Illegal Alien

Robert J. Sawyer

Illegal Alien

Illegal Alien

  • Title: Illegal Alien
  • Author: Robert J. Sawyer
  • ISBN: 9780441005925
  • Page: 192
  • Format: Paperback

The highly praised author of Starplex, End of an Era, and Foreigner presents a thrilling new story, a skillful blend of the great wonders of the universe and the harsh realities of life on earth When a disabled starship enters our atmosphere, fear is quickly replaced with awe and the incredibly intelligent members of the Tosok race are welcomed with open arms But theThe highly praised author of Starplex, End of an Era, and Foreigner presents a thrilling new story, a skillful blend of the great wonders of the universe and the harsh realities of life on earth When a disabled starship enters our atmosphere, fear is quickly replaced with awe and the incredibly intelligent members of the Tosok race are welcomed with open arms But the growing spirit of trust and cooperation is shattered when a popular human scientist is found dead The U.S government provides a leading civil rights lawyer to defend the accused alien And an unprecedented trial centers around not only one lost life, but the very essence of justice itself.

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In Illegal Alien, Robert J. Sawyer manages to convince me that aliens from Alpha Centauri have come to Earth and need our help repairing their spaceship. He fails to convince me that the California District Attorney could try one of those aliens for first degree murder.Sawyer recognizes the improbability of such an event, because he doesn't even try to justify it. The president mumbles something about the federal government not being able to interfere with the case because the state has jurisdic [...]

My thoughts :This novel is clearly sci-fi : first contact with aliens, can you get something more obviously sci-fi? And yet, it is more an exploration (and a critique) of the US justice system. The outsider points of view helps, because the lawyer has to explain everything to his alien client, Hask. It shows the unfair aspects of the justice system, even if, in the end, Sawyer's message is not entirely pessimistic : we finally learn the truth about Clete's death. I really liked this aspect of th [...]

While reading the initial chapters of this book, my impression was of the author indulging his personal fascination with the sensationalism that accompanies high-profile American criminal cases (specifically the O.J. Simpson murder-trial circus), due to the story being constructed as a legal thriller à la John Grisham, though with a science fiction variation. But that first impression faded as the story progressed and developed into a complex intriguing mystery. The one element of this book tha [...]

Mankind makes first contact with an alien civilization when a space ship is stranded in our solar system. The Tosoks come from Alpha Centauri, which is about four light-years away. One of the eight astronauts was killed in a tragic accident when he tried to repair the damage the ship sustained crossing the Kuiper Belt, an asteroid belt on the outer rim of the solar system. The other seven Tosoks are received on Earth with open arms. It looks like they have to spend two years on our planet until [...]

I really liked “Illegal Alien.” It was written at the time of the O.J. Simpson murder trial and Sawyer cannot resist mentioning it throughout the book. This is fine, as it allows the author some flexibility of plot and pacing: an old lawyer who has won his share of cases, Mr. Dale Rice, a black man who knew Martin Luther King, Jr. and at 70+ years young gets the chance of a century – to defend an alien accused of the murder of Calhoun, a PBS news/astronomer who was the first to step aboard [...]

Fascinating.This book was shades of Orson Scott Card, just sans the thinly veiled preachy undertone. So the better parts of OSC's work.This was primarily mystery/legal drama with SciFi flavour. As seems to be common thus far, Sawyer is an incurable idealist. Though since I was raised with one of my parents being a Trekkie, there's definitely an appeal here.

I had pretty mixed feeling for this book. On the one hand, I always enjoy first contact stories and also murder mysteries. But on the other hand, I really don't like courtroom drama (especially American courtroom drama) and two thirds of this novel took place in the court room! Nevertheless, I liked the ending, so it was worth reading through.

More courtroom drama than sci-fi. Was an enjoyable read, with somewhat predictable outcomes. Sawyer managed to avoid his typical shortfall and actually ended the book satisfactorily without going into existential debate or unbelievable futures.One of the better novels of RJS that I have read. On par with Triggers and the WWW series.

The aliens and alien technology portrayed in this book were no disappointment, compared to Sawyer’s other books. The book was the story of the trial of an alien who is arrested for committing murder. While I wish the story had more aliens and their technology in it, the legal proceedings in the LA court system were well written and made me reflect a lot on human civil rights.

I didn't like this book at first, but I carried on and it eventually grabbed my attention. I don't think it's on a par with other books I've read by Sawyer, but it's enjoyable if you get past some of the awkward moments near the beginning.

A court-house thriller featuring an Alien. This is the most Sawyer title I've ever read I think. The author loves taking stereotypically sci-fi elements and shoving them into more relatable stories and this was exactly that.

Absolutely terrific

Aliens truly are alien. Sawyer kept adding surprises, all of them logically consistent, but ultimately a great story.

Alien tried for murder. Good trial scene.

Another great Robert J sawyer book: a sci-fi legal thriller

Utterly unremarkable, but not bad enough to warrant 2 stars. This is one of those books that sells itself on a premise but does very little with it.The author seems to think that characterization consists solely of giving a precise physical description of a character, then giving said character the same standardized dialogue as the rest. Indeed, the physical descriptions are often comically out of place:Wills stood five-eight and weighed maybe a hundred and fifty-five pounds. Frank noticed he wo [...]

宇宙人が地球人を殺害したらどうなるか。SF的に描写している作品。基本的なストーリーは、地球人が殺害され、容疑者として宇宙人が逮捕される。そして裁判にかけられる。登場人物が宇宙人でなければ、普通の法廷劇である。被告が宇宙人になるだけで物語がこんなにも面白くなるのかと驚かされる。宇宙人が被告人席に立つシーンはとてつもなくシュールだ。それが [...]

Not sure why I picked up this audio book, if I’d known it was essentially a courtroom procedural I doubt I would have bothered. Just not my cup of tea. Even the fact that the court case dealt with aliens from other planets couldn’t keep this from being a boring recounting of witness after witness telling bits and pieces of a murder plot. Just boring. I finished it about a week ago and even now cannot recall how it ended.

At its heart Illegal Alien is a story about aliens arriving and pushing both sides to re-examine their beliefs about divine creation and debates over evolution while one of the visitors undergoes a John Grisham style courtroom drama having been accused of the murder of an American scientist in their entourage. Stranded on the planet thanks to some damage their ship underwent entering the solar system, the president’s own science advisor enlists the assistance of the country’s top rights lawy [...]

Even if I forgave the glaring problems with the premise, I still can't help but compare the concepts presented with the ideas presented in the "Three Body Problem" by he Chinese writer Liu Cixin. Well to be fair, the almost identical concept wasn't presented until towards the end of the story. Though it wasn't quote central to the story, it was the world narrative was built upon. The whole of it all centered around a court case trying an alien from Alpha Centuari for murder. Suspending my disbel [...]

I cracked open Illegal Alien and from the start wasn't impressed with the style of writing—it was boring and flat with "alot[sic]" of errors in grammar and punctuation.What stood out to me was how monotone the book felt,specifically during the trial.None of the characters felt likeable or notable; they were either stereotypes or given inadequate character development and therefore could only be considered shallow.Despite the aforementioned flaws, I was able to keep reading for the sake of find [...]

È il classico romanzetto da spiaggia o attesa in aeroporto, semplice e veloce. Sembra una puntata di Law & Order che per rendere più interessante la fase del dibattimento ha scelto come imputato un alieno. Faccio fatica a definire fantascienza una storiella così, i dialoghi sono men che banali, gli alieni ingenui e pittoreschi, gli umani stereotipati. Abbiamo il classico procuratore che monta il caso perché vuole farsi eleggere governatore, l'avvocato difensore di colore noto per le caus [...]

Ero indeciso se dare tre stelle oppure quattro.Alla fine ho optato per tre, poichè questo romanzo è gradevole, ma presenta i soliti difetti di tutti gli altri di Sawyer: personaggi che sembrano principali che spariscono nel nulla, colpi di scena forzati, finale assurdo.Il primo difetto trova esempio nel personaggio di Montgomery Ajax: pagine sprecate a descrivere lui e le sue ambizioni, e poi PUF! sparito nel nulla.Per il secondo difetto occorre leggere il romanzo.L'ultimo difetto lo avevo gi [...]

I just finished reading "Illegal Alien" by Robert J. Sawyer. It is another first contact story. The aliens come to earth needing help to fix their spacecraft. They are willing to trade technical knowledge for the help. Everything is going well until a human scientist is brutally murdered and am alien is the prime suspect.I enjoyed reading this book, but found it a little dissatisfying. As with some other books by Sawyer, he relied a bit too much on having some rule or law of physics, or somethin [...]

Un classico dei gialli, il legal thriller che fa pensare subito a Perry Mason; solo che questo è in salsa fantascientifica e ben strutturato, con la classica tensione delle prove a carico dell'imputato che si accumulano senza pietà, con un colpo di scena finale e tutti i parafernalia del genere . Con un bel paragrafo che smonta l'idiozia tanto cara agli arteriocattolici antievoluzionisti sull'occhio umano "troppo complesso per essere frutto dell'evoluzione". Anzi. L'occhio è la migliore prova [...]

this review : /review/showI wouldn't give it two stars as this reviewer did but I pretty much agree.The main thing I remember about this book is that Sawyer introduces truly alien aliens then as he usually does makes them pretty much human. Good concept: the aliens believe that because their god is Omniscient and omnipotent , anything they do must be OK because otherwise wouldn't god have stopped them? I like the reasoning but as a matter of practicality how can a society function like that? Tha [...]

"When a disabled spaceship enters the Earth's atmosphere, fear is quickly replaced with awe. Seven members of the incredibly advanced Tosok race are welcomed by the world within open arms and the people of Earth put their best face forward, Then a popular scientist is found murdered. All evidence points to one of the Tosoks, For the first time, an alien is tried before humans in a court of law. And in the unprecedented trial, where two cultures clash there may be far more at stake than accountin [...]

This was a very different book to go through, a genre that is rarely touched on: scifi legal drama. As such, it may not be everyone's cup of teaStill, his writing style is engaging, his material (scientific, as well as legal) seems as well researched as with any of his books, and his storyline creates a positive direction that gives you some nice variety from the post-apocalypses, cyberpunks, and other cliches of the genre. While it's difficult to believe anyone would attempt to prosecute a visi [...]

I think I'm about ready to give up on Sawyer, although its possible that Ive just chosen poorly. If John Grisham tried to write a science fiction novel this is probably what you would get. While the idea of an alien courtroom drama is somewhat intriguing the novel spends most of its time trying to be a metaphor for the OJ Simpson Trials. Which would be okay if the author didn't feel a need to have every character say "Hey, this reminds me of the Simpson trials". There are some interesting ideas [...]

I didn't finish the whole book. I read the beginning, through the murder and up to the trial, then skipped to the ending. The others in my book group liked it well enough. I went into it with prior dislike of Sawyer's work (Rollover and Hominids). I couldn't suspend my disbelief that on a first contact we would arrest an alien, instead of sequestering then away from civilians until we knew that they understood our laws. And although there were aggressively ethnic characters, the default was stil [...]

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