Jacaranda Blues

Mehreen Ahmed

Jacaranda Blues

Jacaranda Blues

  • Title: Jacaranda Blues
  • Author: Mehreen Ahmed
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Written in stream of consciousness style, Jacaranda Blues is a novella A story about a dysfunctional family the Smith family, it is set in Brisbane Australia The narrative centres around Rhonda Smith, the protagonist Her musings take us through a convoluted journey of a life of struggles, sacrifices, hopes and aspirations.

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This contemporary story of the world in which Rhonda Smith deals with each and every day. Although she lives her life with many hopes to succeed. We find she has some opposition in this world, especially with other people so close to her. She is disappointed and is simply leading herself to be angered and confused.I loved this book so much. I felt so much for Rhonda. It was so sad how this world can be. Such a true story of the different problems with dysfunctional family or friends.I recommend [...]

Need a solid piece of work that will have your brain humming in overdrive? A tale that sounds like one woman’s personal failures in life are always blamed on others? To say Rhonda is unhappy is an understatement, but why? She seems to feel that her life was meant for more and it all goes back to Chris, the one that got away and it was all her fault. Fear of the unknown was the root of her heartbreak then and now in her mid-forties, she is going through life like a hamster on a treadmill. Fate [...]

Jacaranda Blues by Ahmed is a love story with the ups and downs of one. The reader is shown inside the protagonist's mind (Rhonda) who is feeling the angst of middle age. She remembers fondly a past love and almost wills him into her life when he, Chris, wants to sort out a car accident with his son. Rhonda is married to Sam but their life together seems perfunctory - she sleeps on the floor in the study. Then we are introduced to Rhonda's siblings and are shown that her brother, David, is a pro [...]

Incredibly unique storyFirst, I really enjoy any work from Ahmed, as she writes so well, and full of lyrical and prose, even though it's a story. She pens a grand story and I enjoyed this story. She brilliantly writes with literary metaphors and brings to life her characters. The story is full of drama, family drama, and there is that Jacaranda tree. It's the center of the story, and about those lives that surround it. It was quick read, but it was worth the read. I enjoyed it thoroughly and hig [...]

Jacaranda Blues is one of those stories that remain with you for a long time. It borders on the stream of consciousness technique. In fact, Rhonda's life at the time when the story starts is much the same as Clarissa Dalloway's, as Rhonda herself points out! The Jacaranda tree emerges as a symbol of optimism that Rhonda tries to constantly cling to in her mirthless existence. Situated on a busy street, it is the symbol of hope and peace. The quote by Hardy that the book opens with is very apt wh [...]

In this startling novella, 52-year-old Rhonda has become dissatisfied with her life. She often daydreams about Chris, the bohemian-ish medical student she left behind thirty years ago in favor of the safer bet with her now-husband Sam. She wasn’t able to have children, and after decades of working at a humdrum secretarial position at the hospital, and lately coming home to an equally discontent Sam, her thoughts seem to add up to this: Is this all there is?Then, in a coincidence that almost se [...]

Jacaranda Blues is an intense, evocative story. The central character, Rhonda, is a woman facing her own troubles and often serves as a flashpoint with regard to the struggles of her family and lost loves. The author’s imagery is dramatic and beautiful and representative of the human emotions her characters experience. This story shows us a slice of humanity – in all of its flawed glory through our own internal struggles and how we are often buffeted about in life by events outside of oursel [...]

The physical and environmental descriptions were something beyond amazing. I felt myself transported to the places in the book with ease. There is plenty of in-depth insights into the emotions and thoughts of the main character and how she battles her conscience. I loved and appreciated that the book was more than a simple story, but something with layers of meaning and thought-provoking lines. The main character, Rhonda, is relatable no matter what your age, and she defies the typical. Her frus [...]

Jacaranda Blues is a dramatic story of damaged people, beginning with a middle-aged woman regretting a lost love. But the Jacaranda Blues increase in potency as her siblings and husband become involved in more serious issues. The novel contains some beautiful imagery, highly evocative of Brisbane and its afternoon storms, while the jacaranda tree provides a constant, a reference point, for the human emotions swirling around it. Perhaps, in some ways, the woman herself is a reference point for th [...]

This book appealed to me from the opening pages. Firstly it is set in Brisbane, Australia, a city I love and have lived in the suburbs of. Secondly, because of the depth and excellent use of vocabulary, Rhonda's story is conveyed effortlessly as if talking about an old friend. I became engrossed in it quickly and even though my first read was spread over a few sessions due to family pressures I had no qualms about re-reading it before writing my review. Captivating and intelligently crafted it w [...]

When I first started reading this story, it reminded me of my own lost love in the 8th grade, the one that I still occasionally dream about, and, as the first, the love that will never die. As I was getting mushy, the author just had to throw in some twists to mess up my daydream. I don't want to spoil this very short read, possibly too short with a rather abrupt but satisfying ending, but let's just say that true love runs deeper than romance. I look forward to the next in the series, I hope, s [...]

This was a short yet rich pleasure to read. The descriptions and metaphors were wonderful. The writing is clear yet lyrical. The characters felt rich enough that I know they will stick with me, and I'll be thinking of them. There's a tinge of melancholy throughout, with musings over missed chances, yet the beauty of life wins out by the end. Personally, I really like that subtle bitter-sweet approach. Really a wonderful read. Big thanks to the author for sending it to me

This book was a very thought provoking but short story. With a great developed main character and a very thought out story. It was very short but still a great read that made me think more while reading!

Oh my god what did I just read. Couldn't believe it until the reality told me that it's finished and wanted to read more. Absolutely beautiful novel about the eternal question of what it could have been if it would not have been. Is it the road not taken is more beautiful which we could have took only if we have listened to our hearts or is it the road taken which is turning wild and dark with time. The subtle quest or life of Rhonda let the reader to ponder this question and the importance of i [...]

Tuesday, February 20, 20186:22 PMI really wanted to give this a better rating because there are moments in the story that I started to get into itwhere I really started to enjoy it. The problem I am having is that there were a lot of moments where I was left very confused. I think it’s a timeline issue; there weren't any clues to let me know if I was back in the main character Rhonda's memories, or if I was hearing about a moment in her current situation. I truly wish the author would remake t [...]

Jacaranda Blues is a tale of regret over the path not taken. Rhonda Smith is a middle-aged married woman who was raised in an abusive and dysfunctional family with two sisters and a brother. She’s not happy in her marriage, and her thoughts go to Chris, the man she loved when she was young. He loved her as well, but, as a doctor, he was dedicated to helping people in third world countries and wanted her to go with him. She chose the safer, more traditional path—partly because of the duty she [...]

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