Supernatural Chronicles: The Dragons

Delphina Henley

Supernatural Chronicles: The Dragons

Supernatural Chronicles: The Dragons

  • Title: Supernatural Chronicles: The Dragons
  • Author: Delphina Henley
  • ISBN: 9781311681676
  • Page: 284
  • Format: ebook

Adeen has always known she was destined to save her people, the dragons, thanks to a visit from a princess when she was a small child That one visit changed everything Fearing the crumbling of the veil that protects the dragons, her clan took away her childhood and made training her top priority.Now, no longer a child, Adeen is again visited by her princess and receivesAdeen has always known she was destined to save her people, the dragons, thanks to a visit from a princess when she was a small child That one visit changed everything Fearing the crumbling of the veil that protects the dragons, her clan took away her childhood and made training her top priority.Now, no longer a child, Adeen is again visited by her princess and receives her task She must make the trek to New Orleans to save her people Her solo mission doesn t stay that way long, and she is soon joined by an ancient fae, a not so extinct extinct phoenix, and a super hot dragon who happens to be her fated mate The mission is nothing like what she had prepared for, nor is it what she expected This mission will take than just skill It will take a great sacrifice Is Adeen ready to give up everything she just found Supernatural Chronicles New OrleansEach week, starting 10 26 2015, follow a different supernatural race as they fight the same elusive enemy.Come join New Adult authors Lila Felix, Kristie Cook, Brenda Pandos, Delphina Henley, Julia Crane, Jamie Magee, Morgan Wylie, Kallie Ross, S.T Bende, and Rebecca Ethington for the hunt and discover hidden treasures within.

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Dragons are the supernatural creatures starring in Book 4 of the Supernatural Chronicals. Even though I haven't read Delphina Henley's dragon books, she did a great job at quickly introducing me to the protagonist and her background as new leader to her dragon-shifter clan, though she remains independent from them in this tale. The mystery started early in this one, but the surprise addition of other supernatural creatures--who are adorable and hilarious--and the sudden appearance of the male in [...]

Holy freak - dragons are awesome. I really really hope there is more to come for the dragons. I would love to read more about them. I cannot believe we're already 4 books in!

Great beginning to what looks to be the start of an everlasting love and adventure.Adeen has known that she was chosen at age 5 by "The One" to save the supernatural and especially her dragon clan from the evil behind The Veil. Now she is on her way to New Orleans to complete her mission, what she hadn't expected was meeting her mate.Kai is a dragon shifter, he is considered a rogue by his kind sorta, kinda since he does not have a clan, but was raised by his fathers Luc and Nicola which is Fae. [...]

This is a great start I'm looking forward to more!!Adeen has been chosen by the One since being a small girl,since then she has been trained in all arts of combat after having a visit from Rose a messenger sent by the One.Adeen is shown things that don't make alot of sense to her that is until she meets a taxi driver who knows who and what she is being a dragon has alot of advantages when using her senses.Carrying the burden of being the one chosen is not a choice she made but is already on her [...]

I received an ARC of 'The Dragons" from the author, in exchange for an honest review.I was excited to start reading 'The Dragons' as I absolutely FLOVE Delphina's "B3" series. 'The Dragons' is book 4 of the "Dynamis in New Orleans" series, a multi author collaboration. I haven't read any of the other books in this series so far, but really got into this story & would love to read them, when I get the time too. 'The Dragons' tells a tale of finding true love and the sacrifice one is prepared [...]

Adeen was a dragon shifter who was chosen as a little girl to keep the vail closed. Now that she is grown up her mission started in new Orleans were she meets a fae cabbie by the name of luc and his mate Nicola a phoenix who runs a b & b. On her first trip out to close the vail she heads to Kai's glass shop and gets the surprise of her life a mate. Loved the story and great characters. If your into dragons then you should have fun with this book. Book given for an honest review and I honestl [...]

Adeen is a dragon shifter destined from a young age to save her people. Her mother and clan have kept her training and tied down with this over her head. She is visited again and set to complete her riddle and make her sacrifice, without the guidance of her clan. Thankfully, help has been placed in New Orleans for her.I loved The Dragons! These books are working in to one another so well. Almost as if they are all lined up side by side. Adeen's story has been stand out for me. Very excited to re [...]

Dragons? Dragons! Adeen is a feisty, independent dragon who wants to leave her overbearing mother behind and enjoy her freedom. When she is visited in her dreams by a mysterious friend, she is sent on a journey to New Orleans to help keep the Veil between the living and the dead from falling down. While there, she finds some new supernatural friends and maybe even a new home. Loved this book! I feel like I'm saying this about all the Dynamis books so far but probably because it is true! I don't [...]

I have not Delphina stories before, or the supernatural chronicles. But was given this story for a honest review. Frisk of all it had everything I love about read paranormal romance, it had humor, mystery, love and full of love. I wish I could have more of Adeen KiaAnd his 2 dads. I have admit this definitely different from any chronicles series I have ever read, a different author and characters for each book. I am definitely going to have to buy the series bundle to find out if the veil stayed [...]

This was the first one I have read in the Supernatural Chronicles and it was a wonderful book. Adeen is on a mission but she isn't quiet sure what she is supposed to be doing other than "closing the veil." Along the way, she meets her mate who is another dragon. There is a Fae, a Phoenix and a Ghostyou just have to go read it to find out who is who and how this all plays out. I loved the way Adeen and Kai get to know one another.This book will be going in my library for sure, and I bet the rest [...]

Adeen has known since she was five when Rose appeared to her in a dream that she had been choosen to close the Veil. Adeen goes to New Orleans where she meets a fae taxi driver and his male phoenix mate and her mate Kai who has been raised by the two men and does not know the ways of a dragon never having meet any. But what happens when these men and Rose who helped Adeen where not suppost to? I was given a copy for an honest review barwatts@telus

Not traditionally a dragon fan I think this novella has made me into a covert. The fourth book in the multi-author collaboration,"Supernatural Chronicles," tells a tale of finding true love and the sacrifice one is prepared to make to keep what you love safe. This novella melds well with the next in the series (Succubi) and paves the way for future stories involving the dragon protagonists, Adeen and Kai. I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

I was given a complimentary copy for an honest review by author Delphina Henley.Adeen is a dragon shifter who grew up knowing she was destined to help save her people. When she is sent to New Orleans she gets help from Kai who just happens to be her fated mate and fathers to help them in their quest.Loved the story line and the characters of Adeen and Kai. The interaction in the story by the authors was very good.

The fourth book in the Supernatural Chronicals. Adeen is a dragon who feels trapped in her clan. The One, or The Noir, as the dragons call her sent Rose to help Adeen fufill her part of the puzzle. But putting in her piece is only part she gets so much more in return! I enjoyed this one a lot. I liked the elements in place and the backstory of Kai along with the addition of the fairy and Phoenix. It was definitely fun!

The Dragons(Supernatural Chronicles) by Delphina HenleyI love dragon shifters, they're big, bold, dominant and their aren't many shifters that match them in all areas. I really like this authors style of writing, it's expressive, descriptive and she captured the idea of what we would imagine a dragon shifter to be, very well. The storyline was interesting and entertaining and the characters were likable. It flowed smoothly and was easy to follow. A really enjoyable read!

Holy Hotness get ready for danger magic mystery love suspense and an epic adventure!Adeen is on mission in New Orleans to save her dragon clan what she hadn't expected was meeting her smokin' hot mate Kai a lost dragon shifter sparks fly!!! hehe ;) I totally fell in love with Adeen & Kai they make this book for me she's feisty and lol funny he's strong and fiercely loving I need more of them PLZ Delphina Henley!!!

I was given this arc for honest review. In the fourth instalment of the Supernatural Chronicles the dragons you meet Arleen and Kai. Arleen has her own mission and Sacrifice with the help of Kai. I really enjoyed this story of dragons. I loved how the story unfolded and the author's writing style. I look forward to more of her work.

I was gifted this book for an honest review. I love the supernatural and living so close to New Orleans myself, I could picture the locations depicted in this book. This book is a good romance and great for young readers. The author captured the story and keeps your interest through the whole book. I recommend this book to all paranormal lovers and beginners

Highly recommend, fantastic stories! I was a little hesitant to read this series because I had only read Jaime Magee (The Witches) and im not a fan of short stories. Fast paced adventures & a fun ride! I'm impressed by how this series turned out & and am looking forward to its continuation. I am also going to scope out the authors other works :-)

This book is one that you just can't put down. I started this book last night and finished this morning. This book made me want to crawl inside and live in it's world it was so realistic and captivating!!! And Kai and Adeen are definitely mates made in heaven. I so want the next book in this series

Hooked!!Not only do I Love the Supernatural Chronicles but I'm now in love with hot Dragon shifters, fae, and phoenix. I want to move to Nolan and live with them. So, I think this story has more than just doing their part to keep the veil closed. Adeen finds herself and it's magical. So read the series. You will love it.

Next The Asgardians's this has been my absolute favorite book in the chronicles so far!!! Delphine Henley has done an amazing job mixing the supernatural and romance! I am now obsessed with dragons! It's a short read, but it leaves you wanting sooooo much more!!! Thank goodness there are 5 more books left in the chronicle!

Definitely the best out of this series so far. I didn't feel lost or thrown in to the middle of la story. I'm thinking that maybe I'm judging too harshly, but I have a hard time connecting with characters in such a short time.

Read as part of the box set. I loved the love in this story. Though I'm not a fan of insta-love, this came with more than just insane love with no warning. This came with family and all the love that it entails.

Pure MagicFull of all sorts of fun magical creatures, this book was an imaginative playground. The characters were fun and entertaining. This book felt lighter than the others and I really enjoyed the humor and happiness.

Adeen has known she has a destiny to fulfill all her life, but when the time comes, she doesn't feel ready. Good thing her newly found mate is there to help her along the way. Enjoy! This book has been provided by the author with no expectations and that in no way influences my review.

Book 4 in The Supernatural Chronicles: The Dragons does not disappoint. Like it's predecessors it's fast paced and holds the readers attention throughout. Well developed characters combined with enough excitement and a touch of love make this story well worth reading.

I think this one was a little silly. Loved the "dad's". It was entertaining.

Very cute book. I think the author did a great job of sticking to the goal and tying in a new relationship as well.

Great short story. Fast paced, easy to read, twists and turns, and will hold the readers attention until the very end. I loved this story! A must read.

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