written. Maybe it still is.The copy I read h [...]

I decided to read Liddell Hart’s History of the Second World War because I had seen it cited in many places as the definitive one-volume guide to a subject I have watched too many tv shows on but read few books about. (Surprisingly, it seems to be out of print, but I found several old hardcovers [not the one pictured here:] at the Strand.) I would recommend it to anyone interested in a one-volume history or the war, with the caveats below—most of which will probably not trouble the English s [...]

Good overview of WWII. Liddell Hart provides a broad coverage of the major campaigns with enough detail to entice the reader while providing the stratagems for the thinker. A classic author and strategists providing a classic work.

a classic depiction of the modern war.2learned a lot of hitlers tactics nd his mistakes which backfiredcame to know dat WW-2 was not jus about hitler nd germany it was more about bravity of allied forces nd especially russia nd britainA new general who jumped on watchlist is rommel will read more about himexact stats on number of aircraft used etc nd manpower used is more enthrilling especially in battle of britainarl harbour nd battle of statlingrad

I got & read this book when it first came out. It was much anticipated asHart was quite the respected historian. Obviously 713 pages isn't reallythat much for all of WW2, so it's a high level perspective and a goodbasis for knowledge.

History of the Second World War.This book is great. I liked this book so much. It interested me so much I just couldn’t stop reading it. Even through this book was over 700 pages I still read it over 600 in 3 days. That is how much I liked this book. It was a part of history that no one who was in it or was alive during that era that is still alive now will forget. The war cost the lives of 48 million people. The Nazi’s or Germans killed 6 million Jews, and 5 Million other people who Hitler [...]

Bütünüyle İkinci Dünya Savaşı'nın askerî yönü üzerine yoğunlaşan, enfes bir çalışma. Her ne kadar güncel bilgilerle hazırlanan ve daha iyi olarak nitelendirilebilecek çalışmalar olsa da günümüzde, Liddell Hart'ın İkinci Dünya Savaşı Tarihi, uzun yıllar boyunca tarihçilerden İkinci Dünya Savaşı meraklılarına kadar birçok grup ve birey tarafından referans olarak kullanıldı, kullanılmaya devam da edilmekte.Kerim Bağrıaçık'ın çevirisinin kalitesini de [...]

L'analisi del capitano Lidell HartLa storia della seconda guerra mondiale di Liddell Hart analizza tutti gli aspetti del conflitto, da cosa lo innescò a come si concluse. Non credo ci sia molto da dire sui contenuti, eccetto per il modo in cui si presentano: spesso sono analisi di movimenti di divisioni e armate; a volte percentuali, come bombardieri persi, missioni di bombartamento, tonnellaggio di naviglio affondato dagli u-boot. Qua e là filtra il pensiero di Hart, in particolare su quanto [...]

Good summary, but perhaps a bit focused on individual troop movements than I was really interested in

Най-после ти видях сметката Трябва да кажа, че става за общ преглед, но препоръчвам по-специализирана литература.

One of my enduring frustrations with books about WWII is poor mapping and relatively little focus on operational strategy. One reason for this, I have now found, is that Liddell Hart wrote the definitive book on the war in 1971, and every book since then either will have to concentrate on more details (such as Anthony Beevor's books on Berlin and Stalingrad) or take a more "themed" approach (such as John Keegan's WWII).The book is cold-blooded and argumentative - with a focus on maneuver (nicely [...]

The book is well written and covers the Second World War holistically primarily from military point of view though adequate attention has been given to political, logistical and grand strategy of belligerents. The work shows authors deep understanding of the subject, the unbiased representation of facts and dwells on those battles as well which did not caught public attention but were extremely important in their own right.The Russian point of view and their preparations have not been covered as [...]

An excellent military history of the war.The book is focused on strategic military decision making, and takes a academic balanced approach that gives rounded insights that do often come across in general WWII histories.Focuses a little too much on British campaigns, and a little less detailed on other areas (such as Russia or the Pacific).There are also little bits where you feel the author is a touch vain in the certainty of his thoughts and he likes to highlight his involvement at the highest [...]

Very good general history of WWII, written by the man who was one of the key thinkers in formulating the kind of battle strategies in the 20s and 30s which would be so instrumental in inspiring the idea of the Blitzkrieg later. It was first published shortly after Liddell Hart's death in 1970, so there has since been a lot of new research in the field; however, his summations of the kind of strategies used are unlikely to ever be surpassed.

Although author Hart is (deservedly) opinionated, this is an authoritative history of the second world war and the first such broadly sketched history I'd ever read, everything else having been restricted either to a theatre or a particular campaign.

Wonderfully done - as far as I can tell it is an accurate depiction of the War. I've read many dozens of books on this subject and rate this one near the top. If you are a fan of Admiral Samuel Elliot Morrison (Naval historian) and his works then you will be happy the similarity in styles here.

Great account of WWII. Only blemish is that Hart is friends with the family of Rommel as per the notes so he seems a little over-the-top partial and biased in his depiction despite Rommel's objective greatness.

The major events and battles were covered and analyzed from different point of view. The military strategy or lack of it was pointed sometimes in very enjoyable way even for one, who is not military historian.

Reading this book in conjuction with the world at war. was very interesting as they were written in different generations. So they have different points view. One is written in hindsight the other as a more contempory account. very interesting.

I know of no other history of the Second World War which I would place greater weight upon.

Extremely good book on the military history of World War II. Lots of minute strategic, operational and tactical details on the various invasions, plans and counter-attacks.

Great writing makes this a wonderful read of history.

The one account of the greatest war you cannot miss.With the most researched, balanced and real perspective on the events of the war.

Part 2 of one of the best short strategic histories of WW2

Best general history of the second world war that I've read, written by the man who came up with many of the revolutionary tactics and strategies that defined that conflict.

There has been a proliferation of single volume histories of WWII in recent years, but this one still holds up very well.

Nice one volume history, although it tilts to the British too much. Excellent for his views on armored warfare.

A high-level strategic overview of World War 2 by B. H. Liddell Hart. Probably the best one-volume look at that war that I've ever read.

Really interesting from a strategic perspective, but the author seemed to think a little too highly of himself. If he had fought the war, it all would have gone differently

Vier Sterne als Klassikerbonus. Die Analysen sind besser als beim mit drei Sternen bedachten Andrews, der in Sachen Darstellungen einzelner Schlachten klar von der Gnade der späten Geburt profitiert.

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